10 reasons why it’s better to be alone than with just anyone?

10 reasons why it’s better to be alone than with just anyone? Of course, being in a relationship is nice. Oxytocin turns you into a continuous squealing lump of love and joy. But one is also awesome! And that’s why.

10 reasons why one is better

  • You can take care of yourself when you want, and not to please him.

Listen, no one is calling to embody stereotypes about feminists. But don’t pretend that you didn’t mind shaving when he came. So, now you can take care of yourself the way you like, and when you want! Make self-care a comfortable way to show love to yourself, not a boring obligation.

  • Much more free time

Dating, preparing for them, paying attention to a partner – all this takes a very, very long time. Now it is completely free. Also energy and money. Especially if you lived together – do you f@cking know how much these guys eat? Spoiler: wow! And now you can spend all this wealth on yourself.

  • Petty quarrels no longer spoil your mood

Even the coolest relationships do not avoid quarrels and conflicts. Now they won’t, hooray! No one will spoil your morning mood with dissatisfied grumbling, will not release a humiliating “compliment”, will not devalue your hobbies or achievements. And no quarrels over household trifles.

  • Dating other guys

The sea is full of other fish. And now you can freely cast nets there. Dating, dating, light flirting, one night stand. No more excuses if you like this guy – you can stare at his charms (it beckons, damn it!) as much as you want.

  • Clean toilet

Even the best of them occasionally miss and leave, so to speak, golden drops on the rim of your toilet bowl. Who then washes it? Yep, that’s right, he’s not. And it’s disgusting. But now you don’t have to worry about that anymore! Long live the clean toilet!

  • No uninteresting conversations

It’s cool when each partner has their own interests and hobbies. And it’s quite normal to try to imbue them in order to be closer to him. But when all you do is keep up conversations on topics that are not close to you – well, damn it, it infuriates. And you don’t have to do it anymore! No streams, computer games, football, boxing, cryptocurrencies and other nonsense, you can safely discuss with your friends what is interesting to you personally!

  • Less than any … physiology

When people live together, they smell each other’s bodies. And these bodies don’t always smell good. So, now you don’t have to smell his sweat and other scents! And you don’t have to worry about being clean enough. And you can finally forget about his constant shock at the thought that princesses also poop, and fulfill your physiological needs with comfort. Paradise.

  • You can show your sexuality

No one else will grumble that this dress is too revealing, the makeup is too bright, and no, you can’t dance with this handsome guy in the club. Can! Dance as much as you like, and as slutty as you want! Paint your lips with the brightest lipstick, put on the most amazing dress and go conquer the world! You are sexy, you are beautiful, you are desirable, and no one else will hold it back!

  • You don’t have to share a blanket with anyone.

You can spread out on the bed like a star and sleep like a queen in complete comfort. Kaaaif…

  • More time to chat with friends

Do you remember how much fun it was with your girlfriends until you all got into relationships (yeah, like fleas, only relationships)? Now you can restore it, and again communicate with loved ones, loved ones who fully support you and share your interests. And no one will interfere with this.

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