11 Signs You’re Dating a Good Partner

11 Signs You’re Dating a Good Partner. Speaking of partners, we often warn against people who can use their companions, insult them, or even allow violence against them. Meanwhile, there are good people who will accept any of you. We tell you how to understand that a partner wants to be with you.

1. He listens to you

You can discuss everything in the world with him without fear of being ashamed. Moreover, a guy who respects you will do everything to understand and accept your interests, point of view, views on life.

A good partner will be interested in the opinion of a companion, and not ignore her ideas. He will take into account everything you say before making a final decision – especially if it concerns important issues. You may not always agree with each other, but a good partner will always make it clear that they value your opinion.

2. He likes you just the way you are.

He won’t tell you how to dress or how many pounds to lose. Will not make fun of your tastes in music and films. A good guy immediately makes it clear: if he dates you, it means that he likes you even with wrinkles on your face or folds on your body.

3. Gives freedom of choice

A partner who appreciates you won’t tell you which people to talk to, how to spend time on weekends, and how much to drink at the club. He believes what you say and knows that you have your head on your shoulders. Sometimes he can give advice, but he definitely will not press his opinion.

4. Doesn’t say bad things about you

A good guy won’t shame you, especially in front of mutual friends. He does not need to assert himself at your expense: an understanding partner treats you like a teammate.

He is proud of you and wants you to meet his friends. Talking about you, the guy does not criticize, but praises. He is your biggest fan and probably rejoices in your success even more than your parents.

If suddenly someone dares to offend you with a partner even with a word, he will defend the relationship to the last.

5. Doesn’t become different during fights

People try to put themselves in the best light – especially in the early stages of a relationship. Because of this, the first quarrels are so painful: at this moment, the masks fly off.

A person who is honest with you from the very beginning will not turn into another person when he drinks, gets tired, or gets angry. He tries not to swear with you, but solves problems constructively. Even if he allows himself to be rude, he will instantly do everything to show how much he appreciates you.

Some people, especially those with abusive tendencies, put their companions on emotional swings. Therefore, it is immediately worth noting that a good partner will not become angry and provoke you to emotions in order to get attention.

6. Don’t waste your time

If you made an appointment, he will try to arrive on time or even 10-15 minutes early. Promising to help, he does it, and does not throw words. It is unlikely that you will hear from such a partner that it will not be difficult for him to get a star for you, but such a satellite will definitely insure in everyday affairs.

7. Remembers the little things

A good partner does not nod when you speak to give the appearance of active listening. He remembers your favorite childhood toy, the first trip to another city, the most terrible event. You are not just a pretty girl for him, but also an outstanding personality, whose character is built from little things that ordinary interlocutors do not always remember during a conversation.

8. He doesn’t care about the phone when you’re around.

While you are talking or spending time together, he does not check every notification on your smartphone or even removes it. A good partner enjoys every moment spent with you and doesn’t seek to fill the void in the conversation with thought-scrolling.

9. Answers your questions

A guy who appreciates you will remain open no matter what question you ask him: about feelings, childhood, or last night that you spent apart. A good partner will not accuse the girl he loves of being too curious and will tell you everything she wants to know.

10. Appreciates your arrangements

The partner remains faithful. He will not disrespect you by hiding or flirting with others. Even if you prefer a polyamorous relationship, he will not go beyond the agreed boundaries. A good guy will know that by ignoring agreements, he will cause great pain to the one he loves – and he does not need this.

11. He makes you feel safe

The minutes spent with him give a feeling of genuine intimacy and comfort, as if you were at home. A good guy is reliable. He will not turn off the phone and ignore calls when you need his help so badly. The partner will not disappear from your field of vision for several days, or even weeks.

For the sake of your common safety, he will do everything, the same applies to your well-being. He will go around all the hospitals in the city to get medicine when you are sick; take over some of the household chores – especially if you don’t feel well; will ask for your opinion before letting friends from another city sleepover. 11 Signs You’re Dating a Good Partner.

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