20+ Heart Touching Sad Words

Heart touching sad words that touch a Beloved’s Heart. Being with people you love can make your heart feel happy as if it’s floating in the sky. But when that person is mean to you, it hurts like falling from a tower. Express your heartache with sad words for this boyfriend.

Saying sad words to your boyfriend is better than just being quiet and upset. Because, by doing so, he will know what you feel or what he did that hurt your heart.

Do not even be proud to say and just answer, “It’s okay,” but frown and avoid lovers. Then hope he is sensitive enough and begs your forgiveness. Your human boyfriend is not a mind-reading psychic.

If that’s not the problem is over, your boyfriend will not feel at home with you. If you are confused about what words to say to your boyfriend, here are some sad quotes that can inspire you.

Sad Words Touch a Lover’s Heart That Make You Heartbroken

Heart touching sad words that touch a Beloved's Heart.
Heart touching sad words that touch a Beloved’s Heart.

1. Loving You Hurts

The hardest thing is when I’m sick to stick with you, but I can’t live without you either. Anonymous

A harmonious relationship will make the people involved in it happy. Both men and women trust, care for and take care of each other so that the two of them feel comfortable together.

If your girlfriend often hurts you physically or verbally, express it in sad words for this touching boyfriend. Hopefully, that way he can change his temper. If not, leave him even if it is done with a heavy heart.

2. I Want To Attract All My Darling

I thought, if I could take back the word, “I love you,” which I used to say. Will I do it? Faraaz Kazi 

When you just fall in love with someone, every way will be done to get a lover’s heart. Including flirting and showing affection with words. Then express love, courtship, and happiness.

Unfortunately, that feeling of happiness doesn’t last forever. No matter how harmonious a couple is, there must be a problem. When that happened, at least one of them felt very sad and sorry. If that person is you, do not hold back, express sad words that touch this lover’s heart.

3. Why My Beloved Only Gives Grief

All I know, lovers can make us happy. However, why do I feel hurt and disappointed? Anonymous

Often disappointed by lovers? Often feel hurt when interacting with him? If so, then you shouldn’t just be quiet. Express your sadness in words or insinuations to your boyfriend, as in this example.

Maybe your boyfriend will get angry when he says this. If you are afraid, invite a friend or relative to accompany your boyfriend to talk. You also have a right to be happy, so don’t want to stay caught up in these self-injurious relationships.

4. Sources of Heartache

The greatest joys and hurt comes from our relationships with other people. Stephen R. Covey

Being in a relationship with someone who often gives gifts, asks out on dates, or watches exciting movies is certainly a lot of fun. Unfortunately, your boyfriend is also human, sometimes misunderstanding and sparking fights.

When you fight with someone you love, your heart must feel like it is chaotic. Want to be angry and yell but love, want to be sad but still emotional. Instead of being sad and angry yourself, it’s better to express it in words for this boyfriend.

5. My mouth is out of control

But sometimes, sadness makes us turn into monsters, then sometimes you say and do unforgivable things to the people you love. Melina Marchetta, Jellicoe Road

Humans are the barn of being wrong and forgetting, so it’s natural that sometimes there are misunderstandings in a relationship. Not only your partner, but you can also make mistakes that hurt him.

When aware of wrongdoing, you should apologize. Do not even take pride in and complicate matters with your partner. These sad words for your boyfriend make you not afraid to apologize.

Sad Words for Girlfriends Who Make Cry

Heart touching sad words that touch a Beloved's Heart.
Heart touching sad words that touch a Beloved’s Heart.

1. Only in the Heart

At some point in life you should know, some people can live in the heart but not in the life. Anonymous

Have you had a big fight with your partner? So sick of arguing with your partner that you think you’ve chosen the wrong person to love? If so, it’s better to end your relationship, say these sad words to your boyfriend.

Make it clear that you and the person don’t get along well. So instead of stressing each other out, it’s better to separate. Maybe you and he will feel sad because of a broken heart, but in the end, you will move on.

2. Still Want To Get Rid Of Me?

I am the only person who loves you even though you keep giving me reasons to leave. Anonymous

Relationships are not always harmonious and fair, some are unhealthy. One example of an unhealthy relationship is when one partner makes more sacrifices than the other partner.

When stuck in an unhealthy relationship, you have the option to leave. However, some people stick around for the sake of their lover and believe that one-day things will change. As in sad words that you can say to touch this lover’s heart.

3. Bright But Painful

Falling in love is like holding a candle, for a moment it lights up you but gradually your hands will feel sore from the melt. Syed Arsyad, If It’s Not Love

In dating, there is a term called the honeymoon phase. The term describes the first one to three months of courtship, during which the two people are still intoxicated with each other. So it feels very beautiful and exciting and doesn’t want to be separated from your boyfriend.

After the honeymoon period is over, a beautiful and fun courtship will turn into mere memories. Because, there will be arguments, from small to large. In sad words for this girlfriend, Syed Arsyad describes this by holding a candle.

4. I Want to Hate You

I don’t know how to hate you properly and properly, like you don’t know how to love me properly and properly. Fiersa Besari

Two human beings who are dating should love and care for each other. Therefore, the PDKT moment is very crucial and cannot be arbitrary. It takes carefulness to know what your partner likes and hates.

These sad words for Fiersa Besari’s boyfriend explain what happens if carelessly during PDKT. Don’t know how to treat your partner properly and end up hating each other.

