15+ Satire Words for your Ex

Words of Sarcasm for the Ex as an Expression of Disappointment from the Heart. A relationship that ends badly often leaves painful scars and leaves behind disappointments. If you want to vent those feelings through flirting sentences, this collection of satire words for your ex in this article can be the right choice. Let’s look at the full review here.

You can convey the words here directly or simply serve as a satire on social media. Hopefully, after reading it, your ex can reflect on the mistakes he made and not repeat them.

So, what are some satirical words you can use to flick your ex? Without the need to wait long, just take a look at the complete list below.

Words of Spicy Sarcasm for Ex-Girlfriends

15+ Satire Words for your Ex
15+ Satire Words for your Ex


1. Garbage Taken

You don’t need to feel depressed just because of your ex in the past, it’s the same as when you see the janitor picking up trash in your house.

Thinking too much about what went wrong with a failed love relationship can take a toll on your mental state. Let go of the past boyfriend because what you have now is more important.

This is in line with what was expressed in the words of satire for the former above. It doesn’t do you any good to think of someone who has hurt you unless you want to torture yourself.

2. Destroying the Future

You’re not only cheating on me, you’re cheating on our relationship. You didn’t just break my heart, you ruined our future. Steve Maraboli

Every couple may have the hope to be able to continue the relationship to a more serious level. Especially for those of you who have been in love with your lover for a long time.

Therefore, it is only natural that you are very sick the day you find out that your boyfriend is playing behind your back. Steve Maraboli’s words of sarcasm for your ex above seem to describe your anger and disappointment with precision.

3. Most Selfish

Cheating is the most selfish thing a person can do to another person. If you are not happy with your love relationship, just end it before starting a new relationship.

“I’m not happy with my love relationship” is probably the classic reason why most people have the heart to betray their lover. Instead of admitting mistakes they had made, they blamed the situation they had.

It’s no wonder that such people are labeled the most selfish of all. If you have experienced something similar and want your ex to introspect yourself, you might be able to send these wise love quotes to him.

4. Only Need One

It only takes one bad ex to realize that you deserve more.

When it comes to loved ones, you will try to give the best to them. If he doesn’t do the same, that’s a sign that you deserve a better partner than him.

As the above-quipped words for your ex put it, never hang on for someone who clearly doesn’t value your existence. There are still many good people out there who deserve you more.

5. Burnable Photos

Watch me light a fire in all my wasted time. As far as I know, you are just an extra photo to burn. Taylor Swift, Picture To Burn

Being in a relationship with the wrong person is not only draining, it is a waste of time. If you experience something similar, the lyrics of the song Picture To Burn, sung by Taylor Swift, may be to your heart’s content.

The American singer expressed her disappointment after being betrayed by burning photos of her boyfriend. Besides being able to represent feelings, these pieces of lyrics can be words of satire for your ex so that he changes.

Words of Sarcasm for the Former Traitor

15+ Satire Words for your Ex
15+ Satire Words for your Ex


1. Difficult to forgive

You ask why I can’t forgive you. It’s because you used to be my soulmate and you didn’t want it. That fact is hard to forget. Kristan Higgins

Forgiving your ex’s behavior that has hurt you is not easy. The wounds you leave behind may have made an impression and are not easy for you to forget.

If he questions why you can not forgive his mistakes, maybe the words of sarcasm for the ex from Kristan Higgins above you can give as an answer for him. Hopefully, after reading it, he will no longer bother you.

2. Not a test

Cheating and lying are not tests, those two things are reasons for breaking up. Patti Callahan Henry

The tests experienced by a couple can vary, such as the distance that separates them, the blessing of their parents that has not been obtained, or disputes over differences of opinion. These are tests that take place beyond the control of each individual.

Meanwhile, cheating and lying are two things that can destroy a relationship because it is done consciously. You can use the words of sarcasm for the ex from Patti Callahan Henry above to flick him who does not want to admit mistakes but keeps asking for feedback.

