16 obvious signs your buddy has feelings for you

This question has plagued you for a long time, and now you’ve got to the point where you’re looking for signs of whether your buddy has feelings for you. I know exactly how you are – I know that from my own experience.

I know what you’re thinking now: what if I exaggerate? What if he’s just being nice?

Since the two of you have been close friends for such a long time, you can’t judge whether there is maybe more behind all those nondescript little things he does, or whether he’s just being nice.

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It can be scary to step out of the friend zone, especially when so much is at stake.

For example, he already knows all of your secrets and you have many friends in common. If something goes wrong, it can be a disaster.

After all, he knows you through and through – and that doesn’t just apply to your good points. Maybe he’s even your best friend.

But does he really want to be with you or are you just making up your mind?

If you already suspect your buddy is into you, all you have to do is reciprocate his flirt and see what comes of it – assuming you want the same thing as him.

But before you do that, you have to be sure that you are not just imagining something.

Undeniable signs that your buddy has feelings for you

While every friendship is different, there are some universal signs that your buddy has feelings for you but doesn’t dare to show them openly.

I have to tell you one thing in all honesty: These subtle signs are not exactly easy to spot. After all, you’ve been friends with this guy for so long that you can’t be sure if he wants more than friendship or not.

Getting to the bottom of your buddy’s intentions is a lot harder than knowing if a guy likes you.

Let’s think of it this way: When some guy hugs you, it’s usually enough evidence that he wants to get close to you.

But what if your buddy hugs you? That doesn’t have to mean anything, does it? How can you distinguish between friendly affection and romantic interest?

Just take a look at these signs and everything will be crystal clear.

1. You had one of those special moments

There are things that you cannot put into words no matter how hard you try. There are moments when you just know that something is real, even though you don’t have concrete evidence of it.

It’s the same with you and your buddy. If you think twice, you will remember exactly the moment when you started to doubt his feelings.

Whether you two want to admit it or not, the fact of the matter is that you had one of those special moments: I’m talking about moments you’ve seen in movies.

For a tiny second, the earth seemed to stand still. Everything was like in slow motion and at that moment you both knew what was going on.

He didn’t say a single word, and neither did you, but everything was obvious. Suddenly you saw him with completely different eyes and you were sure that he felt the same way.

This usually happens on days when you spend a lot of time together.

There are those spontaneous intimate moments when you both sense that something is in the air, but neither of you is saying or doing something.

Perhaps you had a long, serious conversation that brought up feelings.

Maybe you were just sitting a little too close together and had the feeling that something was pulling you even closer together.

Trust your intuition. If you feel there’s more to it than that, it probably is too. Your best friend fell in love with you.

Your mind is probably telling you that you are making up all this (because if we’re being honest, you don’t really have any specific clues).

Yes, practically nothing happened, but deep down in your heart, you know the truth – more than enough has happened.

2. The way he looks at you speaks louder than words

It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul and that is also true. Eyes never lie, don’t forget that! They are the first thing to look out for when trying to figure out someone’s real intentions.

If your buddy has serious romantic feelings for you, he may be scared of his emotions.

He’s probably trying to hide his feelings because he’s too scared of your reaction or simply doesn’t dare to talk to you about his feelings. He doesn’t want to risk losing you as a girlfriend if you don’t want him as a partner.

But even though he hides his feelings, his eyes tell you the truth – whether he wants it or not. Because as much as he tries, he cannot hide his gaze and everything that can be seen in it.

When it comes to eye contact, there are two possible scenarios.

In the first variant, he tries not to look you directly in the eye as much as possible. In this case, it is obvious that he is too shy and afraid that you will see through his feelings and that he is not ready for your reaction.

If you take a closer look you will find that this man is doing everything in his power not to look you in the eye. Even if you look at him, he looks away – as if he’s hiding something.

When the two of you are talking about a serious topic, you get the impression that he is not listening to you because his eyes are wandering all over the room. You can just tell he’s never looking directly at you.

However, this has not always been the case. It is clear that he didn’t have all these feelings for you to begin with. It wasn’t until he fell in love with you or became aware of his feelings that he started looking away.

He also behaves very differently towards other people. If you observe his behavior more closely, you will find that he has no problem looking others in the eyes.

