11 Signs You’ve Found Your Dual Soul Mate

11 Signs You've Found Your Dual Soul Mate
11 Signs You’ve Found Your Dual Soul Mate

11 signs you’ve found your dual/twin soul mate or twin flame soulmate. Throughout our lives, we are constantly looking for someone to put together all the pieces of the puzzle of our life with their arrival.

We meet many people, we make friends, we enter into relationships and we hope that there will be this one person among these people who complements us in the truest sense of the word.

We hope to meet our soul mate.

Once we find this person, we feel that everything has come into its right place.

All parts of life that were floating in the air suddenly came together and created the image of the idyll that we had wished for.

As if we got our other half that we didn’t even know we missed until this moment. The experience of meeting such a person is unique and can hardly be put into words.

It is an encounter of dual souls or twin souls.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the terms soul mate, karmic soul, dual soul, or twin flame before, but do you actually know what it’s about?

We’ll discuss more information on this topic below.

Each of these soul love and soul partnership is something special in its own way and has its own role in our life and the dual soul love surpasses the others.

At the first encounter with the dual soul, you feel a deep connection, magnetic attraction, a feeling of closeness, and recognition.

For some reason that is unknown to us at this point in time, we immediately know that this person plays a special role in our lives.

You might even think that this is the one person you’ve been looking for all your life.

After they meet, the twin souls feel a deep and pure love for one another. A great love that goes beyond any experience of love that you have had with other people up to this point in time.

11 Signs You've Found Your Dual/twin Soul Mate
11 Signs You’ve Found Your Dual/twin Soul Mate

Because it’s not just love we’re used to in a common relationship, it’s stronger than love, and the experience is so intense that it’s both completely overwhelming and deeply transforming.

The encounter with a twin soul is often described as a heavenly gift and the most beautiful experience one can have in life, but at the same time, it can be the most challenging relationship.

It can be said that all of the previous connections we had with our soulmates and karmic souls were just an exercise and preparation for a relationship with a twin soul.

This relationship not only awakens the unconditional love in us and opens our hearts, but also awakens all of our fears, insecurities, and behavioral patterns, good or bad, that we have formed during our life experiences.

From this encounter on, our soul treads a path of spiritual growth and development.

Because the dual soul is like our most precise mirror, it shows us all our beauty, but also our darker side.

The purpose of encountering the dual soul or a twin soul is, therefore, to heal and reject all negative so that we can unite with our other half.

It is during this time that our fears and deep negative beliefs about love emerge. The meaning of the encounter with the dual soul is therefore like a wake-up call in order to be clear about our insecurities and to put our feelings in order.

In some cases, there may even be a separation from the twin soul, since at this point it is necessary to take off all of our masks and recognize ourselves for who we really are so that we can fully surrender to this unique love.

Our learning task is therefore to become as complete as possible, to clean up the energies in us, and to release all internal and external blockages that hinder the dual soul process.

During this separation or in the relationship itself, there may be times when you want to give up, but an indescribable force will always bring you back on the path that leads to your dual soul.

A relationship with a dual soul partner is by no means a classic partnership.

It is much more than that and twin souls are interconnected on myriad levels so it is possible for dual souls to have symptoms when the other half is sad or worried, but more will be said about that later.

So, if you want to know more about this topic and if you are still not sure whether you have met your dual partner, then be sure to read on!

The concept of dual souls

Signs You've Found Your Dual Soul Mate | The concept of dual souls
Signs You’ve Found Your Dual Soul Mate | The concept of dual souls

“And when one meets his other half, the truly other half of himself, the couple will be gripped by wonderful friendship, confidentiality and love and they will no longer be able to turn their eyes from each other. Not even for a single moment . ” – Plato

A dual soul or twin flame soul is an intense soul connection sometimes referred to as a “mirror soul ” and viewed as the other half of a person.

It is based on the idea that a soul has been split into two bodies. One of the main characteristics of a dual soul relationship is that it is both challenging and healing.

Why is that?

