100 Best Lines to say instead of Hi or Hello to a Girl on Text

100 Best Lines to say instead of Hi or Hello to a Girl on Text
100 Best Lines to say instead of Hi or Hello to a Girl on Text Online

What to say instead of hi or hello to a girl on text online?

It’s no secret that in the modern world, online dating has long gained unprecedented popularity. And there are reasons for that. First, it’s convenient. Secondly, fast. Thirdly, it is interesting. Every day more and more new “victims” fall into the cleverly placed networks of the global web. Accordingly, the popularity of various dating sites is growing. Today there are a huge number of them.


So, when registering on a dating site, it is important to pay special attention to your profile. Otherwise, even the most sincere and beautiful words, written without a single mistake, are unlikely to make the girl respond to the message. Therefore, before taking the “impregnable fortress” by storm, it is advisable to make sure that one, or preferably several, successful photos are posted in your profile. Another important factor is the so-called “About me” information. The more truthful the information, the more chances for a successful acquaintance.


Once your profile is ready, it’s time to go on the “offensive”! And it is here that most of the stronger sex begin to fall into a stupor. Some – because of their natural modesty, some – because of previous bad experiences. And for some reason, most men continue to sacredly believe that there is the same universal template, thanks to which any, even the most capricious, female heart will thaw. In fact, everything is much simpler. An online acquaintance does not imply clear rules. It is enough that the first message is(Best Lines to say instead of Hi or Hello to a Girl on Text):

  • original;
  • simple;
  • intriguing;
  • sincere.

If, for some reason, at the most crucial moment, the thoughts in your head are chaotically confused, and your fingers treacherously begin to dance on the keyboard, over and over again giving out complete absurdity – below is a list of the very phrases after which, with great probability, your Internet acquaintance will have a continuation(Best Lines to say instead of Hi or Hello to a Girl on Text).

100 Best Lines to say instead of Hi or Hello to a Girl on Text

1. Hey! Let me cheer you up.

2. Surely, I’m not the first one who wants to meet you. Give me 5 minutes to prove that I am the best.

3. I look at your photo and I can’t remember where we could have seen each other before … weren’t you who came to me in a dream?

4. You know, I just had a disgusting day today. Exactly until the moment when I saw your photo.

5. Don’t flatter yourself, I don’t want to know how you are doing. I intend to link my life with you.

6. Hey! I am an aspiring journalist. I would like to write an article about the most beautiful girl. Can you help?

7. Wow, it seems, only now I understood why I registered on this site.

8. To be honest, your beauty fascinated me so much that I forgot what I wanted to write about.

9. It was incredibly difficult, but I pulled myself together and did it. Hey!

10.  Didn’t hurt too much falling from heaven?

11. Hi, there is a small request. Wake me up tomorrow at seven with your call.

12. It seems the time has come to transform from a silent observer to a devoted admirer. What time to pick you up?

13. Hey! What are you doing tonight right after we meet?

14.  Hello, how does it feel to be the most unearthly beauty on this site?

15.  Surely such a charming girl should have a beautiful syllable … write me?

16.  Are you ready to bet a million that I will ask you out on a date and you refuse?

17.  Seeing you, the first thing I thought about was how great it’s that I’m not married!

18.  Girl, if you do not answer my message, irreparable will happen!

19. An inner voice whispered to me that I must certainly write to you. And, by the way, he has never let me down.

20.  I can’t concentrate, I’m always waiting for your “hello”.

21.  If today you decide to answer only one message, then I really hope that I will be lucky.

22. Our acquaintance will greatly improve my day. And perhaps all my life!

23. Hello! I just decided to write to you that you are amazing.

24.  You have no idea how happy I will be to receive a message from you.

25. We need to talk seriously. I can no longer be silent.

26. I have been looking for a girl for a long time with whom I could behave naturally and remain myself. Isn’t that you by any chance?

27. Hello. Thank you for making me smile.

28.  What do you think the perfect message from a man should look like?

29. With pleasure I will fulfill the cherished desires of the most charming girl on this site. Slow down, I write it down.

30. How was your day with the most adorable girl?

31. Hey! To be honest, I accidentally saw your photo. But something tells me that this is a lucky break.

32. Hello stranger! How about brightening up this evening with a pleasant conversation?

33.  Incredible luck – the first day on this site and already found what I was looking for.

34. Hey! I am exactly who you are looking for here. Tell why?

35.  How do you look at taking a walk tonight in the company of an interesting young man who has been unable to take his eyes off your photo for about an hour?

