15 Subtle Satire Words for Hypocrites

15 Subtle Satire Words for Hypocrites and Traitors peoples and Friends. Not every time you can have a relationship with good people, sometimes some friends are bad. But what’s in danger is a friend pretending to be nice to you. So give him a flick with subtle sarcasm for this hypocrite.

Who knows, with sarcasm, this hypocritical friend can improve themselves. From pretending to be good to genuinely good. From always wanting to help to be sincere for the sake of friendship.

Confused about making subtle satire words for hypocrites friends? Here are some examples that might be your inspiration. Hopefully, some quotes can represent your feelings, yes!

Words for Hypocrites and Liars

15 Subtle Satire Words for Hypocrites and Traitors peoples and Friends.
15 Subtle Satire Words for Hypocrites and Traitors peoples and Friends.

1. Losing Friends

Fool with friendship. I need more enemies. At least they are honest if they don’t like me. Manasa Rao Saarloos

When you just realized that your friends have been just pretending to be nice, it must be very painful, right? If so, you might think that an enemy is better than a hypocritical friend.

If you are very upset and hurt, it’s better to express your feelings through sarcastic words for this hypocritical friend. Hopefully, your treacherous best friend will realize his mistake.

2. Honest is not rude

Tell me how you feel. It’s called honest, doesn’t mean it’s rude. Anonymous

If faced with a choice, namely befriending people who are honest but have harsh words or people who keep their words down but are hypocritical? Probably, most people will choose someone honest and straightforward, even if it’s a spicy thing.

A simple example is asking for your opinion on how you currently look. When it turns out that your makeup is too much, honest people will tell you what they see. Unlike the hypocrite, he tends to say your makeup is good, but in his heart, he could laugh at you. Therefore, be careful of someone’s sweet words, huh.

3. Need Glasses

I think I need glasses. Everywhere I looked, people always seemed to have two faces. Anonymous

Having one hypocritical friend is definitely a headache, what happens if there are many? Instead of eating your heart and stress yourself, it’s better to tease those who are hypocritical, aka two-faced with the above quote.

Expressing annoyance once in a while won’t be a problem. Especially if your hypocritical friends have gone too far. It must be tiring, right, holding back resentment because of a hypocritical friend.

4. Hate But Together

I hate people who say they hate someone, but they still go out and hang out together. Anonymous

Do you have friends who hate someone and sometimes tell you about that person? But on the other hand, he is still hanging out with the person he hates, aka being hypocritical.

It seems many friends have this character. They admit they hate them but go together anyway, which can make you confused sometimes. If you have a hypocritical friend, make the words above status on your social media. Maybe he was teased and could change his attitude.

5. When you look in the mirror

When I looked at you, I thought, ‘Which face will you see when you look in the mirror?’. C. JoyBell C.

Have you seen someone who has a different character? For example, all this time you know him as a kind person. However, several times you find the fact that he is not as good as you think. It was as if he had been wearing a mask to cover his real face.

Yes, that is the description of the hypocrites. The properties they show are sometimes different from the original. Agree with that? Make satire words for this hypocritical friend of C. JoyBell C. as a status on social media.

Words of Sarcasm for Saints

15 Subtle Satire Words for Hypocrites and Traitors peoples and Friends.
15 Subtle Satire Words for Hypocrites and Traitors peoples and Friends.

1. Stop Mindful of Others

Counting other people’s sins won’t make you a saint. Hussein Nishah

I don’t know from when, but in 2019, the trend of migrating seems to be booming among the millennial generation. They flock to do good and behave according to their respective beliefs.

Migration is a good thing. However, many people have just moved but have judged other people’s actions. It is as if the other person who is not in line with him is sinning. Have a friend like that? Just remember to use satirical words for this hypocritical friend.

2. You Are Just The Same As Them

You don’t need to tell me what they said about me. Tell me how they can comfortably tell you. Jay Z

Do you have a friend who often tells people how they think you are? For example, he might say that someone has told him that they don’t like your character. You immediately believe his words and are disappointed by those who judge you badly.

Though what should be disappointing is your own best friend. If you guys are really friends, shouldn’t other people not say bad things about you in front of them? Therefore, if you have friends who act like this, it would be better if you were careful.

