150+ Best Weekend Sayings and Greetings

150+ weekend sayings and greetings for the 2 best days of the week. 
150+ weekend sayings and greetings for the 2 best days of the week.

Best weekend sayings and greetings or quotes for the 2 best days of the week. Who is not looking forward to the weekend? Even if you have the best possible job and the greatest colleagues, these two days are often the highlight of the week.

At the weekend we have time for our family or friends, time for our hobbies, and sometimes time to catch up on everything that we weren’t able to do during the workweek. Do you know what else you can do on the weekend?

Nothing! In fact, that’s one of the best options 😉

To celebrate this fact, you have here a collection of the best and funniest weekend sayings or quotes and also the most beautiful weekend greetings.

Best Weekend Sayings & Greetings

Can’t wait for the weekend to come? Are you doing something very special?

Or don’t you want to do anything this weekend? Then these sayings are great for you!

You can set it as your WhatsApp status and tell everyone what they can (not) expect from you this weekend!

1. Put your hands up, weekend!

2. Have a good weekend. I’ll miss you!

3. It’s the weekend … you can get out now!

4. Hello weekend – you can stay as long as you want!

5. The best ending there is … is and will be the weekend!

6. “Give me books, a good wine, relaxing music, and cozy weather!” “Why?” “Well, it’s the weekend!”

7. Let’s go into a great weekend with a sexy hip swing!

8. I’m not done with the weekend at all!

9. You have to survive the weekend that I’ve been behind me!

10. Think about the weekend on Monday morning. 😀

11. I would now be ready for the next weekend!

12. It’s the weekend. Just let your mind wander.

13. It’s the weekend. I would then be ready to be picked up and taken to the sea.

14. Dear weekend, I just wanted to tell you that I love you unconditionally. You’re my Everything! In love, me.

15. Long weekend: Snuggle up to the WLAN and make yourself comfortable on the couch.

16. Thursday and the end of the week is here. Can’t it always be like this?

17. Monday is the worst day, Tuesday the boss doesn’t like us, Wednesday is pleasant, Thursday will soon pass, Friday heralds the end because it will be the weekend.

18. A nice weekend starts with a nice coffee, alone and in peace.


20. Hello dear weekend. Don’t be shy. We love you!

21. Hours, days have passed, we now want to get to the weekend.

22. Go into the weekend. Go there directly. Don’t go to work or get in a bad mood!

23. When everyone wishes you a nice weekend, but you have to work on Saturday …

Funny Weekend Sayings or Quotes

Best Weekend Sayings and Greetings | Funny Weekend Sayings
Best Weekend Sayings and Greetings | Funny Weekend Sayings

These funny sayings and quotes will help you to get through the start of the week and the 5 days until the next weekend 😉 to make funny sayings every day and send them to everyone who needs a bit of fun.

24. Tell me the three magic words! – Tomorrow is the weekend.

25. Do you know when you got more done on the weekend than you intended? Neither do I.

26. It’s the little things in life … … weekends for example!

27. The first five days after the weekend are always the worst!

28. What rhymes with the weekend – wine

29. “Do you work here?” “No, I’m just waiting for the weekend!”

30. If you look fresh on Monday mornings, you’ve had a boring weekend.

31. Many people don’t even know what my favorite drink is on the weekend. read the big letters again without the small ones.

32. Yeah, weekend. Finally cleaning, shopping, and lowering your account balance again …

33. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Blink Monday

34. The weekend is like Deutsche Bahn – you have to wait far too long for it!

35. Sweatpants have a rather unusual name for a piece of clothing that you wear on the couch all weekend.

36. Motto for the weekend: If you stumble, you have more of the way.

37. The sexiest this weekend? The 69% battery on the phone!

38. Reading this text brings you exactly 5 seconds closer to the weekend. My pleasure!

39. Over the years you learn where your strengths lie at work. Mines are vacation and weekend.

40. “What is your goal?” “After work!” “And seen in the long term?” “Weekend !!!”

41. The worst thing about weekends is always those 30 minutes in which you have to put on pants to go shopping.

42nd weekend earlier: shopping. Disco. To dance. Celebrate… Weekend today: is there still food or do I have to go shopping again?

43. I always give 100 percent. 10 percent Monday through Friday and the rest on the weekend.

44. During the week we all agree on one point: the weekend cannot come fast enough.

45. Finally a weekend. Time to lie motionless on the couch and do a two-day Netflix marathon.

46. ​​In the next life I only take part in the weekends.

