15 Best Motivational Words In English

15 Best Motivational Words in English for Those of You who Need an injection of enthusiasm

No one really knows about someone’s life journey. If you are in a slump and want to ignite your inner spirit to burn again, the motivational English words in this article might help. Let’s look at the full explanation here.

If you don’t find the right quote in your native language, motivational words in English can be an option. Sometimes, messages conveyed through this language do give a deeper meaning.

Without waiting any longer, let’s take a look at the motivational quotes in English below. Hopefully, after reading it, your urge to get excited about wading through your life will return.

Words of Motivation and Spirit in English

15 Best Motivational Words In English
15 Best Motivational Words In English

1. Through Failure

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. Og Mandino

The journey to achieve success is long and cannot be separated from failure. Therefore, it is normal for only a few people to be able to get through these failures.

A strong determination to succeed is necessary so that you don’t mentally shrink when faced with disappointments. As long as your resolve continues to burn, your steps will not stop. This is in line with what Og Mandino said in the above quote.

2. Talent Is Not Everything

What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle, and giving 110% all the time. Don Zimmer

The abilities of someone who is born with amazing talent will be different from those who are not. Therefore, it is natural to feel jealousy if you are interested in doing the same thing but do not have sufficient talent.

Don Zimmer himself seems to think that the talent you don’t have can be compensated for by having a strong desire accompanied by hard work. These motivational English words can be an injection of encouragement for you so you don’t give up easily.

3. Never Give Up

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is one of the legendary prime minister figures of England. This man managed to lead his country to victory in World War II.

The quote above is one of Winston’s famous words which is often used as an inspirational message to achieve success in life. The meaning of the motivational words in English that can restore the enthusiasm is “Success is a process that goes from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

4. Only for those who work hard

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all. Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie in the above quote reveals that most important things in the world are accomplished by people who keep trying when there is no help at all. Their strong determination encourages them not to give up easily in realizing what they have dreamed of.

If you are caught in the same situation, this quote can be an encouragement to keep working hard. Not only for yourself, you can also share it as a status or photo caption on Instagram.

5. Unrealistic Difficulties

Real difficulties can be overcome, it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable. Theodore N. Vail

The challenges that are in front of the eye can be found a solution by looking at the options that exist. However, what happens if what is making it difficult for you to move forward is the difficulty you have in mind?

Finding a solution may be more difficult because it seems like you are fighting your own fear. In fact, Theodore N. Vail considers that difficulties that have been embedded in the mind for a long time will be difficult to overcome. Therefore, you should reduce unnecessary thoughts.

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Wise Motivational Words in English

15 Best Motivational Words In English
15 Best Motivational Words In English

1. Plan Your Life

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. Jim Rohn

You may have prepared a life plan as well as possible so as not to regret it later. If not, it’s likely someone else will arrange it for you.

However, please note that the life plan that other people have prepared may be far from your expectations. This is in line with what Jim Rohn said in the wise quote above.

2. Times of Trouble

Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the hero within us is revealed. Bob Riley

Sometimes, you may not even notice that there is a heroic soul inside. When tested with the ordeal, then the figure appears to come out that maybe you didn’t expect it yourself.

As Bob Riley puts it, tough times don’t actually create heroes because they are all within each individual. It is only when faced with difficult situations that the spirit of heroism is awakened.

3. Stay Positive

Staying positive does not mean that things will turn out okay. Rather it is knowing that you will be okay no matter how things turn out.

Positive thinking is often associated with the assumption that what you are dealing with will eventually get better. However, on the one hand, these thoughts will make you wonder what to do if the difficulties at hand turn bad.

The quote above provides another meaning of positive thinking. From the initial “things will get better” to “whatever happens, I’ll be fine”. That way, you may be able to better prepare yourself if things do not turn out the way you expected.

4. Only on the Surface

Whenever you see a successful person, you only see the public glories. Never the private sacrifices to reach them. Vaibhav Shah

When you see someone’s success, maybe jealousy has crossed your mind. What a nice life he has because he has succeeded in realizing what you have been hoping for.

Vaibhav Shah himself revealed in the motivational words of the English language above that you only see a person’s outward appearance after being successful. You don’t know what sacrifices the person might have made to achieve success.

5. Don’t Ignore People’s Opinions

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world; those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed. Ray Goforth

When you want to do something new, other people may show that they don’t like what you do. Even if you try to ignore them, there is no denying that what they say will haunt your mind.

However, from the narrative of Ray Goforth in the English quote above, such people only project their self-doubt because they do not dare to make decisions like yours. Or, they may even fear that you will succeed later.

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Motivational Words with Islamic Nuances in English

15 Best Motivational Words In English
15 Best Motivational Words In English

1. Behind Adversity There is Always Ease

So verily with the hardship, there is a relief, verily with the hardship, there is a relief. QS Al-Insyirah 5-6

The translation of verses 5 and 6 of the Surah Al-Insyirah above contains a message that in every difficulty, there will always be convenience. The message also teaches that there are no problems that are impossible to solve.

What God has said in the letter reminds you not to give up. No matter how trivial the problem you are facing, rest assured that convenience will always accompany you.

2. Not Exceeding Ability

God does not burden any soul with more than it can bear. QS Al-Baqarah 286

When you have a difficult problem, maybe you thought you wouldn’t be able to solve it. However, after you try your best, the problem can eventually be resolved too. Even if it doesn’t end as expected, at least you are still given the strength by God to face whatever the risk is.

What you experience is in line with God’s word in the Islamic quote above. The words of motivation in English to raise the spirit have the meaning, “God will not burden His servants beyond their means.”

3. Starting from Yourself

Indeed, God will not change the condition of people until they change what is in themselves. QS Ar-Ra’d 11

Nobody knows someone’s life journey except God. Therefore, if you want to improve your fate, the first step you need to take is to try your hardest to make it happen.

This is in harmony with the word of God in the 11th verse of the letter Ar-Ra’d above. It said, “Indeed, God will not change a person’s destiny until he changes his own situation.”

4. Don’t be afraid

God said: Fear not. Indeed, I am with you both: I hear and I see. QS Thaha 46

The words of motivation in English from the letter Thaha verse 46 above have the meaning, “God says: Don’t be afraid. Truly, I am with you: I see and hear ”. The verse snippets serve as a reminder that you are not really alone in this world.

Therefore, never assume that no one cares about your existence. Keep trying your best and trust God for the end result.

5. Believe in God’s Plan

At times you may think everything is going wrong, yet you don’t realize that God is setting everything straight.

Sometimes God’s plans are not what humans expect. Have you ever experienced it? If so, maybe feelings of anxiety continue to run in your mind.

However, these brief words of wisdom in English seem to ease your anxiety. This passage has the meaning, “Sometimes, you may think that everything is not as expected, but you do not realize that God is trying to make things right.”

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Which Quotes Can Excite You?

Those are the descriptions of motivational words in English that we can summarize. Of the many quotes above, is there anything that really describes your situation? If so, hopefully, those encouraging words can bring back your motivation that had gone out. 

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