With all of that in mind, it’s obvious that he’s not shy in front of everyone – he just acts differently around you. Shouldn’t that be enough to add one and one?

On the other hand, there is also the possibility that he is doing something completely different. He could also keep making eye contact and staring at you when you look away.

In this case, everything is crystal clear – this man just can’t get enough of you. He can’t touch or kiss you, so all he can do is stare at you.

He looks you deep in the eyes whenever your eyes meet. You know, with that intense, penetrating look that is hard to ignore.

It shows that he’s so in love with you that he just can’t control his gaze. He’s probably doing it subconsciously – he just has the urge to do it. Something seems to be pulling him towards you like a magnet.

Another reason he’s looking at you this way is that he wants to read something in your eyes. He tries to tell by your gaze whether you feel the same as him.

Maybe he wants you to notice. Maybe he doesn’t dare to take the first step and hopes you will do it for him.

He’s probably praying that you take the hint and get him out of his misery. In this case, his gaze is nothing more than an open invitation.

Anyway, these are all very clear signs that this guy is into you and wants more than friendship.

3. He wants to be physically close to you

When a man is in love, he can hardly contain himself. In other words, he needs to be close to you and make some kind of physical contact.

An obvious sign that your buddy has a crush on you is the body language signals he’s giving you.

As mentioned earlier, most men give non-verbal cues in this and similar situations rather than openly and directly confessing their feelings to you.

One of the first signs that your buddy has feelings for you is when they “accidentally” touch them. Now please don’t get this wrong – it doesn’t mean anything inappropriate.

I’m not saying that this guy is disregarding your personal boundaries or your privacy, but he definitely has an uncontrollable urge to make some kind of physical contact.

For example, wonder if he ever misses the opportunity to kiss you on the cheek?

Does he always hold you in his arms a little longer when you two hug? This is a clear sign that he has a crush on you!

You should also watch out for more subtle signs, such as the way he is messing with you or teasing you.

Does he grab your waist every time he walks past you? Does he hold your hand when he explains something to you? Does he touch your knee when he says something funny and laughs? It all results from his need to feel your closeness.

Obviously, when he does all of these things, he is physically attracted to you.

When you’re with a group of people, he always sits or stands next to you so that he can be closer to you.

Whenever he talks to you, he takes every opportunity to touch you – even when nothing is more possible than touching your hand or shoulder, putting his hand on your knee, or keeping the hair off your face.

He’s also leaning over close to you whenever the opportunity arises, especially when the two of you are talking. Sometimes you even get the impression that he’s about to kiss you.

But exactly at the moment when he should strike, he always backs down. Suddenly he pulls back like nothing happened, and of course, that confuses you.

4. He protects you

When a man loves a woman in any way, he always feels the need to protect her, and your friends are no exception.

When a man sees you as a true, loyal friend, he treats you like his little sister – and there is nothing unusual about that.

But if this guy tries hard to show you his protective side, that’s a clear sign that he wants to be more masculine and therefore more attractive in your eyes. He gives you the opportunity to be vulnerable around him.

Basically, this is the way he is telling you that as long as you have him, nothing bad can happen to you. He takes care of you and ensures your safety, no matter what.

This guy has a natural need to protect you because of his feelings for you – there is no doubt about that.

He wants you to see him as more than just a good friend.

He wants you to see in him a man who can take care of you, whom you can count on even in the middle of the night, and he wants to be the first you call when you’re in trouble.

No matter how strong and independent you may be as a woman when a man is in love with you, he sees you as a delicate little creature that he must protect at all costs.

Of course, he doesn’t mean to belittle you. He just wants you to see someone in him that you can rely on and with whom you feel safe and secure.

Whenever someone hurts you, they’ll be the first to react and try to do something to fix it.

When you argue with someone, they are always on your side and defend you. He always makes sure that you get home safely and offers you his company if you have to go somewhere where you do not feel comfortable.

Basically, it’s the little things he does for you that reflect his deep affection. It’s the way he’ll walk you to the front door, take care of you when you’re sick, and make sure you don’t miss anything.

And on top of that, he does all of this without you even having to ask him.

This guy is always there first to wipe away your tears and put a smile on your face again.

If you think twice, it’s like your personal plush pillow – always there to catch you if you fall and to patch you up again if you break apart.