47. “Dad is the weekend again?” “Yes!” “Only two days again or finally forever?” You know who the child belongs to!

48. It’s the weekend. This means that I have 100% motivation not to do anything!

49. There they are again, my typical Sunday problems: Which sweatpants do I wear? How do I lie most comfortably? Who makes me food?

50. After work, weekend, finally home. The world record project can begin. Already on Monday people will say with admiration: “Nobody has ever lain motionless on the couch without being dead …”

51st weekend: finally replace your morning coffee with a whiskey sour!

52. At the weekend it should be 30 degrees: 15 degrees on Saturday. 15 degrees on Sunday.

53. He: Honey, do we want to treat ourselves to a nice weekend? She: Oh yes, great idea! He: Ok, see you Monday!

54. My sofa is not doing so well today, so I prefer to stay with him today and cuddle a little …

55. Sundays: sleep until you are hungry … and eat until you are tired!

56. I’m going to escalate this weekend to such an extent that I’ll definitely need new slippers on Monday.

Should you dare something new this weekend, like going out alone ?!

57. My mind has been away for the weekend! GEIL … Finally free of storms!

58. Getting up early on weekends can take the whole day.

59. Cry again in the morning, then it’s the weekend.

60. The 20 years have passed you by without a trace. After all, it was the weekends that marked you!

61. The only thing that is faster than light is the weekend.

62. I’m doing something different this weekend: namely nothing!

63. Believe me, better days are coming … They are called Saturday and Sunday!

64. How was your weekend? Light, dark, light, dark, Monday!

65. Today it can rain, storm, or snow, I sit in front of the television and drink my wine.

66th weekend, finally time to clean, wash, iron, and tidy up …

67. Anyone who looks shitty on Monday has had a great weekend …

68. I am now at an age where I can no longer get by on just one weekend a week.

69. Sentences that everyone likes to hear: Food is ready. I like you. You were right. We have the weekend!

70. Calories are NOT counted on weekends!

71. “I wish I could relive the weekend in slow motion.” – “Slow motion is only available from Monday to Friday.”

72. Can we start the weekend again? I wasn’t ready yet.

73. “And, did you recover well over the weekend?” “I knew that I had forgotten something …”

74. We really need another day between Saturday and Sunday.

75. On Sundays I’m a moped – half person, half sofa.

76. Calories only count halfway on weekends.

77. Wine, women, and song – I wish you all of that for this super long weekend.

78. With beautiful women it is like soccer. You look forward to a nice weekend and will be immensely disappointed.

79. I’m not lazy. I’m in weekend mode!

80. Did you notice that a Monday comes directly after Mother’s Day? After Father’s Day, however, there is a whole weekend … I just wanted to get rid of it.

81. “Let the therapy begin!” “Um, it’s the weekend ?!” “Yes, exactly, you say it!”

Friday Weekend Sayings or Quotes

Best Weekend Sayings and Greetings | Friday Weekend Sayings
Best Weekend Sayings and Greetings | Friday Weekend Sayings

Does the weekend start for you on Saturday morning or on Friday afternoon? I am sure, however, that whatever the answer, Friday is your third favorite day 😉

82. Brain: Yeah, finally Friday! Liver: Oh no, not again!

83.Smile, it’s Friday!

84. Good morning and jaaaaa: It’s finally Friday!

85th Happy Friday !!! Let the weekend begin!

86. – And who are you? – Well, I’m Friday. – It was about time my friend. Next time you come earlier!

87th FRIDAY. The W stands for the weekend!

88. Worries, worries that come in the morning, are quickly hidden on Friday.

89. I can already smell it. That scent from Friday!

90. The best on Friday? To turn off the alarm clock for tomorrow …

91. Hello, I’m Friday. Let’s start the weekend!

92. Juhuuu, today is international Prosecco day. Well okay, Friday. It is Friday!

93. If Friday had a face … Then I would kiss it …

Weekend Greetings for friends and acquaintances

Best Weekend Sayings and Greetings for friends and acquaintances
Best Weekend Sayings and Greetings for friends and acquaintances

Joy doubles when you share it! Wish your friends, acquaintances but also colleagues a nice Friday and a nice weekend with the help of these greetings:

Weekend greetings for friends and acquaintances

94. Enjoy the time you can spend together this weekend. Pamper each other!

95. I now lie down on the sofa and relax with a glass of wine and a good movie. I wish you a lot of fun with everything you’re doing. I think of you and send lovely weekend greetings.

