142 inspirational phrases for the inner beauty of every woman


A good and pure heart is what makes any person beautiful inside and out. Can sound very trite, but it is true that being beautiful on the inside is more important than being pretty on the outside.

If you are looking for some inspiring phrases for beautiful girls, read on and share these phrases that will drive you to love yourself more than ever.

This collection has quotes from poets, authors, celebrities, powerful women, and more. Write them on a greeting card for someone, send them in a message, or just say it out loud. Here are some of the best phrases to raise your inner beauty in beautiful, kind, funny, intelligent, strong and independent women.

The best phrases for pretty women

  1. “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”. Kahlil Gibran
  2. “Beauty is only on the skin. I think the really important thing is to find a balance between mind, body and spirit.” Jennifer Lopezthe girl from the bronx
  3. “Beauty is not about having a pretty face. It’s about having a beautiful mind, a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul.
  4. “To have beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; to have pretty lips, he speaks only kind words; and to have poise, she walks knowing that you are never alone.” Audrey Hepburn
  5. “You are beautiful just the way you are.” –Unknown
  6. “A real girl is not perfect, and a perfect girl is not real.” Harry Styles former One Direction
  7. “Beauty comes in all sizes.” –Unknown
  8. “A pretty girl is like a melody that haunts you night and day”. irving berlin
  9. “You are beautiful because of the light you carry inside. You are beautiful because you say you are, and you stay that way.” Mary Lambert
  10. “Confidence is the most beautiful thing a girl can wear.” –Unknown
  11. “The ornament, what science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance!” Coco Chanel
  12. “Spend less time in the mirror and more time feeling wonderful.” Frederic Fekkai
  13. “The pure beauty lies in being your unique self.” –Unknown
  14. “Your beauty blinds me because it comes from your heart and is reflected in your eyes.” Unknown
  15. “Outer beauty is inner beauty made visible.” Paulo Coelho
  16. “If it makes you feel beautiful, do it.” –Unknown
  17. “Girls don’t need a short, tight skirt or a low-cut top to impress a guy. A girl doesn’t need a lot of makeup on her face to look beautiful, all a girl needs to look beautiful is a nice personality, a natural smile and being true to herself.” Unknown
  18. “Be your own kind of beauty.” Unknown
  19. “Being happy never goes out of style.” lily pulitzer
  20. “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” Unknown
  21. “When virtue and modesty illuminate her charms, the brightness of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power is in vain to resist.” Akhenaten
  22. “True beauty cannot shine through makeup.” Unknown
  23. “A girl should be two things: elegant and fabulous.” Coco Chanel
  24. “Happiness and confidence are the most beautiful things you can wear.” Taylor Swift
  25. “One must learn to feel comfortable in one’s own skin to feel and look beautiful.”
  26. “Beauty draws attention, but personality captures the heart.” Marilyn Monroethe eternal blonde.
  27. “My dear, you are magical, and your beauty too.” Unknown
  28. “Being beautiful means being yourself. You do not need that everybody else accepts you. You need to accept yourself.” Thich Nhat Han
  29. “Let your confidence shine through your eyes.” Unknown
  30. “It’s that heart of gold and soul of stardust that makes you beautiful.” RMBroderick
  31. “Hey precious, you were chosen to pursue difficult things in life. So believe in yourself.” Unknown
  32. “It’s a tornado with pretty eyes and a beautiful heart.” Unknown
  33. “Beauty can be daring or natural, but it always has to be in harmony with the individual.” Danny Sanz
  34. “Beauty is about being the best possible version of yourself, both inside and out.” –Unknown