3. Meaningless

I once trusted you, but what you say now means nothing to me because your deeds have shown the truth. Drake

Love not only makes someone do unexpected things but also makes promises that may not be kept. Therefore, you need to judge the seriousness of your loved one based on the harmony between their words and actions.

If it turns out that what he did was not what he said, it means that your trust is not appreciated by him. As Drake said in the above quote, you shouldn’t easily give a liar a second chance because he is likely to repeat the act.

4. Place it in the Past

Sometimes it’s better to leave your ex in the past than to bring up the same blame for your future.

Whatever happened in the past, it’s good not to mention it again. One of them is the memory of your ex that keeps haunting your mind.

Even though you may miss his presence, you should not forget the hurt feelings caused by the lies he made. If you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes in the future, just follow the suggestions from the satire words for your ex above.

5. Like Cell Phones Without Signal

A love relationship without mutual trust is like having a cell phone that has no signal. What do you do when there is no signal on your cellphone? You play  games .

Loving each other may not be enough to guarantee the longevity of a relationship. There is also an attitude of mutual trust so that there is no doubt between you and your lover.

If your lover’s behavior ends up making you no longer trust him, then the knitted love is no longer worth fighting for. Just as expressed in the words of sarcasm for ex-girlfriends above, there is no point in maintaining a relationship that is seen as mere play.

Funny Satire Words for Ex-Girlfriends

1. Cheating is Easy

Cheating is easy. Try doing something more challenging, like being loyal. Don Ex

It is fitting to be loyal to your partner if you really want to have a sincere love affair. However, some people may find it difficult to do so because they don’t appreciate the love they have for their partner.

If you are one of the victims, Don Kel’s satire words above can be used to flirt with your ex. Besides being able to express your frustration with him, the quote also contains a message so that he does not hurt his new partner in the future.

2. Have no rights

The former is like  flat shoes , it has no right to interfere with the decisions you have chosen.

While still dating, you may need input from your boyfriend to make decisions. However, you do not need to do that again when the relationship with him is over.

Therefore, it would be rude to him if he was still bothering you and made an issue with the decision you made. Just express your displeasure with his attitude through the words of sarcasm for your ex above to get him to quit because he crossed the line.

3. Wearing Dirty Inside

Going back with the ex is like taking a shower and then using a dirty underwear. Vain.

There must be a reason why you made the decision to end your relationship with your boyfriend. Therefore, it is useless if you go back with it in the hope that you can experience moments of happiness together again.

This is similar to what is conveyed in the words of an ex who analogizes back like wearing dirty underwear after bathing. If in fact, your ex can’t change into a better person, why should you sacrifice your heart for momentary happiness?

4. Already a millionaire

If lying and cheating were work, then you must have become a millionaire.

It hurts when the honesty you have given to your lover turns out to be reciprocated with lies. Especially if the lie is repeated many times and is exacerbated by the choice to betray your love.

Various feelings, such as anger, disappointment, and annoyance may be running through your mind. If you want to express all those feelings elegantly, maybe you can use the words of satire for your ex above as inspiration.

5. Other Names of the Former

Ex is often called ex  in English because he is an example of  things you don’t need to have in the future.

Oftentimes God brings you the wrong person so that the experience you get can be a life lesson. That way, you can minimize mistakes so they don’t happen again.

The concept also applies to having your ex on your love journey. Even though his existence leaves scars in the heart, his ex can be used as a benchmark so that he is more choosy in finding a new partner in the future, as exemplified in the above quote.

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Express your annoyance with words of sarcasm for your ex

Those are the words of satire for the former that we have summarized. Of the quotes that have been mentioned above, is there anything that catches your attention? If so, hopefully, this quote can represent the resentment you feel.

In addition to this article, you can find articles with other inspirational words on Lovepsychologys. Some of them are life motivations, sweet flirting, and upsetting quotes to express your inner turmoil. Happy reading!

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