15+ Heart-Touching Islamic Love Aphorisms

15+ Heart-Touching Islamic Love Aphorisms as Heartfelt Meditations. Every religion certainly teaches about tenderness and compassion for its people, as well as Islam. If you are looking for Islamic love quotes that touch the heart and can remind you of sincere affection, just check out this article.

Every human being will not be able to avoid feelings of love, even if you are a Muslim. Religion Islam also has its own views regarding it. To be able to understand it, we present these heart-touching Islamic love quotes.

Therefore a reminder is needed that can strengthen the heart so that it is not easily swayed. Who knows, it can also help those of you who are still alone to find the best companion.

Islamic love quotes that we have prepared in this article, you can send not only to loved ones but also as a reminder to yourself. If you are impatient, immediately read the full article in this article.

Islamic Love Aphorisms for Adoration of the Heart

15+ Heart-Touching Islamic Love Aphorisms
15+ Heart-Touching Islamic Love Aphorisms

1. Asking Match With You

Indeed, in front of you, I am ashamed to look at you, but before Him, I openly ask to be matched with you. Anonymous

When you like someone, you sometimes feel shy around him. Not infrequently, feelings of not deserving to have him suddenly arise in the heart.

However, this does not reduce your efforts to be able to have a complete idol heart. As well as these pearls of Islamic love, the only thing that can be done is to pray for Allah SWT. matchmaking you with him. You certainly believe that the power of prayer is real, right?

2. Loving in this World and the Hereafter

Our love is the best because my faith increases. You helped me on earth, and because of that I want to meet you again in heaven. Anonymous

A good love relationship should invite each other towards goodness. For example, you and your lover are getting closer to Allah SWT.

As expressed in these Islamic love quotes, you feel very lucky to have known him and hope to see him again in heaven. Don’t you think that would be a very beautiful idea?

3. Safeguard One Another’s Heart and Faith

I entrust this love only to You, keep my heart and heart from feeling disappointed until that time comes. Unite us in Your blessing and blessing. Anonymous

Sometimes, some things make you unable to get along with your idol right away. You can only pray that you will soon unite in an official relationship.

You can make this Islamic love quotes one of the prayers that are said every time after prayer. Hopefully Allah SWT. always keep his heart from disappointment, also you and your idol can quickly unite.

4. Will Not Be Separated by Death

I want a love that will say: “Even death will not separate us because one day we will be reunited in heaven, God willing. Anonymous

Everyone wants to be with the person they love, and so do you. In fact, many people believe that he will always be with his lover until death does. Are you one of them?

In fact, some things are far more beautiful than being able to stay together until death does, that is to be together not only in this world but also in the hereafter. Hopefully, you and your idol can be like that.

5. Fighting for Love in Prayer

In silence, I fight for your love in my prayers. Anonymous

Love can be expressed through various words and actions, such as giving praise and sacrificing time just for the sake of the idol’s heart. However, can love only be proven by visible actions?

One way to be able to fight for your love and affection for your heart is to always pray for it silently, no need to spit out a lot. Because is not prayer the deepest form of love? Where you will always wish the best for him and the continuation of your relationship.

Islamic Love Aphorisms that Touch Feelings

15+ Heart-Touching Islamic Love Aphorisms
15+ Heart-Touching Islamic Love Aphorisms

1. The Peak of Love

Love to Allah is the culmination of love. The valley is love of neighbor. Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The discussion about love will never end. Love is not just between humans, but also to other creatures created by Allah SWT. Apart from that, you also shouldn’t forget the feeling of love for the creator either.

Like these Islamic love quotes, these two loves play an important role. Because to reach the peak of love for the creator, you must love His creatures too.

2. Will Not Play Love

A good human being will not play with love. Because he knows the word “love” demands responsibility. Anonymous

Love is the most beautiful gift given by Allah SWT. to his being. Therefore, it is fitting for every human being not to use love to make fun of other people.

Whatever is done, especially in the name of love, must be kind and responsible. So that neither party feels hurt.

3. Will Not Keep Away from Allah SWT.

The right person will not turn you away from Allah. If he does, he is the wrong person. Abdul Bary Yahya

Everyone certainly wants to get the best match for him. Many people will try to do everything they can to get the right match. How about how to know it according to Islam?

These heart-touching words of pearls of Islamic love from Abdul Bary Yahya may be used as a reference. That the right match will try to remind you to get closer to Allah SWT, not to distance yourself.

4. How to Find True Love

You will never find true love until you first learn to love Allah. Boona Mohammed

Are you looking for someone who can love with all your heart? Do you find it difficult to find this figure?

If so, you may have to ponder these heart-touching Islamic love quotes. Try to love Allah sincerely first, then true love will surely come to you.

5. A Good Match for Someone

There will always be good men for women who continue to try to improve themselves. Also, there will always be nice women to men who always try to improve themselves. Tere Liye

Everyone in this world would want to get a good partner. However, some of them may be concerned about whether they deserve it enough.

Aphorisms of Islamic Love from the Quran

1. Allah SWT. Who Knows Better

Maybe you hate something even though he is very good to you, maybe you like something even though he is very bad for you. Allah knows, whereas you don’t know. QS Al Baqarah 216

You must have prayed heartily for something, and then resented that you didn’t get it. Moreover, afterward what you get is exactly what you didn’t expect. In fact, the things that are not expected could be the best for you, and vice versa.

This principle apparently can also be associated with love and soul mate. That someone you might not have expected could be the very best for you. Trust that Allah will not make the wrong choice for your soul mate.

2. Couples Are Actually One Soul

O people, fear your God who created you from alone, and from him Allah created his partner. QS An Nisa 1

Sometimes, someone who has not found their soul mate will feel restless. In fact, Allah has promised several times that each of his servants has been created in pairs, one of which is the fourth letter in the Koran.

Not only in pairs but each servant is also created to complement each other with their respective strengths and weaknesses. So that each partner should love and protect each other, like a part of his own body.

3. Signs of God’s Power

And among the signs of His power, He created for you wives of your own kind, so that you would be inclined and at ease with them, and made them among you a sense of love and affection. In fact, in this there are really signs for the people who think. QS Ar Rum 21

Marriage is teaching in Islam which is said to be able to complete half of the religion. As expressed in these heart-touching Islamic love quotes, marriage is a combination of serenity (sakinah), full of love (mawaddah), and compassion (rahmah).

These three things are interrelated and complementary so that they can give birth to a harmonious household until the end of life. Not only is it an official marriage in black and white, but it is a process of uniting two hearts and souls who love each other in the pleasure of Allah SWT.

4. Every Creature Must Be a Pair

And we made everything in pairs, so that you would remember the greatness of Allah. Surah Adz Dzariyat 49

Everything in this world was created in pairs by Allah SWT. It aims to complement each other, such as happiness and misery, night and day, heaven and earth, sea and land, life and death, male and female, and so on.

Therefore, there is no reason for humans to despair of Allah SWT. if you don’t have a partner yet. With His greatness, Allah SWT. will surely give His directions at the right time.

5. Believers Are Loving

Indeed, those who believe and do good deeds, one day Allah, the Most Gracious of God, will instill in their (hearts) a sense of compassion. QS Maryam 96

Islamic love quotes that touch the heart in surah Maryam verse 96 can be used as a reminder for those of you who want to always be given love. So that other people will always feel calm and warm near you.

Always try to keep the faith and righteous deeds in your heart. Because according to the promise in this 19th letter in the Koran, people who believe will always be filled with affection either in their hearts or from others.

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