12 ways to refuse a girl to meet so that she herself does not want

12 ways to refuse a girl to meet so that she herself does not want! We are sure that all your adult life you dreamed of increased female attention. He imagined himself to be a kind of brutal macho, at the sight of which the girls lose consciousness and literally hang themselves around your neck. Well, some dreams do come true. But what to do if your desires are somewhat untrue? And, for example, the one who turned her fiery gaze on you does not at all correspond to your ideals. In this article, we will tell you how to politely refuse to date a girl and not get hurt at the same time.

Meanwhile, girls are a vengeful people. And besides, they react more painfully than men to being ignored in their direction. Therefore, before you decide on such a risky venture, carefully consider your plan of action. Otherwise, not only your psyche, but also vital organs can suffer.

12 ways to refuse a girl to meet so that she herself does not want!

Be honest

Banal advice, which, oddly enough, works flawlessly! Ridiculous excuses greatly lose to frank arguments. Therefore, take courage and honestly admit to the girl (and at the same time to yourself) why you cannot be together. Try to formulate the main idea as clearly as possible, take a deep breath and just say it out loud. Most often, the main reason is a complete lack of interest. She didn’t hook, didn’t inspire, didn’t start … So tell her directly about it. Yes, by the way, be careful: the method is quite traumatic, but very effective.

Choose the right place

Telling a girl that your interests in life are radically different, and the paths will never cross, is best in a public place. So there is at least a fraction of the likelihood that the girl will be able to contain a storm of emotions and not throw a grandiose scandal with all the consequences. And besides, the presence of strangers nearby will make a beautiful person remember that she is a lady and not lose face.

No “fast moves”

Some girls have such a fine mental organization that the first method described above categorically does not work with them. They need to be prepared in advance for important information that will bring them emotional wounds. So start actively ignoring it. At the moment of the next conversation, in every possible way demonstrate your indifference. And for greater persuasiveness, yawn more often and look around. With all your appearance, show her that you are bored in her company. And, of course, no initiative in her direction! Girls, for the most part, are not as stupid as they might seem at first glance. So, there is hope that your behavior will be correctly interpreted.


Focus on her shortcomings

And keep repeating it to her. A rather cruel method, but one of the most effective. It would be nice when meeting with a girl, as if by chance, utter one of the following phrases:

  • “Wow, what a pity that these jeans became too small for you too quickly”;
  • “Oh, was this huge pimple on your nose yesterday?”;
  • “Don’t be discouraged, few girls have an innate sense of style. Perhaps someday you will start to dress fashionably ”;
  • “Yes, with your character it will be difficult for you. I definitely wouldn’t be able to fall in love with someone like that.”

It is unlikely that any girl will tolerate such behavior, and even more so will continue to seek reciprocity.


Some guys use the opposite tactic to push a girl away. They begin to underestimate their positive qualities in every possible way and tirelessly repeat that they are simply not worthy of the love of such a delightful girl. However, remember that the fairer sex is known for their compassion and uncontrollable desire to idealize the chosen one. Therefore, do not rely on the fact that after listing all her shortcomings to her, the girl will immediately run away.

Argue and conflict

For each of her arguments on any issue, have your own point of view. Well, of course, the exact opposite. And it doesn’t matter that in fact you don’t think so and deep down in your heart you fully agree with what was said. It is possible that at first the girl will even be amused by such a situation. But be sure, over time, her fuse to prove something to you will be replaced by aggression and irritability. Anger will force out of her heart all tender feelings for a heartless boor.

Play and flirt

Of course, not with the one that for a long time, but so far unsuccessfully, has been trying to lure you in by all means. And with her friends, colleagues. Relentlessly compliment all the ladies present. Flirt openly in her presence with strangers on the street. Once at the next party, try to pay maximum attention to all the girls present. Except her.

Turn into an animal

Just imagine, you don’t have to look good and smell good in her presence. You can also forget about manners. Didn’t have time to take a shower? No problem. Cursed in her presence with choice obscene words? Excellent! Drunk to a pig squeal and made a brawl? Generally wonderful! The gentleman’s code can be put aside for a while. And when communicating, be guided only by animal instincts. It’s great, isn’t it?

Lose your memory

At the time of the conversation, now and then call her by other names. And try to do it with a straight face. As if nothing bad had happened. And in general, with all your appearance, show your complete indifference and disinterest in the continuation of the evening, and indeed any relationship. Constantly ask her for details that she mentioned a few seconds ago.

Tell me about your rival

In the presence of a girl who is indifferent to you, begin to describe in colors the one that captivated your heart. And it does not matter if at the moment there is none at all. Roll your eyes and enthusiastically list all the conceivable and inconceivable advantages of a competitor. At heart, all women are terrible owners. Therefore, when you hear and see how you admire another representative of the weaker sex, her desire to achieve you will be significantly reduced. And then it will completely disappear.

Designate perspectives

Girls just love to make plans for the future. Especially if you mean your joint future. It’s simple – disappoint her. At the moment of the next conversation with an objectionable passion, take a dramatic sigh and say the following with a serious face:

  • You know, of course you are very good, but I firmly decided to avoid serious relationships for the next 10 years. Therefore, if you still hope for something, then in vain.
  • Well, of course, I’m not opposed to the sacred bonds of marriage. Moreover, soon I intend to marry 3-4 beauties. And what, temperament and religion allow me. By the way, how are you? Agree?


Always and in everything. As often and as subtly as possible. The weaker sex cannot stand it when something is not told to him. And if they blatantly lie – even more so! It is unlikely that a girl will want to see a pathological liar next to her. Well, it’s only to your advantage, isn’t it?

base desires

A charming person (even a little sorry that it’s completely not to your taste) literally haunts you day and night? You can be sure that in her mind she has already tried on a wedding veil 8 times, made a list of invited guests and even picked up some original names for your future kids. It’s time to abruptly lower the dreamer from heaven and proudly tell her about your base desires. Just put the lady in front of the fact and frankly admit that apart from sex, she has nothing to do with you. Such a remark will quickly make her “land” and look at you with completely different eyes. Eyes full of hate.

You can always take note of any of these methods. However, do not forget that each girl is individual, which means that it is extremely difficult to predict how she will react to this or that method. Therefore, the most suitable option is still a frank conversation, without lies and ambiguous phrases.

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