10 ways to forget your ex boyfriend forever

10 ways to forget your ex boyfriend forever. Parting with once close and beloved people is always difficult. Pain, resentment (at the guy and at yourself), despair, loneliness – this is not a complete list of ingredients in a cocktail called “Heartbreak”. Everyone has their own methods of healing spiritual wounds – some go to great lengths and try to drown the pain in a crazy series of parties, while others completely close themselves from the outside world and withdraw into themselves.

Memories torment the soul. How now to go to the same cafe where you had your first date? How to walk in the park and look at lovers? And these songs from your general playlist …

They say that time heals. But no one clarifies one small detail – it heals only if you give it such an opportunity. It sounds absurd, but the fact is that some girls get so used to suffering and self-pity that they deliberately cling to this pain. Revel in these emotions and pull themselves to the bottom.

You can use your own methods of psychotherapy or take advantage of proven, tested by millions of girls around the world and proven to be effective.

That’s what we’ll talk about now. Here are ten steps on the way to letting go of your ex-boyfriend and starting to enjoy life again.

Let healing or 10 ways to forget

Being angry, sad, offended after a breakup is normal. Especially in case of betrayal. You can experience these emotions for as long as you like, but do you need it? Nurturing in your heart resentment and anger at the ex-boyfriend (and rival, if there was one), you only deplete your own resources. Stress levels skyrocket, and your own world narrows down to the thoughts that swirl in your head and drive you crazy.

Relationships are over. He’s not your boyfriend anymore. Take it. Realize, let it pass through you. And get rid of false hopes and illusions. This is the very first step on the path to healing from spiritual wounds. Stop torturing yourself with thoughts “what if…”. This is absolutely useless and even harmful.

Try keeping a diary. Pour your feelings and thoughts on paper. It does not matter how exactly you will do it – beautifully and decorously or correcting all the rules of calligraphy. The main thing is to get rid of this cycle of thoughts in your head and finally let go of this relationship.

Speaking of letting go…

The worst thing you can do is start chasing him. Write, call, beg to return, shout about their love and poison his life in every possible way. Learn to let people go – this skill will greatly simplify your life.

You have so many memories. This guy was a part of your life and gave you so many emotions and impressions that it seems like you will never forget him.

Do you want to know the secret?

No one is asking you to forget him.

Many girls confuse these two concepts – “forget” and “let go.” Letting go doesn’t mean erasing. To let go is to learn to remember this person without pain and resentment. Stop thinking that your life is meaningless without him.

How to learn to let go of people and not cling to them? Stop treating them as your own.


You have every right to temporarily close yourself from the world and be alone with yourself. Shut up. Stay. This is a great opportunity to reassess the values ​​in your head. Get your thoughts in order.

And then go outside. Meet your friends, start going to parties. Take your time with active activities so that your brain, bored without emotions, does not start the old song: “Do you remember that you broke up with a guy? And let’s remember all the good moments and cry like it’s the last time, m?

Spend time with loved ones who make you happy. You used to somehow live without your ex, right? And managed to enjoy life. It’s time to remind yourself of this.

  • Don’t fantasize

Relationships are over. Nothing will be “as before”, even if you inexplicably come back together.

When does rekindling a relationship make sense? If the cause of the gap was external circumstances (work, for example), which now cannot interfere with you in any way. If you broke up because of irreconcilable differences of opinion, inconsistencies in character or infidelity, think twice about whether you need all this.


Be honest with yourself and get rid of your favorite rose-colored glasses. If he cheated on you once, there is a high risk that he will cheat again. If you constantly tried to remake each other and quarreled about it, is there any point in continuing this torment?

You need new memories and new emotions. Do you often travel or go to different places together? Great, but don’t live in the past. Find new establishments, travel to new cities and countries. Or do otherwise – visit again the place that you associate with the former. But this time, bring family members or friends with you. Try new dishes, new sports and entertainment.

Do something you would never have done before. Something that no one expected from you (even yourself). Rock climbing, bungee jumping, skydiving – a lot of options, choose any.

The more new emotions you get, the sooner you will let go of the past. In addition, you will get new interesting experience and you will be able to know yourself better. “Yes, I can’t do that!”

  • Improve

You’re free. It’s time to focus on yourself. Money, time and other resources are now in your undivided power. No guilt! Spend them as you wish.

Pamper yourself. Beauty salons, spa treatments, manicures. Update your wardrobe. Buy yourself expensive cosmetics – no one else will be able to tell you that you are spending money on nonsense. I have long wanted to change my image, but the former was against it? Well, why haven’t you signed up for a haircut and coloring yet?

Cooking classes, yoga, swimming, riding a motorcycle – try everything that you have been putting off for so long.

If a painful breakup has negatively affected your self-esteem, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Do you have a friend you admire who also went through a painful breakup? Take an example from her. Borrow some secrets from her.

For one reason or another, your ex may get back in touch. And the more often he flashes before your eyes, the more difficult it will be for you to let go of this relationship. Delete his number, block him on social media. If you remember his phone number by heart, gather all your willpower into a fist and in no case call him.

Get on with your life, don’t waste your time and energy spying on him. The more active and interesting your life will be, the sooner you will notice that you remember him only occasionally. Or you don’t remember at all.

Delete shared photos. Do you often re-read messages from him and your hand does not rise to delete them? Stop making excuses for yourself. These letters are of no use to you anymore. Stop being masochistic and bring yourself to tears by re-reading and re-listening to messages from an ex-boyfriend.

Make a list of everything you would like to do in your life. What did you want to do, but couldn’t because of him? You no longer need to adjust and give up your desires. Wanted to go to the dance, but he flatly refused and forbade you to dance with other guys? Well, where is he now?

Do a general house cleaning. Give away and throw away anything that reminds you of him. Tear off the walls of all your joint photos.

It won’t be easy. But life won’t get better on its own. The game is worth the candle, believe me.

Make a list of the qualities of your ex that you could not come to terms with. Stop living in illusions and look at everything sensibly – your relationship was clearly not ideal.

Now let’s forget about it. Make a list of your 100 best qualities. Do not be afraid of this number and do not give up halfway! It’s time to remind yourself that you deserve better.

The easiest way to forget past love. He is not your only other half. And do you need only some half?

You are a mature person. And you will definitely meet a guy worthy of you. You have a sad, but still useful experience behind you. Now you know that you can deal with everything – including a broken heart.

There will be many more interesting acquaintances in your life. It is possible that future relationships will be much happier and more harmonious than those that led you to read this article.

PS The failures of the past should not poison your present and deprive you of your future.

How to FORGET A GUY?! (How to survive a breakup?) || Half-breed.

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