15 Captions about Missing on Instagram

Collection of Captions about Missing on Instagram for Special People. Expressing feelings of longing is not easy, especially for those of you who might be classified as shy. However, if you want to learn to express those feelings, the collection of captions about homesickness on Instagram in this article can be an inspiration. Let’s look at the full review here.

Captions about missing and homesickness on Instagram can be a way to convey a sense of miss to special people in your life. In addition, these words can also beautify your feed even more.

Just choose which quote can describe what is in your heart. If used as a caption, don’t forget to adjust the words to the photo you want to upload.

Can’t wait to find out what quotes about missing and homesickness that you can use as captions on Instagram? Let’s take a look at the full list below.

15 Captions about Missing on Instagram
15 Captions about Missing on Instagram

Captions about Missing on Instagram for Boyfriend


1. The emergence of feelings of jealousy

I miss you so much that I envy the people you can meet every day.

A long-distance relationship (LDR) or long-distance relationship is one of the tests that you may be experiencing with your lover. Missing your heart because you never see each other, ultimately makes you jealous of people who can freely meet your idol.

You can make the above quote as a caption about longing to upload photos on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag your boyfriend’s account so that he knows that you really want to meet him.

2. Always be in the heart

Wherever you go, you are always in my heart. Anthony T. Hincks

The fear that your partner might forget you if you rarely see each other due to time and distance is not easy to get rid of. However, don’t let your fear make you paranoid and reduce your trust in your boyfriend.

If you start to hesitate, recall your promise and your boyfriend to always remember each other even if you can’t see each other. This is similar to what Anthony T. Hincks said in the romantic words for the girlfriend above.

3. Between Time

I don’t know what it’s called, the space between seconds of time — but I always think of you between those intervals. Salvador Plascencia

The presence of your idol can indeed make a difference in your life. Initially, you may only focus on your career and do not care about matters of romance. However, when he arrives, it will seem as if your focus is solely on him.

Therefore, it is not surprising that you keep thinking about your lover’s condition when he is out of reach. What you feel is in line with the expression of longing uttered by Salvador Plascencia above. This writer can’t even stop thinking about his idol even for one second.

4. Distance & Time

Missed it when the meeting was still hampered by distance and time.

Those of you who are used to meeting your boyfriend once a week may need to be more patient when he gets an assignment to work outside the city. Like it or not you have to get used to it if not every time your boyfriend can see you.

Therefore, it is natural for people to think that longing arises because the meeting is still blocked by distance and time. If you agree with this assumption, just insert it as a longing caption for your lover in the Instagram post.

5. Through Prayer

Some longs must be hidden. Not to be conveyed, only to be sent through prayer. Fiersa Besari

When you don’t know who else to tell you, you may end up leaving your homesickness with God over to God. You can freely pour out all your anxiety on Him.

Prayers that you pray to be able to meet your idol may not be answered as soon as possible. However, at least you are no longer burdened with excessive homesickness.

Missing IG Caption Funny & Short

15 Captions about Missing on Instagram
15 Captions about Missing on Instagram


1. Free

Luckily my longing for you is not paid. If I pay, I’m already crap.

When you are romantically drunk, the desire to immediately meet the idol of your heart may not be contained. Naturally, if you don’t meet immediately, a feeling of nostalgia arises in your heart.

If you want to express your longing in comforting words, the funny but sweet quotes above can be an inspiration. You can share it as a status on social media or send it directly via private message.

2. Still in love

Breaking up does not hurt, it hurts if you break up but it’s still love.

A relationship that is ended at the discretion of both parties may not leave painful scars. On the other hand, if it turns out that one of the parties is still in love, the pain that is felt because of not being able to have it but also not being able to let go becomes heaps.

Therefore, painless breakup jokes emerge like the one in the above quote. If you want to express your feelings but don’t want to look really upset, the longing but funny caption can be inserted under your Instagram photo.

3. Just a little

I miss you a little, really. That means a little too much.