  35. “Be you, everyone else is busy.” – Unknown
  36. “The best part of beauty is that which no image can express.” Francis Bacon
  37. “Girl, you are the epitome of elegance and beauty.” –Unknown
  38. “The difference between the beautiful and the beautiful is: the beautiful is temporary, while the beautiful is eternal.” Miss Piggy
  39. “Brave girls are precious.” –Unknown
  40. “Just because you want to be glamorous, don’t be a sheep with your eye makeup.” Loretta Young
  41. “Girl, you are the creator of your own reality.”
  42. “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.”
  43. “You are beautiful, capable, intelligent and dignified.”
  44. “Don’t let others make you feel like something you’re not.”
  45. “Enthusiasm is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without it.” Christian Dior
  46. “Every day can be a good hair day if you don’t mind.”
  47. “A beautiful heart is better than a thousand beautiful faces.” Mariane Corbito
  48. “A girl’s greatest asset is not her pretty face, but her beautiful heart.” –Unknown
  49. “Even if we travel all over the world to find the beautiful, we must take it with us or we will not find it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
  50. “There is no smiling face in this world that is not beautiful.” –Unknown
  51. “Healthy emotions come in all sizes. Healthy minds come in all sizes. And healthy bodies come in all sizes.” Cheri K Erdman
  52. “I don’t like standard beauty, there is no beauty without strangeness.” karl lagerfield
  53. “You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful”. Amy Bloom
  54. “Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really empowers it; It is a woman’s secret. Charlotte Tilbury
  55. “Be silly sometimes, and enjoy your beauty.”
  56. “Inner beauty should be the most important part of improving oneself.” Priscilla Presley
  57. “Lashes speak louder than words.”
  58. “True beauty is not about symmetry, or weight, or makeup: it is about looking life in the face and seeing all its magnificence reflected in yours.Valerie Monroe
  59. “The best part of beauty is that which no image can express.” PC Cast
  60. “People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the one who sees.” Salma Hayek
  61. “Your body is a temple, it keeps the secret of the universe and that is beauty at its best.” Unknown
  62. “To all the girls who think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, it’s society that’s ugly.” Marilyn Monroe
  63. “Never be limited by the limited imagination of others; never limit others by your own limited imagination.” mae jemison
  64. “That’s the thing about inner beauty: unlike physical beauty, which hogs the spotlight on itself, inner beauty shines on everyone, catches them, holds them in its embrace, makes them more beautiful.” Anonymous
  65. “Pretty girls are made of grit and grace.” –Anonymous
  66. “From the tips of your toes to the depths of your soul, my dear, you are very beautiful.” –Anonymous
  67. “True beauty lies deep within us. No matter what you look like on the outside, if you know you’re beautiful, nothing can change that.” Amy Davis
  68. “When a girl has gone through the journey of finding and pursuing her most authentic self, and shares that gift, to me, that’s beautiful.” geena rodriguez
  69. “Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.” –Anonymous
  70. “No matter how simple a woman is, if truth and honesty are written on her face, she will be beautiful.” eleanor roosevelt
  71. “Beauty is the illumination of your soul.” John O’Donohue
  72. “It is not elegant hair, gold jewelry, or fine clothes that should make you beautiful. No, your beauty must come from within: the beauty of a gentle and calm spirit. This beauty will never go away, and it is worth a lot to God.” Peter 3:3-4
  73. “True beauty is when someone radiates that they like themselves.” Aimee Mullins
  74. “The beauty of a girl is not in a facial mole, but the true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she gives with love, the passion that she knows.” Audrey Hepburn

