20 Disappointed Phrases For Someone

20 Disappointed Phrases For Someone to Express Disappointment. Having a relationship with humans means having to be ready if one day is disappointed. Whether it’s friends, girlfriends, or family, nothing can be free from mistakes. Therefore, vent for someone who has upset you with these words.

Holding on to your disappointments alone isn’t good for your mental health. But if you are afraid to express it in person, try texting or social media posts to tease the person.

Confused about what kind of words to write down a disappointment with someone? Consider some of the following quotes, maybe they can inspire you.

Words of Hurt and Disappointment for Someone

20 Disappointed Phrases For Someone to Express Disappointment. 
20 Disappointed Phrases For Someone to Express Disappointment.


1. No More Opportunities

The sad reality is that opportunities don’t come twice. Gloria Estefan

Many people believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. Sometimes someone’s doing so badly, you no longer feel disappointed, but also hurt.

It’s best to say these words of disappointment to someone after you have calmed down. Because what this sentence means is that there is no more opportunity for those people who disappoint.

2. No Hope, No Regret

Blessed be those who hope for nothing, for there will be no remorse. Alexander Pope

According to this American poet’s words of disillusionment, regret is caused by hope. Because, when someone hopes and fails, he will be disappointed. Deep disappointment will cause regret.

Therefore, don’t get your hopes up for anything. Especially if your expectations depend on something other people are doing. Because you can’t control the results.

3. Starting with Expectations

Expectations are at the root of all heartache. William Shakespeare

These words of disappointment for one of the authors William Shakespeare are in line with the previous quote. For William, expectations are the starting point for hurt feelings over being disappointed.

For those of you who feel hurt because of the actions of others, try to convey this to that person. Tell him how disappointed you were that you had too high a feeling of him.

4. Feel So Me

If I treat you like you treat me, you will hate me.

Hurting someone else’s heart can be done without realizing it. Whether it’s from the way of joking, speech, or habits that have been attached. Then what if you are the victim?

Express your disappointment for someone who hurt you unconsciously with these words. So he realized that his behavior made other people uncomfortable.

5. As bankrupt

Disappointed is like being broke. The bankruptcy of the soul because buying too many hopes and expectations. Eric Hoffer

Bankruptcy is a situation where you have nothing left because of the huge losses you have suffered. Eric Hoffer likens being disappointed in someone as suffering from bankruptcy.

For him, disappointment is caused by having too much hope and expectation of someone. Unfortunately, these two things bear fruit in disasters, not something beautiful. This quote is suitable as a caption on Instagram to tease the culprit who made you disappointed.

Words of Disappointed for Boyfriend


1. Steps to Disappointment

Craving himself. With him. Shit! Margaret Atwood

These words of disappointment describe your meeting with that special someone. From just seeing, PDKT, then going out. Unfortunately, it is not the feeling of happiness, but rather a disappointment after knowing his true nature.

Do you feel the same way after being with someone you like? If so, try creating a post with this quote to show how disappointed you are.

2. Destructive Mutual

We spoil each other together. We destroy each other’s dreams. Kate Chisman, Run

No one will feel at home in an unhealthy or toxic relationshipUnfortunately, a person’s bad habits will not be immediately apparent when they are still PDKT.

Therefore, if it turns out that you and your partner are both uncomfortable, it’s better to break up. Then express disappointment with someone who was once in your heart with these words.

3. Shallow Love

There will be no disappointment so deep if the love is so shallow. Martin Luther King, Jr

Have you ever felt very disappointed with your partner, to the point of trauma? According to Martin Luther, this indicates your immense love for that person.

If you don’t love your partner, how can you feel hurt to be disappointed? But going into a relationship without loving that person will not be good either. These words of disappointment tell you not to love someone excessively.

4. Love Nonsense

Sayings of love are just verbal decorations without any supportive action. Karen Salmansohn

While doing PDKT, everyone will do imaging. People who are originally lazy to go out of the house become diligent in apples, stingy becomes like treating, or indifferent to being romantic.

Unfortunately, the romantic attitude that is said during PDKT will slowly change back to the original attitude. If that disappoints you, send these words to someone who made that sweet promise.

5. My Tears Are Not For You

I did not cry because of you, what I cried was my daydreams about you being destroyed by reality. Steve Maraboli

The words above describe disappointment with someone who is coveted. I was so disappointed with the idol’s heart, the person in the quote was crying sadly.

When you love someone, it’s natural to have a little daydream about your boyfriend. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences a love story as beautiful as imagined. There are many things that can make a relationship run aground, destroying the figure of a lover who you thought was perfect.

