13 Tips How To Find Love Online?

If you don’t have a partner, don’t be discouraged! Learn now how to find love online and discover the advantages that technology can offer you.

Social networks can be the perfect alternative to receive a crush from Cupid in these times.

In this article I am going to leave you the best tips, according to psychology, so that you can succeed in knowing how to find love online , and don’t let the boy of your dreams escape!

This may be your moment of success, today may be the day you find your Prince Charming through the screen of a computer, a tablet or a cell phone.

So take a good look at what I propose below and take advantage of these useful tips.

How to find love online

How to find love online

Perhaps you have had several love disappointments and you are already wondering if it is even possible for you to know how to find love online .

It seems easy to other people, but when it comes to you you feel like you don’t have a chance or you’re going to fail. Stop immediately!

Love is everywhere on this planet, therefore, your prince charming can pass in front of you hundreds of times, or you can find him surfing the web.

The achievement:

The key is that you know how to identify it when you have it very close so that you do not lose sight of it.

So right now change that way of thinking, fill yourself with hopes and positive thoughts so that you can find love online and Cupid just does the rest of the work.

To get started, check out this top 10 of the best dating and dating sites online and explore the terrain when looking for love online for free!

After this, here are my tips:

1. Be patient: That is the key to your success!

The first of the tips to find love online is to be calm and very patient.

No matter how old you are or what disappointments you have suffered before, that is past.

There is always the possibility of loving and being loved again, you just have to try and not hesitate.

If you feel that you need help to have more patience, read this article from psychology-online.com

Do not rush:

In the search for love there can be no rush if you want to have satisfactory results.

So make it your goal to calm down and be in control of the situation, so that in the future you don’t get hurt again or start a relationship that will ultimately end and leave a negative balance on you.

Apply the metaphor of the hunting tiger: look carefully around you, take the time to find the right prey, have the patience to wait, and only when you have it safe in your reach, only when there is no chance of failure, attack! !

2. Don’t be desperate and you won’t scare him away

One of the advantages of having patience is that you also manage to control your emotions and reflect security when flirting with a boy.

Think about it, what does a man prefer: a woman desperate to find love and have a stable relationship, or a balanced and self-centered woman who demonstrates security and confidence?

It is clear that there will be those who decide on the first option, because the colors are for tastes.

Please note the following:

But more often than not, guys prefer women who demonstrate that equanimity, and not who are screaming that they want to be in a serious relationship, live together, get married, have children, and the like.

Men are scared of the idea of ​​commitment, even if they claim otherwise.

Always keep this in mind and you will not fail when it comes to seducing them, because the less desperate you look, the more interest they will have in you.

The best thing is that you learn once and for all how to attract the attention of a boy in social networks, so that you do not make any mistakes when finding love online.

For more tips on how to find love online, keep reading!

3. Multiply your possible candidates for higher odds

internet love

Another tip for finding love online is not to limit your list of possible candidates.

It’s not like you date every guy you find on the web, but you can’t limit your options to just one guy either.

Try to broaden your expectations and keep more than one suitor interested in you.

Chat, flirt and keep multiple boy proposals for yourself, so that later you can win the highest bidder.

The objective:

It is not that you have an affair with each and every one of the applicants, but that you enjoy a kind of emotional protection for yourself.

That way, if any of the guy applicants fails along the way, or decides on another girl, or you discover that you don’t have that compatibility with him and you want to rule him out, you’ll always have other options to choose from!

4. Don’t close doors before you know what’s behind them

Therefore, it is not advisable to discard a candidate at the first sign of something you do not like, or anything that you think is not compatible with you.

Just because you don’t like the first impression or the first information you see about that guy, it doesn’t mean you have to slam the door shut.

Perhaps after a while you will discover that you were judging that person well in advance, and perhaps you will regret it.

So avoid qualifying your candidates too hastily, because you may later find out that it would have been worth having your online love with that guy, but you’ve already ruled him out and there’s no going back!

5. Give him the opportunity to demonstrate qualities

So, my best recommendation is that you give them just enough time to demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses, and what they are capable of doing to win your love.

If you don’t give them a chance to show themselves, to display their conquest skills, if you don’t give them the time to fall in love with you, you’ll never really know if it’s worth it or not to start a relationship with any of them!