5. I Feel Trapped

You make me feel like a firefly, trapped in a jar, hungry for love. Ayushee Ghoshal, 4 AM Conversations with the Ghosts of Old Lovers

When you confess or receive love, don’t be careless about giving answers. Think first about the good and bad effects in your life, whether it is accepted or rejected? Is he the right person? Can the person love as much as you love him or her?

These words that touch the lover of the light novel writer explain the impact of his random dating decision. Do not let your courtship unhappy, but restrained can not leave your partner.

Sad Words to Changed Dear Girlfriend

1. Sweet Memories at the Beginning

When you remember how you fell in love the first time, you will realize how you are no longer loved. David Grayson

If your relationship with your boyfriend feels torturous, these sad words are suitable for pondering. After reading and reflecting on it, maybe you can think again, end a relationship or give your boyfriend a chance to change?

When your relationship doesn’t get along anymore, try to remember how the first time you fell in love. How good is the partner at that time to you? Then compare how bad his behavior is with when you fight.

2. Eyes Can Be Closed, Hearts Not

You can close your eyes when you don’t want to see something, but you can’t close your heart from feeling something. Johnny Depp

One of the characteristics of an unhealthy romantic relationship is the imbalance of sacrifice. So one sacrifices many things to make the partner happy, while the other just demands. I wonder if you are in such a relationship?

If you’re not sure, try contemplating the sad words for the boyfriend of this one actor. Because you may feel it, even though in your mouth you always convince yourself that your lover is not that kind of person.

3. Life Lost Together with Love

I can’t eat, I can’t drink. The joys of youth and love are gone. It used to be very happy, but now it is very miserable, and life is no longer alive. Plato

Being in love is fun, but heartbreak is painful. If your partner who was once very kind and caring now doesn’t care anymore, then he or she may not love you and want to get rid of you.

These sad words are perfect for a boyfriend who doesn’t really care about you anymore. Can be sent directly to the person or used as an Instagram caption. Even though it may seem like you are begging for love, at least it can be your last resort to save the relationship.

4. Beautiful Time

Nothing is as beautiful as that time. When the world is full of laughter. La Luna, Nothing is Immortal

Miss the good times of dating? No fighting, just making love all day with your partner. Then occasionally given romantic surprises that make hearts melt.

If you think your boyfriend has changed, send these words to touch your boyfriend’s heart. Maybe, then he realized that he was not paying attention to you, and then try to make the atmosphere intimate again.

5. I Hate Time

If time ruins our relationship, then I hate it (time). Maira Zafred Marinho Mesel

Beautiful PDKT times do not guarantee a harmonious love affair forever. Over time, a sweet relationship can turn bitter. This is because you begin to realize and see the shortcomings of a lover, and vice versa.

Some people run aground when they realize their lack of a boyfriend and can’t accept him. If you experience it, express it in words that touch the heart of this lover.

Sad Words for an Ignorant Girlfriend

1. An Ocean of Stillness

There is an ocean of silence between us and I am immersed in it. Ranata Suzuki

Have a boyfriend who ignores your attention? If so, try sending sad words to this cool girlfriend. Maybe then he will be a little more concerned with what you do.

This is because a good relationship is established through good communication. How is it possible to date but don’t care about the problems your boyfriend is having or enjoying success and having fun alone without a partner? It was no different from people who didn’t know each other.

2. Why Can You Trust?

I can say that I’m okay with tears in your eyes and you will still believe. Anonymous

Do you often get annoyed when your boyfriend doesn’t care when you’re in trouble? Or is he constantly pissing you off but feels all right without apologizing at all?

Maybe you have an insensitive partner. If that’s the case, it’s best to send these sad words to that insensitive boyfriend. Maybe then he will be annoyed and want to change.

3. Because You Don’t Care

Loneliness is not a feeling when you are alone, loneliness is a feeling when no one cares for you. Robin Williams

Dicuekin girlfriend is not a fun thing in dating relationships. For example, when you are in trouble and want to confide in, but your boyfriend cannot be contacted or responded to. Not only sadness, heartache, and jealousy can arise.

Satire your ignorant boyfriend with sad words for this lover. Let him know that his indifference makes you feel lonely. That way maybe he could be a little more attentive.

4. Are you busy? I also

We’re both busy, I’m busy thinking about you, you’re busy thinking about yourself. Anonymous

Many people are so busy with work, hobbies, or personal matters that they forget about their boyfriends. In fact, a lover is also a human who needs love and attention.

These sad words are suitable to be sent as a form of protest for a busy boyfriend. Especially those who never respond to your messages or calls because they are immersed in their busy lives.

5. Too Often You Make Me Sad

I don’t even remember why I wasted all these crying on you. Cassadee Pope

A boyfriend who is cool and doesn’t care about your complaints will make your heart feel sad. Then, over time, feeling sad so often, you don’t care too much and forget the reason.

These sad words that touched the lover of the American female singer are expressions of annoyance for an indifferent boyfriend. Even if his actions make you hurt and upset you even cry, he still does it.

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Express Your Troublesome, Who Know Your Boyfriend Changes

Those are some sad words that you can say to touch the heart of a lover who has changed, is ignorant, or makes tears. Hopefully, after conveying it, you can change and relate more harmoniously.

But if nothing changes, then don’t be afraid to end the relationship. Instead of having a boyfriend but just giving grief to the heart every time together, being single but happy is better.

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