15 Sad Words about Life that Touch the Heart

15 Sad Words about Life that Touch the Heart and Can Make You Cry.  Life will not be free from problems, whether it’s family, work, or romance. When faced with problems, it is normal for a person to feel sad and stressed. Instead of dizzying your head alone, listen to some sad words about life that might be comforting.

For those of you who are sensitive, perhaps lamenting your fate while contemplating this quote will bring tears to your eyes. But take it easy, crying is the brain’s response to protect itself. In fact, not being able to express sadness is a dangerous thing, because it will be stressful.

Sadness is one of the human emotions, hopefully, by expressing it you can get stronger. Here are some sad words about life on reflection. Check out the full explanation and meaning in order to live it.

Sad Words Touching Hearts about Love

15 Sad Words about Life that Touch the Heart
15 Sad Words about Life that Touch the Heart


1. Rejection is terrible

Falling in love is fun and easy, love being rejected is terrible and difficult. Bess Myerson

These words describe the sadness in life because of one-sided love. I am so sad that there are people who for years have not been able to forget. In fact, falling in love with someone is not difficult.

If rejected, be patient and enjoy your sadness. Talking with friends or family might help you quickly forget your crush. When you move on, don’t give up on finding new people again.

2. Near and Untouchable

Part of me is sick, thinking about you so close but I can’t touch. Nicholas Spark

These sad words about the love life of the author of The Notebook might represent your feelings of being trapped in a friendzone. Friendzone is a term for people who are close to their hearts but only as friends.

Are you among those who are only considered friends? Feeling frustrated and disappointed because you want a more intimate relationship but can’t? Express your feelings with this quote.

3. Sad Whining

I cry over your leaving. Not sad sullen cries with tears on the cheeks, but rolling and whining to the moon.

Sadness and disappointment is a package that always comes with a breakup. Reminiscing about beautiful moments with your lover and then realizing that if it won’t happen again, you can make tears drop.

These heartfelt words teach that it is natural to cry hysterically, whether you are a man or a woman. Because heartbreak can be felt by everyone, as well as the feeling of disappointment that comes with it.

4. In the Heart Not in the Life

Once upon a time you had to realize that everyone can live in your heart, but not in your life. Lynn password

These sad words tell a story about the life of someone who was abandoned by a loved one. Instead of dissolving in sadness, he learned to accept and be sincere with the departure of his ex.

So for those of you who are still having trouble moving on after years of separation, try to be sincere. Unlike forgetting, sincerity means that you have accepted the situation and moved on with your life.

5. I used to love you

The hardest thing in the world is loving someone who has loved you.

These sad words still tell the story of the love life of people who have broken hearts. The difference is, Sandi Lynn’s quote tells of someone who is sincere, while this sad quote tells of the difficulty of moving on.

Feelings of unrequited affection are very painful indeed. But constantly lamenting your fate and obsessing over it is not good for you. Because even though it’s hard, instill the intention in yourself to be sincere.

Sad Words About Family Life


1. Child Feeling

Deep down we know what all therapists know, the problems of both parents will become children’s problems too. Roger Gould

Children are a reflection of their parents. If the family relationship is harmonious, then the child feels happy to be at home. Conversely, if the father and mother often quarreled, then he would choose to leave. The problem is, most children cannot afford to just leave the house.

If you are already married and have problems with your partner, try meditating on sad words about life. Because your sadness and quarrels are also felt by your baby.

2. Truly Family

We’re a close family, a real family. I think all families actually have problems. Emilio Estevez

These sad words tell about troubled family life. According to Emilio, it’s natural that every family has its own problems, including yours.

This is precisely what makes the family close. Because each member is looking for a solution to the problem together. So if you are experiencing family problems, don’t be sad for too long and try to find a solution together.

3. Happiness is the same, sad is different

All happy families have something in common. Sad families have their own reasons. Leo Tolstoy

According to Tolstoy’s sad words about life, the problems experienced by each family are different. It may be caused by the child, father, mother, or even other factors.