Regardless of whether you have feelings for him (or not), you should be grateful for his presence in your life. Above all, you must never get the idea to take advantage of him and his friendliness.

5. Other people sense that something is going on between the two of you

Some things can be seen much more clearly when you look at them from the outside. You both are overwhelmed by your own feelings, doubts, and concerns, but those around you see everything much more clearly.

Also, other people are much more objective as they look at everything from a broader perspective. They are not emotionally involved in this whole story and therefore, unlike the two of you, can see everything clearly.

Maybe you don’t want to admit the truth to yourself. Or you are not even aware of what is going on. Maybe you are lying to yourself and just cannot accept the truth.

However, if even one of your friends thinks that your buddy’s behavior suggests more than friendship, you should take that remark seriously.

Believe me – this is not my imagination and therefore you should not ignore such observations. Instead, take it seriously and take a closer look at your “friendship”.

6. Your needs are important to him

One factor that can be used to tell if your male best friend is emotionally drawn to you is how he cares for your needs.

If this guy sees you as more than a good friend, he’s not acting selfishly or self-centered. On the contrary, he always takes care of you and your needs and even puts them before his own.

He often surprises you spontaneously with things you love.

For example, he spontaneously invites you to dinner in your favorite restaurant or surprises you with small souvenirs.

This guy makes sure that you are always fine and that you don’t miss anything.

One of the main signs that a good friend is into you is the little things, like the fact that they care whether you have slept enough, or whether you are hungry or tired.

In short, he cares about your wellbeing, and that alone says a lot.

It really comes from the heart. He’s not doing it to manipulate you into falling in love with him. He doesn’t pretend he’s a nice guy just so you give him a chance.

On the contrary – most of the time he is completely unaware that he is putting your well-being first. He acts completely subconsciously and just has the need to make sure that you are okay.

The fact is, you always come first for this man, no matter what.

He’s never too busy to come to your aid when you need him, never too tired to meet you, and never bored with your endless stories.

Your happiness is his number one priority. He has no rest when you’re feeling bad, and he does everything in his power to cheer you up when you feel bad.

Of course, it’s normal for both your male and female friends to look after you to some degree, but when your buddy is in love with you, he’ll act differently.

It becomes very obvious that he treats you better than anyone else before.

He is more interested in your everyday life and wants to know what you do in your free time.

Above all, he does everything in his power to make you feel comfortable around him, because your feelings are important to him. This man is literally spoiling you and you will feel like a real princess by his side.

He just wants to make you happy but knows he can’t do it as your partner, so he presents you with these little tokens of affection to prove his love for you.

7. Every word that comes out of your mouth lands right in his ears

It is well known that men are not the best listeners. Sometimes you even feel that they are not listening to you at all.

But one of the most important signs that your buddy has fallen in love with you is that he is listening to you.

This guy cares about anything you have to say. Even if you talk about clothes or makeup, which most men don’t care about at all, he’ll be all ears.

At first, you ask yourself how he can be so attentive and assume that he is just naturally so on it. On closer inspection, however, you find that he doesn’t behave like that towards everyone else.

On the contrary, it seems like he cares only about you.

You never catch him watching the game or typing a message while you are telling him about something important. And that’s a good sign for a first-class man.

I’m not just talking about the important things here. He pays attention to the tiniest details.

Even though he’s your buddy, which usually means he already knows quite a bit about you, he wants to get to know you even better so he can get closer to you in a romantic way and get more out of your relationship.

But even if he doesn’t plan on doing anything about his feelings, it is obvious that he finds you really interesting and entertaining.

To be precise, he is completely entranced by everything you say and do. You fascinate him for who you are, and he can’t hide that.

8. He always answers first

Good friends text each other all the time, so it’s not uncommon to get a text message or a direct message from your buddy.

However, if he is often the first to answer you, regularly texting you “Good morning” and “Good night”, then he is definitely secretly in love with you.

When was the last time your best friend just wished you a good morning? Well, friends don’t do that. Crush already.

He always wants to be up to date with what’s going on in your life, and you can’t remember the last time you didn’t hear from him in a whole day.

He obviously feels the need to talk to you every day, and that rarely happens with friends. In fact, his day seems to be completely ruined if he doesn’t hear from you.

But that’s not the only reason why he texts and calls you so often. He would also like to become part of your life so that you get used to him and possibly develop feelings for him.

