17 clear Signs he has Feelings for You (# 7 Rocks)

17 clear Signs he has Feelings for You (# 7 Rocks)
17 clear Signs he has Feelings for You (# 7 Rocks)

What are the signs that a guy has feelings for you or has a crush on you, but doesn’t want to show it, so he hides it? What are some signs a guy shows if he secretly likes you but knows you two can’t be together? 17 clear Signs he has Feelings for You.

Signs he has Feelings for You

Have you often asked yourself about the first date:

“Does he feel the same?”

Men are not exactly known for putting cards on the table when it comes to feelings and saying clearly what is going on.

Because I’m tired of pondering for days and nights every time what he is feeling now, let’s look at 17 signs today that we women can tell that he has feelings for us.

What does HE reveal himself with?

Trust your intuition!

Dear women, trust your intuition! Women in particular have invisible feelers with which we can decipher intermediate messages and subtle body language. So don’t doubt yourself and listen to your gut.

In order to be able to decode the men of this world even better, I will now show you 17 clear signs that he has feelings for you!

For a better overview, I’ve divided them into two categories: body language and actions and words. This will give you an even better overview.

Body language Deeds and words
1. He’s losing his cool 9. Hey, it’s me again!
2. Look me in the eye, kid 10. He has all the time in the world
for you
3. “Accidental” touches 11. He shows you his life
4. His lips give it away 12. A good listener!
5. Please smile! 13. He wants to know everything
6. Take a deep breath 14. He’s planning great
things for you
7. What is his body doing? 15. His protective instinct
comes to the fore
8. No sheet fits between us 16. He is not perfect and
believes in it
17. Surprise!

1. He’s losing his cool

Well, when you met him in the club a few weeks ago, wasn’t he still the coolest of his friends? What happened now?

Suddenly he seems nervous when you meet, constantly brushing his hair and making convulsive jokes? Jackpot: That he likes you so much unsettles him. That’s actually very cute. Do him a favor and still laugh at his jokes!

2. Look me in the eye, kid

His eyes and gaze reveal a lot about his emotional state. Is he looking you straight in the eye? Great, that means he’s interested and doesn’t want to miss anything from you.

He often looks down and looks to the side. Warning, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings for you, just that he’s nervous.

By the way: when his gaze wanders to your nose, your mouth, and back again, you can be sure that he feels something for you.

3. “Accidental” touches

Would he rather sit next to you than across from you? When he laughs, does his hand casually land on your shoulder? You happy! Remember, these touches are not accidental or unintentional.

He tries to be close in a subtle way because he likes you and to gauge how you will react to it. So feel free to stroke his arm when you tell something, it gives him security and he dares to take the next step faster.

4. His lips give it away

Watch his lips, you won’t find that difficult, will it? If he unconsciously and inconspicuously licks his lips more often during your date, this is an indication that he likes you. Why? We produce more saliva when we are attracted to someone.

5. Please smile!

Of course, he will smile at you more often, after all, you have a date and your object of desire is definitely a happy and nice man. But pay attention to HOW he smiles or laughs! Does he show you his teeth?

Sounds strange at first, but that means he’s really happy with you and he doesn’t want to hide anything from you. Then there’s that real smile that goes from his mouth to his cheeks to his eyes.

If he then tilts his head back a bit, you can count yourself really lucky: He feels completely at ease with you.

6. Take a deep breath

This is probably the oldest tip in the world. Taking a deep breath helps in almost every situation in life. Just like your girlfriends will likely give you this tip before the date, it will also use it to calm you down before the date with you. So if you see him taking a deep breath, that means he’s nervous because he doesn’t want to screw it up with you.

But there is another reason why he takes a deep breath when he comes up to you, and it is a very unconscious one: He puffs up his chest in order to impress you. This is a very subconscious move, but if you catch him doing it you know that you mean something to him.

7. What is his body doing?

Body language is something we humans use to reveal ourselves unconsciously in every life situation. When flirting, you should therefore be very conscious of how he moves. This table shows you what he wants to tell you with his body language.

His body leans forward when you talk! It’s clear: he wants to get closer to you!
His feet are pointing at you! If he sits with his feet facing you, it shows serious interest.
His pelvis points to you! This is how he unconsciously shows you his sexual interest.
He’s touching his neck! If this happens unconsciously during the conversation, he will show you, without knowing it, that he is into you.

8. No sheet fits between us

Pay attention to what happens when you walk next to each other or when you sit together on a bench, for example. Is he always as close to you as you can possibly get? So close that you keep touching?

This is a sure sign that he likes you because subconsciously he shows you that he wants to protect you. Sweet of him, right?

9. Hey, it’s me again!

This is the third time he’s texting you by himself, just to ask how you are or what are you doing? Do you notice that he is trying to keep a conversation or chat going just to keep in touch with you longer? Enviable! That’s a sure sign he likes you.

By the way: Don’t panic if he doesn’t answer immediately or so often. He’s probably just busy and sometimes we women just need more attention than men.

Time is the most valuable commodity!

10. He has all the time in the world for you

Let’s not fool ourselves. We are all too busy day in and day out. This ranges from work to leisure stress and your crush is definitely no different.

He also has to balance friends, family, job, and hobbies. If he still takes a lot of time for you and tries everything possible to see you regularly or even to spend a whole weekend with you, you have won the main prize.

You are important enough to him to take time for yourself, and after all, time is the most valuable commodity in our fast-paced society.

