12 Shocking Signs That You Mean Nothing To Him

Wondering if you’re wasting your love and time with someone who doesn’t deserve you? Well, you are not alone, unfortunately, so many women around the world are right now in your shoes and are asking the same question! Below are the shocking signs that you mean nothing to him and how you might know you deserve better.

Sometimes relationships don’t work out, people drift apart, or they might find someone new. It does happen, but rest assured, this is not the end of the world. At the same time, sometimes a person may worry about something, or he is simply overwhelmed or anxious, when this happens, his actions can mimic signs that he is not interested in you. More on this below list of signs that you mean nothing to him…

Shocking signs that you mean nothing to him!

If your relationship is ending or your hubby is no longer interested in you, the signs below indicate that you don’t mean anything to him anymore, and it’s time to end the relationship.

1. He Ignores You

If you feel like he’s not paying attention to you lately, suddenly seems distant, doesn’t want to be around you, avoids your calls, or seems like he’s far away when he is around, these are the signs that love is gone. Try to get to the bottom of the matter by talking to him, perhaps he is just preoccupied with something.

If something else causes a change in his actions, he will tell you about it, but if the problem is with you and there is no love, he will try to brush aside your question and do his best to change the subject. Another way to find out if he is ignoring you is to stop texting first, call and see how quickly they will remember you again.

2. He Stops Communicating With You

If your previously talkative partner suddenly stops talking to you, now is the time to talk! You see, when a man loves a woman, he will always want to share everything with her, including material things, his thoughts, his happiness, and his problems. He is looking forward to communicating with his beloved woman.

If you notice that he speaks less than usual, try to understand why. It may happen that you do not pay him the attention that you previously paid him, he has someone else with whom to discuss everything, talking with you does not comfort him, as before, or he simply no longer loves you. If he looks distant, trying to explain his sudden change, that is a sign that love is gone!

3. Suddenly Avoiding You

One of the main ways to find out if a guy has stopped liking you or if he has stopped loving you is that he suddenly starts avoiding you and doesn’t want to be around you as often as he used to. Believe it or not, if you’ve started to hear the word “busy” a lot lately, this is a clear indication that he is trying to avoid you.

A man in love will always find time for his woman, if he is really busy, he will find time for you, even a little. But if he tries to avoid you, trust me, you will know. He will suddenly start working late, and even when he is around, he will not want to be in the same room with you. If he suddenly begins to apologize, then his feelings for you have changed.

4. He Suddenly Became Rude To You

The classic sign of a man who wants to break off a relationship, but hesitates to admit, is rudeness or excessive harshness. If he suddenly begins to talk sharply with you in public or in private, when there is absolutely no reason for this, then he is either physically ill or wants to leave!

A man in love will always want to charm his soul mate and make her feel like a lady. He’ll never ever try to hurt her or disrespect her by verbally abusing her. If your man starts acting suddenly, it’s time to get to the bottom of things and figure out why. If he wants to leave, let him go, otherwise, everything will go downhill from now on.

5. He Suddenly Became Very Secretive

If a man is in love with you and is faithful to you, there are no secrets! Yes, some signs of the zodiac are inherently mysterious, like Scorpio, but 99% of men who are loyal to their beloved woman do not keep secrets from her. If he’s suddenly hiding his messages, locked his phone, or won’t let you know his whereabouts, it’s time to start looking for the truth.

One of the easiest ways to catch him in a lie is to watch him closely, not blame him openly, but secretly watch and see if he smiles for no reason, if he dreams, or suddenly spends more time with his phone than he does with you. If you see him smiling, ask him what is the reason, if he pushes you away, you have an answer, if he lets you in and gives you an explanation, he still cares about you.

6. He ignores your messages

Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives, so we usually keep them close at hand. So: you sent him a message, but he does not answer you all day and even after a few days, what can this mean? You start to worry, suddenly something happened to him. Or you justify him: “he is busy”, “he has a job”, “he could go somewhere out of town.”

