10 variants of women’s lies, which absolutely everyone resorts to?

10 variants of women’s lies, which absolutely everyone resorts to? Untruth in a relationship is a sin that, perhaps, not a single person has passed. Sometimes girls lie so as not to hurt the feelings of a loved one; sometimes – to save their own honor and relationships. In general, the motives for lying in beautiful ladies, as well as men, are different. But psychologists agree that lying invariably harms relationships. Even if we are talking about some little thing that seems insignificant to us.

Today we will talk about the 10 most popular things in terms of which women cheat on men.

10 variants of women’s lies, which absolutely everyone resorts to?

1. How many partners has she had in the past

If a couple did not marry at 18, then most likely both of its participants had at least one sexual partner in the past. And this is at best – more often the number of lovers before the first marriage ranges from 2 to 5 on average.

However, the male perception is such that even 1 is already too much (although in this respect, rightly, women also have something to learn – after all, the more partners the faithful had in the past, the more he may have hidden venereal diseases).

So, knowing this feature of male assessment, most girls always tend to underestimate the number of their sexual partners.

2. Life in social networks

No matter what profile you look at, you can see happy couples, idyllic weddings and landscapes from exotic islands everywhere. It seems that everyone around is doing nothing but rejoicing at the eternal celebration of life. However, psychologists have long revealed that this desire is nothing more than an attempt to show oneself and one’s life from the best side. And often it has very little in common with the real everyday life in which a person lives.

One of the surveys conducted by Australian researchers showed that 64% of Australians try to embellish their photos in any way. The same applies not only to images, but also to those text messages that girls post on social networks. Compared to the fair sex, only 36% of men lie in their profiles.

3. The phrase “everything is fine” when in fact everything is very bad

In the same Australian poll, another result was obtained. It turned out that the most popular lie among the inhabitants of the Land of Oz is the words “everything is fine” when in reality things are going from bad to worse. It is unlikely that Australian women differ from women from other parts of the world in this respect.

And while such a small lie may be acceptable in a platonic or neutral relationship (such as during a conversation with a colleague), it is completely unacceptable in the romantic realm. If a girl lies to her partner that everything is all right with her, in the end, she will feel offended and lonely. Which will badly affect the relationship between lovers.

4. How much is this dress

Money will always be a point of contention in a relationship – no matter who earns the most. So women constantly have a desire to slightly reduce the price of a purchased new thing or cosmetic product. The situation is exacerbated by the attitude of some men towards typically female “joys”: they think that this is a complete waste of money. At the same time, they want to see a well-groomed, well-groomed girl next to them – as if all this beauty arises by itself, without any cash injections. Thus, a woman has to dodge and lie – although, of course, if the truth is revealed, she will be unhappy. So when it comes to money, psychologists recommend always being honest.

5. “You are the best of men”

Another common lie. However, unlike the previous options, this type of untruth, according to psychologists, is quite appropriate. For example, a girl lies to a man about the fact that she has never had better sex in her life than with her current partner. But if she tells the truth that at the age of 19 she had a lover with enchanting skills to please women – who will be relieved from this?

6. Sexual fantasies about other guys

Another point of contention is whether or not to share your own fantasies with a partner. Here much depends on the individual characteristics of the partner; however, most women prefer never to tell the faithful that in their thoughts they are having sex with other men.

7. Opinion about the former

If a woman loves her current partner, then the former, when it comes to talking about him, will always be the target for the dirtiest curses and lamentations. Perhaps she doesn’t think so badly of him; however, she just wants to regret the feelings of her lover and show that in him she found her happiness.

8. Fake an 0rgasm

This is no myth; many women actually fake an 0rgasm at least once in their lives. That’s what multiple polls say. But no matter what the reasons for this little lie, it is still a lie. According to a survey by the foreign edition of Men`s Health, 48% of women are engaged in simulation.

9. Time with friends

Most of the girls have friends and acquaintances of both sexes who have gone with them through fire, water and copper pipes. But will it be clear to the faithful that Vasya Petrov is just a friend who, even in his thoughts, does not cause any attraction? So before even a hint of jealousy appears on the part of the partner, the girl will already lie about this. And all this is only for the sake of maintaining relationships and peace of mind.

10. Taking birth control

Not the best version of a lie – after all, in everything related to sex, it is worth being frank with a partner. However, according to surveys, this is one of the most common options. Perhaps this is due to the desire of a woman to take control over the conception and birth of a child; but such decisions should only be made in conjunction with his father. The consequences in a relationship can be the most unpleasant.

10 variants of women’s lies, which absolutely everyone resorts to?

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