However, this isn’t the only type of contact this man initiates. Whenever you two do something together, he is the initiator of these meetings.

Even if he doesn’t have a real reason to call you or meet you, he’ll find some excuse.

How many times has he happened to drive past your apartment and invited you to dinner? How often have you run into him in your favorite café of all places?

Yes – more than you can count. Well, if you haven’t checked it yet: it was never a coincidence. He did all of this on purpose just to see you.

And when none of that works, he’ll call you just to see what you’re up to because he obviously has an urgent need to hear your voice.

9. He opens his heart to you

Most men don’t open up to anyone right now, and your male friends are no exception. You know what makes most men tick.

They want to be perceived by everyone else as tough, masculine types who are not easy to hurt. Therefore, they usually build thick and high walls to hide their feelings.

In their eyes, feelings are nothing more than weakness. Therefore, they are ready to do whatever it takes to hide their vulnerability from the rest of the world.

Of course, if you and your buddy are very close, he’ll tell you every now and then about certain things that bother him. However, he rarely goes into detail and opens his heart to you.

However, if your buddy loves you as a woman and values ​​and respects you as a great friend, he will surely see you as a potential partner.

Your opinion is important to him. You can tell by the fact that he always asks you for advice and help. It is not at all difficult for him to open up completely to you and to show you his sensitive side.

These are all clear signs that you are special to him. He also obviously wants to know how you feel about certain life issues, and he likes to discuss them with you.

This man wants to test that the two of you are a match first before doing anything about his feelings and entering into a romantic relationship with you.

10. He doesn’t talk about his love life

Although your buddy is into you, that probably doesn’t stop him from having an active love life.

Let’s be honest – you probably don’t seriously believe that he’s just putting his whole life on hold until you’ve checked the truth.

He may do everything in his power to get over you and seek solace in other women as a result. In any case, you shouldn’t hold it against him or see it as proof that he’s not in love with you.

Remember that the two of you are not in a relationship, you are only friends – so he has the right to do whatever he wants with his life.

However, whenever someone around you asks him about his love life, he becomes suspiciously silent. Of course, you wonder why.

He may talk to you about anything, just not his love affairs.

You’ve been friends with this guy for ages, but somehow you don’t know anything about his love life.

You have no idea if he’s ever been in a serious relationship, and you haven’t met any of his girlfriends either. It seems like none of his girlfriends were ever important enough to him to introduce them to you.

In this case, it’s possible that he was actually single the whole time because his love for you is so great that he just can’t imagine being with anyone else.

He may be sitting there really patiently, waiting for you to see him as a potential partner.

He can’t get advice from the woman he really wants to be with.

More likely, however, is that he is deliberately keeping his relationships a secret because he is embarrassed and uncomfortable talking about it with the woman he loves.

He’s afraid that you will see through him and realize that he is only looking for you in every woman he meets.

On the other hand, he might also purposely talk about his one-night stands and relationships around you.

If he does this all the time, it’s obvious that he wants to see your reaction. This guy wants to provoke you to see if you are jealous.

He may think that you are not yet aware of how you feel about him and want you to see that you love him as soon as you start to fear losing him.

So how exactly do you know if he is confiding in you about his love life because he simply sees you as a good friend, or if he is talking to you about his love experiences to make you jealous?

Well, first of all, you should pay attention to the way he does it. Does he brag about his affairs?

Does he keep showing you photos of him and his new girlfriend? Does he keep posting everything they do all over his social networks?

Do you feel like he’s rubbing his relationship under your nose? If so, then everything is more than clear.

That being said, whenever he talks about the girls he’s been up to, he somehow finds a way to compare them to you, if only indirectly.

He doesn’t say it explicitly, but when he tells you what bothers him about his girlfriends, it’s always about certain things that you have but they don’t have.

Somehow he always finds a way to portray you as each of his partners as superior, no matter what. While he wants to make you jealous, he also wants you to know that he would leave her for you anytime.

11. He cares too much about your love life

While a buddy in love may not want to talk to you about their relationships, things are completely different when it comes to you.

One of the main signs that your male friend has feelings for you is his enormous interest in your love life.

While it’s normal for your friends to want to know who you’re with, your male friends are usually not that passionate about your love life.

