15+ Words of Wisdom about Sadness

15 Words of Wisdom About Sadness That Can Calm Your Heart. Are you feeling down about life’s problems? If so, just consider these wise words about sadness. Of course, this quote will not solve the problem right away, but it will at least make you feel better.

In this article later, you will not only read wise pearls of wisdom about the pain of living your life. But, there are also some wise quotes about sadness due to love problems.

Can’t wait to read these words of wisdom about the sadness that is summarized especially for you? If so, no further ado, just check out the full details below!

Brief Words of Wisdom About Sadness

15+ Words of Wisdom about Sadness
15+ Words of Wisdom about Sadness

1. Pray

When sadness hits your heart, then pray. God always knows how to create happiness for you.

You must have felt that the burden of life that is being carried is so heavy. You want to tell other people, but are afraid it will be overwhelming. If the situation is like that, the only way is to pray and surrender everything to God.

Just like the wise words about sadness above. Of course, after praying, your problem is not immediately resolved. But by praying, you can get peace of mind so that you can think clearly to find solutions.

2. An Eraser

If you can’t be a pencil to write people’s happiness, then be an eraser to get rid of their sadness.

In your opinion, is making people happy an easy job? If you already know the person well, the answer is definitely yes. However, even if you can’t make him happy, that’s okay.

Like the wise words about the sadness of life above, be an eraser who can get rid of his sadness. This person will surely be very grateful to have you beside them. At least, your presence can relieve a little of the sadness that is felt.

3. The Wheels Spin

Life is colorful, it can’t be just black and white. Don’t expect to be happy, don’t think sadness will last forever. Mario Teguh

It’s true, life is colorful. There are times when your life is bright, but sometimes it can be gloomy. For that, if you are down, don’t give up, remember that there will be happily waiting for you. Conversely, when it is above, don’t forget to be grateful because without sadness you cannot feel happy.

4. A Maturity Process

One of the ways to mature is through the tests that occur in your life.

You may have asked God why tests were so tough. Are the problems you have faced so far still lacking? You then become so devastated by it.

However, remember the proverb which is in line with the wise aphorisms about the sadness of living life above, that a calm sea will not produce tough sailors. All the problems that occur in life aim to make you more resilient and mature.

5. Someone Sincere

When you cry, find someone who will give you a sincere hug.

Did you know that a hug has many benefits? A study has shown that a hug from a loved one can reduce stress, feelings of loneliness, anxiety disorders, and depression. This of course also applies to those of you who may feel stressed because of facing life’s problems.

A hug from someone who is important in life will be very useful for the peace of your soul. Moreover, if he is willing to listen to your heart, the burden you are carrying will feel lighter. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask for a hug from the people closest to you, huh!

Words of Wisdom About the Sorrows of Life

15+ Words of Wisdom about Sadness
15+ Words of Wisdom about Sadness

1. Do not have to confide in social media

Sometimes you don’t need to tell anyone about the sadness you are experiencing, especially on social media. Some people are not good at how to be concerned, which you can just be the words that make your heart sad. Boy Candra

Today, many people tend to share all of their life achievements on social media. Whether it has a luxurious house, a good car, and established work position, and so on. Not infrequently, they complain there. However, like the wise words about sadness from Boy Chandra above, not everyone will care and be concerned about the problems you are facing.

Although many may feel sympathy, there must be some who blaspheme and think they are only looking for sensation. Therefore, if you really need a place to complain, come to people who really care and want to listen to you. As much as possible, avoid sharing on social media.

2. God is Just

Believe that God is always fair. In every badness there must be good. In every sadness there will be happiness.

You may be familiar with ying and yang. The concept of balance in life is similar to the wise words about sadness above. That, God, is fair. If given sadness, you will be sure to find happiness later.

Therefore, don’t get discouraged when you face a problem. Feeling down and depressed is normal, but don’t let yourself get stuck in a situation like that. Get up and solve your problem. Initially, it may not be easy, but if you try, you will definitely find a way out.

3. Don’t Look to the Past

Take lessons from the past, then leave the rest. Do not let your depression getting in away of your future.

