15 Funny Words about Love that Tickle

15 Funny Words about Love that Tickle. Expressing love to your boyfriend or wife through words is a way to keep your relationship harmonious. But a love story that is harmonious does not mean that it is always romantic, laughter and humor are also necessary. These funny words about love are suitable for you to say to make your lover laugh.

Words about romantic love can touch a partner’s heart, so what about a cute one? Humor and jokes may not make the heart melt, but they can make interactions more lively.

Confused to make up words about cute love? Some of these quotes may be an inspiration or even you say to him directly. Not only funny quotes to express affection but there are also sentences to express your ill-fated state of love.

Funny Words For Girlfriend Laugh

15 Funny Words about Love that Tickle
15 Funny Words about Love that Tickle


1. Love Shuts Down Brain Function

The brain is the most powerful organ of the body, it works 24/7, 365 days. From birth until you finally fall in love. Sophie Monroe

For humans, the brain is the body’s most important and busiest organ. Even when sleeping, this organ does not stop regulating other organs such as the heart and lungs. A silent brain equals death to a person.

These funny words describe people who are in love. When you fall in love your brain stops working, but you don’t die. Only unable to control myself, then sink into obsession.

2. The Importance of Oxygen

You know, a lot of people say you can’t live without love? Actually oxygen is more important. House

Do you feel that the rant that says, “Can’t live without you,” is too much? Too bad? No problem, because dr. Gregory on the House series agrees. Instead of saying that lebay quote to a lover, just say funny words about this love.

Who knows, your boyfriend or crush will become immune to such seduction. So this sentence can be mutual entertainment while gossiping about best friends.

3. Look for the Frog Prince

You have to flirt with lots of frogs until you finally meet the right one. Insecure

Have you ever had a fairy tale about a princess and a prince in The Frog Prince? In the story, it is told that there was a handsome prince who was cursed to be a frog. He was only then able to return to being a human after being kissed by a daughter.

These funny love words that make you laugh explain the difficulty of finding a mate. Not everyone can meet their soul mate with just one date. Some people have to repeatedly and repeatedly switch boyfriends before they find the right person.

4. Sexiness in love

Love is similar to liking, only you will feel sexier. Judith Viorst

Have a crush on someone? But are you sure you love him? Then what is the difference between feeling like someone and feeling love? This American author’s funny words about love can explain.

For Judith, there was no difference between liking someone and love. It’s just that, when you love someone it feels more fun and interesting. Therefore, he uses the word sexier to liken love.

5. Sick but happy

The romanticism of love is a mental illness. Painful but fun. Fran Lebowitz

These funny words about love support Sophie Monroe’s words. To him, a brain that doesn’t work properly when in love is like a mental illness. The difference is, unlike mental illness in general, falling in love is fun.

This short funny quote from Fran Lebowitz is perfect for posting on social media as a caption. For example, to accompany posting photos of you and your partner while taking a walk together or having a romantic dinner.

Words about Love that are So Cute


1. No More Missing Glasses

I married you for love. But another advantage is that someone knows where I put my glasses. Cameron Esposito

For those of you who want to take a more serious relationship with your partner, are you sure? Ideally, marriage is done out of love and sincerity.

But for this comedian, he married not just for love. He also likes his lover’s meticulous attitude, so there is no need to worry about missing items such as his glasses.

2. Quality Matters

My wife is a sentimental person. One Valentine’s Day I gave him a ring, until now she still remembers the three words written on it. Made in China. Leopold Fetchner

The stigma attached to Chinese goods is not good enough. Starting from cheap, imitation, and low quality or easily damaged materials. It sticks to everything, including jewelry.

You can say funny love words about Leopold’s wife to insult your matreous crush. Or if your boyfriend doesn’t like the gift you gave him, even though it’s been a pain to buy it.

3. Boy and Cake

I love you like a boy who loves cake. Scott Adams

Cakes, candy, and chocolate are foods that are often favorite among children. Some kids can’t even control themselves so they are overweight from an early age because they eat too much cake.

With these cute love words about lover, express how crazy you are for his sweet face. So even though you are far away, your mind will still rattle until you can meet again.

4. Common Sense Leaves the Body

When you like someone, do you feel a tingling sensation and something leaves your body? That’s your lost sense.

Falling in love is like downing a bottle of whiskey, it’s intoxicating. A drunk person usually gets out of control and loses his mind, so he doesn’t know whether something he is doing is safe or dangerous, good or bad.

These funny words tell about people who are in love. Like alcohol, it turns out that a hangover can make a person lose their senses. Do everything you can to get the idol’s heart.

5. Try to guess who it is

You want to know who the person I love the most? Look again at the first word.

Want to express your love with funny words about loved ones? Try to give your loved one this puzzle. Tell him that if you answer, you will reward him with a kiss.

Expressing affection with puzzles like this might be fun to do with a partner. Because besides being funny, this way is also quite romantic. As long as your boyfriend is not slow in thinking.

Funny Words about Love for Facebook Status


1. Love and War

Love is like war. Easy to start, hard to end. HL Mencken

For this journalist from the United States, love and war are easy to start. Just imagine, just from the eyes, you can be attracted to the opposite sex. But when you fall in love, forgetting the shadow is very difficult to do.

If you are in love, these funny words about love are suitable for posting on social media status. Who knows, the person you love to read will then get excited about it on their own.

2. A Man’s Love Story

A man’s love story is incomplete if he is not married. But after marriage, the history is over. Zsa Zsa Gabor

These funny words tell about a man’s love story and dilemma. According to this Hungarian actress, after marriage, a man will lose his freedom. This is due to the heavy responsibilities and demands as the head of the family.

But despite losing their freedom, many men still get married. Because marriage is a commitment and a sign of his love for women. So if you are a man, choose a good partner. Don’t regret trading off your freedom for the wrong woman.

3. New Rules

Facebook should make rules for those who frequently change their relationship status. After more than three times, an unstable selection should appear.

For those who have a Facebook account, they must be familiar with the box profile settings. In that arrangement, you can install a variety of things from family, school, work to relationship status.

These funny words about love are a satire for people who often change partners and show off on social media. According to this quote, people who change their boyfriends more than three times are better categorized as unstable and uncertain when choosing a partner.

4. Cool? Indeed!

Maybe you think rock stars marrying supermodels is cool. Yes indeed! David Bowie

These hilarious words about love come from glam rock legend, David Bowie. When he said this, he was indeed marrying supermodel and journalist Angela Barnett in the 1970s.

For those of you who like to show off on social media, you can use this quote as a caption. Just adjust the words according to your circumstances. Relax, even if you’re not a rock star and supermodel, you guys are still cool.

5. True or Happy?

As someone who is in a relationship. You have a choice, be a righteous or happy person. Ralphie May

Quarrels in a relationship are inevitable. Unfortunately, if you are a man, fighting with your partner can be a fruit of simalakama according to Ralphie May.

You can argue and prove your right opinion but your partner is angry. Or surrender to the wrong opinion of the partner as long as the relationship remains harmonious. Whichever choice is made, just express your frustration by posting this quote on social media.

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Laughter with the couple is fun

Can the Funny Words about Love that Tickle and entertain you and your partner? Is there a quote that you like and would like to post on social media?

Expressing affection through romantic words can indeed make a love affair even more intimate. But funny quotes can make the interactions between you and your boyfriend come to life. Because comedy is indeed the best way to break awkwardness or ice-breaking.

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