Again I remind you:

Impatience can be your worst enemy.

On the one hand, if you agree too quickly to a courtship or a passionate encounter with one of your suitors, they may think that you are an easy girl.

This can condition the future of your relationship, or perhaps whether or not that relationship materializes itself.

In addition to the fact that you have the enormous probability of leading to failure your courtship, a very short time after starting!

On the other hand:

If you judge the guy too quickly and rule him out as a possible candidate, you may later regret it.

You will have lost the possibility of establishing a relationship with him, even if at first it is only friendship.

So, in order for you to play with an advantage and not be harmed by one or another case, it is best to wait a bit.

Don’t despair!

First, get to know the boy a little, find out what he is like, what he likes, if he has a good conversation, if there are aspirations or interests compatible with yours, etc.

After this examination, which may take a reasonable amount of time, you can then discard the suitor or decide to move on with the aim of establishing a deeper relationship with him.

6. Do not be so demanding with them, they are human like you!

How to find a boyfriend online

Perhaps you are a girl looking to find her prince charming or the perfect man of her dreams.

That’s not bad, but you must have some measure of reality.

Don’t idealize:

The prince and the perfect man for you do exist, as for every woman on the face of the earth, but he is not the same one that romance movies or love novels present to you.

For the ideal guy to appear, he has to be, first of all, for you. That is, he will be your ideal man, and not anyone else’s.

So with this idea in mind, you must condition your search.

Keep in mind:

Perhaps the heartthrob of that soap opera is not the one for you, but that boy you have on the other side of the web, even if he does not have a very athletic body or a face in the image and likeness of the Greek gods themselves.

My recommendation, if your real goal is to find love online, is that you do not be so extremely demanding with your candidates, nor so perfectionist, nor have your expectations so high when choosing the guys.

7. Do not settle for the first thing you find, there will always be more!

Of course, that you are not so demanding in your selection does not mean that you will settle for anything.

No matter how old you are or how many times you have been disappointed, never think “this is my last train, if I don’t get on it right away no other will pass through my station”.


That is not the correct thought. There will always be “trains” going in any direction, so don’t despair!

When you set out to find love online, you can neither quickly discard everything you find, nor settle for the first candidate that appears.


The question is knowing how to find the balance between these two options, and having the patience to wait and give the boy time to show how he is.

In this way you will be able to know for sure if it is what you want or not, if you like him, if you are compatible, or if he has feelings for you.

To dig a little deeper into his feelings and intentions, you can also seek the effective help of the Love Interest Calculator. Take the test and discover the possibilities you have with him!

8. Be realistic with your chances of success

As far as possible you should try to be self-critical with yourself.

It is not that you destroy your self-esteem or that you believe that you do not deserve to find love online because of the innumerable list of defects that you have.

I am sure that if you search a little your list of virtues and positive qualities will be even greater.

But neither can you believe that you are better than each and every one of the candidates you find, and that none deserves you.


You are a wonderful, special woman, beautiful on the outside and inside, I have no doubts about it.

But it is not good that you minimize men, that you consider them inferior or that you believe yourself unattainable for them.

In this way you will never be able to find a partner online, and if you do, it will be destined to fail without remedy.

So be realistic and objective. Get up every morning feeling beautiful and loving yourself very much, but willing to be humble and accept differences when it comes to loving someone.

9. Are you ready to find a partner online?

Apps to find a partner

The next thing is that you know how to determine with certainty if you are really ready. So carefully answer these questions and analyze your answers:

  • Did you just get out of a traumatic relationship?
  • Have you had many partners and they always leave deep and painful scars on you?
  • Do you have the feeling that you fail in every relationship you have or that you have no luck in love?
  • Have you recently had many disappointments in love?
  • Do you feel that you are to blame for things not working out with every partner you have?
  • When you start a relationship you are not sure that it is the right thing or that you are ready for it?
  • Do you feel that you are ready to look for love online for free?

Before starting a courtship with someone, it would be best to know exactly if you are ready for a new relationship .

10. Why do you look for a partner online?

You should also be clear about the reasons why you want to find a partner on the internet.