Many people cannot enjoy the present because they are too stuck in the past. The regrets from the past that come to haunt them, of course, will weigh up their steps to keep fighting for life. If you are in such a situation, then absorb these wise words about the sadness of life.

One of the things that can be done is to make peace with the past. What you did before may not be able to be repeated. However, remember that there is still time to fix this. Make the past a lesson, not a shackle that makes your life even more chaotic.

4. All of it is delicious

Happiness and sadness are God’s blessings that must be grateful. Learn to enjoy and be grateful for everything God gives.

After reading and understanding, do you agree with the quote above? Sadness and happiness are gifts from God that must be grateful.

You won’t know what it feels like to be happy without experiencing sadness. Vice versa, you cannot feel sad if you have never been happy. So, everything that happens in life must be enjoyed.

5. Forging into a Strong Person

In fact, sadness is an experience that teaches you to be strong.

There are many ways that God has given to temper man. One way is to give them a trial. Otherwise, humans probably won’t know how strong they are to endure and solve problems. After all, having a problem will make you even stronger.

Therefore, when experiencing distress, don’t tend to just think about the negative side. Even though it’s not easy to do, you can try it if you want. That way, you won’t feel lost if you are in trouble because there will be lessons to be learned from all the exams. For that, never give up, huh!

Wisdom Aphorisms about a Sad Love Life

1. Don’t waste your tears

If remembering it makes you feel claustrophobic, then don’t remember it. Don’t shed your tears for him who has left.

To be betrayed by someone who is so special in your heart of course it will be very painful. What’s more, if the relationship you are in is long enough. However, being together for a long time may not always be able to keep him loyal, right?

Therefore, like the wise words of wisdom for those who have saddened above, don’t torture yourself by constantly remembering them. Especially until you cry, your tears are too precious to be wasted like that. He alone can be happy with the path he chooses, so why can’t you? It may not be easy at first, but you can definitely get through it.

2. Heal Your Wounds First

How can you make someone happy when your own heart is breaking?

Have you ever decided to be in love with someone else, even though your previous relationship had not ended long ago? You may hope that the new person will heal your hurt. However, do you realize if this actually hurt him?

If you really like that person, then wait for the right time to be with him. Heal your heart first because the healing doesn’t actually come from other people, but yourself.

3. A New Story

Don’t get too caught up in sadness because God has written a new, better story for you.

Who doesn’t feel sad when they break up with a lover? Even more so if you still love him so much. Of course, your heart would never be willing to let go, right? Unfortunately, in this world not all your wishes can be fulfilled.

Rather than everyone getting hurt, wouldn’t it be better to let go? Let him be happy with his choice. Over time, you too can heal your hurt and unlock new, better stories. Exactly like the wise pearls of wisdom for people who are sad because of their breakup above.

4. Find People Who Can Make You Happy

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for someone you love is to let it go. Free him. Wish him happiness and set him free. Free yourself. Najwa Zebian

Not all couples who fall in love with each other are destined to be together. Even though they believe their respective partners are their soul mates if fate says something else, what can they do? After all the attempts are still unsuccessful to save the relationship, then they must be prepared for the consequences, namely separation.

Now, are you in such a situation? If so, the best thing you can do is let it go. By letting go, you will set him free for the happiness he deserves. It applies to you too, just like the wise words about the sadness of love above.

5. Releasing What Is Not Yours

Don’t keep crying for something that doesn’t belong to you anymore. You will not get happiness if you persist in sadness.

Crying is a natural reaction when you are feeling sad. Moreover, if you have lost someone who really means something in life. Cry if it does make you feel a little better.

However, what is not natural is when you continue to lament and cry over him who has left and doesn’t care about you anymore. If this happens, then how can you pursue happiness? Therefore, move on and learn to let it go. Rest assured that God has prepared someone who is better than your previous partner.

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Absorb the sad pearls of life

Those are the 15 wise words about the sadness that you can read in Lovepsychologys. How? Does reading these quotes make you feel better? Hopefully so.

It’s normal to feel sad when you have a tough problem, but it’s not good to mourn it all the time. You have to get up and move on. Believe that every problem will have a solution. Keep the spirit Okay!

Not only sad aphorisms, but you can also read to other articles that are no less interesting. Among them are love words, motivational quotes, life mottos, and cool words about life.

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