13 clear signs he is serious about your long-distance relationship

13 clear signs he is serious about your long-distance relationship
13 clear signs he is serious about your long-distance relationship

Today we are concerned with the question of whether he is serious about you and your long-distance relationship.

Your relationship is going well and you are madly in love. But you are in a long-distance relationship and there is one question that you will not let go of:

Is he really serious about me?

There are very obvious signs that clearly show whether he is serious about your long-distance relationship or whether it is just a nice pastime for him.

We’ll help you to be certain, let’s go:

Long-distance relationship – is he really serious?

His behavior clearly shows you whether the relationship is as important to him as it is to you. There are 13 signs that will help you know whether or not your partner is taking your long-distance relationship seriously.

A long-distance relationship is difficult enough as it is. The distance inevitably brings with it longing. If your own thoughts still revolve around the question of whether he is really serious about your long-distance relationship, it can drive you almost insane. 

Often, however, we overlook clear signs. Signs that clearly indicate that the relationship is just as important to him as it is to you. And on the other hand, there are also signs that call for caution.

Do you finally want to be certain? We will help you and show you:

  • 13 signs he is serious about your long-distance relationship
  • Warning signs that suggest he’s just playing with you

13 Signs: If he does this, he means business you

1. He takes time for you

In addition to work, hobbies, friends, and family, he obviously takes a lot of time for you – even if the distance is between you. You are really important to him, otherwise, he wouldn’t reset his priorities because of you. 

2. He makes plans for the future with you

It doesn’t have to ring the wedding bells right away – but maybe we’re talking about “your” next vacation? A shared apartment? In any case, he sees you two together in his mind, and not just at the next meeting.

3. He introduces you to his parents and friends

Men value the opinions of their closest caregivers. So if he takes you into a close circle of friends and family, you can be sure that he has serious intentions.

4. He only has eyes for you

You rarely see each other in a long-distance relationship. And yet you can tell exactly in these moments whether he is serious about you.

Does he make you feel like the most important person in the world? Does it hang on your lips with every single word? Doesn’t he look at any other woman, no matter how attractive?

Congratulations – he only has eyes for you!

5. He trusts you

If he really confides in you, then he will tell you about his wishes and dreams, as well as about fears and worries. He shows you what moves him and makes himself very vulnerable. A clear sign that he is serious about you.

6. He’s fighting for you

If you are important to your partner, then he will fight for you. He will not only invest time and money, but also energy, in your relationship.

In a long-distance relationship, this is particularly evident in his efforts to see you again as soon as possible, to talk to you on the phone, or to participate in your life in some other way. 

7. He makes no secret of your relationship

If he has his way, not only his closest friends and family can find out about your relationship, but the whole world.

Especially shared pictures on social media such as Facebook and Instagram are a step for many men that they only take if they are really serious. 

8. He leaves his things with you

A few items of clothing, a toothbrush, or other personal items. If he deliberately and deliberately leaves his things with you, then he marks “his territory” to third parties and at the same time communicates to you – I’ll be back!

9. He listens to you

Often times it comes down to the little things in life.

His intentions are serious and his interest in you is great when you find him remembering even the smallest details you told him. You can see his attention as a sign that he really cares about you. 

10. He doesn’t want to change you

No ifs and buts – if your partner wants you exactly as you are, without even trying to change you, then it can only be a matter of true feelings. 

If you can really be yourself around him and he is not nagging you or trying to change in any other way, then he is really serious about you.

11. Words are followed by deeds

Words are spoken quickly, especially when you are “freshly in love”. They come off your lips before you even think about them. But just as quickly these words can lose their meaning again.

But if he is really serious about you, then his words will not only be followed by lazy excuses, but also deeds.            

12. A quarrel is not a reason for separation

Quarreling is part of every good relationship. However, if he just wants to “keep you warm”, then he will not invest a lot of time and effort in settling a dispute, but will turn away from you.

The efforts and willingness of your partner to find a solution to your argument and to be reconciled with you again show that your relationship is important and important to them.

13. From “I” to “We”

If your partner changes more and more frequently from the first-person perspective to the we perspective in conversations, then this shows you that he no longer sees you both as individuals but also as a unit.

As a rule, the transition from “I” to “we” is unconscious – and is therefore a very clear sign that he is serious about you. 

Warning signs – your doubts are justified!  

On the other hand, there are a number of “little things” that you can tell that your partner is NOT serious about you. Be careful and reconsider your relationship if the following things happen:

  • Doesn’t he stand by you and your relationship? Your partner only ever wants to stay home with you. He doesn’t want to date you, doesn’t want to show up with you in public. 
  • Does he just want to “keep you warm”? He always tries to avoid the subject of feelings. The reasons he gives for this are, for example, that he has never been in love and doesn’t even know how it feels. Or that he’s just getting out of a complicated relationship. 
  • How important are you in his life? He doesn’t stick to agreements, breaks his promises, and doesn’t have time for you. 
  • Do you really have the same definition of your relationship status? He keeps emphasizing that you have to take it slow – or he even tells you directly that he doesn’t want a committed relationship at the moment. 
  • Could he just care about sex with you? Time together in the same place is rather rare in a long-distance relationship. But when you’re finally reunited, you spend most of the time in bed and in-depth conversations or activities together are a rarity. 
  • Does he want to keep your relationship a secret? Friends and family are taboo for him. He does not want to introduce you to his friends and family, nor does he show any great interest in getting to know your environment better.

similar questions

Is he serious or does he just want one thing? 

If your time together always runs according to the same pattern, it always ends with sex and there are hardly any joint activities, no in-depth discussions, joint future plans, and activities with friends and family take place, then the assumption is actually reasonable that it is just him is about sex with you. 

Does our long-distance relationship even have a future? 

Not every long-distance relationship survives the problems that arise from being at a distance. Longing, sadness, and jealousy can permanently destroy a relationship. Decisive for whether your relationship has a future or not, are solely your feelings and the will to fight for the relationship and to keep it alive.

He answers less and less – is that the end of our long-distance relationship? 

Especially in a long-distance relationship, the regularity and continuity of the contact (messages, calls, etc.) is an indication that you are integrating your partner into your life. If the contact happens less and less, then it may well be due to the partner’s dwindling interest. But the reason may be completely different – a lot of work, an accumulation of appointments, stress in everyday life, or an illness.     


There are numerous, sometimes very clear, signs that he is really serious about you and your long-distance relationship. At the same time, however, you should also pay attention to the warning signs that indicate that the long-distance relationship with you is not worth much to him. 

If a man is serious, then he is committed to your relationship and visibly invests time and energy – in every respect. And even (or even especially) in a long-distance relationship, his words should always be followed by actions. 

Which of the signs can you spot in your long-distance relationship? Or do some of the warning signs even apply to your partner’s behavior?

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