96. “Confidence is the first secret to success.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) I wish you a nice weekend, lots of relaxation and distraction. Always feel free to call me when you need something. You are great, never think of anything else!

97. “Start every morning with a good thought!” (Carl Hilty) Your good thought for today: It’s the weekend!

98. To say “It’s crazy” and to say “We’ll do it anyway” – This is life … Have a nice weekend everyone!

99. “Friends are like stars: you don’t always see them, but they are always there for you.” (Spanish proverb) Look at the sky before you sleep and you know I always think of you before I go to bed. I wish you a nice evening, a good night, and a nice weekend.

100. My perfect weekend means: relaxing on Friday after work, watching a movie and having a drink, sleeping in on Saturday, doing something in the afternoon, and writing to all the people I love in the evening. On Sundays, I take care of the house, do some sport, read and paint. What is your perfect weekend like?

101. Here is a motto for your weekend: “Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, truly love, laugh uncontrollably and do not regret anything that has given you a smile.” (Mark Twain) I wish you a nice evening.

You can find more “good evening” greetings here!

102. The weekend prayer: Dear God, please give my boss the indulgence not to call me again on Saturday to do something for him. I wish you a nice and boss-free weekend.

103. I pray to God to take time out from stress, ease tension, withdraw from the workload and start over. You know, God answered my prayers and you will have them all jump in 5 days. Nice weekend!

104. I wish you a nice weekend – and if you still have to work today, I’ll try again tomorrow.

105. “It is better to enjoy and regret than to regret not having enjoyed.” That sounds like a good motto for the weekend. Keep these words in mind over the weekend when you’re wondering whether or not you can have another glass of wine or a few more chips. I will really enjoy this weekend. Have a nice evening and an enjoyable weekend.

106. Take some time for yourself this morning and enjoy the peace and quiet. With this in mind, I wish you a nice weekend.

107. From Monday to Friday I wish you the strength to hold out and give everything and for Saturday and Sunday, I wish you the strength not to do that!

108. If one waited for the perfect time to start something, one would wait forever. So get ready and make it happen now. I wish you all the best and a very special weekend.

109. We have to cherish the weekend, it is the only thing that gives us a glimpse of retirement. With this in mind, I wish you a nice evening. Let the weekend relaxed.

110. “Every new day has two handles. We can hold him by the grip of fearfulness or the grip of confidence. ” (Henry Ward Beecher) Stay confident this weekend and don’t think about the next week. You can surely enjoy it better this way. I too will remain confident and think of you from afar. Have a great weekend!

111. Forget your sorrows and worries this weekend and thank God for life!

112. Good morning. After many nights of partying, you still look great. In this sense, a great weekend!

113. Since today is the weekend, everyone can rest at home. But you have no right to spend time at home. You have to enjoy this with any fun activity. I wish you a happy and energetic weekend.

114. The weekend for me means sleeping until I’m hungry and eating until I’m tired again. I wish you a few relaxing days and a nice break from everyday work.

115. Those who spend too long at night with tomorrow’s problems are too tired to solve them the next day. (Rainer Haak) With that in mind, have a nice evening, a good night, and a relaxing weekend.

116. Forget all the tears, fears, and worries this weekend, and thank GOD for the beautiful life. Have a nice weekend.

117. “Let’s try to take a decidedly positive side in every matter.” (Christian Morgenstern) I take the side of the weekend!

118. Have a nice weekend. Just take time for yourself, relax and watch your soul thank you …

119. Basically, people always made the weekends happy. Even though you’re a super donkey, you should still celebrate the day. Have a great weekend.

120. I just wanted to tell you that I’m always there for you. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the time.

121. I wish you a good morning and a nice weekend. This is how retirement should feel, 7 days a week. Let this thought motivate you and draw new strength for the next week.

122. No matter how strenuous and exhausting the week has been, you always have the chance to cheer yourself up on the weekend and enjoy the holiday feeling. I wish you a nice long weekend.

123. Good morning, I wish you a wonderful day and a nice weekend. Stay healthy!

124. “Serenity can be learned. All you need is openness, motivation, a bit of perseverance, and, above all, a willingness to break away from the old, well-trodden paths in which our thoughts and actions often move. ” (Ludwig Bechstein) Listen to Ludwig Bechstein this weekend: Be open for Saturday, stay motivated for Sunday, have stamina when sleeping and resting, and be ready to let go of the thought of Monday. I wish you a nice weekend!

