15+ Instagram Captions About Love

Collection of Instagram Captions about Love for Various Romance Problems. If you have talked about love, some people may not be able to express their feelings properly through words. If you are one of them, the collection of Instagram (Ig) captions about love in this article might help. Let’s look at the full review here.

You can use the various quotes here for all your love problems. Starting from the moment of drunken love, or when you have to accept the fact that your relationship with him must end.

So, what are the love quotes that you can use as a caption on Instagram? Without further ado, let’s take a look at the full list below.

IG Caption about Romantic Love

15+ Instagram Captions About Love
15+ Instagram Captions About Love


1. The best thing

The best thing in life is to find someone who knows all your faults and weaknesses, and still thinks you are awesome.

Humans are not perfect creatures that can be free from mistakes. However, it cannot be denied that many people try to find the perfect figure as a partner even though this is clearly impossible.

Therefore, be grateful when you find someone who can accept your mistakes and weaknesses. Keep him by your side by giving him the best.

2. Like a candle

You are like a candle. Your existence seems to bring light to my life.

When you’re in a slump, it’s as if you’re trapped in a room that has no light at all. Therefore, the presence of a lover who is always there for you seems to be a candle that can give a ray of hope.

If you want to express your gratitude for what he has done so far, you can give the words of love that touch the heart above for him. Don’t forget to give the greeting card with beautiful flowers to make it even sweeter to look at.

3. Be with you

Anywhere with you is better than anywhere without you.

The existence of a boyfriend can indeed be a source of strength for you to face the complexities of life’s problems. No matter where you are, being by your side is the most important thing to you.

The Instagram (Ig) caption about love above can be sent as a romantic message on your date with your partner. Hopefully, these words can further strengthen your relationship with him.

4. Become the Moon

I’ll be the moon when the sun goes down, just wanted to let you know that I’ll always be there for you.

If you have decided to become a place of heart for someone, you must be ready to accompany him in times of joy and sorrow. It’s not true love if you just want happiness.

Therefore, be like the moon that can always illuminate the world even though the night has fallen like the wise words of love above. While you may only be able to provide moral support to your boyfriend, it will still be meaningful to him.

5. Favorite Places

You are my favorite place to visit when my mind seeks peace.

If you are tired of facing life’s endless problems, you may try to calm yourself and your mind to stay sane. One of them is by spending time with the idol’s heart.

If you want to send sweet words for the attention that has been given by him, romantic words for girlfriends above might be the right choice. You can also make it as an Instagram (Ig) caption about love when uploading photos of your togetherness with your lover.

Funny IG Caption about Love


1. Willing to be Arrested

I am willing to be caught by the police as long as the accusation of his arrest is for the theft of your heart.

You may often hear the phrase “he has stolen my heart” when friends confide in their crush. The funny Instagram (Ig) caption about love above uses this expression as an inspiration for sweet talk.

You can use this ruffled seduction to grab the attention of your loved one. If it’s officially going out, don’t stop being romantic so that your love relationship with him will be even more harmonious.

2. Not necessarily

Cloudy does not mean rain, PDKT does not mean it will happen.

There are several stages that you may need to go through before having a relationship. Starting from the approach (PDKT) to get to know his character further, until finally you and he both decide to date.

Unfortunately, not all PDKT end up happening because you or he might find a mismatch. The above quotation describes this failure as a cloud that does not bring rain.

3. Flip Flops

I want us to be like flip-flops, just the two of us and no third person.

Flip-flops can only be used in pairs, both the right and the left are equally important. Therefore, this footwear is often used as an analogy to an ideal love affair as stated in the Instagram caption (Ig) about love above.

A love affair can only last if there is an effort from you and your partner. If a third person enters the relationship, it could be that their presence will destroy what you already have with your boyfriend.

4. Railway Tires

My love is like a train tire It can’t be deflated.

Many analogies are used by people to express their feelings of love. According to the funny words above, train tires are the right analogy to show the seriousness of your love for your lover.

As you probably already know, train tires are different from other vehicle tires because they are made of iron, not rubber. The possibility of this tire being deflated is impossible.

5. It’s normal

Breakups are common. Breaking the brakes is life at stake.

There are only two ends of a relationship, continue to the ladder of marriage or run aground in the middle of the road. If your relationship with your boyfriend ends up breaking up, don’t be discouraged.

A breakup is not like a breakup that can take your life as illustrated in the above quote. The opportunity to meet new love is still wide open if you are willing to put in the effort.

Wise IG Caption about Love

15+ Instagram Captions About Love
15+ Instagram Captions About Love


1. It’s okay

The sky isn’t always blue. The sun doesn’t always shine. So it’s okay if this love is tested sometimes.

Like a winding road, your love journey will sometimes encounter obstacles. Whether it’s because of you and your partner, or from unexpected outside factors.

What you and your lover can do is be wise and try to face these obstacles with the best solution. Make the wise Instagram (Ig) caption about love above as a motivational message to strengthen yourself.

2. Meaningful things

Love is a condition where the happiness of others means a lot to you. Robert Heinlein

Most people probably think of love as the feeling of liking one another and being together no matter what. However, reality can sometimes be different from the expectations you have.

For some reason, you can’t help but let your lover go for the sake of his happiness. What you experienced is similar to what Robert Heinlein expressed in the words of love above.

3. Let go

Not holding you back doesn’t mean you don’t love anymore. It’s just that sometimes it’s better to let go than to force it to stick together.

When having an affair, you and your idol may hope to always be together. However, if the relationship ended up just hurting each other, breaking up would be the best option.

You need to learn that love doesn’t always have to belong to each other as described in the wise Instagram (Ig) caption about love affairs above. In addition to avoiding even more painful wounds, a breakup is perhaps the most beautiful gift for you and your boyfriend.

4. The Meaning of Falling in Love

This is why it’s called falling in love: most people fly too high and fall too hard. Raditya Dika

The presence of the idol’s heart could possibly make you be the happiest people in the world. However, those exaggerated feelings can also backfire and can hurt you when he decides to leave.

This is similar to what Raditya Dika describes in the words of wisdom above. As the name implies, falling in love will also cause hurt feelings because whatever falls, it will definitely cause pain.

5. Don’t be a beggar

Love is rich, it shouldn’t make you a beggar. Boy Candra

Love in return may be the wish that most people want to fulfill. Unfortunately, love stories in real life are not as beautiful as fairy tales because you can get rejection.

Even if it hurts, you shouldn’t push yourself and try to catch up with the person you like. If he was meant for you, sooner or later God will bring him closer to you again. As Boy Chandra said, love is rich so you shouldn’t be begging for it.

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Which Instagram Caption Can Represent Your Heart?

This is a collection of Instagram captions about love that we can summarize. Did you find a quote to suit your heart’s content? If so, immediately convey these feelings so that your heart will be relieved immediately…

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