170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it

170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you
170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you

170+ Ways you can say I Love You without actually saying It or Quotes or Things to say instead of I love you.

To love and to be loved is the most precious thing in the world for most people. The search for a partner to find real love is also the meaning of life for many.

And yes, it is a wonderful feeling when you finally find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

When you then make a declaration of love for the first time and to this the answer I get you too, you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

If you were so excited, you would love to do nothing else all day, just repeat the three magic words: I love you! I love you! I love you!

Do you feel that way too? Would you also like to make a declaration of love every 5 minutes because you are so in love?

But actually, you would like to express these three magical words in a different way and not always say I love you.

I understand you and I am there for you to help you with this. In today’s article you will find:

• Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it.

• How can you say I love you – without words!

That’s how you say I love you without saying it.

It is possible to express your feelings of love without saying the three sweetest words, you just have to be a little creative. Here are some examples of how this can be done:

1. I’ll do this for you.

2. For the world you are just someone, but for me, you are the whole world.

3. I am glad that you are with me.

4. You are my sunshine.

5. You are my heart’s desire.

6. When a shooting star fell from the sky yesterday, I wanted you

7. When I think about the future, I see us both growing old.

8. Your name is engraved on my heart like a tattoo. Why as a tattoo, you ask yourself? Quite simply: because a tattoo lasts forever.

9. Every morning I wake up, every evening I lie down, all alone with you in mind.

10. I think of you so often that I can’t let go of you. I see you day in, day out and don’t know what to do.

170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you
170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you

11. You are my home.

12. I enjoy the time with you.

13. You are the light in my life.

14. I long for you.

15. My heart is yours only. Will you let me in yours too?

16. I need you by my side.

17. I almost feel like I was reborn.

18. My feelings for you are getting stronger and stronger.

19. When I look at you, my heart leaps. Feel it.

20. You are air to me … and I cannot live without air.

21. Life on this earth doesn’t make sense without seasoning, you’re the salt in my soup.

22. You are my first thought when I wake up.

23. I am always at your side.

24. I am so proud to have you by my side.

25. The first time I saw you, I knew what was happening to me. I knew right away that I needed you.

26. You are an angel. You’re wonderful.

27. I don’t understand you but I support you.

28. With you I am a better person.

29. Every day I feel more drawn to you.

30. I like you for who you are.

31. It is so beautiful to kiss you.

32. I want you by my side.

33. You always manage to comfort me.

34. I’ll go with you to the end of the world, until the end of time … Until it snows shooting stars.

35. Without you, everything is twice as difficult and only half as beautiful.

36. You are the blood that flows through my veins, the air I breathe. You are my elixir of life.

37. The special thing about me is you!

38. You are sweet as sugar.

39. You are the most precious thing in the world to me.

40. I want you.

41. Souls in love always recognize each other. Mine recognized you.

42. My heart is yours.

43. I can’t think of anything better than kissing you.

44. You are my world.

45. With many people only my face smiles, with you my heart smiles.

46. ​​I appreciate you.

47. I am lost without you.

48. You are always there for me and I appreciate that.

49. It’s you after longing for so long. Now you are there and I am perfectly happy.

50. I am a really lucky guy!

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170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you Quotes
170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you Quotes

51. I enjoy spending time with you.

52. I have a total crush on you. And it’s getting more and more beautiful.

53. Your smile is my sunlight. I can not without you!

54. With each of your mistakes, I love you more.

55. It was only thanks to you that I realized: love is so wonderful!

56. Time flies with you.

57. I am glad to have you in my life.

58. Both of us, forever.

59. I cannot live without you.

60. Have fun celebrating.

61. I want to be the wind that gently strokes your hair, the sun that gently warms you, and the moon that watches over your sleep.

62. When I saw you for the first time, I knew that my life was only just beginning!

63. I’ve got up in a good mood every morning since we’ve been together.

64. You are my life.

65. How could I live without you all these years?

66. I am there for you and protect you.

67. I would leave you the last piece of chocolate.

68. My desire for you is so great that I will never be full!

69. I forgive you.

70. I feel at home with you.

71. I cannot fall asleep without you.

72. I am longing. I don’t smoke or drink, but I’m addicted anyway. It is the longing for my darling, the longing for you!

73. You are the greatest treasure in the world.

74. You are the most important thing in my life.

75. You and I – we are one. I can not hurt you without hurting myself.

76. Please stop crying.

77. You are my true love.

78. You are the person I want to grow old with.

79. All wishes become small besides being with you.

80. I found my happy ending with you.

81. When you’re not there, a part of me is missing.

82. I am so happy that you exist!

83. Please be careful.

84. Cuddling is only nice when you are by my side.

85. You make me very happy.

86. I adore you.

87. The thought of you puts a smile on my face.

88. I have great respect for you and what you do.

89. I’m in love with you my darling.

90. I am grateful to have you in my life.

91. I totally understand you.

92. You are the most valuable thing I have!

93. I love doing things for two.

94. I still have butterflies in my stomach.

95. You give me strength and still make me weak.

96. Now I notice what I was missing in the past.

97. I want to dance with you forever.

98. You are beautiful in sweatpants too.

99. When I see you, I hear music.

100. Everything is stupid without you.

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170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you Quotes
170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you Quotes

101. You did really great!

102. I am nothing without you.

103. Your laughter is my greatest happiness. I want to go with you forever, forward and never back.

104. I can’t stop thinking about you when we’re apart.

105. You give me warmth and energy, you are my sun!

106. You are the best that has ever happened to me!

107. I don’t believe in fate, but the two of us are meant for each other, no matter what, I’m looking forward to spending time with you.

