100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp
100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to hold its leading position among all known messengers. And having a status on your profile is a great way to stand out among millions of accounts. We offer you 100 cool statuses for Whatsapp that will fully convey your mood to other users and make you smile.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp

1. Life is like ice cream: enjoy it before it melts.

2. The world can be quite awesome if you’re a little weird yourself.

3. My super ability is to get tired without doing anything.

4. A new way to forget your past is to delete old dialogues.

5. Never laugh at the choice of a wife. You are one of them.

6. We are all beautiful until our 30-day trial of Photoshop ends.

7. All girls are like police officers. Even when they get all the evidence, they still want to hear the truth from you.

8. I love to work in a team. It helps me to put the blame on someone else.

9. Life is Beautiful! Friday to Monday.

10. I’ll be offline tomorrow. My irresponsible neighbor forgot to pay for the internet.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp.

11. Never kiss outside your house. Love is blind, neighbors are not.

12. I always wear the cutest pajamas before bed. You never know who you will meet in a dream.

13. Life is full of questions. The idiots have all the answers.

14.  I love my detractors, they make me popular.

15. God really created masterpieces. Just look at me!

16. Can’t find your children? Try turning off Wi-Fi. They will appear immediately.

17. You may call me old-fashioned, but I prefer women with hairy eyebrows.

18. I always thought that the phrase that I was more than anything in the world afraid to hear from my wife sounds like “I want to divorce you.” It turns out to be: “Tell me your password.”

19.  The girl who says “I’m not mad at you” is very reminiscent of a dentist with the phrase: “It won’t hurt.”

20.  If one day we do end up in jail for downloading movies, I would like to believe that the cameras will be divided by genre.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp.

21. Don’t be part of the problem. Be a problem.

22.  Wow, 7 billion people on Earth, and I can only stand 5.

23.  Send a man to the store for 5 items and he will return home with 4. Send a woman to the store for 5 items, she will return home with 55. This is science.

24. I have 1% battery left. Whoever calls me or sends a message will become my enemy forever!

25. I love my job. I pretend to work. The boss pretends to pay me for it.

26. I did it again. I overestimated the number of convolutions in your brain.

27. I like to discuss with smart people. Especially when standing in front of the mirror.

28. Hey Karma! I have a long list of people who have behaved badly this year.

29. People are always advised to follow their dreams. That is why I went back to bed today and turned on my favorite movie.

30.  Most people live and develop, but some … just live.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp.

31. I had to take sick leave again. Terribly sick of some personalities.

32.  It’s hard to do nothing because you never know when it will end.

33. Do you want to hear rudeness? Don’t ask nonsense!

34. Take it easy. We’re all a little crazy.

35. To be honest, I am not insane. I enjoy it every minute.

36. It seems to me that another day is needed between Saturday and Sunday. Better yet, two.

37.  Does anyone remember the moment when the bathroom went from a recording studio to a photography studio?

38. I am not intimidated by terrorism. I was already married once.

39.  Behind every successful man there is a woman who is constantly dissatisfied with something.

40. Truly, laziness is the mother of all bad habits. But remember, she is a mother and must be respected.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp.

41. I never make the same mistake twice. I love variety.

42.  If Monday had a face, I would hit it.

43.  A person can never say what’s on his mind when the whole family is actively using the Internet.

44. Pessimism is my innate quality. I even have a negative Rh factor.

45. I am not getting old. Every year I move to a new level!

46. Year after year, everyone tells me that soon I will meet my man. To be honest, I’m already starting to think he was hit by a truck.

47. Today I plan to just finish what I started yesterday – nothing.

48.  Whenever someone tells me that I will regret it in the morning, I just sleep until lunchtime.

49. Selling a parachute. Has been used once. Never opened.

50. I hate morning. It always comes while I am still sleeping.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp.

51.  I still remember the days when the apple was just a fruit.

52. I don’t know about you, but I intend to live forever. And you know, so far everything is going according to plan.

53. The work fascinates me. That’s why I sit and stare at her for hours.

54.  Whatever happens, I always have salt, a slice of lemon, and tequila on hand.

55.  You smile, I smile, it hurts, it hurts, you cry, I cry, you jump from the bridge, I will miss you …

56. There was no internet for two days. During this time, I managed to get married, lose a little weight, and read about 10 books.

57. The same annoying relative who sends everyone funny memes.

58.  My conscience is clear – I almost never use it.

59. Always remember you are unique. However, like everyone else.

60. Do you want me to give you great advice? I don’t use it anyway.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp.

61.  I would like to immerse myself in something more comfortable, like a coma.

62.  I need patience – and immediately!

63.  I hate math, but I love counting money.

64.  I drive too fast to take care of the dangers of smoking.

65. I never argue with anyone. I’m just explaining why I’m right.

66. Light travels faster than sound. This is why people seem bright until they speak.

67. 80% of women have husbands. The remaining 20% ​​have a brain.

68.  I hate people who steal my thoughts before they even enter my head.

69.  For those who say “Good morning” on Monday, there is a separate place in hell.

70. A bad character disfigures even the most attractive face.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp.

71. Each problem has its own solution. No solution, no problem!

72.  Can anyone help install an antivirus in the heart?

73. Some people bring happiness wherever they go. Others only when they leave.

74. A miniature figure cannot hold such a great personality. Therefore, I am not losing weight!

75.  I love long night walks … to the refrigerator.

76.  To take revenge is wrong, very wrong … But it’s nice.

77.  Life is too short to renew your status every now and then.

78.  A good girl with a lot of bad habits.

79.  My thoughts are louder than words.

80. I am listening really carefully. It just takes me a while to comprehend so many nonsense at once.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp.

81.  Fuck the circumstances, create opportunities.

82. I don’t like new acquaintances. Every time you have to pretend to be normal.

83. How beautiful and wonderful people are … at a distance.

84. It’s actually pretty easy to seem smart. It is enough just to think stupidity and keep silent.

85. Why does everyone say that it is impossible to live without love? It always seemed to me that living without oxygen is much more difficult …

86. Always smile. Tomorrow could be much worse.

87.  Whatever happens – I have nothing to do with it.

88. I could of course be wrong. But I doubt it very much.

89.  Why, when I drink beer, people tell me that I am an alcoholic … but when I drink Fanta, no one tells me that I am fantastic?

90.  Judging by the photos, I had a really amazing evening last night.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp.

91. I’ve already tried to be normal once. These were the worst two minutes of my life.

92.  I prefer to be hated for who I really am, rather than loved for who I really am not.

93. Caution! In case of high-profile disputes, I always use CAPS LOCK!

94. Don’t try to hurt my feelings. I do not have them.

95.  Simple as quantum physics.

96. I fulfill desires. Their.

97.  The inside is as beautiful as the outside.

98.  If I were you, I would write: “Hello.”

99. Lost everyone. Found myself.

100. My doors are always open to you. Come out.

100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp.

These are the 100 Best Cool Status For WhatsApp. In today’s world, people are actively communicating in different messengers. WhatsApp is one of the most trusted and popular. In general, virtual communication is gradually replacing real. And it has not yet passed enough time to say whether this is good or bad. Each user seeks to somehow stand out, set himself a cool status for WhatsApp. And this is understandable, because it is extremely important in the virtual space, among millions of other users, to have your own face. And the appropriate status is one of the ways to declare your individuality. It is also recommended to choose a bright, beautiful photo that can attract attention.

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