But the most common reason why he doesn’t answer you is his unwillingness to answer. It is very easy to reply to a message, it takes a few seconds. But if he does not want to spend even them on you – do you need such a man?

7. He forgot to congratulate you on a great holiday

Some men argue that it was not customary in their family to give gifts, therefore, they do not pay attention to this issue. But he can simply congratulate you. Did he forget? If a person (friend or lover) means a lot to you, you do not forget about such things. At first, he did not wish you a happy birthday, and then he did not wish you a Happy New Year. There is no excuse for him! You can hardly forget when the New Year came. If he does not remember you on such important holidays, this already leads to bad thoughts.

8. He avoids meeting you

He can hang you noodles that something happened to him: either there is a blockage at work, then someone got sick, then something else. Yes, this is possible, but not if it happens often. Usually, a man who is interested in a woman wants to see her more often. He will do everything to meet: postpone plans, change his schedule, etc.

But if you are not the first on the list of his “important things” – this is also an alarming sign.

9. He doesn’t care about your opinion

He may have his own opinion on certain things, but he must listen to you and get your opinion. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t take you seriously. Selfishness should not be in love. If you love someone, you accept a person with his outlook on life, opinion, even if it is different from your own.

10. He is emotionally detached

When you are together, he checks his social media, seems aloof, and otherwise just looks like he is forced to be there.

Have you ever been to a party that you really didn’t want to go to? Do you remember how you thought about coming up with an excuse to leave, but you couldn’t? It’s the same, but it’s not a party, it’s a relationship.

11. Talking about other women

Sometimes a guy can afford to flirt with another girl – to annoy and provoke the object of adoration. But this is usually accompanied by other expressions of interest. If a man speaks freely with you about other women, communicates nicely with them in front of you, or asks for advice on how to please a young lady, most likely he perceives you as a friend.

12. He doesn’t care if something important happens in your life.

For example, you got a job that you have long dreamed of. You told everyone about it on social networks, so he obviously could not help but find out about it. But there is no reaction from him. He is not happy for you, does not praise you, and is in no hurry to celebrate this event. Worst of all, if you yourself told him that you have a new job, and he took this news as if you were talking about something completely empty and insignificant.

signs that you mean nothing to him if you are important to a person, if he has feelings for you, he will not behave like that. This behavior is not the norm for guys. This behavior is a sign of a guy who is disinterested and indifferent to you.

Signs it has nothing to do with you!

Shocking Signs That You Mean Nothing To Him
Shocking Signs That You Mean Nothing To Him

When the love of your life begins to act out of context or begins to show signs that he is no longer interested in you, it can be very painful. I recommend that you don’t take it personally at once, but instead try to get to the bottom of it and understand what’s going on. Below are signs that he is still interested in you, but is thinking about something else that makes him act differently than usual.

  • He replies to your messages with a detailed response;
  • He tries to find time for you, even if it is not enough;
  • He calls you at least once a day to find out how you are;
  • He remembers the important moments between the two of you;
  • He opens the door for you;
  • Send you a text message at least once a day;
  • She says she loves you.

12 Shocking Signs That You Mean Nothing To Him!

You deserve better than him

No one has the right to hurt you when all you did was try to live a life of love and great memories with them. If your significant other is showing signs that you don’t mean anything to them anymore, I recommend that you get on with your life and believe that you deserve better.

Yes, it hurts, yes, it is heartbreaking, yes, it can turn your whole world around, but you have to believe that everything is happening for a reason and that it shouldn’t be. Maybe it’s all for the best, and getting rid of it is just making room for the right person. Never let anyone treat you less than you deserve. People can be very cruel, but know that this is not your fault. This is his loss!


12 Shocking Signs That You Mean Nothing To Him! Now you know the signs that you mean nothing to him, and you know how to move on. If you liked this post or found it interesting, share with your friends the 12 Shocking signs that you mean nothing to him!

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