15 Beautiful Words to Describe Friendship

15 Beautiful Words to Describe Friendship for your true friends to treat Missing. You can have thousands of friends, but what about true friends? Finding people who can support each other, be a place to confide in, and protect one another is not easy. Therefore, express your gratitude with beautiful words about this friendship.

Sending beautiful words to friends is not only to maintain friendship, but also to cheer them up. For example, when he is in trouble, sick, or if your friend is traveling far away and homesick.

If you are confused about what to send beautiful words of friendship, some of these beautiful words to describe friendship quotes for friends might inspire you. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the meaning so that the message is conveyed more clearly.

Beautiful Pearls of Aphorisms for Friends

15 Beautiful Words to Describe Friendship
15 Beautiful Words to Describe Friendship

1. Will Not Go Away Even if You Are Ostracized

A true friend is the one who comes to you when the whole world leaves you. Walter Winchell

In the process of pursuing your goals, you can’t expect everyone to like you. There will always be people who hate or hate it. Especially if you are in a slump. Not only the hated ones, the people who just pretend to be your friends will also leave.

But true friends are different. No matter how badly you are excluded, he will not go away and abandon you. In fact, he will be a person who gives motivation to get up.

2. Happy or hard together

Everyone can sympathize when you’re in trouble. But a friend can sympathize when you are successful. Oscar Wilde

When something goes wrong, you may get a lot of attention from people who feel sorry for you. But when they succeed in achieving something, it is not certain that these people return the time to give themselves words.

This is due to the jealousy that each person has. What’s more if that person has the same dream as you. But according to Oscar Wilde’s lovely words of friendship, there are people who will not be jealous, your best friend.

3. Fight Together

Friendship is born when you meet people who say, ‘Seriously? You also? May be I alone ‘. CS Lewis

Having friends who support your goals is very nice. But it is even more fun if he and you pursue goals together. Because that way, there will be healthy competition or even collaboration.

This English author’s lovely words of friendship illustrate just that. So if you have a close friend who has struggled with your dreams together, try sending them this quote.

4. Do not let your school be in vain

Friendship is something that is difficult to explain. It’s not something that is taught in school, but if you don’t understand this then it’s useless to study. Muhammad Ali

School is a place to gain knowledge, starting from language, natural science, social science, to citizenship. Whether a person is successful or not in school, is determined by how good his report card is. However, these lessons are not the most important in life.

The world boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, agrees with this. For him, the most important thing in school is how to make friends and make friends. How to make friends is never taught in school, so you have to try yourself through practice.

5. Friends Spur Spirit

Don’t be friends with people you feel comfortable with. Make friends with people who can make you try harder. Thomas J. Watson

Having someone who understands and accepts you for who you are is great fun. It becomes easy for you to talk about many things and be happy together. But, according to Thomas Watson, that kind of friendship is not good enough.

For him, friends should encourage you to try better and work harder. So that you can achieve what you want. These beautiful words deserve to be expressed for friends who give you the motivation to succeed.

Beautiful Parting Words for Friends

15 Beautiful Words to Describe Friendship
15 Beautiful Words to Describe Friendship

1. Not Together, No Problem

Friendship is not always together, friendship is separation but you know that nothing will change. Ted

As people get older, their interests and responsibilities will also increase. Education, work, and business opportunities are often reasons for someone to migrate to another place. Many people have to part with their friends because of this.

Separation is sad, but if it’s for good then there’s nothing wrong with it. If your friend wants to go to wander, say beautiful words to confirm that your friendship will remain even though it is far away.

2. Distance Does Not Cut Off Relationships

The greatest discovery was that a friend could part distances but not cut ties. Elisabeth Foley

Friendship is like wall paint on a porch, it can fade over time. Even more so if you and your friends are quite far away. Therefore, it is better if you do something so that the friendship does not end, even if you can keep it close.

If the condition of you and your friend remains close even though you are apart, then be grateful because it is a gift. Elisabeth Foley described the miracle in beautiful words about this friendship.