Words of Disappointment at being Lied to


1. Seeing Something More Clearly

Through disappointment you can get clarity, from clarity will emerge truth and conviction. Conan O’brien

The meaning of the words disappointed for someone from this one host is that people can see things more clearly when they are disappointed. Because in this condition, you can reflect on someone’s ugliness without being blinded by his lies.

After reflecting on the offender’s actions, you will learn from those mistakes. Then make a new principle in life so that you don’t experience the same thing a second time.

2. Betrayal Is More Terrible

To me, something more terrifying than death is betrayal. I can feel death approaching, but not with traitors. Malcolm X

For this American Muslim activist, death is not as terrible as a betrayal. Tragically, he himself was shot dead by several members of the community movement he had previously defended.

These words can best describe disappointment with someone who has betrayed your trust. Because liars and traitors can indeed be more terrifying than death. So try sending this quote to the person to vent emotions.

3. Bad People Who Act Good

Bad people don’t bother me. Bad people who pretend to be good really bother me. Cindy Cummings Johnson

Nobody likes people who are mean and unfriendly. But what’s even more disgusting are people who make friends with the intention of harming or taking advantage of you.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing like this should be left alone, especially if he has lied and disappointed you. Send this person words of disappointment to keep him away for good.

4. Powerful tricks of fraud

The trust of an innocent person is a powerful weapon for con artists. Stephen King

These words of a disappointment for someone who has lied to you fit into status on social media. Try posting this quote to show resentment and disappointment with the con artist.

It is possible that then the impostor will no longer try to get close to you. Because he will feel that you are not as innocent as before and that it is not easy to be used for his interests.

5. All Fake

Nothing is genuine if it comes from a fake person.

The meaning of the word fake person in this quote does not mean a doll or a mannequin. A fake person means a friend who likes to lie. Not only words but also deeds.

If your friend is a liar, it’s best not to take his words seriously and always check the truth before believing. For sarcasm, try sending him this quote. Who knows, he realizes and wants to change his bad behavior.

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Words of Disappointment for Friends and Family

20 Disappointed Phrases For Someone to Express Disappointment. 
20 Disappointed Phrases For Someone to Express Disappointment.


1. Easily Forgive Enemies

It is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend. William Blake

Having enemies in life is no fun. You always have to be prepared to be treated badly, not only verbally, but also physically. Then what if the one who did something bad to you as a friend?

These words are suitable to describe the feeling of disappointment because of the bad treatment of a friend. Therefore, express it by saying it to that evil friend.

2. Friends are the source of disappointment

No one likes to be alone. But I wouldn’t really try to make friends, it would only be disappointing. Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

For Haruki, friends have great potential to upset us. However, having no friends at all would also be foolish. Because no one likes to be alone.

These words of a disappointment for someone, tell you to remain yourself even if you try to be friends. Being too self-sacrificing to make friends can end up being taken advantage of. In the end, it is not happy but disappointed.

3. Distinguishing Which Is Precious

We must learn to distinguish, which one is real gold and which one is coated with gold.

The golden mean for this word disappointed for someone is a friend. Real gold means a friend who really wants to be friends with you, while gold plated means a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If you are disappointed with your friend, try posting this quote as a status on social media. So the person who is pretending to be nice will get offended and won’t want to take advantage of you anymore.

4. Family, Gift, or Disaster?

There is no gift more beautiful than a family that helps you when you fall. But no curse is more despicable than the family who stepped on you when it happened. Wes Fessler

Family is the people with whom you have a blood bond. So there is no breakup or stop words like friendship or romance. Therefore, it is fortunate that you have a complete and supportive family.

On the contrary, it is very unlucky if your family is happy and becomes a burden when you are down. Because you forever have to survive with people who make you upset and disappointed.

5. Stabbed near the house

It hurts so much if you are stabbed in the back when you are near the house. Mackinnon Catharine

Do you understand what it means to be stabbed near the house at these words of a disappointment for someone? Stabbed means betrayed or disappointed. Then near the house means the closest person, whether family or friends.

Being let down by someone doesn’t feel good, especially if it’s friends or family. Instead of harboring irritation and getting stressed out, just put it this way from Mackinnon.

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Give Second Chance To Deserving People

Those are some words that describe disappointment with someone who can describe your feelings. Hopefully, it can not only inspire but also be motivation so you don’t feel sad for long.

If a friend apologizes after you’ve posted the quote above, try to apologize. It is not easy to forgive, but who knows he will learn from his mistakes. Then stop upsetting or betraying you.

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