3. Pretending to be Humble

Hypocrisy in humility is the highest form of lying. Dr. TP Chia

In this world, everyone’s character is different. Some pretend to be humble, even though they don’t really want to be. For example, in the world of school or college. When the exam comes, humble people will say they can’t finish the test.

However, when the scores have appeared, they actually get good grades. This is just a simple example of the much hypocrisy in humility that people often practice. If you have a friend who behaves in this way, this satire word for the pretentious person will represent your feelings.

4. See Your Own Sin

One must first look at oneself well before thinking of blaming the ugliness of others. Moliere

Whether in the real world or cyberspace, many people easily blaspheme the mistakes of others. As if, they are the most correct and never make the slightest mistake.

Even though every human being must have made mistakes because no one was created perfectly. If you have a friend who likes to poke fun at people’s mistakes, you can use these words of sarcasm for self-righteous people to tease them.

5. The thief shouted the thief

When a woman says, ‘I hate dramas!’ So it is almost certain that she is a drama queen. Anonymous

Have your female friends ever been labeled a “drama” because they always overreacted to a problem? When faced with a problem, not looking for a solution, this woman who is known for this drama tends to exaggerate her situation.

Worse, most women who are “drama” tend not to realize that they are often overreacting to problems. In fact, they often say they don’t like “drama”. Have a friend like that? The subtle insinuation of the words above is suitable for your hypocritical person or friend.

Words of Sarcasm for a Traitor Hypocritical Friend

1. The Severity of Hypocrisy

A hypocrite is worse than a cheater. The cheater will deceive, while the hypocrite betrays. Dr. TPChia 

Being betrayed or deceived by someone, which hurts more? Basically, either being betrayed or being fooled by someone we trust must be equally painful.

However, hypocrites tend to scratch deeper wounds than cheaters. Because cheating people will only trick you, while the hypocrites slowly make you believe, then betray. That is what is meant by the words of subtle sarcasm for the hypocrites of Dr. TPChia this.

2. Like to lie

Your words are meaningless when what you do is the opposite. Anonymous

One of the characteristics of a hypocrite is when he says he is lying. Not only that, whatever he does tends not to live up to his words. He could have said “A”, but what he did was the opposite.

Yes, that’s the hypocrite, the talk can not be handled. If you know someone like that, the subtle satire words above can be used as status on your social media for hypocritical people or friends.

3. Need Glass?

Hypocrites piss me off, they should look in the mirror. Here, let me hold the glass for you. C. Joybell C.

Who is not upset if you have to deal with hypocrites? Where, he always lied, broke promises, and could not be trusted. Apart from being annoyed, you must also feel hurt by his annoying nature.

Instead of constantly holding back resentment, it’s better to express it with subtle sarcasm for this friend or hypocrite. Hopefully, he understands the meaning of the quote, so that he can immediately change his bad character.

4. Have Better Enemies

It is better to have enemies from the front than to have friends stabbing in the back. Anonymous

You may have met someone who indirectly expressed their dislike, but it was all clear from their attitude. One of them is avoiding interacting with people he hates.

As annoying as it may seem, it’s actually better than pretending to like it, when it’s not. In front of you, he acts as if he supports you and likes you. When in fact when you’re not together, he makes fun of you.

5. Characteristics of Hypocrites

The signs of a hypocrite are three. If told is always a lie, if promised always disobeys, and if given a trust he betrays. HR. Bukhari

Have you ever met people who often break promises and lie? Or maybe someone who can’t be trusted or can’t be trusted? If so, you are being confronted with hypocrites.

Even so, don’t let his actions and words upset you. Face the hypocrite with a calm heart so that no more troublesome problems arise. If possible, it is better to avoid hypocrites, so that life will be more peaceful.

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Which Subtle Satire Words Do You Think are Most Suitable for Hypocrites?

Those were some examples of subtle satirical words for hypocrites’ friends. From the 15 examples above, is there a quote that describes your current condition? Hopefully, some quotes represent your feelings, yes.

If you need inspiration for other words, just browse Lovepsychologys.com. Some quotes describe work motivation, true love, heartbreak, happiness, sadness, and much more.

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