It is enough for them if they know who you are with. So unless you’ve asked his advice, your buddy will certainly not ask you any more questions about your relationships.

Unless he sees you as more than just a good friend.

So when your buddy is in love with you, he wants to know everything about your relationships and everything there is to know about the guys you’ve been with.

He probably thinks his chances are better if he knows everything from the start.

Whenever you meet a new guy, this man tries to find out everything about him on the internet.

He criticizes the other guy indirectly by telling you all his quirks and weaknesses. At the same time, of course, he is trying to make you understand that he would be a better choice for you.

Whenever you break up with someone, they immediately come to your aid to comfort you, but you can see that they are secretly happy about it.

This man always tells you you deserve better, someone who loves you more than the guy you’re with right now.

What he never tells you, however, is that he is alluding to himself and his qualities when he talks about this imaginary better guy that you supposedly deserved.

If your buddy acts like this, there is no doubt that he is deeply in love with you and obviously jealous, even though he does everything in his power to hide his feelings.

On the other hand, this man might not want to know anything about your love life. Strange isn’t it?

He knows practically everything about you and is always ready to listen to your stories about anything but your love life.

Not only did he not ask you about it – but he also seems completely disinterested when you talk about it. Whenever you start, he ignores you and changes the subject in a flash.

This guy hasn’t met any of your previous partners personally, although you may have suggested it.

Somehow he always finds some excuse to avoid this encounter. Even when you took your ex to your group meeting, he didn’t want to come.

In this case, you are dealing with an extremely emotional guy. He can’t stand knowing that you belong to someone else when he loves you so much.

It’s more than obvious that he doesn’t have the heart to face the truth. Instead, he just ignores it and pretends you don’t have a love life at all.

If he can’t have you, then at least he wants to spare himself the pain of seeing (or hearing from) you with another man.

12. He remembers even the tiniest details

Men don’t care much about details; they focus on the big picture. That’s why they keep forgetting anniversaries and birthdays.

This is especially true of your male friends. Of course, that doesn’t automatically mean that they don’t care if they forget your birthday or the name of your favorite band.

They just don’t find these things as important as we do, and they don’t remember them as well as we do.

But if one of your male friends has a romantic interest in you, they’ll act very differently.

You are obviously more than important to him, so everything related to you is also very important to him.

He remembers every little detail and even knows things about you that not even you have a clue about.

He remembers everything you like, your favorite movies, your favorite music, your favorite food, etc., and tries to incorporate as much of it into your relationship as possible.

This man knows what your favorite ice cream is, what your pet was called from childhood and he never forgets the important days in your life.

This man will notice even the slightest change in your hairstyle and he will already recognize what is on your mind by the way you write him.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s a slipper or a stalker. He just pays very close attention to everything that has to do with you.

He’s always the first to congratulate you on your birthday or let you know that your favorite actor is in a new film.

This guy will notice the slightest change in your appearance or behavior.

He knows you through and through so that he can tell immediately if you are not feeling well or something is wrong without hearing a word from you.

13. He helps you like no other

Friends help each other. At least real friends.

And yet somehow this guy stands out. He tries so hard to help you with every little thing in your life that he’s now more of your partner than just your buddy.

This guy does everything that only a boyfriend would normally do for you.

If you need help moving, or something needs to be done or repaired in the house, he is always there for you. By now you’ve got used to always having it with you.

If you have a flat tire or just need a lift, he’s the first you call.

While he can of course be just plain friendly and polite, the more likely your male friend is in love with you if he goes out of his way to help you out and get you out of every little difficulty.

This is especially true if he puts your needs before his own, like a true gentleman.

Of course, a true friend will help you, but he won’t instantly drop everything when you call him.

But that’s exactly what this guy has been doing all the time. When you tell him to jump, he’ll ask you how high.

He needs to help you whenever he can and he wants you to see in him a reliable man that you can always count on.

14. He bombards you with compliments

When a man is in love with you, in his eyes you are the most attractive, intelligent, and interesting woman in the world.

Of course, I am not saying that you are not a first-class woman – I am just saying that this man thinks you are the best woman on the planet.

Of course, he feels the need to tell you that too. Although he can’t exactly pour out his heart to you, he regularly compliments you and tells you what he likes about you.

It’s kind of cute, but you never know if he’s just telling you this to make you feel better, or if he means it.

