12 Signs of Emotional Cheating

12 Signs of Emotional Cheating. When we hear the word “treason”, vivid pictures of physical betrayal come to mind – sex, kissing, and so on. But cheating isn’t always about sex. Some guys and girls even admit that they are ready to forgive their soulmate for having sex on the side if it “meant nothing”. But the realization that some stranger has become closer and more beloved to your partner than you is sometimes simply unbearable.

How to recognize emotional betrayal?

Pay attention to our list of twelve “wake-up calls”.

12 signs

  • “Yes, we are just acquaintances!”

You feel the need to hide the degree of closeness and depth of your relationship with this person. Because you feel guilty? Are you afraid of jealousy from your partner? It is possible that you are in a toxic relationship, and your significant other in the Championship of Absurd Jealousy Reasons would take all three of the first places. You do not want to quarrel with your partner again and therefore hold back some information. Sometimes it happens.

But it is also likely that you feel something for your “just acquaintance/acquaintance”. You are afraid to betray your feelings, and therefore you come up with various legends or make excuses, just not to talk about how good it was for you at sudden gatherings in a cafe with a “childhood friend”.

  • You complain about your partner

Okay, we all sometimes discuss our relationships and the problems that arise in them with our friends, girlfriends, family members or bartenders who have fallen on hand at an unkind hour. But be careful when discussing your boyfriend or girlfriend with someone who might be romantically interested in you.

Just ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? Why am I talking about my problems to this particular person?


  • I’ll tell everyone but you

Agree that if you run to tell about the grandiose changes in your life not to your soulmate, but to “just an acquaintance”, this is suspicious. When something disgusting or delightful happens to us, we rush to share our feelings with the closest person. So why is your partner no longer wearing this status? Perhaps the fault is “just a friend”?

“She told about her pregnancy to him and only then to me,” says one of the users of the site Reddit. It is difficult to imagine the whole range of emotions that the author of the commentary experienced.

  • Questionable messages

Of course, everyone has the right to privacy. You do not have to read aloud to your partner your correspondence with friends. But, honestly, how would you react to such messages in the place of your other half? Smiled, laughed or felt disgusted after reading your “innocent” correspondence?

  • Just a fallback

Is your partner an important person in your life? Or is he just a substitute for someone or someone you want to be in a relationship with but can’t?


“My ex was in love with someone, but continued to date me for a long time. Although there was no emotional closeness between us. I was like a fallback – you could use me until you find someone better, ”- Reddit user.

  • You erase calls and messages

Do you regularly clear your call log and messages? The desire for cleanliness and order in the digital space is commendable. But here’s the answer to the question – do you delete messages from absolutely all users or only from someone special?

What are you so afraid of when you erase all the messages from your “just friend” as soon as you read them?

  • Your partner is not your number one priority

In a healthy relationship, both partners put each other first. Is not it?

“Emotional betrayal starts in your head. It’s all about who comes first for you. Believe me, as a person who has been cheated on, you can’t be sure of anything in a relationship. It is impossible to read another person’s mind. If you are a traitor, ask yourself who comes first for you. If it’s not your partner, but someone else, it’s most likely an emotional betrayal.” – Reddit.

  • “Just friend”

Is there friendship between a man and a woman? Yes. But not in the case when you have to constantly lie and withhold information regarding your “friendship”.

“If you have to lie about your “innocent” friendship… It’s time for you to re-evaluate that very friendship.” – Reddit.

  • Too many tenderness

There is nothing wrong with complimenting your friend. But if you give “just a friend” more tenderness and affection than your partner, this is rather strange.

“When a partner jumps around like a puppy around someone. Starts the first conversation, bestows attention. Likes to talk about this person. And at this very time, you don’t get any attention at all, ”a Reddit user asked what behavior can be considered a sign of emotional betrayal.

  • Discussing problems and concerns

Perhaps the best thing about a relationship is realizing that you have a person to whom you can tell everything. Share your anxieties and fears, ask for help and get support. And if you prefer to share your innermost not with your partner, but with someone else, there is a fact of emotional betrayal.

“When he shares something with another person that he would never share with you. Sometimes it’s something small. But very often it is about big things, such as problems that he has been struggling with for a long time, anxieties, important life issues, and so on. I believe that in this regard you should be an open book for your partner. And vice versa. Otherwise, the whole thing will collapse. Like the Titanic – Reddit.

  • Attention please

You begin to write to this person not only on important issues. And not even to have a friendly chat. You just love the attention you get so much that you start to miss it.

“Suddenly it turns out that he writes to a bunch of girls, demanding attention from them. And he communicates with them in much the same way as with his official girlfriend. And when you ask to let them read the messages, he hastily deletes them, ”- Reddit.

  • Very close colleagues

It is normal to have a colleague with whom it is very easy and comfortable for you to work. But sometimes “colleagues” begin to approach each other too quickly. At work, they are already jokingly called a couple – it seems as if they do not come off each other at all. This, as you understand, is already outside the norm.

Is it possible to avoid emotional betrayal? If you really value relationships, start small – be honest with each other and don’t run away from problems and conflicts into the arms of other people.

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