Your dual soul shows you your deepest insecurities, fears, and deficiencies. But it also helps you to overcome it and the same thing happens the other way round – your dual soul is equally influenced by you.

The origin of twin souls was described by the Greek philosopher Plato and legend has it that humans were once beings with four legs, four arms, and two heads.

These people had an extraordinary power, maybe they were even stronger than the gods, and therefore they posed a threat and a challenge to them.

The gods wondered how to get rid of them. You couldn’t kill them because they would lose their authority over people.

They decided to split it in half and let her search for its halves for the rest of their lives until they found them.

What is interesting is that twin souls meet at each reincarnation, i.e. rebirth, but it is a matter of time before they merge and will be together forever.

You and your soul mate may have met in a previous life and decided to go their separate ways.

But in all future incarnations, your souls will get a little closer to each other until they are completely merged with each other.

Twin souls are not always necessarily of the opposite sex, nor is a twin partnership always romantic in nature.

A twin partner can also be a family member or friend, although most of the time, romantic relationships are at stake.

What is the difference between soul mates and dual souls/twin flame soul mates?

The biggest difference between a dual soul and any other type of soul mate is that dual souls or twin souls are two halves of the same whole.

A soulmate, on the other hand, can be someone who shares the same energy with you. There is a deep connection, you feel great closeness and love for one another, but you do not come from the same soul or from the same being.

A soulmate changes who you are by bringing you closer to your true and authentic you. Soul mates are committed to being together and they don’t always necessarily mean romantic love.

You can also have soul mates who are friends, family members, and even pets.

Dual soul or twin soul is therefore one of the numbers of different soul mates, but it is the most intense because it is actually the reunion of two halves of a soul, which makes this connection magical.

11 signs you’ve found your dual soul mate(Twin Flame Soulmate)

11 Signs You've Found Your Dual Soul Mate
11 Signs You’ve Found Your Dual Soul Mate

Since these are two souls that arose from a whole, dual souls can develop symptoms that can be physical symptoms or even some form of telepathy.

These are some of the signs and dual soul symptoms that you can use to tell with certainty whether this is your dual soul partner.

1. The lightning strike

From the first moment you meet your dual soul, you will feel this WOW effect. In the sense that you immediately ask yourself: “Who are you and where have you been all my life?” “Why haven’t I met you until now?”

A tingling sensation in your stomach and an indescribable feeling of excitement run through your whole body. You feel like a big change is taking place in your life right now.

It’s not just about butterflies in the stomach and weak knees like the initial fall in love when we meet someone we like.

In fact, there is no such initial infatuation with the dual soul, but an intense feeling of love is born immediately.

You feel like you want to instantly tell this person that you love them, even though you may not even know them.

It is the meeting of two souls who have recognized each other, who have loved each other before, in all previous lives, and even in this one. That makes this moment magical and magical.

2. You feel like you are looking your own soul in the eye

When you meet your dual soul, you have the feeling of looking into the eyes of your own soul. Or rather, like looking in a mirror.

It’s also logical because he’s actually half of your soul. When you meet you will feel like you know this person from before. As if you’ve met him before.

He will make you feel confident and secure. It all makes sense because, in fact, you’ve met before. Your souls know each other, love each other and share a sea of ​​memories with each other.

This is because your paths have crossed in other dimensions and reincarnations, but in this one, they finally brought you together.

3. You share the same interests

It is natural to be attracted to someone with whom we share the same interests, opinions, and hobbies.

When we find that we have a lot of similarities and similarities with someone, we excitedly think we’ve found our other half.

If this realization is so intense in “normal” relationships and friendships, then imagine how strong it is in the relationship of twin souls.

Everything is much more intense in the twin soul relationship, so it is possible that you and your partner have much more in common than it initially seems.

You will share the same opinion and approach to life, but also love the same things and the same hobbies.

With your twin soul, you will even fall in love with the things that you didn’t know you loved, but he brought a love out of you for them and complemented you in this way.

