13 Signs You’re in Love with a Girl


Love is the meaning of human life, love is the most beautiful feeling in the world … At least, that’s what they broadcast from television screens, because in the modern world love is also a reliable way to sell something. But how to understand if you fell in love, got poisoned, or maybe accidentally took the wrong pills?

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13 signs of falling in love: I’m not a drug addict, I’m a romantic!

Okay, now seriously. Look, what a thing: a lot of things have really been wound up around love. Everyone says that this is something incredible and amazing. Love has become synonymous with happiness.

Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to understand how you feel. Often people do not experience such strong, vivid, dramatic emotions as in the movies. It happens that love is just a desire to be near and a feeling of warmth next to a person, and not kisses against the background of a sunset and a sinking Titanic.

The second reason is that you can deny your feelings. Why? For example, you may be afraid of rejection. Or subconsciously consider love, affection for someone as a weakness, and being weak, being vulnerable is scary.

The third reason: men are not taught to understand their emotions at all. Girls from childhood are taught to understand the intricacies of human relationships, to be sensitive and attentive. Meanwhile, the boys are told “don’t cry, you’re a man!” That is, they are forbidden to cry, they are forbidden to feel! Well, how are you supposed to understand your feelings after that?

Well, get behind the wheel of a mental excavator, let’s start digging into ourselves.

  • The most obvious sign: euphoria. Yesterday everything was infuriating, but now the whole world seems beautiful and amazing, and even the unshaven janitor looks friendlier … Well, if it’s not joking, euphoria can be expressed much milder. The bottom line is one thing: an unreasonably good mood, lightness and a desire to see the good in everything.
  • And even other people, especially those close to you, notice that you are all glowing, you smile more often, you are more in a joyful mood. Relatives are often more sensitive and attentive to people than they are themselves. So, if your mom smiles knowingly at something, and your father teases: “Did you forget the condoms,” maybe they just understood everything before you.
  • You care about your appearance. Perhaps you began to shave more carefully, more deliberately approach the choice of clothes? Wanted to buy a new perfume or finally signed up for the gym? If you’re lucky and your crush also fell in love with you, now she’s doing the same thing: you both want to impress each other.
  • You often think about her. Not necessarily around the clock, but several times a day, thoughts steadily return to her. Where’s she? What is he doing? Would she like this movie? When will we see you next? But in our last meeting, she said that she was reading Bradbury, she should also read … Even if you are busy or in a pleasant company.

  • Everything reminds you of her. You see that someone is walking with a Labrador – you remember that she wants a dog of this breed. You pass by a bakery and you remember that it is constantly losing weight and suffering without your favorite poppy seed buns. You can imagine the smell of her perfume, she herself can be seen in the crowd, all the girls with her hair color now make your heart skip a beat: what if she ?! In fact, this is quite normal: this is how the human brain works.
  • You are interested in everything that interests her. You have hated seafood all your life, but she loves it, and now you find yourself wanting to eat some kind of miracle Yudo. All my life I’ve watched mostly movie comics, but she mentioned some abstruse director, and now you are sincerely trying to understand the features of the Norwegian art house (hero!). Maybe after talking with her you will even think about your views on politics or religion. Watch for yourself, such things can happen imperceptibly, because you don’t think “okay, I’ll try for her sake” – you are really interested. Why? Because all this is now associated with a significant person for you. And possibly with your loved one.
  • Let’s say something very good happened to you. I closed the session, successfully defended the project, got a promotion at work, bought good headphones. With whom do you want to share your joy first? Previously, it could be parents, if you have a good relationship with them, best friend, brother … And now it is her.

  • You genuinely care about her problems. You sincerely want to understand why she is in a bad mood or pleased with how her day went. It worries you, you want to cheer her up, you want to help, you readily join in her problems and, perhaps, perceive them as your own.
  • For the sake of meeting her, you are ready to change plans, get up early, although you have been an owl all your life, sacrifice days off to help her, and all this is absolutely disinterested simply because you like spending time with her and want to help her.
  • You want to introduce her to your loved ones. For example, with a group of friends, with parents, with any person whose opinion is important to you. You care if they like each other. Why? Because subconsciously you already understand that this girl is important to you, that she is with you for a long time. Now you are unconsciously trying to fit together significant parts of your life so as not to lose anything. After all, this is one of the most global conflicts in relationships – when you have to choose between a girl and friends or, Cthulhu forbid, a girl and parents. However, you may not be aware of this desire, but believe me: for the thirtieth time you ask your mother if she likes blondes about 170 centimeters in the position of a physics teacher, not without reason.

  • You want to talk about her. Not around the clock, of course, but such a desire periodically arises. For example, you are discussing with your friends how you want to spend your next vacation, and you remember “By the way, [User-name] Last summer I was in Portugal, maybe there? Colleagues are discussing which cafe to go to after work, and you remember that she loves that sushi bar over there. Mom shares that she wants to get a cat, and you remember that she told you about the features of sphinxes. Why is this happening? Because you subconsciously, or maybe very consciously, constantly think about it, it fills your mind, and therefore your conversations.
  • You think about the future with her. No, this does not mean the desire to urgently marry and have children. Rather, you can, for example, see the trailer of a movie that will be released in a year and think that you would like to go there with her, you can think about what to give her for her birthday and whether she wants to celebrate New Year with your family. Although if you really think about children and the wedding, then why did you open this article at all? Run for the rings!

  • You are afraid. You see, when a man is dating a girl that he may like, but in general he does not have deep feelings for her – he does not care. He does not think that he can offend her with a careless word or lose her at all, does not think about whether she will like his family, does not worry about her assessment of her appearance. But if a person is really in love, all this happens. Because you don’t care about her. Because she is important to you.

Love is not necessarily passionate kisses in the rain over the end credits. Sometimes it is warm and joyful because the girl is next to you. Concern about her problems, interest in her opinion. But cinematic-passionate or more calm – these feelings can really bring happiness. Not like in the movies, but real.

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