108. It never gets boring with you.

109. You are mine, I am yours and it will stay that way forever.

110. I’m incredibly happy that we met.

111. You are the most important person in my life!

112. You are my priority.

113. As soon as you write to me, I start to smile.

114. Take my hand and never let go of it.

115. You are my number 1.

116. You are not everything, but without you everything is nothing!

117. You always awaken my passion.

118. I feel infinitely at ease with you.

119. I am happy that you share your life with me!

120. When I am with you, I forget all my worries!

121. You are the reason why I believe in love.

122. I love doing nothing with you.

123. I only have one weakness. Namely you.

124. You always give me hope.

125. With you by my side, I can survive even the most dangerous adventure – even the deadly boring everyday life.

126. I miss you.

127. It’s so wonderful to be with you.

128. You are the right one!

129. I dreamed of you.

130. You are the best gift I have ever received.

131. Man alone is imperfect. He needs someone else to be happy.

132. I will wait for you because I don’t want anyone else.

133. When I look you in the eye and see a glitter in them, take your hand and stand very close to you, then I know: You are the right one for me!

134. Only through you am I complete.

135. Like a: Nike without Air, rubber without a bear, shower without that, contra without bass, sun without sting, that’s my life without you!

136. You are the one who makes half my heart one whole.

137. Two people, two hearts, one future.

138. Since meeting you, nobody else has even thought about it.

139. My heart beats only for you!

140. You are my reason to live.

141. Let yourself go, I’m always there for you. I believe in you, love you, and understand you!

142. I will always stand by you.

143. Wow, you look really hot in that outfit.

144. With your smile you make my world shine.

145. You are my everything.

146. Everyone has their weaknesses and I think you are mine.

147. You are my love.

148. Your kisses drive away the heartache.

149. Everyone has a definition of happiness. You’re mine!

150. I need a hug.

151. I believe in you, you can do it!

152. When I saw you for the first time, I knew: It’s you! And you still are.

153. When I see you, the sun rises. If you walk away from me, I’ll see them go

How can you say I love you – without words!

170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you Quotes
170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you Quotes170+ Ways how to say I Love you Without actually saying it or Things to say instead of I love you Quotes

It’s nice to hear that you are loved. But it is even nicer to prove this love through deeds.

Showing someone how you feel for them, rather than just talking about them, is far more important. Do you think that you regularly show your love to your loved one?

If you’re not sure which tokens of love you can use to express your feelings, I can help you. I have made a list of love ministries for you, depending on the language of love your partner understands.

Do you know what languages ​​of love are? It’s the way someone shows their affection and love.

There are five such languages ​​in total. Some people can love each other but still have problems using different languages ​​of love to show their feelings.

One thinks that he can show his feelings with gifts, but the other does not want gifts, what he needs is time together.

To have a happy relationship, one must also understand the language of the partner’s love and sometimes use it, even though we actually have a different one ourselves.

Language of love: time together

These people show their feelings by giving all of their time to their loved ones. You will never hear from them that they need time to themselves.

You want to spend every moment of your life with your loved one. If your partner values ​​your time together, this is how you can say I love you without saying:

154. Invite him/her to a romantic evening.

155. Even if you don’t have to get up as early as your partner, do it to get the day started with them.

156. If your partner has to work late into the night at home, sit down with him, just be there.

157. Find an interesting hobby for the two of you together.

158. Play games with your partner.

159. Let him teach you something he’s good at.

Language of love: support

For these people, loving means the same as being there. They support the people they love, believe in them, and for them loving means being part of a team.

They are like a private fan club that is always there to motivate you. If your partner values ​​loyalty in the relationship more than anything, this is how you can tell them I love you without saying:

160. Attend his family reunion with him or go to his class reunion with him.

161. Cook him his favorite meal when he’s having a particularly difficult day.

162. Do some of his household chores.

163. Write him encouraging messages when he has an important meeting.

164. Let him tell you about his dreams and goals.

Language of love: physical touch

Some people love someone but don’t have to be with them again and again and on the other hand, we have people for whom physical closeness is a must.

These are people who hug you every time you meet and put a hand on your shoulder when they tell you something.

They show their affection through physical contact. If your partner can’t keep his hands off you, here’s how you can say I love you without saying

165. Kiss his whole body.

166. Give him a massage or even a sensual massage.

167. Make love with him/her.

168. Take every opportunity to hold hands with him/her.

169. Spend an evening just cuddling.

Language of love: gifts

These are the people who know that you don’t just show big feelings with big gifts, but that small gifts and attentions also count. Because of these people, you can’t wait to finally have your birthday.

They always know exactly what you want, although you may not yet know yourself. If your partner always has perfect gifts for you, this is how you can say I love you without saying:

170. Make a DIY basket with their favorite drink, snacks, and candy.

171. Make a photo album with the photos you shared.

172. Buy him a piece of jewelry. It can have your zodiac sign or the date of your anniversary as an engraving.

173. Knit him/her a scarf.

174. Buy him something he always wanted but couldn’t afford.

Language of love: words of appreciation

Do you know this person who keeps talking about their partner? Everything you say reminds her of a cute story about her partner?

They are such people. If you’re not talking about your partner, then talk to him/her.

Communication is an important part of any happy relationship, so these people are actually on the right track.

Although you are actually using words here, you are not telling your darling that you love him directly. Here’s how you can do it:

175. Be grateful. Say thank you for every little thing your partner does.

176. If you don’t live together, write him/her good morning and good night messages every day.

177. Compliment each other.

178. Find a nickname for your lover.

179. Give him praise. Tell other people why you are so proud of your partner.

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