It is a mistake that you want to start a relationship because:

  1. Your previous relationship ended.
  2. Do you feel lonely.
  3. You don’t know how to be alone, since you can remember you have always had a partner.
  4. You want to check if it was really your fault or if you are the one who failed in a previous relationship.
  5. You want to make your ex jealous, you want him to see that you are with another guy.
  6. You need to feel loved by someone.
  7. That guy likes you a lot and that’s why you’re going to give him a chance.
  8. That guy has been wanting to start a relationship with you for a long time.
  9. All your friends have partners.
  10. You need to feel proud of having someone, to be able to show off your new boyfriend.
  11. Your family and friends pressure you to get married or have a boyfriend.
  12. You do not have friends.
  13. You’ve never had a boyfriend and you want to try what it feels like.

Keep this in mind:

You should never start a relationship for things similar to the above. The correct reasons could be, instead, the following:

  1. You really like that boy.
  2. You feel an enormous need to be with him.
  3. You feel that you are ready to start a relationship, you just wait for the ideal candidate.
  4. You think it’s worth giving that boy a chance, because you don’t dislike him at all and you feel more and more for him.
  5. You feel something more for that person who has been your friend for a long time.
  6. It’s worth a try, and if it doesn’t work you’ll finish it without much pain.
  7. You enjoy your solitude, but you are really willing to share your space with that guy.
  8. You feel that you have totally healed from your previous relationship.
  9. It is your decision, no one pressures you to do it, nor does the fact that all your friends are already married influence you.

If these and some other similar ones are the reasons that drive you to find a partner online, then the best thing is that you immediately learn how to seduce a man by chat 8 golden rules.

11. Leave room for mystery

Men are always attracted to what can arouse their curiosity.

So my special recommendation is that you try to become an enigmatic woman for your suitors.

How is this achieved? Well, very simple: you just don’t have to tell him the story of your life from the moment you meet him.

Step by Step:

Go slowly, let him ask you questions and take an interest in you, and don’t answer all his questions about your personal life.

Create spaces for misinformation and doubts, so that they want to find out more about you.

And if we are talking about finding love online, there are other powerful techniques that can help you make that boy feel a powerful and irresistible attraction towards you.

Many of them are very easy to use and will help you understand how the male mind works, like the ones you can find in our Magnetic Desire Method .

Check it out right now and check the results!

12. App to flirt: Find the most compatible with your interests!

You want to find a partner online but you don’t know where to look. Well, it is very easy and there are many options if this is your wish.

You can do it from the comfort of your sofa, at home, sitting in front of your computer or from your mobile phone, you just have to decide to start!

And there are countless websites where you can create a profile and start searching, some even divided by themes, interests, affinity or the type of partner you want to find.

The same happens with applications to find a partner.

13. Risks of this type of contact

disadvantages of virtual love

Of course, you should always consider the risks that this type of contact can bring.

Just as there can be dangers and insecurities in flirting and picking up in person, online they also exist. So you must recognize them so that you do not make a mistake and get hurt.

Here are some details you should be aware of:

  • Personal data : Never expose your personal or private life too much. You don’t fully know the person behind the chat, nor her intentions, so it’s better that you wait a while before telling her all your secrets.
  • Photos and videos: Likewise, be careful with the photos and videos you send. Avoid above all things that are very intimate or that expose you in any way, because you don’t know where they will end up.
  • Be Cautious : You should also be careful when it comes to what information this guy gives you about him. If when you are face to face it is difficult to know a person completely, via the web it is even more complicated.
  • Be cautious: Check if it is not a false profile, or if the boy hides more than he says. I know it can be complicated, but all this you can figure out with the help of time and if you know how to be patient.
  •  In person: When you finally have a more physical and face-to-face contact, take the appropriate measures. Try that the first dates are in public places and preferably during the day.

Do not give in to having an intimate relationship in the first meeting, it is best to go a little slower, because, perhaps, this boy is only looking to have this type of passionate encounter with you and nothing more.

Learn more about the dangers of sharing personal information in internet dating chats, in the following article from eltiempo.com

To broaden your spectrum on this topic, check out the text love on the internet.

And with all this you will already have the best tips to know how to find love online without making much effort and without leaving the comfort of your home.

Remember then not to get to the mistakes that women make in the conquest phase, so that your strategy gives satisfactory results.

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