11. He shows you his life

Probably one of the surest signs he has feelings for you: he lets you into his life. If he introduces you to his friends or even family, takes you to his gym, or to a work event, put your doubts aside, because no man will do that if he is not genuinely interested in you.

Men in particular want to be sure that they have real feelings before they let a woman into their lives, so be happy.

12. He’s a good listener

Regardless of whether you tell him about your dog, your yoga class, or your weekend shopping, he is always hanging on your lips and listening to you intensely. He asks questions and shows genuine interest in every story, no matter how banal.

That shows you how much he likes you. Because let’s be honest with ourselves, probably not all of your stories are super exciting. However, he likes you so much that he soaks up your every word. You should appreciate that.

13. He wants to know everything

Two weeks ago you told him about a stressful project that you had to prepare for a meeting and today over breakfast he asked how it went.

Wow, that shows real interest. Likewise, if he wants to know everything about your pets or hobbies. Only a man in love will ask so enthusiastically.

14. He’s planning great things for you

After you’ve had a few dates, it’s time to do something other than go out to dinner or have a coffee.

But before you can even think about it, you will receive a message with an invitation to an alpaca hike or a wine tasting. Only a man who is seriously interested in you will go to so much trouble to plan a nice experience for you.

15. His protective instinct emerges

You talk to the waiter briefly in the café and notice how he suddenly stiffens and presses his lips together? But someone is pretty jealous. As long as it doesn’t get out of hand and he just doesn’t know exactly how you feel about him, that’s a cute way to tell that he really likes you.

16. He is not perfect and stands by it

If he feels so comfortable with you that he tells you about how uncomfortable it is for him to give presentations or how difficult it is for him to do his arm workout in the gym, you will get a sign of his interest served on a silver platter, so to speak.

It doesn’t matter that we are already in 2019, men are still seen as the stronger sex and under no circumstances want to admit that they (like every human being) also have weaknesses.

That he still admits to you that he has fears and weaknesses are all signs of a relationship.

17. Surprise!

You actually only mentioned casually that you would like to visit the museum at the other end of town, but unfortunately, you have never gotten around to it and on your next date he is suddenly in front of you with two tickets.

WOW, you made a really good catch. Surprises like these show his infatuation. He wants to make you happy. Not only that, of course, he also wants your feeling for him to increase. How sweet of him!

Is he interested in me or is he just nice?

Sometimes men and women just live in different worlds. Nowhere is this more evident than in this initial, tender flirtation stage.

With some actions, you might think that he clearly likes me while he can’t really imagine anything with you. So here are 3 signs that you shouldn’t waste your time.

# 1 You’re not the only one on his flirt radar

You may think he just wants to make you jealous when he talks about other women or even flirts with someone around you.

Especially when it is the case at the very beginning of a flirt, I, unfortunately, have to disappoint you. If he really felt something for you, he would spend his energy on pleasing YOU and getting YOUR interest instead of flirting around. Well, hands-off, he really doesn’t deserve your attention.

# 2 What teases each other that loves each other?

This old adage does not always really correspond to the truth, it is much more a balancing act to recognize whether he is teasing you because he really likes you or whether he sees you very deeply in the friend zone.

If he teases you in public or around his friends, it’s more of an indication that he sees you as a good friend but has no romantic interest. Sorry, but don’t despair, after all, there are others!

# 3 He makes himself scarce

Do you want to count, make yourself seldom? I think this saying is lagging nice because it makes pretty much sense that it starts at the beginning of your dating phase, withdraws, after all, he should enjoy the regular and frequent contact with you.

Besides, men, in particular, don’t like such games. If he never answers by himself and shows no enthusiasm in your conversations, you shouldn’t waste your time. You can only lose this fight

Similar questions:

Is he really interested or does he just want sex?

It hurts when you really develop feelings for someone but they only care about the physical. Therefore, you should pay close attention to his signals so that you are not disappointed afterward.

If he only texts you late at night, if he’s bored and doesn’t want to do anything with you other than sex, or if you can’t manage a meaningful conversation outside of bed, that’s a sure sign that he’s not interested in a relationship.

The same is true if you don’t get to know anyone from their social environment and they don’t even show any interest in your life, you shouldn’t assume that it could turn into something serious.

Is he just shy or is he not really interested in me?

Shy men often do not have it easy because they do not know how to show their interest or simply do not trust each other. The best way to find out if he doesn’t like you or if he already likes you but is just shy is to get active yourself.

Ask him out on a date, then you will notice from his reaction whether he has been waiting for it or actually doesn’t want to.

Also, pay close attention to the body language tips above. You can use it to “expose” a shy man in particular. Of course, you will get the clearest answer simply by asking him.

But be careful, because it is not easy for a shy man to speak the plain language. It is therefore important to proceed cautiously. But it’s worth it when you finally have clarity and your relationship can really get going.


Men are not a book with 7 seals!

Even if it sometimes seems difficult to decipher them, they give themselves away through so many little things and since you now know what to look out for, it is no longer a problem for you to distinguish whether he likes you or whether he, unfortunately, doesn’t Is interested.

By the way: Don’t panic if you don’t recognize him in all 17 points. Even if just a few apply to your date, you can be sure that he has feelings for you. Just don’t tense up too much and don’t forget to really enjoy that wonderful feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

“What are the signs that a guy has feelings for you or has a crush on you, but doesn’t want to show it, so he hides it? What are some signs a guy shows if he secretly likes you but knows you two can’t be together? 17 clear Signs he has Feelings for You. How did you realize that your date has feelings for you?”

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