4. You are yourself when you are with him

perfect relationship is when you can be who you are with your partner without fear of being judged.

Knowing that he doesn’t want to change you and that he accepts you. Logically, at the beginning, it always takes some time to relax a little with our partner in order to be who we are.

At least until the first phase of being in love is over.

With the dual soul partner, however, this feeling arises from the beginning.

From the first meeting, you know that this is a person who somehow already knows you and from whom you have nothing to hide and that you can show the real you.

5. Telepathy

Has it ever seemed to you like your partner doesn’t even have to say something and you already know what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling?

Or the other way around?

With twin souls, the intuition for the thoughts and feelings of the other is incredibly strong.

To such an extent that sometimes you can communicate things at a glance without saying a single word.

This can even happen even when one is not physically with one’s twin soul.

It may not happen right away, but the more time you spend with your twin soul, the more pronounced it becomes.

6. An invisible thread that connects you strongly

As I have already mentioned, a relationship with a dual soul can also lead to a separation.

At some point in the relationship, you feel a certain oversaturation or fear of the intensity with which the relationship is developing.

During this time too, both partners are looking for a way to deal with their insecurities and fears that they have in the area of ​​love and relationships.

Regardless of how often they part, the two partners always find their way to the other’s heart. You will not be able to describe this.

It will be like there is an invisible thread that connects them that is impossible to break no matter how hard they try.

There may be a breakup, an on-off relationship, but they eventually return to each other, attracted by a magnetic force, and seem unable to part.

If this has happened to you, then be sure that you are with your twin souls.

7. You often dream of each other

It can happen that you dream the same dreams and see yourselves in dreams.

Normally you see your dual soul at least once in your dreams, before or after actually meeting it. However, this is not always the case.

The most common reason for this is that you can’t remember all of your dreams. We all dream every night, but most of us don’t remember all of our dreams.

You can therefore try to write down your dreams every morning so that you may remember some. This way you will know when your dual soul appeared in your dreams.

Speak to your partner. If such dreams are also repeated for him, it means that you are dual souls.

8. Your fears and insecurities come to the surface

The interesting thing about dual souls is that all your fears and insecurities come to the surface as soon as you start a relationship with them.

You may think this shouldn’t happen and ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me? I’ve never been like this before. “

The reason for this is that your dual soul is actually your mirror that shows you all the good about yourself, but also the worst.

And the purpose of your relationship as well as your learning tasks is to actually get rid of these negative things side by side and with one another.

9. You can feel his feelings

Due to the too strong intuition and deep connection, the dual soul can feel symptoms that indicate that something is wrong with its other half.

For example, one can feel strong physical symptoms that occur for no apparent reason and can vary up to symptoms of illness such as chest pain, headache, and heartache.

For example, you may experience nervousness or stomach cramps if your partner is going through a difficult situation at this point.

His feelings and condition are reflected in you, and your body shows symptoms that you are not always sure what they mean and why they are occurring.

10. Disputes are more intense

The intensity of the dual soul connection is far stronger than any connection that can be made.

It is therefore understood that everything that has normal strength in normal relationships and partnerships appears much stronger in dual soul relationships.

This is because you belong to a soul and these feelings are more extreme compared to other relationships.

So it seems to you that after an argument with your partner, it is like the whole world has collapsed on you.

You will take them a lot more seriously and you will be more hurt than usual, no matter what type of argument it is.

But in these relationships, the dual souls eventually still find a compromise and a solution, and what seemed terrible at first glance will eventually become good.

11. It changes your life

From the moment he walked into your life, it was like everything had turned 180 degrees.

But for the better.

Have you become open to new experiences, are you striving for something bigger, and have you never felt better?

If so, then it is definitely a sign that you are in a relationship with your twin soul.

Although dual souls have no intention of changing us, it does happen, but it is always for the better.

The same applies vice versa.

Your souls purify, evolve, reconnect and approach something sublime that gives meaning and purpose to your life.

That is how strong the power of dual/twin soul love is. ❤

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