3. Remembering Friends

Memories of distant friends are beautiful. Like the light of the evening sun, falling gently and leaving sorrow in the heart. Washington Irving

Being away from true friends will definitely make anyone feel a rush of homesickness. Beautiful memories with him will come back and make you smile yourself.

A good memory may not be repeated. When you realize it, you may feel a little sad . This horror story writer from the United States describes a longing for friends in these beautiful words.

4. Friends Connect

Friends are connected to each other. In the past and the future, they are the key to sanity in a crazy world. Lois Wyse

Friendship does not happen easily, it takes trust and respect for each other. These two things cannot be given away, it takes a long process depending on who the person is.

But when you’ve found the right person to be best friends with, it feels great. It doesn’t matter if you are very far apart or if you are both busy with time, friendship must be maintained. For that, send beautiful words that can describe your friendship like this.

5. Footprints of Friendship

Many people will go and come to your heart, but only true friends leave footprints. Eleanor Roosevelt

Have you ever counted how many friends you had, from birth to the age you are now? Then count again, of all those people, how many are still in good touch and can be trusted? It is the remaining people who have managed to leave footprints in your heart.

Footprints on these beautiful words about friendship mean memories. Indeed, during your lifetime you may have met thousands of people and made hundreds of friends. But most of those people didn’t leave any memories.

Beautiful Words of Friendship for Goofy Friends

1. Feels Warm

Friendship is like pissing your own pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth inside. Robert Bloch

The kindness of a friend is like peeing in his pants, equally warm. You can feel the warmth together without having to look. The difference is that one is warm in the feet, the other is warm in the heart.

If you have a friend whose attitude is silly, send a greeting or caption with these beautiful friendship words. It is possible that after that your best friend sends you another, funnier quote.

2. Dumb Together

A good friend won’t let you act stupid… alone. Aiz Eineziz

When planning to do something stupid, there are bound to be people who will stop you. But not with true friends. He will follow, help, and suffer the consequences with you.

If you have a friend who is willing to go with you to do silly things, send these beautiful words of friendship to describe the experience. Let him remember how fun you two are.

3. Meaning of Partner in Crime

A good friend will help you move. But a best friend is willing to move a corpse with you. Jim Hayes

Have you ever heard of the term partner in crime ? If so, these beautiful words for friends explain this. For those of you who don’t know what the term partner in crime means, it means doing everything together, good or bad.

Moving a corpse also does not mean that a friend is someone who wants to kill, hide, or commit other crimes. What this means is that he is willing to cover up mistakes or disgrace and is not afraid of getting dragged into the business you are causing.

4. True Friends Always Follow

I don’t really care about heaven or hell. Because, I will have friends in both places. Mark Twain

There are many forms of friendship, some compete with each other, become a place to confide in, and some are always together. These beautiful words of friendship from Mark Twain are suitable for those of you who have friends who are always together everywhere. Either doing bad or good.

Therefore, if you enter heaven on the judgment day, it will automatically follow. Likewise if the opposite happens. Because what you do, he also does.

5. Friendship is intoxicating

Love is blind. The friendship pretends to be unconscious. Friedrich Nietzsche

There is a saying that love is blind. This expression arises because when you fall in love, you can be crazy about your boyfriend and not see anything bad about your partner. Later when they are hurt and heartbroken , the ugliness will be seen.

According to these beautiful words for the German philosopher’s friend, friendship is not much different from love. The difference is, you realize how bad your friend is but don’t mind it.

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Keep in touch with your friends

It’s nice to have someone who understands your qualities and vices best, but who is still willing to be friends. In fact, for some people, such friends can be more intimate than siblings.

But the friendship ties don’t just happen, it takes initiative and good intentions. After making friends, you also have to keep them. Because over time and you and your friends rarely see each other, the relationship can become more stretched.

Therefore, try to stay in touch, if you can’t meet, take the time to send a message. Social media can also help maintain harmonious relationships by sharing new things in life.

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