10 Interesting Psychological Facts About Shy Guys

Being shy is not a crime, but it can definitely prevent you from achieving what you really want in life, falling in love, or achieving what you believe in. In this post, we’ll take a look at the psychological facts about shy guys and what makes them be who they are. If you are in love with someone you think is shy, this post will help you learn how to help him get out of his shell and feel comfortable with you.

There are so many reasons a guy might be shy, but some of the main ones are childhood experiences, childhood criticism, bullying, environmental factors, and communication with parents and family members. Most children grow out of shyness by their teens or 20s, but some people do suffer from it for the rest of their lives. Here are the psychological facts about shy guys.


Now that you have read the introductory part, let’s move on to what you came here for, how to get this shy passion of yours to come to its senses and really have the courage to overcome your shyness?

1. Neat and cunning

I mean it in a good way! Shy guys are usually neat and cunning when it comes to eyeing or paying attention to someone they have a crush on! This is because they lack the courage to step out of their comfort zone to get closer to their passion. They will look from afar and believe when I say that they are really good at it too.

If you’re curious, try to take the first step, strike up a conversation, make eye contact, send him a smile, or ask him for help in something that will help him gain the courage to talk to you.

2. Clumsy

Girl, if a guy always drops things when you are around, or hits a chair or table, this is a clear indicator that he is interested in you. He likes you, but he doesn’t have the courage to approach you. The only thing you should not do at this moment if you yourself are in love with him is to laugh at him or make fun of him!

You should help him pick up a pen if he drops it, or ask if he is okay if he bumps into a chair, try to calm his anxiety, and send him a loving smile. This will show him that you are interested too and that he can approach you.

3. Seeking advice

If a shy guy loves you and is really interested in you, he may try to ask your advice about what’s going on in his life or what he’s working on. When a man asks a woman for advice, you can argue with your lucky ones that he likes you enough that he will take the opportunity to communicate with you as best he can. This is because men usually think they know everything and their male ego does not allow them to follow the woman’s advice.

However, if a man likes a woman, he will ask her for advice and use it too! Beware ladies, if your shy fan constantly asks for your office work advice, you can bet he really likes it!

4. He’s still far away

In many cases, a shy guy who is interested in a girl will always make sure that there is space between them, he will not have the courage to be around her often. One of the best ways to find out if he’s interested is when you seem to bump into him regularly, like in a cafe, gym, or maybe an elevator.

This is because he follows you very closely and knows your schedule. He wants to be close to you, wants to see you, or even talk to you, but he hasn’t yet got the courage to make it happen. Try starting a conversation with him or just smile at him to help him reduce his fears.

5. Sends you a friend request

If a shy guy is interested in you, he won’t have the courage to strike up a face-to-face conversation with you but will try to befriend you on social media. He may not immediately send you a message but will hide until you take the first step after accepting his friend request. It may take weeks or even months for a shy guy to say something. However, he will like your photos or will make small comments on them from time to time.

6. He will protect you

This is a clear indication that he likes you and wants to be a part of your life! If a guy likes you but doesn’t have the courage to approach you, he will always look out for you. If he has to punch someone in the face because of you, trust me, he would! He will protect you at every opportunity because this is what men in love with a woman do.

7. Sending mixed signals

One day he talks to you, the next day he avoids you, then he smiles at you and then he hides when you are around, right? Well, that’s exactly what shy guys in love do! This is completely normal, and just his way of mustering the courage and forging a real relationship with you, but there isn’t one yet.

20 Psychological Facts About Men


10 Interesting Psychological Facts About Shy Guys
Interesting Psychological Facts About Shy Guys

Here are some more interesting psychological facts about men and interesting psychological facts about Guys you may like these facts too.

1. A man always feels threatened in the presence of another man. If you start flirting with another member of the stronger sex, it will not make you more attractive, but may have the exact opposite effect.

2. Men are attracted only by the appearance of a woman at first sight. But you don’t have to have the perfect body or face. It could be a sweet smile, the way you straighten your hair, or your look.

3. Men are also emotional, but it is not so easy for them to express their emotions as women. They are unlikely to be the first to start a sincere conversation, but this does not mean that they do not want to talk to you. At the right time, a man will share his innermost thoughts with you. However, do not put pressure on him, bombarding him with questions, otherwise he will close even more.

4. Every man dreams of being attractive to many women. This reinforces his self-confidence and makes him feel desirable, the true “master of the world.”

5. Any man will take a quick glance at a woman’s neckline, no matter what he does (when she is not looking).

6. Men love compliments too. They rarely hear compliments from their friends, but when they are given by a girl they like, they never forget.

7. Men hate asking for help. For centuries, men have been protectors, and admitting their inability is something they hardly admit to. At the same time, a compliment about a business that a man has done helps him feel strong and gives him confidence in his own abilities.

8. Men rarely talk about their feelings. It is much easier for them to say about their love by actions, and not by words.

9. Every man has a competitive spirit, so they tend to feel anxiety about possible failure every time they have to put up with defeat, whether in sports or in bed.

Interesting Psychological Facts About Shy Guys.

10. A man cheats only if his emotional and physical needs are not met, and for a long time.

11. Men often only pretend not to hear you, pretending to be busy with their own business or to play. This is one way to avoid unpleasant situations or conversations.

12. The most important thing a man wants from a woman is respect. This is the foundation of all relationships. The more respect you show a man, the more he loves you. The more you start to control it, the more it drifts away.

13. Almost every man considers himself strong and influential. He hates going to doctors, it makes him feel powerless.

14. Men do not understand when a woman says one thing, but means something completely different. If you want him to understand you, speak directly.

15. Men are easy to manipulate, but they hate being manipulated to get them to do something.

16. For a man, the father is a role model, and his behavior will almost always be similar to that of his father, except in a situation when he had a bad relationship with his father.

17. Men are emotionally more vulnerable, and breakup affects them much more than women. Even if they don’t show it.

18. A man will never say that his friend is cheating. It’s kind of a male code that he takes seriously. He would rather lie to you than reveal the truth. An exception is if he likes you very much.

19. Men can be real romantics if the girl they like correctly portrays inaccessibility.

20. Men are not afraid of commitment, but they weigh their emotions to make the right decision. Unlike women who enter into a relationship without thinking, a man must make sure of his feelings for the chosen one in order for the relationship to be long-term.


If you want him to notice you enough to get him out of his shell, but you have to do something about it! Nothing special, you just need to show him that you are interested and would like to have a relationship with him. Below is a list of ways to make him feel comfortable enough to get close to you.

  • Let him be silent next to you whenever he wants;
  • Hold his hand at every opportunity;
  • Smile at him to make him feel welcome;
  • Ask him simple questions to help him reveal himself;
  • Show him that he is good enough;
  • Show him that his thought matters;
  • Let him fully express himself without interrupting him;
  • Don’t criticize him.


Interesting Psychological Facts About Shy Guys. Now you know the interesting psychological facts about shy guys and how to help them feel comfortable around you! If you enjoyed reading this post, I ask you to take the time to share it with your friends psychological facts about shy guys.

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