If you miss your boyfriend, it seems that there is no most effective medicine other than being able to meet each other. If time and distance haven’t allowed, all you can do is pour your feelings into words.

If you want to convey your longing with entertaining but deep meaningful sentences, you can share the caption about romantic longing above on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag your idol’s heart so he’ll know if you miss him.

4. Left Away

Life is funny, huh. What is wanted, is lost. Who is being chased, run. While the one who has been waiting for, instead, he left.

Life does not need to be taken seriously because later it will only make you stressed. One of them is when waiting for a boyfriend who says he will come back but turns out to be just nonsense.

Even if you hurt yourself, don’t let it drown you out. You can entertain yourself with the longing caption for the post on Instagram above. You can also use funny words as sarcasm to an ex who has broken a promise.

5. Red Date

Longing is timeless. Red date even if I don’t have a day off to think about you.

Missing that is not immediately treated can indeed be stifling the chest. If the opportunity to meet the lover does not yet exist, it would be better to express the longing in words so that the feeling of tightness in the chest is slightly reduced.

If you don’t want it to clearly show your heart’s anxiety, just say it with a caption about missing but funny above. Not only does it represent your inner voice, but you can also entertain anyone who reads the quote.

Missing Caption IG which is simple but meaningful


1. Can Meet

If someday you miss me, will you tell me? So that I can immediately run to meet you. Pidi Baiq

Not everyone can freely express their heart’s content and sometimes they prefer to show it through real action. Are you one of them? If so, the words you miss from Pidi Baiq above may be a lesson for you.

There’s nothing wrong with expressing your feelings if it can make your heart feel better. In addition, you must remember that your idol is just an ordinary human being who can’t necessarily guess how you feel. Don’t be ashamed to say longing, because who knows your lover feels the same way.

2. Want to Turn Back Time

If I could turn back time, maybe I would never waste the moment when you were still mine.

Most people do not appreciate what they already have, for example, a boyfriend who is always there. When he leaves, then you regret letting go of a significant figure in life.

If you want to express regret and miss him at the same time, you might want to try the miss caption on Instagram for your ex-boyfriend. Who knows, he will see your posts and will contact you if they are still both in love.

3. Lessons Learned

Distance teaches me many things, trust each other even though not always face to face, and understand each other.

When talking about LDR, maybe most people think of it as the main reason why a relationship can end. In fact, if seen from the positive side, LDR actually teaches you and your partner to become more mature.

By being separated by distance and time, you will learn to be able to trust and understand each other as expressed in the wise love quotes above. In addition, you will also appreciate the moment together with your lover more.

4. Benefits of Missing

Difference is the sweetening spice of a relationship, equality makes us in one goal, longing to make tomorrow full of waiting.

Being in a relationship is not as smooth as a love story told in a fairy tale. After overcoming the odds, you and your partner may feel closer and want to hold on to the love that has been built up even more.

Included in the matter of dealing with distance relationships, you may be wiser and see the positive side. Like the miss caption on Instagram above, you can turn your longing into a motivation to wait patiently.

5. Between the Two Choices

I don’t know what is painful, longing in silence or loving in silence.

Everything that has to do with matters of the heart should not be underestimated. It is possible that those feelings that have been buried for too long can turn into a time bomb that can explode at any time.

Therefore, the quote above seems to describe the pain of hiding feelings of love and longing from the person you have considered special. If you want to express the same anxiety, maybe you can use the caption about missing as a representative of your heart’s content.

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Convey Your Missing with Caption on Instagram

This is a collection of captions about missing on Instagram that we can summarize. Did you manage to find quotes that match your current conditions? If so, hopefully, those words can vent the emotions you are feeling.

Apart from this article, there are many other interesting articles that you can find on lovepsychologys. Call it a collection of life mottos for those of you who need enthusiasm, sweet flirting to sweeten your relationship, and sad words to describe your heart’s despair. Happy reading! 

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