36. I never believed in horoscopes. But I guess I was wrong. Is that so?

37. Hey! I am an excellent cook and am happy to prove it when we meet.

38. Judging by the photo, you have a million broken hearts in your arsenal. I’m right?

39.  Hi, we are not yet familiar, but I plan to immediately correct this oversight.

40. I hope you have a desire to meet the best guy in town. Because he certainly longs for it!

41.  Why did you hide from me among hundreds of faces for so long?

42. Hello. And I no longer even hoped to meet my fate here.

43. The very case when any words are superfluous. You are beautiful! And more than anything I would like to see your message.

44.  I beg you, give me one single chance and I will prove to you that we should get to know each other better.

45. Girl, are you by any chance from the royal family? How else to explain the appearance of a real princess on this site.

46. It’s so nice when the best dreams come true! Hello, charming stranger!

47.  Curious to know what the most beautiful girl dreams of?

48. Fate separated us so cruelly in a past life. Let me fix this one.

49. Hey! So this is how, it turns out, the embodiment of beauty and grace looks.

50. To be honest, until today I was an atheist. And now I see a real goddess!

51. It’s great that our acquaintance will take place online, and you will not notice my excitement and trembling voice.

52.  The end of the world is canceled … your beauty will certainly save this world!

53. Never before have I met such unearthly beauty. I am sure that the inner world corresponds to the external data.

54. Your magnetism did not allow me to ignore your profile. Let’s get to know each other?

55. I think I found my muse in your face. Otherwise, how to explain the burning desire to devote poetry to you?

56.  Finally, the almighty gods took pity on me and showed me how my chosen one should look.

57. If in real life your eyes are as beautiful as in this photo, then I am immediately ready to make sure of this. Dictate the address.

58. No smile before has so excited my heart. What are we going to do about it?

59.  This day will be doubly beautiful if you reply to this message.

60. I am ready to admire your photos forever. But I hope you will interrupt this silent contemplation and answer me.

61. Hey! I already know something about you …

62. What a coincidence! And I was just looking for the one that will keep me company this weekend to go on a skateboard.

63.  I’m sorry to bother you, but I just have to meet the most adorable girl on earth.

64. Well, I know your name and I know that you have an angelic smile. Let me know more about you?

65.  But I could not register on this site and live in ignorance that such beauty exists somewhere!

66. I don’t think fortune will ever be more favorable to me than it is now. Therefore, without wasting time, I invite you to get to know each other!

67. It is unlikely that such a gorgeous figure can be spoiled by a delicious dessert. In which cafe would you prefer to continue your conversation?

68.  I willingly believe in love from the first message, but just in case, I suggest you take another look at my profile!

69. Your name will go well with my last name! Can’t you find it?

70. If the purpose of your stay on this site was to find a real man, then let me congratulate you. It has been achieved!

71. I saw your photo and canceled all plans. Will you keep company tonight?

72.  It would be outrageous if such a beautiful stranger did not answer my message!

73.  Girl, did you know that your name is synonymous with the word “lovely”?

74. I am firmly convinced that I will definitely be one of those lucky ones who met their fate on this site. Will you help me?

75.  Is global warming somehow related to your profile pictures?

76. I am writing a book about the best way to meet a girl on the Internet. Can you share a secret?

77. Brevity is the soul of wit. My name is Ivan, and your photo struck me on the spot.

78. I have a very interesting life. And just now I realized that I want to spend it with you.

79. Your appearance is a crime. I am ready to hide it from prying eyes.

80. Girl, when you walk down the street, be sure to look at your feet … otherwise, you risk accidentally stepping on the slain men.

81.  I wonder what does such an angel do on a sinful earth?

82. Hi, don’t schedule any appointments tonight. I intend to kidnap you.

83.  I never thought there was a real treasure on this site!

84. I am sure you will be a wonderful mother. Our children.

85.  Well hello, the reason for my insomnia.

86. Hello, I am here! So now you only have two wishes.

87. Do you believe in fate? Otherwise, how to explain the fact that we ended up on the same site at the same time?

88.  If you had the opportunity to live in any city in the world, where would we go?

89.  If you could see the future, how many children do you think we would have?

90. I know the best place in your city that serves excellent hot chocolate. Are we going?

91.  May I ask you for one favor?

92. You come across as a rather compassionate girl. And your refusal to meet me will simply kill me.

93. Having just written this message, I noticed a star fall. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

94.  Uncover the secret, how did you manage to grab my attention?

95.  If I am destined to drown, then I would rather do it in your eyes.

96. Hey! I am one of those who could not silently look at your photo for a long time.

97.  Impeccable taste – is it an innate or acquired quality?

98. Everyone has a right to happiness. Therefore, a dialogue with you is simply necessary for me!

99.  I have a rare super ability – I save beautiful girls from loneliness.

100. Dear girl, I propose to discard stereotypes and prove to the whole world that dating on the Internet is forever!

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