15 signs it’s time to end a relationship

15 signs it’s time to end a relationship! Often we ignore the alarm bells in a relationship, believing that everything will work itself out. But this is fundamentally the wrong approach. The longer you stay inactive, the higher the likelihood that the relationship can no longer be saved. Therefore, we have collected for you 15 signs that it is time to end the relationship.

The main signs of the beginning of the end

Here are the main symptoms of critical relationship problems:

  • You doubt your own worth. This suggests that the partner has destroyed your self-esteem and faith in yourself.
  • You constantly hear accusations against you. We are not perfect. But constantly making claims to each other is not an option.
  • You fight more than you make up. Every second of your dialogue takes place in raised tones. You no longer know what to do, if only it would stop, and you are constantly in an irritated state.
  • You can’t be yourself. You feel like you’re out of your element. You have to deny yourself too much for the sake of this relationship.
  • You constantly come up with excuses for your partner’s bad actions. At the same time, he feels quite comfortable, as it should be.
  • You constantly feel like something is going wrong. You wonder if your partner is angry with you, if he is offended. And it develops into chronic anxiety.
  • Relationships get in the way. There is nothing wrong with texting throughout the day. But not when the partner knows that you have a meeting or an important conversation.
  • Those close to you say that you are no longer you. Everyone says that you are changing, and not for the better.
  • Lost trust. Such relationships are a priori doomed.
  • When you think about breaking up, you feel relieved. Your relationship is a sprint with weights. You run and think: when will this end?
  • You are a bad influence on each other. Relationships should bring out the best, not the worst, of people.
  • You feel like things should be different. You don’t feel the happiness and peace that a healthy relationship should have.
  • You are often forced to make choices and given ultimatums. You are manipulated, and you agree to everything, just not to lose your partner.
  • Your needs have become unimportant. First of all, what the partner wants. And here you are – on the residual principle.
  • You can’t talk to a soul mate. You are afraid of the reaction of the second half to certain words of yours.

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