15 ways to deal with a jealous mother-in-law

15 ways to deal with a jealous mother-in-law. She raised Him, Nurtured the little blood, Sat at night by the bed and dragged him to the doctors, and then her beloved son grew up, matured and ringed. When you are faced with the jealousy of your mother-in-law, it is worth remembering that long before you got married, your man belonged to another woman – your mother. It was you who came into her territory, not the other way around. To prevent your family from becoming a battlefield, you must learn to exist with them in the same space.

3 Jealousy Jealousy Prizes

If you feel that a black cat has run between you and your spouse’s mother, take a closer look at the newer one. You should be concerned if:

  • she criticizes everything you do.

Your mother-in-law thinks that you wash the floors incorrectly, you don’t know how to iron your clothes, and you don’t bring up your own. And further down the list. From time to time, she arranges competitions to prove that she is the best. Even if you sincerely try to follow her instructions, she finds something to cling to;

  • there is too much of it in your life.

She ignores two of the Greeks and sees it, so that you can see it in the bathroom. Have you just come from work? It’s good that you don’t have to do anything, because “mommy” has already cooked dinner and put things away the way she likes;

  • on stroit in sebya the sacrifice.

She perceives any of your gestures in her direction as a threat and arranges a drama from scratch. In her opinion, you are an insidious mercantile bitch who wants to take her to the grave, so that the cams will be finally cleaned up.

15 ways to deal with a jealous mother-in-law

No dog, that’s a dream of a dragon, it’s possible to do that in this world. What can we say about the mother-in-law.

  • Discuss the situation with her.

It would seem that it could be easier than to sit down and talk. No, most people are used to ignoring problems because of a reluctance to take the initiative. An open dialogue will show that you are aware of her displeasure, but now you will have to be reckoned with.

  • Look at her behavior from a different angle.

A woman who dictates to you what to wear, where to walk and how to breathe is unlikely to arouse sympathy. But forget that our reaction to external stimuli is a reflection of what is already inside us. Think about what makes her act this way.

  • Help her get over the “loss” of her son.

In a way, you “destroyed” the lifestyle she was used to. Go towards her. Instead of complaining to your husband, use his help to get to know her better. It is not possible to see the monster, it is possible to see it, and it is possible to see it.

  • Give her some attention.

How to improve relations with mother-in-law?

Gifts are a wonderful love language that can be used to express a whole range of emotions. Try not to make your offering look like a bribe. It is important to show her that you remember her and strive to please her.

  • No, refuse to help her.

It is not necessary for the moment, it is not necessary for you to name it, and it is necessary for you to carry it out. There is little pleasure in trudging around to dig potatoes in her dacha on your only day off. Isn’t that what you’re looking for? Do not forget that she is not an extraneous importunate lady in years, but the mother of your husband. Let your children look to a worthy example of how to interact with those who need help.

  • Take an interest in her life.

Maybe her toxicity has come out because she no longer feels needed and important. If you ask her with interest about the past, about what she likes to do, over time you will show her that you are not an enemy for her, but an ally.

  • Don’t get involved in scandals.

Conflict and inability to compromise are traits that create many obstacles in adult life. Be patient and peaceful, try to control yourself and not respond to aggression with even more aggression. Keep in mind that she is older and worthy of respect. You wouldn’t want your parents to be rude, would you?

  • Give compliments.

An affectionate word and a cat is pleasant. Don’t write bad reviews, just be grateful and polite. Pay attention to the little things and show her that you noticed and appreciated her beautiful hairstyle or new lipstick. But aerobatics is to learn how to gracefully compliment not appearance, but personal qualities and talents.

  • Find time for her.

Instead of putting up fences around your social unit to keep a Jealous Mother-in-Law from disturbing your space, include her in your plans. For example, Let the first Sunday of the month be the official “Mother-in-Law Day”, When you invite her to visit and cook what she likes. It is necessary to do so in advance.

  • Have a heart to heart talk with your husband.

The biggest mistake wives make is to force their husband to choose between his family and his parents. Believe me, he has enough hassle on the other side, do not add your dose. If something bothers you, share it with him, but without ultimatums and blackmail. In addition, the spouse can tell you an unexpected way out of the situation.

  • Set personal boundaries.

When a mother-in-law acts like she’s married to your husband herself, it’s annoying. But if she focuses on her duties and knows she’s appreciated for it, she won’t have time to try to dethrone you. She needs to know what she can and cannot do. As long as she sees that you’re not trying to isolate your own son from her, you won’t have to defend yourself.

  • If you are provoked, turn on ignore.

Easier said than done, but worth a try. That is what it is about in the mini-mum, it is not there, it is on it that it is possible to do it on two people. Make your face brick, breathe deep Finally, use stop words. Whoever raised their voice first lost.

  • Encourage children to communicate with their grandmother.

Many women are afraid to let their children go to visit their mother-in-law, so that they don’t cheat. If you know that in your situation there is a possibility that the child after the weekend at his grandmother will declare you an enemy of the people, let their communication take place in your presence. Do not isolate it or not.

  • Don’t let her bully you.

Don’t forget, you should know about it, it’s up to you. People very often confuse softness with weakness, show her that in your case, such behavior will not work. If you get rude, turn around and leave. Do not try to adapt to conditions that are not acceptable to you.

It is not possible to say that it is possible to understand the meaning of the word. It is not psychologous and it is not necessary to plan for the reading of the psychophysical translations and it is related to the components. Numerous studies have shown that the quality of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships affects the well-being of others. Any STRess is another factor against your mental health. No meshaj muzhu and that it is aggressor, and the same as na rasstoyanii.

Being the daughter-in-law of a jealous mother-in-law is not easy. First, you must accept in your house a person you don’t like. Secondly, the feeling that a bomb is ticking inside your family that can explode at any moment is not the best motivation for reconciliation. No other two words and two words are available that are not available.

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