10 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is In Love!

10 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is In Love! Do you have feelings for an Aquarius woman and want to know if she loves you too? Not sure if she loves you more than just a boyfriend? What are the signs that an Aquarius woman is interested in you or even falling in love with you? This zodiac sign is extremely unpredictable and loves its freedom like no other.

So here are all the signs to look for in her behavior to know if an Aquarius woman is in love.


1. She will plan the most unusual activities with you

She hates boredom in all its forms. If you’re the type who prefers to be alone, always locked in his cocoon, she won’t be interested. Her love for the freedom of thought and movement is unparalleled. She loves to travel in the truest sense of the word, to the most unusual places when nothing else is on her mind. She doesn’t really need someone to entertain her as she is able to do it herself. So if she gets you involved in the most fun activities and dates you more often than others, it’s because you hold a special place in the heart of this Aquarius woman.


2. An Aquarius woman in love will open her heart to you

Let her be herself. Yes, that is the mantra to enjoy their company and vice versa. An Aquarius woman is always afraid of people trying to force her to conform to her ideas and demands. She’s not the kind of woman to be tamed. She will rarely open up and reveal her deepest secrets to you unless she loves you enough. But when she does, she will trust you completely. She will be reassured that she can confide in you. So if you have managed to bare the soul of a woman born under the sign of Aquarius, then you know that she has feelings for you and loves you more than a boyfriend.


3. She will support you

She will defend you when you need her, but not when you are unworthy of her. However, do not expect aggressive behavior. She is always there for the people who are important to her. An Aquarius woman is aloof by nature, with no surface emotions, so she can be indifferent when she chooses. She can see through people and understands deception at first sight, so she is always there to protect her loved one. She doesn’t care about taboos or social norms, so she doesn’t hesitate to leave if someone or something isn’t worth it.


4. She will give you access to her body

When an Aquarius woman sleeps with someone, she is no less demanding. She places very high demands on herself and those in her presence. Sex is incredibly stunning because of the high level of confidence she is able to display at all times. She is not afraid to ask for what she needs. She has fantastic communication skills and talking in bed comes naturally to her. She likes to keep the man excited and open to experimentation. Her playfulness and amazing sense of humor make sex an extremely fulfilling experience. So if sex is ubiquitous and going on all night long, you’ve earned points and certainly earned your favor.


5. An Aquarius woman in love will be fair to you

This zodiac sign is known for her human qualities and ability to be righteous, ensuring that everyone she knows has equal importance in her life. While this can make any man feel important, it doesn’t. She is a social butterfly that people can rely on. She will not force her decisions on you and will ensure that you have a say in even the most heated discussions. An Aquarius woman will not hesitate to back down for you if she likes you, both sensually and intellectually.

10 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is In Love!

6. She will give you everything she has

Aquarius women are extremely generous. Stimulate her mind, inspire her and support her development, she will be all yours. If you ask nothing of her, she will give you everything she has for you. If you put conditions on her, if you rebuke her, or if you expect too much of her, don’t be surprised if she walks away or disappears in an instant. She is always looking for a supportive friend and partner who she can support in return. You can count on them for the best ideas and advice. So when it comes to staying true to her commitment to you, an Aquarius woman won’t hesitate to prove it to you.


7. You will get their attention

One minute she’s here and the next minute she’s somewhere else. So her mind wanders with agility. It’s hard to get an Aquarius woman’s attention if you don’t have the intellect to match her intellect. She has a general tendency to be friendly with everyone but will only trust a limited number of people. She will reject all your advances if you seem too clingy or overbearing, but if you see that she is naturally inclined towards your company, she will surely like you.


8. She’ll shower you with romance

An Aquarius woman is anything but predictable. She’s a person who can be expected to switch roles. Her truly rebellious character drives her on and on. She may be the ideal woman, the woman you always dreamed of, but she will never stop surprising you. Far too pragmatic and stable, an Aquarius woman will weigh all her options before expressing her interest in you. So if you see her breaking out of her habits and making extraordinary efforts, like planning a romantic evening with you, getting dressed, and revealing all her feminine charms to you, that is a sign that she really loves you.


9. She will consider moving in with you

An Aquarius woman cannot be tied anywhere. Therefore, marriage with her is difficult, unless she has decided it herself. Being very rational and practical when it comes to relationships, she decides for herself the most reasonable arrangements that suit her without compromising her independence. If she expresses interest in living with you or asks you to move in with her, she is serious about your relationship.


10. She is extremely loyal

She has a lot of admirers. While she enjoys flirting and seducing with people of the opposite sex, she is also fiercely loyal. She is able to take her loyalty and commitment to the man she has chosen very seriously. There is never any doubt about that because she is a person who appreciates people and will always do what is right without prejudice. That level of dedication on your part needs to be mutual. Whatever she promises you, an Aquarius woman will always make sure to keep her promises at all costs. 10 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is In Love!

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