Therefore, it is better if problems in the family are resolved with other members only. There is no need to involve or escalate the problem to other people. Apart from spreading your own disgrace, not necessarily other people can help you.

4. The Effect of a Broken Heart

You can live in a collapsed house, play with old toys, but you cannot love with a broken heart. Bella Pollen

According to this quote from the British journalist and writer, the breakdown of a household can be bad for children. Because not only did he grow up feeling sad, but he also didn’t learn to love from his parents.

Indeed, there is an expression that says, “A child who grows up from a broken home does not mean that he is damaged.” However, when their parents fight, the child will feel sad and disappointed. If your family is like this, try to contemplate the quote above.

5. Children Follow Parents

You cannot teach a boy to be loyal if his father is not. So it is with the daughter and the mother. Mercy Pheona

As already mentioned, children are a reflection of their parents. Because father and mother are the first people where a child will learn. Starting from nature, manners, habits of life, discipline, to love someone.

According to this Pheona quote, an unfaithful and responsible father will produce a boy who is just as bad. Because boys will grow up imitating men in their families. Likewise with mothers and daughters, good and bad will be imitated by the child.

Sad Aphorisms about Patience in Life

15 Sad Words about Life that Touch the Heart
15 Sad Words about Life that Touch the Heart


1. A Smart Person Who Is Sad

Sadness is knowledge, the smartest person is the most sad. Lord Byron

The first words describe the sad relationship and knowledge in life. So the knowledge in question is not physics or economics, but rather the experience of facing problems.

So if you are sad, be grateful even if you have to cry. Make life’s problems into experiences so that in the future they don’t happen again. When new problems come, face them and don’t be afraid to be sad.

2. Everything Changes

Nothing remains the same. You won’t be happy forever, but you won’t be sad forever either. Zingano paint

Life is always changing, from being rich to being poor, being happy to being sad. But the unfortunate situation will not last forever, will one day turn out to be happy. As long as you don’t give up and start to improve yourself.

Such as sad words about the life of this MMA fighter. At the time of saying that he suffered a loss after ten straight wins and lost the lightweight champion belt. Even though he lost and was sad, he accepted it because he was sure that one day he would win again.

3. Bad face

I know what shape my face looks like now. Like a strange and pitiful clown doll. No problem. Rainn Wilson

People who are in a happy mood usually have bright facial features that are pleasant to look at. When sad, a beautiful face turns ugly. Especially if you cry after using mascara.

These sad words about life tell about people who cry sadly. For this comedian from the United States, even if crying makes your face look ugly, just let it be. Because crying is a way of expressing yourself.

4. Don’t care about you

Nobody really cares that you are sad, so you better be happy. Cynthia Nelms

When you are saddened by tragedy and sad, there will be many friends who will pray for you. “Hopefully the problem will be resolved quickly,” or, “Be brave,” Maybe you often hear from the mouths of friends or social media when you share it.

Are you sure they really care about your situation? Or are the sad words about life true, that no one really cares? If you think that your friends’ suggestions for patience are mere lip service, it is better to listen to Cynthia’s suggestions for staying happy.

5. Ignore Sadness

Ignoring the sadness for a moment will be very painful when you finally feel it. JK Rowling

For those of you who like to hold back feelings of sadness, these words about the life of this writer should be contemplated. For him, feeling sad and down because of something is normal and good.

It may be necessary to act tough in order to be able to solve problems, but human patience has its limits. When you are no longer able to endure sadness, it will be very painful in your heart. So it’s better to express sadness even if you have to cry.

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Are there any quotes that match your conditions?

Those are some Sad Words about Life that Touch the Heart that describe the hardships of life, love, and family. Hopefully, after reading it, you can be a little motivated to rise from sadness.

About the quotes above, is there anything that fits your condition? If one of them fits, try expressing your sadness with it. For example, by posting the quote on social media.

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