125. What is happiness? Happiness is when you don’t have to set an alarm the next day. In this sense, nice weekend!

126. The only thing that is faster than light is the weekend. So watch out, it’s over sooner than you think. Enjoy it and see you next week.

127. The weekend is like God’s blessing! Tomorrow is the weekend! I also wish the day a lot of fun and blessings for you. I wish you a nice weekend!

128. When my boss recently looked for me everywhere and asked where I was, I could only answer “Good employees are hard to find”. Have a nice weekend!

129. “As Friday draws to a close, so Sunday shows itself.” So enjoy your Friday evening and have a nice weekend. I wish you a lot of strength, health, and love for the coming week.

130. “If a friendly face greets you in the morning, a good word, a service of love, it will shine through your heart for the whole day.” (Karl Immermann) I wish you a good morning and just wanted to tell you what a wonderful person you are. Have a nice weekend.

You can find beautiful sayings on the subject of “Good morning my darling” here!

131. The stars shine brightly for you and tell you: I think of you. There is another message: Few are as wonderful as you. Have a nice evening and a great weekend.

132. Hello, take a moment to think about what you’ve achieved this week. Spend a small part of your weekend enjoying what you’ve achieved and be proud of yourself. I am anyway. best regards

133. It doesn’t matter how slow you go. You’re still overtaking anyone who doesn’t do anything. I wish you a nice Friday evening and a great weekend!

134. “Work is something unnatural. Laziness alone is divine. ” (Anatole France) With this in mind: Have a relaxing evening and have a nice weekend!

135. I already thought about the weekend on Monday and I can finally say it: I wish you a relaxing morning and a nice weekend.

136. Good morning, I wish you a sunny weekend and lots of good moods!

137. “When you retire, Saturday loses all charm.” (Unknown) So enjoy your Saturday evening and savor it while it is still rare. Have a good night and sleep well later.

Weekend sayings or greetings for colleagues and business partners

Weekend sayings or greetings for colleagues and business partners
Weekend sayings or greetings for colleagues and business partners

138. No more discipline, no more hard work. It’s time to make your day the way you want! May the weekend enrich your day with joy and blessings.

139. I wish you a nice weekend and thank you for the good cooperation.

140. My dear colleagues, we have achieved a lot this week. I wish you all a nice weekend and a relaxing time.

141. Life was so hard! The weekend is coming again to shake and chill! Let us guarantee the maximum enjoyment from the expected day. Have a good weekend!

142. “Three things help to bear the troubles of life: Hope, sleep, and laughter.” Dear colleagues, I hope you can draw new strength from these three things on the weekend. I look forward to seeing you again next week.

143. “A mighty flame arises from a tiny spark.” (Dante Alighieri) Together we are strong. I am grateful to have great colleagues like you and I wish you a nice weekend.

144. I wish you a nice Friday evening and a relaxing weekend.

145. “Obstacles and difficulties are steps on which we climb up.” I wish you a nice evening and a relaxing weekend.

146. “Give the soul a Sunday and the Sunday a soul.” (Peter Rosegger) I wish you a relaxing weekend.

Weekend greetings for a long weekend

Weekend sayings and greetings for a long weekend
Weekend sayings and greetings for a long weekend

What’s better than 2 days off? Exactly: 3 days off!

Share your joy because of the long weekend with these greetings or quotes:

147. I wish you a wonderful long weekend and that you will be pampered for 3 days.

148. A long weekend is a great opportunity to take a short trip with loved ones. Take the chance and travel with your family! I wish everyone who is pursuing this plan, but also everyone who will stay at home on the long weekend, a lot of fun.

149. I would love to spend the long weekend with you, but unfortunately, that is not possible this time. Nevertheless, I wish you a lot of fun and also that you miss me a little bit.

150. I hope you will use the weekend to recharge the batteries and not think about work for 3 days. Have a good rest!

151. I wish you both lots of sunshine and adventure during this long weekend.

152. Today is Friday and we will not see each other again until Tuesday – I have to tell you that I am very happy! Have a nice weekend, colleagues!

153. I love long weekends! Do you feel the same? Then I wish you the best 3 days of the whole year!

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