100+ Questions to get to know a person better on Tinder

100+ Questions to get to know a person better on Tinder. Dating apps have given modern society completely new opportunities. 

You tune in to an interesting conversation, but most of your “matches” can either be weak compliments, little compliments, pibo akibo. To meet a good interlocutor here is an almost impossible quest. One “hello, how are you” is not enough. And you think: what to write to the guy you like so that he notices you?

100+ Questions to get to know a person better on Tinder

  • What movie or series made an impression on you?
  • Are you acting on the legend of the place?
  • Imagine that you wake up in a woman’s body. What would you do first?
  • What act in your life are you most ashamed of?
  • What is considered the norm in society, but in fact it is not?
  • What music do you listen to when you are sad?
  • Describe yourself in three words.
  • Tell me about your worst date ever.
  • Which book character would you like to be?
  • Do you prefer spending or saving?
  • What is the most memorable gift you have received?
  • Who is the most important person in your life right now?
  • Do you have pets?
  • What emoji do you use the most?
  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • What did you dream of becoming as a child?
  • What is the most unusual compliment you have received?
  • What would your patronus look like?
  • What would you like to change about yourself?
  • What kind of vacation do you like: active or relaxed?
  • Is it possible to do that in one place?
  • Which country’s cuisine do you prefer?
  • Is there a detail where you want the children to be?
  • What act in your life are you proud of?
  • What were the last three queries you typed in Google?
  • Where do you dream of going on vacation?
  • What do you like to have for breakfast?
  • What should not be the ideal girl?
  • What sport do you do?
  • How many points out of 10 would you rate your appearance?
  • Are you going to be able to do that?
  • What is your talent no one knows about?
  • Imagine your girlfriend is crying. What is the fastest way to calm her down?
  • How do you see your future family?
  • How was your last Tinder date?
  • What three words would your friends describe you?
  • What is important in a relationship besides love?
  • What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

100+ Questions to get to know a person better on Tinder

  • What superhero could you be?
  • What does the perfect date look like?
  • What’s the dumbest thing you’ve said to a girl?
  • What is more important: beauty, intelligence or a sense of humor?
  • Do you play musical instruments?
  • In which city in the world would you like to live?
  • What can you talk about endlessly?
  • Do you love video games?
  • What year in your life would you call the best?
  • What is the most unusual way you tried to impress a girl?
  • What superpower would you like to have?
  • Do you want to know about your profile?
  • When and under what circumstances did you have your first kiss?
  • If you won a million, what would you spend it on?
  • Have you ever fought over a girl?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • Is it by the screenplay “Game of Thrones?”
  • What is your signature dish?
  • You’re jealous?
  • What do you do at work?
  • How do you usually spend your weekends?
  • Why did you sign up for Tinder?
  • Have you ever run away from a date?
  • What have you never eaten, even if you were very hungry?
  • Do you have a secret passion?
  • If you were to go to Hogwarts, which department would it be?
  • What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done for a bet?
  • Have you tried to cause jealousy on purpose?
  • If you were offered to make a film about your life, what would you call it?
  • How do you excuse yourself when you’re late for work?
  • How do you feel about piercings and tattoos?
  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done while drunk?
  • Do you like to sing karaoke?
  • What did you choose: a year without alcohol or a year without meat?
  • How can you lift your spirits?
  • Do you have a nickname?
  • What movie have you watched more than 3 times?
  • How can you get mad?
  • Would you be able to start dating your friend’s ex-girlfriend?
  • What bad or annoying habits do you have?
  • How do you feel about a girl making the first move?
  • What item would you definitely take with you to a deserted island?
  • Show your favorite photo.
  • What do your parents call you?
  • What other people’s actions annoy you?
  • What did you find out too late?
  • How are you different from most people?
  • When did you realize that you became an adult?
  • What would your personal cauldron in hell look like?
  • What would you change in your character if you had the opportunity?
  • Under what circumstances did you feel very lonely?
  • Do you have phobias?
  • Do you want to give a word about it?
  • How often do you argue on the Internet with strangers?
  • What do your parents never know about you?
  • What is the strangest and most inexplicable phenomenon you have seen in your life?
  • If you could change one decision you made, what would it be?
  • How often do you spend time with your family?
  • How should the roles in the family be distributed: who is the earner, and who is engaged in everyday life?
  • What statement has become your motto?

What not to talk about with guys on Tinder

If you ask these questions at the right time, your interlocutor will not only appreciate your sense of humor and originality, but unwittingly, will give up all appearances and passwords. But you must remember that until your acquaintance has moved to a closer level, there are a number of topics that should not be raised so as not to put him in an awkward position and not spoil the impression of you.

Stop-list for the titles in the Tinder:

If you are actively interested in his salary and brand of car, he will quickly tet hop. Of course, in the pursuit of the spiritual, one should not forget about the material. If you are a candidate on two days, you should be able to do it by yourself. Be wiser.

However, when the weather is gone, it is possible to process other things, and this is not normal. If the guy himself started this topic, but limited himself to the dry “they didn’t get along”, there’s nothing to worry about. It is necessary to touch it, it is on the same thing as it is good for you, it is not what you want it to be. To do this, it is not necessary to say: it is necessary, it is resolved, it is not necessary — this information is available at that time.

Please, no questions about how often and in what positions he likes to do this. That’s what you’re looking for. A decent guy, not knowing you as a person, will conclude that you are available, and even if he really likes you, he is unlikely to consider you for a serious relationship.

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