20+ Poetic Heart Touching Love Words

20 Poetic Words About Love and Life That Can Touch your Heart. Are you looking for poetic heart touching love words to express what you are feeling? No need to worry because you can listen to it through this article which has been written especially for you. What are the quotes like, huh? Instead of being curious, you better read the following in full.

Not only to express affection for your partner, but poetic words can also represent your feelings of being broken up, you know. Apart from that, here you will also find poetic words that always remind you to always love yourself. After all, self-love is no less important, right?

So, are you impatient to read these poetic words about love that might represent your heart’s content? If so, no further ado. Immediately, read in full below, yes!

Short Poetic Words of Love with Deep Meaning

20+ Poetic Heart Touching Love Words
20+ Poetic Heart Touching Love Words


1. Jealous of the Wind

I want to hug you once again, repay my jealousy at the wind that can hug you at any time. Fiersa Besari

Are you feeling a lot of homesickness for your lover? If so, you can use these poetic words of love from Fiersa Besari to express that longing. By using hyperbole figures, these quotes can accurately describe the feeling of nostalgia that you are currently feeling.

So, when you meet him later, you can say it directly to your lover. He might blush when he heard that. But if you don’t have the confidence to say it straight away, just send him the quote. Acting romantically to your partner will certainly add to the sweetness of your love life.

2. Cannot choose

But, this is what’s dangerous about love, we can never plan and choose who will fall in love with. Djenar Maesa Ayu

Do you agree with the quote from Djenar Maesa Ayu above? Unlike buying a house or a vehicle, love cannot be planned when it will come and who it will anchor to. Yes, that mystery is love.

Therefore, if your feelings are warmly welcomed by your idol, take care of it and never spoil it. Because out there, there are many people whose feelings of love must just be dashed even though they have struggled in such away.

3. A Reason

My past is mine, your past is yours. But, the future is ours. BJ Habibie

BJ Habibie is no longer alive, but his words, which are so beautiful and meaningful, will live on. One of them is the romantic love poetic words he once said to his wife, Ainun.

When you love someone sincerely, then the past is no longer something to be pushed around. Every human being does have mistakes and he has the right to correct them. Therefore, there is no need to look back, just focus on the future that will be lived together.

4. Always Pray For You

I love you. That’s why I’ll never finish praying for your safety. Sapardi Djoko Damono, Rain in June

Praying for someone is one of the simplest forms of proving true love. You ask the Creator to always protect him no matter what. These poetic words of love are simple, but so sweet and meaningful, right?

5. You

Come here, put your ear to my chest. It’s the roar of the waves who would make it if not you. Adimas Imanuel

The young poet, Adimas Imanuel is equally good at conveying his love poems. With steadfast and fitting, he can describe how the effect of a person’s presence is so meaningful through these words.

The couple’s heartbeat is indeed a beautiful melody in itself. Just listening to the sound can make you feel comfortable and be the happiest person in the world. Is not it?

Words of Love that is Poetic and Romantic


1. A Story about the Soul

The soul has no calendar or clock. Nor does he understand the concept of time or distance. He only knows how to find his partner. Lang Leav

You may be familiar with the concept of soul mates, right? Every human being born into the world must be given the gift of a soul mate to navigate this life. Unfortunately, not everyone can easily meet their life partner.

Some were able to meet quickly, others had to wait decades to be together. Either way, you are sure to meet your soulmate at the time that has been outlined, just like these words of romantic poetic love.

2. Tell a story about yourself

I once spoke at night with the moon. To me, he told me about the sun. To him, I told him about you. SL Gray

How do you feel after reading these love poetic words about longing? If you miss your lover, maybe this quote can represent the feelings in your heart. Just like the moon that cannot meet the sun, that is how you feel when you cannot meet your idol.

So, if you want to be a little romantic with your lover, just send these poetic words of love. Guaranteed, he will smile and be impatient to see you soon.

3. Us

If you become a cloud, then I become your sky. If you become the sea, then I am the source. If you are a tree, then I am the wind. Whatever we are, you and I will always intersect. RM Drake

Every human being born on earth brings their own destiny. Not only about the twists and turns of life, but also about his soul mate. For those of you who believe in destiny, do you agree with the quote above?

That is, if two people are destined to be together at one time, they will surely meet. No matter how far they are and how long it takes, they will find each other in the end.

4. Understand Your Song

I want to learn about it. Understand the lyrics of his life and memorize them line by line. So that later, I can sing a beautiful song of love that is in tune with our minds. Christy Ann Martine

If poetic words about love, this one is perfect for being used as a status on social media or an uploaded caption on your Instagram. From this quote, you can very well know that the author loves his partner.

He really wants to know all about his partner so that later he can reconcile his thoughts and steps in the future. Isn’t that beautiful? Have you ever had the same thoughts with the above quote to your partner?

5. Nothing Can Represent

I may not be able to find beautiful words that can describe what you mean to me. However, I will spend the rest of my life searching for it. John Mark Green

Sometimes, feelings of love for someone just can’t be easily expressed in words. It seems, there is no word in this world that can represent the meaning of his presence because he is so precious to you.

Because of his love, like these poetic words of love, you will spend your entire life searching for the right words to describe how much he means in your life. If you want to be romantic with your partner, it doesn’t hurt to send him this quote.

