100+ Best Good Night Text Messages For Boyfriend

100+ Best Good Night Text Messages For Boyfriend
100+ Best Good Night Text Messages For Boyfriend

Use one of the options below. The funniest, sexiest, romantic, flirty, and cutest good night text messages for your boyfriend are waiting for you in our article.

Cute Good Night Text Messages For Boyfriend

• I can’t sleep until I tell you how much I miss you. I love you. Sweet Dreams.

• You are the best. Love you.

• Today was a crazy day and I dreamed of seeing you. I’ll think about you before bed. Goodnight!

• Only you are in my heart. Sweet Dreams.

• I would like to fall asleep with you. Well, I’ll see you in a dream.

• Every day you give me more and more reasons to love you.

• I don’t know what I would do without you. You mean a lot to me.

• I tried to count the reasons why I love you. But there were too many of them. I go to bed thinking about you.

• Good night, guy from my dreams. See you in dreamland.

•  I intend to meet you in my dream tonight.

•  Hope you think of me before bed?

•  The day with you was amazing.

•  I would like to fall asleep and wake up next to you.

•  I miss you every night.

•  I wonder if I come to you in a dream, what will we do?

•  I’m so cold without you. Sorry, you can’t keep me warm.

• Can’t sleep? So do I. Let’s not sleep together?

•  Good dreams to you, handsome.

• Today is the full moon. But the moon is still not as big and bright as my love for you.

•  I hate falling asleep without you on my bed.

•  I invite you to my dreams tonight.

•  I would like to fall asleep in your beautiful and strong arms.

• Look out the window and look at the moon. One day we will admire her, holding hands tightly.

•  I can’t sleep because I think about you.

• Today was a great day. I can’t wait to see you again in the morning.

• What do you think you will dream about tonight?

•  I want to admire you while you sleep.

•  I listen to this song with my eyes closed and represent you.

•  I’m about to fall asleep, but I must have time to write to you that I love you.

•  I already miss you.

• Hello. I love you. That’s all, I’m going to sleep.

• With thoughts of you I go to bed. And when I wake up in the morning, opening my eyes, the first thing I do is remember you.

• I remember your facial features down to the smallest detail. Hope to see them live soon.

•  I would not like to hug the pillow, but you.

•  I want to fall asleep as soon as possible to see you.

Flirty Good Night Text Messages For Boyfriend

• I hope you will dream with me. So it will be fair – after all, you do not leave my dreams all week.

•  Once again I am convinced that my bed is much softer and more comfortable when you are lying next to me.

• Can you guess what I’m wearing now? Hint: I don’t wear pajamas.

• There is so much free space in my bed. It is as if it was created so that two people lie in it. You and me, for example.

• The pillow still smells like you. I’m afraid I won’t be able to part with her in the morning and will cancel all my affairs just to stay in bed.

• Last night you broke into my dreams again. It looks like you decided to settle in them. By the way, I don’t mind. I am waiting at the same place today.

Sexiest Good Night Text Messages For Boyfriend

• I want you to lie next to me. Look, there is enough room for two (send a photo from the bed).

• I’m so used to falling asleep in your arms. I don’t even know what to do now.

• I fantasize about what we could do if we were in the same bed. Hint: We would have had no time for sleep. Sweet Dreams!

• You know, I sleep without clothes. Yes Yes. It’s a pity you don’t see it. Well, good night!

• Did you know that you are the protagonist of all my dirtiest fantasies? Just recently I imagined how you … well, let’s forget. Sweet Dreams!

• There is clearly something missing in my bed. Or someone.

• I can’t sleep. I have so much energy. And there is nowhere to put it. More precisely, not with anyone. Good night.

• What a pity you’re not around. Now I will start thinking about you and I will not be able to sleep at all.

•  How I wish I could touch you with my lips now.

•  Go to bed and think of all the dirty things we do next.

Funny Good Night Text Messages For Boyfriend

• May the most beautiful angel come to you in your dreams. But don’t get used to it – sometimes I need a rest.

•  Is your bed as big as …?

• Good night. Just try not to think about me before bed. I will come to you in a dream and punish you.

•  I was almost asleep when I suddenly remembered our last night. Now I can’t sleep. Will you take responsibility for these depraved memories in my head?

Romantic & Love Good Night Text Messages For Boyfriend

• I want to wish you the sweetest dreams. Love you.

• I can’t stop thinking about you. Good night honey.

• I hope you will dream me today, kiss and good night.

• I want to fall asleep next to you, dear.

• I wish you a good rest, my sweet.

• I want to wish you bright and memorable dreams.

• Thank you for our meeting today! I can’t forget about you even before bed.

• I miss you madly, especially at night.

• I would so much like to fall asleep now in your strong arms.

• Today was a good day. I miss you already and look forward to tomorrow.

• More than anything, I would like to hug you before bed.

• I hate falling asleep without you.

• I just can’t sleep, I keep thinking about you.

• My last thoughts before going to bed and my first thoughts after waking up are about you.

• I would really like to fall asleep next to you to watch your sleeping view.

• Are you awake? So do I. Let’s not sleep together?

• I want to see your sweet sleeping face every morning.

• I really want you to be in my bed now.

• I have become so accustomed to falling asleep in your arms, now I am not at ease.

• Good night, my love. I hope in my sleep I will cling to your arms.

• Sweet Dreams. It’s so uncomfortable to sleep in this huge bed without you.

• Thank you for a nice day.

• Every new day you open up for me from a new side, which makes me love you even more.

• It’s so cold and uncomfortable to fall asleep without you. It’s a pity you can’t come now.

Few More Good Night Text Messages For Boyfriend

• There is the only room in my heart for you. Good night.

• I can’t sleep soundly when you are not around.

• I’m going to sleep. I will only think about you.

• Thank you for making me happier every new day.

• Thanks to you, I have something to dream about before bed.

• Thank you for every new day that you give me.

• I can’t come to terms with the fact that you’re not with me now.

• I really want to see you faster. Sleep, my love.

• I miss you, especially at night. I look forward to the next meeting.

• I’m going to sleep. Good night dear.

• I don’t want to get used to falling asleep without you.

• Hopefully before you go to bed, you think of me as I do of you?

• Wish I could kiss you right before bed.

• When you sleep next to me, I don’t need anything else.

• Good dreams to you, my love.

• I will look forward to your call. Love you.

• Thank you for another wonderful and unforgettable day, dear.

• I go to bed thinking about you, and this is the most beautiful thing that I want to think about.

• I don’t know how else to express my love for you. It is limitless.

• There is nothing more annoying than falling asleep with you in separate beds.

• You are the best. I love you darling.

• May you dream about our bright future.

• Good and sound sleep, my handsome.

• I would really like to hug you now, not this pillow.

• In my mind I give you a thousand kisses before bed.

• Sleep, my dear, I’ll see you tomorrow.

PS A universal option that any man will like – write about how you miss him, his body, and what it can do. But there is a great risk that the guy will lose sleep.

What are people missing in relationships? Saying good night to a guy via messages is an elementary action that does not require any effort. However, many girls forget about it, are shy, or do not write first because of their principles and beliefs. But in times of equality, this approach should be abandoned. Men also expect returns from women. They are pleased to receive SMS from their beloved, to feel her attention, care, and interest. Get in the habit of regularly sending your boyfriend a good night – you will see how his attitude towards you will change. (Best Deep Sweet Romantic Questions to ask a Girl about Love Life & Relationship)

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