10 signs a girl wants a kiss

10 signs a girl wants a kiss. Sooner or later, a date ends with a kiss. Of course, I would like it to happen sooner. But no one wants to get into an awkward position without being sure that the girl will not reject her attempts to kiss her. There are 10 signs by which you can accurately determine that a girl does not mind being kissed at all. And as a bonus, a sign that she will reject your kiss.

10 signs a girl wants a kiss

Brings the face closer

Imagine that you are spending an evening with the girl you like and everything is going great. And suddenly she begins to slowly approach you. Before you decide on any active actions, think that in fact it can mean anything. For example, she was uncomfortable in her place, or she could not hear what you were saying, or it became cooler outside, and she instinctively reached for the warmth.

How do you know she’s ready? If a girl wants you to kiss her, she will not only invade your personal space, she will try to bring her face closer to you. This is a sure sign.

Looks at lips

People often look for a long time at what they like or what they want to get. It doesn’t matter if it’s an object or a person. It is very difficult to look away from what makes you happy. This statement is also true for girls who look at the guys they want to kiss.

Therefore, before approaching you, a girl, if she wants to kiss you, will first look at your lips. So if she constantly looks at your face, this is a clear sign of subconscious interest and a signal that she does not mind getting a little closer.

Seduction and attracting attention

A girl waiting for a kiss will not only peer into your face, but will also make enough effort to make you pay attention to her. And she will also do this at the level of instincts.

In such cases, girls try to do something so that the guy pays attention to her lips. They may lightly bite, touch, lick, or do anything else.

Relationship Chemistry

When young people meet for a while, kisses are preceded by flirting. This is a proven fact. Flirting is actually a serious thing, it is an opportunity to take communication with the girl you like to another level.

No flirting, no kissing. Girls are very receptive to flirting and react to it by giving feedback. Therefore, when you feel that it is getting easier and easier with her, it’s time to move on to kissing.


This is one of the important signs that a girl wants you to kiss her, especially if she becomes noticeably shy or nervous. By the end of the date, she may become embarrassed, give out her awkwardness, look away, especially after you catch her looking at your face.

To be sure, after you say goodbye, pay attention to what she will do: either she will retreat very quickly, or she will linger and look around, as if she is waiting for something more. It is clear that in the first case there can be no talk of any kisses. But in the second, there is a high probability that she is waiting for you to make your move. If she looks back to see if you’re looking at her, chances are she’s just your average shy girl hoping you’ll kiss her at the last minute.


If you’ve ever experienced this, you know what it is. If this is your first time, don’t worry, this look is unrecognizable.

Eye contact is the main indicator of any girl’s interest. But they have a special look in their arsenal. It’s not just eye contact that lasts for a while, but it’s meant to make you understand. It’s time to take decisive action.

But now the question arises before you, how to determine the “same” look and not be mistaken? There are two reliable ways to do this.

First, look at the distance. If she is within 45 centimeters, she is probably trying to “stir up” you. 45 centimeters is the boundary of personal space, known as the intimate zone. Only very close people are allowed there. Secondly, if you are still not sure if the girl will agree to a kiss, just ask her about it. Any normal girl will answer you honestly, or kiss you herself instead of answering.

It’s all about freshness

Girls who are counting on a possible kiss try to always be in a state of readiness. So if a girl has put on more lip gloss, she smells minty, or she asks if you have gum, these are common signs that she is waiting for a kiss. What if she offers you gum? This doesn’t necessarily mean you have bad breath, but it’s probably her way of letting you know that you should prepare for what’s to come.

open borders

When you spend time with your girlfriend, you are most likely thinking or even trying to get as close to her as possible. A lot depends on how you do it. Of course, it is better to proceed slowly and carefully. At first, just gradually come closer and closer to her. Then, as if by chance, lightly touch with your hand or shoulder. After a while, try to hug her.

This tactic makes it possible to constantly monitor the situation and monitor the reaction of the girl. If this does not scare her and she does not try to pull away, then she is weakening the barriers because she feels comfortable. And most likely, she will not mind if you decide to kiss her.

Kissing talk

Maybe you’re watching a romantic movie together, or walking past another couple kissing on the street, or maybe she’s brave enough to start a conversation about what it could be like if you kissed.

Even if she doesn’t directly ask to be kissed, even hypothetical and playful talk about kissing is a sure sign that she’s ready for the next step. So do not get lost and boldly get down to business.

She doesn’t try to run away

During your date, she will have many chances to quickly end it and leave if something goes wrong. And we are not talking about a banal flight with slamming doors. Girls always find a way to ignore a bad date, the easiest way to avoid an awkward situation is to devote most of the time not to you, but to your phone.

On the other hand, if she ignores her phone when it rings or a message notification arrives, most likely she really enjoys spending time with you, and she considers you something more important, worthy of attention, at least at this particular time. moment.

Of course, if a girl has a phone with her, this does not mean that you cannot kiss her, but if she does not get distracted by it, this is one of the strongest signs that she will not mind at all if you kiss her.

How to Know It’s Not Time for a Kiss?

There is one main sign that a girl does not want you to kiss her. The reasons for this can be very different: she doesn’t like you very much, it’s not the right time, or she just doesn’t have the right mood today. It is not always worth trying to understand the reasons for the actions of girls. If she steps back from you, tries to break the distance, then in this way she tries to eliminate the possibility that you can kiss.

Keeping distance is the only thing a girl can do to avoid a kiss. And almost any girl in this way shows that she is not ready for this.


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