Poetic Words of Love that Cut Hearts

20+ Poetic Heart Touching Love Words
20+ Poetic Heart Touching Love Words


1. Behind the Word “Almost”

I’m almost with you. Unfortunately only almost. You are the one who stops by, you also go to cover. Panji Ramdani

Who says the poetic words of love are only synonymous with happy ones? The proof, this quote can also accurately describe the feelings of the heart that is grieving because of love. What’s more, those of you who are victims are given false hopes.

Everyone certainly hopes that their love story will run smoothly and have a happy ending. Unfortunately, not everything happened as expected. In fact, sometimes, love has to run aground before it really begins. How suffocating, right?

2. Always waiting for you

You borrowed my dream, until now I’m still waiting for you to return it. Princess Marino

Have you ever liked someone so deeply that it felt like they took up all the space in your brain? Unfortunately, he has now left and only leaves behind false promises. So, is it your fault if you still believe in these promises and hope that one day he will return?

The answer is that there is neither right nor wrong because human feelings are not that easy to dictate. You alone know what is best for yourself. If you are sure he will come back, then wait. But if not, then you should welcome new happiness and not stick to the past.

3. Want to be your dream

He started telling me about his dreams. The twinkle in her eyes when she told me this made me wish I was one of her dreams. Natalie Jensen

Have you ever paid attention to someone when he talked about something he loved so much, be it dreams or other things? Not only from words but love can also be seen from the eyes that shine. In a way, you can feel the joy too.

Moreover, if you harbor feelings for that person. You also wish and hope how it will feel if you become one of the things he loves and dreams of. It must be very happy to be loved that much.

4. Missing songs

And … my heart still calls your name often. It’s like a long Monday missing the weekend. RM Broderick

No one wants a love affair that runs aground in the middle of the road. But what can I say, if it wasn’t destiny to be together in the end it would have to be separated too. Of course, the feeling that had been cultivated for a long time could not disappear in an instant.

There are times when that feeling turns into a longing that suddenly touches the heart. Like the poetic breakup words above, longing for someone you can’t have anymore is like expecting a weekend when it just enters Monday: it feels really annoying.

5. Destiny

How can we fall in love with each other but are destined not to be together? Bernard Batubara

Have you never been in a situation where you loved someone so much but couldn’t be with them? Whether it’s for family reasons, customs, or so on. You also feel like you are just being played by destiny.

Maybe, you are angry and feel angry with God for not being able to join the idol in your heart. Because no matter how hard you struggle, you know that the end will be in vain. Sometimes, fate is just that “funny”.

Poetic Words of Love for Yourself


1. You also need love

You have so much love in your heart. Don’t forget, give that love to yourself too. R .Z.

When you love someone, of course, you want to make that person happy, right? Anything will be done so that the smile is always painted on his face. To you, his happiness is happy you too.

But sometimes, you can be too focused on other people’s happiness, but forget about your own happiness. Of course, you can love other people, but don’t forget to love yourself, just like the above poetic words.

2. Love Yourself Longer

Perhaps, God doesn’t want you to fall in love so that you can love yourself longer. Boy Chandra

Have you ever been asked questions by people closest to your partner, such as when to have a boyfriend or get married? In fact, you yourself are still not really thinking about the problem of love. But sometimes, what these people say makes you think and wonder why your love life hasn’t gotten as serious as the others.

The answers that may suit your situation are such as the above poetic self-love words. Maybe it is true, you are currently not liking or falling in love with someone because God wants you to love yourself longer. Take it easy, being different from other people is not always bad, really.

3. Accepting Yourself

You’ve criticized yourself for years and it’s no use. From now on try to accept yourself as you are, and see what will happen. BTS

You may have heard of the South Korean boy band, BTS. This group is loved by many people from various backgrounds, from children to adults in various parts of the world. Not only because the songs are nice to hear, but also because of the message. One of them is the quote you read above.

Sometimes, you act harder on yourself than other people. You can tolerate the mistakes of others, but not with yourself. In fact, you are just an ordinary human who can make mistakes, right? From now on, try to be more accepting and reconciled with yourself, then see what happens.

4. Stories about the Moon and the Sun

Never compare your life with others. Like the sun and the moon, they will shine in their own time. Anonymous

Whether you realize it or not, you may often compare yourself to others. Whether it’s a matter of work, possessions, to body shape. You may have felt insecure because you can only buy local cosmetic products while your colleagues always use imported goods. Naturally, humans do want to always be the best.

But don’t let it become a boomerang for yourself. Because you don’t really know what kind of effort that person was doing up to the point where it is now. Success or other people’s possessions should not make you jealous but instead, serve as motivation. Like these self-love poetic words, remember that the sun and moonshine in their respective times.

5. An Torture

The way you talk about yourself and put yourself down is a form of torture. Rupi Kaur

Loving yourself is sometimes more difficult than loving someone else. This is especially true if you feel insecure and allow other people’s negative words to fill your mind. Until you don’t realize it, you become harder and don’t hesitate to hurt yourself.

But if you think about it, you couldn’t easily say bad words or torture other people. So why would you so easily say all that and hurt yourself? Remember in the end what you have is yourself, so always take care of it.

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Are There Poetic Words About Love Above That Represent Your Feelings?

Those were the 20 poetic heart touching love words that you can read in Lovepsychologys. Are there any of these quotes that can describe your feelings in your heart? Hopefully, there is, yes!

In addition to poetic words about love, you can also read other articles that are no less interesting, you know. Among them are motivational quotes and life mottos, words of wisdom, and cool words about life.

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