He supports you no matter what you do and always finds some inspiring words to motivate you.

When you have doubts, he’ll find a way to show you a different perspective and cheer you up, no matter what you’re going through.

My personal advice? No more doubts – believe him when he says that there is something beautiful about you.

15. He is always there for you

If your buddy has feelings for you, not only will he always be at your side with advice and action, but he will also give you comfort.

This man is never too busy to listen to you and help you with your problems. He just can’t be happy when you have a problem.

This man is the first person you call when you feel depressed, and he never misses the opportunity to be your shoulder to cry on.

He’ll hold your hand when you’re feeling down and give you advice when you need it.

When you call him, he’ll leave everything just to be there for you.

Of course, a real friend is there for you not only when everything is going well, but also when things get difficult – and of course, all of this can mean that he is just a good friend.

It is much more likely, however, that this guy is actually doing everything in his power to be your rock, because in your eyes he wants to be a strong and reliable man who never leaves your side.

He is your greatest support in life – someone who will propel you forward at every opportunity.

16. It is obvious that he treats you differently from his other friends

One of the most obvious signs that your buddy has feelings for you is the fact that he treats you differently from any of his other friends.

Chances are you’ll both be with a whole group of friends a lot, but somehow you know that you are special to him. He doesn’t try too hard to hide it.

You’re always the first he calls, he’s always sitting next to you, and you feel like he’s talking to you when he’s talking to others.

Whenever he says something funny, he looks at you and waits for you to laugh like he needs your approval.

These are all obvious body language signals that he likes you.

Your opinion is more important to him than that of others, and he always pays special attention to you.

While it may well be that the two of you are best friends and are closer to each other than anyone else in the group, that’s probably just an excuse.

This guy doesn’t know how to get closer to you, and he probably doesn’t realize he’s treating you differently, but the fact is, everyone else will notice.

Both his and your friends call you both a couple and treat you that way too.

If his friends do this, it is also possible that he told them about his feelings for you and they just want to see your reaction.

He always smiles when that happens, and it’s obvious he doesn’t mind at all if people think you are a couple.

On the contrary, he seems to be enjoying it a lot, and that shows his feelings for you more than clearly.

Of course, you are not his only friend. He’s hanging out with a lot of other girls, but he doesn’t treat any of them like you.

Everyone sees this difference, you too, whether you want to admit it or not.

How do you know if your buddy has feelings for you?

If you’re wondering if your buddy wants more than friendship with you, the main one you should pay attention to is how he acts when the two of you are together.

When a man is into you, he looks at you in a very special way, he goes out of his way to make you laugh, and your happiness comes first for him.

Of course, good friends do the same for one another. But everything is different with him.

He’s jealous of every one of your lovers (including the guys you like or who hit on you) and he will do everything in his power to make you feel safe and secure.

All you need to do is lookout for the signs above. If most of these apply to him, then there is no doubt that this guy has a crush on you.

How do you know if your good friend is secretly into you?

The best way to tell if your buddy wants to leave the friend zone is to compare his behavior with the behavior of all of your other male friends. If he’s into you, he’s subtly signaling his feelings to you – all you have to do is look carefully.

Remember, there is no way this guy wants to ruin your friendship. He’s afraid to admit his feelings to you because it means he runs the risk of losing you completely.

As long as he keeps his feelings to himself, he will at least have a good friend. But if he confesses everything to you and you don’t return his love, your entire relationship from then on would be, to put it mildly, uncomfortable.

He firmly believes that you would distance yourself from him, and he doesn’t want to risk that. Ultimately, it is better for him to play it safe.


If all of the signs that your good friend has feelings for you apply to him, there is no doubt that this man is madly in love with you. In this case, you are in control.

That means that everything depends on you. Do you see him as a potential partner? Can you imagine being with him? But above all: do you feel the same for him?

If your answers to all of these questions are positive, ask yourself, “Is the potential relationship worth our friendship?”

Please don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that nothing can happen to either of you. On the contrary: a relationship that emerges from a friendship has the best chance of developing into a healthy and long-term relationship.

But please, think carefully about what you’re doing and take it as seriously as possible. Remember that after you become a couple, there is no going back.

If you feel like you two are not going to work out, then let it be. Otherwise, you will likely lose that person forever and they will not be able to be your partner or friend.

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