[Recomendamos: 68 frases de la luna para que descubras tu belleza interior

Frases cortas para mujeres divertidas

  1. “Haz girar las cabezas con tu belleza y estilo”. 
  2. “La felicidad te queda preciosa”. 
  3. “El mejor color del mundo es el que te queda bien”. Coco Chanel  
  4. “No hay ningún cosmético para la belleza como la felicidad”. Maria Mitchell  
  5. “Las chicas guapas son la combinación perfecta de la luz del sol y de la luna”.  
  6. “Sigue siendo única, preciosa”. 
  7. “No dejes que nadie atenúe la luz que brilla desde tu interior”.  
  8. “La vida nunca es perfecta, pero el pelo puede serlo”.  
  9. “Las chicas son como un rayo de sol”.  
  10. “La acción más fuerte que puede hacer una chica es ser ella misma”. 
  11. “Desayuna diamantes y brilla todo el día”.  
  12. “Con clase y con mando”. 
  13. “Más vale ser fuerte que bonita e inútil”. Lilith Saintcrow 
  14. “Algunas chicas simplemente nacen con brillo en las venas”. Paris Hilton  
  15. “Las chicas brillan con su propia luz”. 
  16. “La felicidad siempre está de moda”.  
  17. “Difunde el brillo que hay en tu interior”. 
  18. “No hay belleza exquisita sin cierta extrañeza en la proporción”. Edgar Allan Poe  
  19. “La verdadera belleza nunca es perfecta y la perfección no es bella”.  
  20. “Rodéate de vibraciones positivas, maquillaje y amor propio, no de negatividad”.  
  21. “Mátalos con tu hermosa sonrisa y confianza”.  
  22. “Eres hermosa, perfecta y encantadora SIEMPRE que seas”. Ariana Grande  
  23. “La simplicidad es la clave de un alma hermosa”. 
  24. “La belleza no consiste en la piel más blanca, sino en el corazón más puro”. Anónimo  
  25.  “Yo no hago la moda. Yo soy la moda”. Coco Chanel  
  26. “No tienes que ser hermosa para ser salvajemente atractiva”. Diana Vreeland  
  27. “La belleza está en el corazón del que mira”. H. G. Wells 
  28. “Sé tan radiante como el sol”.  
  29. “Ser diferente te hace hermosa”.  
  30. “La belleza es poder, una sonrisa es su espada”. –Charles Reade  
  31. “Eres más que hermosa”. 
  32. “Sé una chica con mente, una mujer con actitud y una dama con clase”. 
  33. “Tus ojos son lo más brillante que he visto nunca, quizá incluso más que las estrellas de arriba”.  
  34. “El mundo está lleno de cosas hermosas, como tú”. Trudy Vesotsky 
  35. “Oye princesa, lleva siempre tu corona invisible”.  
  36. “La confianza genera belleza”. Estee Lauder  
  37. “Las imperfecciones te hacen única y hermosa”.  
  38. “Si no retienes nada más, recuerda siempre la Regla de la Belleza más importante, que es “¿A quién le importa?”. Tina Fey  
  39. “Eres suave pero poderosa”.  
  40. “Crea un interior hermoso, y te verás hermosa por fuera”. Charles F. Glassman  
  41. “Sentirse guapa requiere más amor propio”.  
  42. “Creo que toda tu vida se nota en tu cara y deberías estar orgullosa de ello”. Lauren Bacall  
  43. “Para verse bien, hay que sentirse bien”.  
  44. “La belleza es lo que da alegría”. Edna St. Vincent Millay 
  45. “La sencillez es la máxima sofisticación”. Leonardo da Vinci 
  46. “El pelo enmarañado te queda bonito”. 
  47. “La belleza no es impecable. Te hace brillar incluso a través de tus defectos”. 
  48. “Tus reglas deben dictar tu estilo”.  
  49. “La verdadera belleza es ser fiel a uno mismo”. Laetitia Casta  
  50. “Tienes una bonita vibración en tu aura”.  
  51. “Tu sonrisa es una obra de arte”.  
  52. “Chica, eres nada menos que fuegos artificiales”. 
  53. “Sube la barbilla, princesa”.  
  54. “La sonrisa es la curva más bonita del cuerpo de una chica”.  
  55. “Se puede ver en sus ojos cuando es un lío de caos precioso”.  
  56. ” Hay una belleza en las imperfecciones, abrázala. ”  
  57. “La belleza comienza en el momento en que decides ser tú mismo”. Coco Chanel  
  58. “La esencia de la belleza reside en el brillo”.  
  59. “Ninguna belleza brilla más que la de un buen corazón”.  
  60. “La belleza es la flor de la virtud”. John Ray 
  61. Debemos ser bellos a nuestra manera”.  
  62. “La belleza tiene mucho que ver con el carácter”. Kevyn Aucoin 
  63. “Eres fenomenal”.  
  64. “Alta, delgada, con curvas, baja, seas como seas, eres hermosa”. Demi Lovato  
  65. “La belleza de una chica nunca se define por su aspecto”.  
  66.  “Sin gracia, la belleza es un anzuelo sin cebar”. Proverbio francés  
  67. “Cuando pasas tus días haciendo lo que te llena, eres atractivo”. Thomas J. Leonard 
  68. “Una flor no piensa en competir con la flor de al lado. Simplemente florece”. Desconocido 


Este mundo está lleno de gente que juzga y critica. Pero nunca hay que perder la confianza ni la autoestima. La famosa frase: “Las chicas felices son las más guapas” (Audrey Hepburn), es un recordatorio de que aceptarse tal y como uno es , es el mejor regalo que puede hacerse. No dejes que las opiniones de los demás te cambien o influyan. Mantén tu mente positiva y tu belleza interior florecerá.

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