100 Questions For Knowing The Bride And Groom

Guests are divided into teams according to tables. The host asks questions about the newlyweds. Those who know them best win. Here in this article, you will know the 100 best questions to ask the bride and groom to know them so lets begin with the 100 best questions for knowing the bride and groom.

Questions For Knowing The Bride And Groom
Questions For Knowing The Bride And Groom

Best Questions For Knowing The Bride And Groom

1. In what month did the newlyweds start dating?

2. How old are the newlyweds together?

3. In which city did the newlyweds begin their relationship?

4. Where did the newlyweds kiss for the first time?

5. What country did the newlyweds visit together for the first time?

6. Where was the first date?

7. Who was the first to confess his love?

8. Where did the groom propose to the bride?

9. What drink did the newlyweds drink on their first date?

10. In how many cities of Russia did the newlyweds visit together?

11. Which country/city did the bride and groom travel to together for the first time?

12. Where would the newlyweds like to go for the New Year?

13. What city/country do the newlyweds dream of visiting?

14. What serious purchase do the newlyweds dream of after the wedding?

15. How many children do the newlyweds want?

16. Where will the newlyweds go on their honeymoon trip?

17. What kind of job does the groom/bride dream of?

18. What is the favorite actor of the bride/groom?

19. What company does the groom/bride work for?

20. What is your favorite wardrobe item?

21 to 40 Best Questions For Knowing The Bride And Groom

21. Favorite place in the house of the groom/bride?

22. Favorite hobby of the groom/bride

23. What does the groom/bride do best?

24. Favorite sport of the groom/bride

25. What musical instruments can the groom/bride play?

26. Where was the bride/groom born?

27. What is the color of the eyes of the groom/bride

28. What is the favorite alcoholic drink of the newlyweds?

29. What is the favorite dish of the newlyweds?

30. What is the favorite color of the newlyweds?

31. What is the affectionate name for the bridegroom?

32. How does the groom affectionately call the bride?

33. What spouses cannot share in the morning?

34. Favorite board game for newlyweds?

35. What is the favorite general entertainment of the newlyweds in their free time?

36. What phobias does the groom/bride have?

37. What the newlyweds cannot refuse under any circumstances?

38. How does the bride/groom prefer to be approached by other people?

39. The culture of which country is the most interesting for newlyweds?

40. What things do the newlyweds collect in huge quantities at home

41 to 60 Best Questions For Knowing The Bride And Groom

41. What is the most expensive thing in the newlyweds’ house?

42. What fruit do the newlyweds love the most?

43. What things of a husband, according to him, does his wife “constantly pull at him” and wears at home

44. Morning. the name of the bride and the name of the groom is collected. What drink does the bride/groom drink?

45. Newlyweds are going to rest. What type of vacation would the bride/groom prefer?

46. ​​What is the favorite brand of clothing for the bride/groom

47. Favorite entertainment of newlyweds in the winter at the dacha?

48. What is the favorite soup of the newlyweds?

49. What was the favorite subject of the bride/groom at school?

50. How do newlyweds usually spend their weekends?

51. What is the most creative gift the groom gave to the bride? / Bride to the groom?

52. What does a bride/groom like to buy the most?

53. What does the groom/bride like to eat at night?

54. What is your least favorite sport?

55. What is the favorite time of the year for the groom/bride?

56. What quality does the groom most appreciate in the bride? The bride in the groom?

57. A bad habit of the groom/bride?

58. With what animal does the bride compare the groom? The groom is the bride?

59. What quality in people is most appreciated by the groom/bride?

60. What is the groom/bride disgusted with?

61 to 80 Best Questions For Knowing The Bride And Groom

61. What did the bride/groom pay attention to in the first place when they met?

62. What is the name of the newlyweds’ pet?

63. What do the newlyweds eat for breakfast?

64. Favorite flowers of the bride?

65. Favorite TV series of the newlyweds?

66. Favorite sport of the groom/bride?

67. What kind of sport does the groom/bride have a category for?

68. Favorite hobby of the groom/bride at home?

69. What is the name of the future mother-in-law?

70. What is the name of the future mother-in-law?

71. Where did the newlyweds introduce their parents?

72. How do the newlyweds think to name their firstborn if a girl/boy is born?

73. To which country can newlyweds return many times?

74. What artist is the bride’s groom associated with? The bride is with the groom?

75. What do the newlyweds bring from their travels?

76. What gift did the bride/groom remember the most?

77. Who introduced the groom to the bride?

78. Where was the most unusual date between the groom and the bride?

79. What is the specialty of the groom/bride?

80. Favorite day of the week for newlyweds

81 to 100 Best Questions For Knowing The Bride And Groom

81. Brand of the newlyweds’ car?

82. What car does the bride/groom want to buy?

83. Favorite dessert of the groom/bride?

84. Favorite dish of the groom that the mother-in-law prepares?

85. What does the groom most like to do around the house?

86. Hobby of the groom/bride

87. What kind of pet would the bride like to have? Groom?

88. Favorite TV channel of the groom/bride?

89. Who did the groom/bride want to become as a child?

90. What genre of films do the newlyweds prefer to watch?

91. Favorite restaurant for newlyweds?

92. Favorite mode of transport for the bride/groom?

93. Favorite writer of the groom/bride?

94. What soda does the groom/bride like the most?

95. Favorite music group of the groom/bride

96. Favorite shoes of the bride

97. What is the zodiac sign of the bride/groom?

98. What is your favorite place for newlyweds in Moscow?

99. What’s your favorite bride/groom cartoon character?

100. On what floor do the newlyweds live?

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