15 Meaningful Short Words Of Wisdom

15 Meaningful Short Words Of Wisdom Reading short, meaningful words of wisdom can make you more excited about the day. With enthusiasm, work and heavy responsibilities will feel lighter and more enjoyable. Check out some short pearls of wisdom for your thoughts in this article.

The brief aphorisms in this article don’t just give you the motivation to get through the day. There are also words that describe how wonderful it is to have people who love you.

Hopefully, after reading and reflecting on it, you will not only be more motivated to do activities, but also become a wiser person in your actions. So that when your time in the world is up, there will be no more regrets.

Short Motivational Words about Pursuing Success

15 Meaningful Short Words Of Wisdom
15 Meaningful Short Words Of Wisdom


1. Let’s Create the Future

Let’s make the future today and let’s make our dreams come true tomorrow. Malala Yousafzai

The quote above invites you to always be passionate about pursuing your goals and building the future you want. In order for that wish to come true, then don’t waste a second.

Time is short and limited, so start chasing your goals as early as possible. By making the most of your time, who knows you can enjoy success faster too.

2. Don’t Stop Moving

Life is like riding a bicycle. To maintain balance, you have to keep moving. Albert Einstein

In these brief words of wisdom that are full of meaning, Einstein likens human life to a bicycle. When not moving, the bicycle will unbalance and fall. Fall here describes failure or adversity.

Therefore, keep pushing yourself so you don’t become a failure. Keep moving towards the success you desire even though there may be times when feelings of laziness and tiredness come your way.

3. Humans and Imagination

The power of imagination makes us limitless. John Muir

This short quote from a philosopher from the United States may be an afterthought for those of you who are in trouble. Instead of moping around when faced with a problem, it’s better to use your imagination to think outside the box and find solutions.

As you know, imagination is one of the things that distinguishes humans from animals. Because imagination, as well as human civilization, can develop into what it is today.

4. Turn on Tomorrow

Turn on tomorrow with today. Elizabeth Barret Browning

The intention of turning on these brief, meaningful words of wisdom is manifest. Meanwhile, the word tomorrow means aspirations or hopes and today means as soon as possible.

Through this quote, Elizabeth Browning encourages her readers not to procrastinate and take advantage of time. Whatever you can do right now, do it so that your goals can be achieved.

5. Be grateful for the time

Do not criticize time because Allah actually owns time. Muhammad, PBUH

These Islamic words of wisdom, although brief, are full of meaning. The reason is, people unconsciously often criticize time. In fact, time is also God’s creation.

The most common time criticisms are, for example, “Oh, bad luck today,” or, “He’s crazy! If you are one of them, then you should change the habit.

Brief, Meaningful Words of Wisdom About Family


1. Once in a lifetime

Your child only has a childhood childhood. Make it a good memory. Regina Brett

For those who are married, the words of this American writer may be appropriate to contemplate. As a parent, maybe you are too busy with work and forget to make time for your children.

Then when you are old, retired, and have plenty of free time, your children are all grown up. They have been busy reaching for their own dreams. Therefore, spend the best time possible with your baby.

2. Not the Most Important

Family is not the most important thing in life, but everything. Michael J. Fox

Through these brief words of wisdom, the main character in the film Back to The Future explains the importance of family. For him, family is no longer one of the most important things in life, but the most important.

Therefore, it is appropriate for your family to get the most of your attention and time. Do not regret having sacrificed your family for the sake of pursuing a career or business gain.

3. Fix Life Priorities

If you are too busy to spend time with your family, then you need to prioritize your life. Dave Willis

There are many aspects of life that need attention. Starting from career, education, health, welfare, to family relationships. Making everything balanced is not easy.

The brief quotes of wisdom above are not only deeply meaningful, they are also a warning. So when you rarely see your family, you can remember and start taking time.

4. Family or Business?

A man should not abandon his family for work. Walt Disney

Work is often one of the causes of someone’s time-wasting. Not infrequently people are required to leave in the morning and come home late at night because of their work. Not to mention if you have urgent matters and you have to work on holidays.

This cartoonist from the United States does not agree with such a person. For him, there is no job worthy of making someone abandon his family. Although the brief words of wisdom above mention men, this also applies to women.

5. Togetherness

Togetherness is what makes a family truly a family. Mitch Albom

Through the words above, Mitch Albom emphasized the importance of togetherness in the family. For him, getting together and doing activities with other family members will keep the relationship harmonious.

By gathering together, each family member will understand what the other is doing. Not only work, but also problems, things you like, or what you desire.

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Brief Aphorisms about Love


1. The Benefits of Giving Love

You will always get a reply by giving love. Reese Witherspoon

Giving love to these short wisdom words wisdom means showing affection and doing good. Especially to the people closest to you, whether it’s family, friends, friends, or lovers.

According to Reese Witherspoon, by giving love, you will always get something in return. Of course, reciprocity can be anything, whether it’s support, help, motivation, or attention.

2. Most Life

We live best when we are in love. John Updike

The meaning of the brief pearls of wisdom above is that someone will be more excited when in love. Because people who are drunk in love are able to do anything for the sake of someone they love.

Therefore, if you have found that special person, don’t waste the opportunity to make him happy. Show your love so you don’t regret it and get upset in the future.

3. Love Yourself

Love yourself first, the rest will follow later. Lucille Ball

If you feel that it is difficult to find a mate in life, try to meditate on the brief words of wisdom above. According to the star of the Philip Morris cigarette advertisement, maybe the problem is that you love yourself less.

Nobody is perfect, either physically or in character. Instead of focusing on hating your shortcomings, accept them. That way, you can build self-confidence so that it makes the opposite sex comfortable with you.

4. Hang on with the Person

If you find love in your life, then hold on to it. Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s words above might motivate those of you who are having problems with your lover. The word stick to the sentence means to survive, don’t give up.

Because, giving up and ending a relationship with a lover who is actually very loved can make you regret it for life. Better to endure and be patient, then solve problems with your lover well.

5. Love Is More Precious

Words as simple as ‘I Love You’ are worth more than money. Frank Sinatra

These short words of wisdom from the legendary pop singer may you ponder because they are full of meaning. Especially, if most of your time and attention is to make money.

According to Frank, showing affection for your lover or loved ones is more important than money. There are various ways of expressing these feelings, from the simplest ones like saying the word love to the most luxurious ones by giving valuable gifts.

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Hopefully, These Brief Aphorisms Can Make You Wiser

Those are some brief 15 Meaningful Short Words Of Wisdom, meaningful quotes that can be your reflection. Hopefully, after reading it, you can become a wiser person in terms of pursuing a career, building a family, and relationships. Don’t forget to visit other inspirational articles on lovepsychologys.com.

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