10 ways to forget the guy you love!

10 ways to forget the guy you love! Let’s start with the fact that the question is not quite right. Your task is not to forget him, but to learn to remember without pain. Fall out of love, let go and get rid of the obsessive desire to return it.

That’s exactly what we’re going to do now.

10 ways to forget the guy you love


Stop seeing him. He offered to remain friends and now and then calls you to a meeting when he is bored? To hell with this friendship!

Cut off all contact with him. If you broke up on a good note, tell him firmly and confidently that you need to be alone. Your resources are depleted and you are unable to maintain friendly relations. Thank him for all the good things that happened between you and move away.

If a guy annoys you with calls and messages, accuses you of all sins and continues to bring suffering, block him on all social networks.

Do not answer his calls and do not call him yourself. Do not write. Don’t follow him on social media. If you have the opportunity, change jobs and don’t go to parties where you might meet him.

If you can’t completely limit your contact with him, avoid discussing personal topics. You can communicate on work topics and meet on business, if necessary.

Distance yourself from this guy. To the maximum. It is difficult to forget the person who daily an eyesore to you.

The right to suffer

It is normal to feel pain when parting with a loved one. It doesn’t matter how long your relationship lasted. And did they last at all?

If you, tired of unrequited love, decided to let this guy go, allow yourself to experience this pain. Disappointment, resentment and anger from their own impotence.

Allow yourself to drink all this cocktail of negative feelings and emotions. Imagine that this is a kind of emotional surfing – catch a wave and surrender to it. In the end, you will find yourself on the beach.

Support Group

This guy is no longer part of your life. But then you have people who really love you. Spend more time with family and close friends. They have seen everything that you have gone through and are ready to support you.

Should you discuss your failed relationship with them? You decide. Try not to dwell on it.

Do you have no close friends at all? Read the stories of girls who have experienced the same as you. Read blogs, leave comments. Millions of girls around the world have gone through this. They suffered and thought that they would never meet their love again. And after some time they found their happiness and remembered the past with a smile.

Keep a diary. Paper or electronic. Throw out your emotions and feelings without censorship. You can write this guy a letter – this is also a very popular practice, which is advised by many psychologists. You do not need to send a letter, so do not restrain yourself and do not be shy in expressions.


It is difficult to thank a person for bringing you pain and suffering. But hatred won’t get you far.

Perhaps he taught you something, opened your eyes to some things and changed your picture of the world. Gave wonderful memories or helped find a life’s work.

And even if you loved him with unrequited love, he gave you a very valuable experience. Thanks to him, you strived to become better. Thanks to him, you experienced such a range of feelings.

Focus on the good. Thank him for everything that was between you. And for something that never happened.

Every relationship in our life is an experience. And it depends only on you whether this experience will be useful or not.


So, now you need to find out why he won you over so much. Why exactly him? Why not the guy who tried so long and hard to get your attention?

Remember your first impression of him. Did he initially attract you, or did it happen gradually?

Remember when we said that any relationship is a valuable experience? Now we will try to turn a traumatic experience into a useful one.

Make a list of the qualities you like about him. Don’t forget to include some of his habits and mannerisms as well.

Now you have before your eyes an approximate list of what attracts you in men. “Handsome”, “self-confident”, “he has a good sense of humor” – this is not enough, think further.

“He can’t sit idle”, “knows what he wants from life”, “knows how to make money”, “an extrovert and the soul of the company” – you can already work with this.

The antihero of your novel

Now think about his shortcomings. About those qualities that you just could not put up with.

Now is the time to come down from heaven to earth and remember that your beloved is far from perfect.

Here you have another list. Anti-top qualities of a guy that you are not ready to put up with under any circumstances. Include in this list also qualities that are not shortcomings as such, but are simply unbearable for you.

If it seems to you that he is absolute perfection, we are forced to upset you – you are seriously mistaken. Either he skillfully pretended, or you don’t know him at all and fell in love not with him, but with the ideal image that you created in your head.


Right now. Don’t wait for Monday, January 1st, or your birthday. Start changing your life for the better right now.

I bet while you were drooling over this guy and shedding tears, your life started to slowly fall apart? It’s time to fix it.

The word “self-development” is too loud and immense. It is frightening and disorienting. We need specifics. Make a list of everything that doesn’t suit you at the moment. Choose methods for solving each problem, specifying specific deadlines and adding subgoals.

Now more than ever you need new bright emotions. Set new goals, get yourself a new hobby. Sounds trite, but it works. There is no need to reinvent the wheel – it is enough just to competently use what mankind has invented a long time ago.

call the exorcist

Get rid of the obsession. Forget about wanting to return it at any cost. This obsession drains you of all your energy.

As long as you have the hope of your reunion, you will not forget it.

You will dream of your happy joint future. Hope, believe and wait. And at this time he will meet girls and build relationships with them. Do you like this arrangement?

A change of scenery

Change your social circle, go on a trip or have the courage to move to another place. Especially if everything around reminds you of him.

If you are an avid conservative, then you simply need such a shake-up. Visit new places, try new foods, read new books and watch new movies.

Speaking of movies…

A selection of films for those who are going through a breakup

  • “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

Memory eraser, love and blue hair.

  • “500 days of Summer”

Postcards, idealism and disappointment.

Reality, jazz and beautiful actors.

  • “Deadly Attraction”

Cigarettes, high school and bad company.

Tears, tears and tears.

  • “To promise is not to marry”

Sobering up, masochism and parting.

Fate, romance and England.

  • “Eat Pray Love”

We could write here three words repeating the name of the film, but we are much more creative, you know!

Therefore: meditation, regret and pizza.

It’s similar to what you feel when you’re full at night, only in reverse.

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