10 smart ways to make your girlfriend jealous

10 smart ways to make your girlfriend jealous. Any guy will love it when his girlfriend says she misses him from time to time. It says what she thinks of him. And if a girl is jealous, then this is a sure sign that she cares about you. If you yourself miss your girlfriend, and in addition you are also jealous, trying to make her jealous in return can have different consequences.

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On the one hand, the girl does not have a soul in you and will never part with you. Then she won’t have any problems. On the other hand, she may decide that she is not interested in you, and the result that you are trying to get by making her jealous may be the opposite: she will lose interest in you and retreat, or, even worse, begin to take revenge. So assess the situation, your chances and risks. And use one of the tricks that will make your girlfriend jealous.

Appear and disappear

There is nothing complicated here: first, for some time, give the girl as much attention as possible, then just disappear and show no signs of life. First – love and care, then – ignoring. She will definitely like the first stage, and she will definitely want to return you. For example, if you’ve been texting all the time and then all of a sudden it stops, chances are it will spark curiosity, spiced with a bit of jealousy.

But for everything to work as it should, every time you are with a girl, show your care and support, especially on the eve of your disappearance. If you start ignoring her, without letting her fully experience the beauty of being with you, the result can be depressing: she will decide to abandon you instead of missing you.

Leave her behind

For example, when you spend time in the same company, you can make her jealous by complimenting others while ignoring her. Alternatively, you can exchange text messages in a group without paying attention to it. Of course, you can’t be rude to her by replying to messages from other members of the group, but if you don’t notice her, this will be a great reason for jealousy.

In order not to aggravate the situation, you should not compliment some intimate aspects, for example, praising the figure or any part of the body, for example, the eyes. Compliments should be fairly neutral, like saying how much you like your haircut or your new sneakers.

Compliment another girl

Discussing the merits of another girl is a guaranteed reason for jealousy. Your girlfriend, most likely, will struggle to find out why the “rival” is better. So get ready to follow the messages and study her social media profile, it will be vital for her to find what attracts you, and it will not be surprising if your friend even starts to look like her.

Here you need to be careful so that your girlfriend does not think that you decided to leave her, carried away by another. Your goal is jealousy, not cheating or breaking up a relationship. If you pay too much attention to the virtues of another girl, then your girlfriend, instead of starting to be jealous, will decide that you are no longer interested in this, and your relationship has come to an end.

Ignore her messages by staying active on social media

If you do not answer messages and calls from your girlfriend, but at the same time she sees that you are actively communicating on social networks or a messenger, she is guaranteed to become jealous. When she sees your online status, she will start to worry why you are not answering her. And most likely, she will immediately find a reason for jealousy, deciding that at that moment you are talking with another girl. You can call or text her later, but instead of apologizing, let her know that you were busy talking to another girl and it was so interesting that you didn’t want to be interrupted. And she will puzzle over what was so interesting you discussed.

Use “harmless” pictures with other girls

No girl will ignore a photo of her boyfriend with another girl that has appeared on his social media page. Attacks of jealousy and anxiety are provided to her. If you post a photo of yourself with another girl, it will be taken as a signal that you like her better and that you like her more. Again, your girlfriend will try to outdo her. But be careful and carefully approach the choice of photos. If you flaunt a photo where the “rival” is sitting on your lap or hugging, and obviously not in a friendly way, you are more likely to achieve not jealousy, but hatred and a break in relations.

In addition, make sure that the picture does not have any subtext, that it is really harmless, because then it will be very difficult to explain that this is really so. Do not forget that girls have a very rich imagination, and they can easily see even what is not really there, and it will not be easy to convince her otherwise.

Do something without her and talk about it

Most girls try to participate in all areas of their boyfriend’s life, or at least know everything about it. If you want to surprise her and make her jealous, do something without her participation, tell her how great everything turned out and how much pleasure it gave you.

Listening to your story about a new achievement, seeing that you are happy and proud of yourself, she will think of only one thing – if she helped you, she would be in the rays of your glory, receiving almost a large share of attention and praise. But you deprived her of this opportunity, and now she can only be jealous, even if your friends helped you and no other girl had anything to do with it. Jealousy here is explained by the fact that you asked for help not from her, but from some other person, and even the result exceeded all expectations. In essence, this means that you can do business and solve problems without her. At first glance, it might seem that there is nothing to worry about. But the girl will see this as a threat to her position.

While she’s around, send messages to another girl

This method also helps to cause an attack of jealousy and the desire to capture all your attention. When you spend time together, periodically get distracted by the phone and chat with other girls. Conversations should be harmless enough, because if your girlfriend insists on knowing their content, you wouldn’t have to be too hard to hide it, which can be fraught with unpleasant consequences. Meaningless texting with another girl will make her friend feel that other girls might be interested in you, and this will be another reason to pay more attention to you.

Laugh at something she doesn’t know about

If she sees that you are laughing, but does not know what the matter is and what gave rise to fun, she will have two feelings at once – curiosity and jealousy. She will just need to find out who is trying to take her place, as she is absolutely sure that it is her prerogative to please you. Therefore, fur, for some unknown reason, is an excellent reason for jealousy. To do this, you just need to look at the phone, laughing or smiling.

Become successful

You never know what emotions a girl is capable of until you provoke her to them. Very often, jealousy occurs when a guy has achieved some significant success. Then she will try her best to keep the guy close. Many girls like celebrities, even if the fame has not gone beyond one city. For them, this is another reason for pride and self-esteem: there is nothing cooler than introducing your girlfriends or relatives to such a guy. Therefore, if you want to make her jealous by achieving some significant achievement, start ignoring her. And then she will start a real battle for your attention.

Flawless appearance

Guys who are attentive to their appearance always attract the eyes of girls and they have a lot of fans. Therefore, if you look perfect every day, your girlfriend will have a reason for jealousy, as she will believe that someone will constantly strive to take her place. If at the same time you pretend that you have cooled off a little towards her, an immense longing for you will be added to jealousy, and you will very quickly understand how she is afraid of losing you.

10 smart ways to make your girlfriend jealous

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