20 Wisdom, Funny, and Meaningful Sayings

20 Wisdom, Funny, and Meaningful Sayings or Aphorisms to Motivate Yourself. Reading motivational quotes or quotes can make you feel more excited about going through the day and chasing your dreams. However, most of these sentences sound serious. As a distraction, check out these quotes that are not only wise but also funny.

Motivational quotes are synonymous with beautiful words with deep meaning, so that feelings of emotion and enthusiasm emerge after reading them. But what if the aphorisms you read are funny?

Want to know pearls of wisdom that are not only funny but also wise? Get ready to be intrigued and watch this article until it’s finished so you can get the meaning.

Funny Pearls of Words Make You Laugh

20 Wisdom, Funny, and Meaningful Sayings
20 Wisdom, Funny, and Meaningful Sayings

1. How to Teach Children

The best way to teach your child taxation is to eat 30% of the ice cream. Bill Murray

Educating a child is not easy. What’s more, when his curiosity starts to run high and he asks you various things that are sometimes difficult for you to explain. Even if it is explained, your child will not necessarily understand because it is only in words.

The point of these wise and funny words of the American comedian is to teach someone by example. This applies not only to children but also to life, from work to education to household.

2. Knowledge Is Useful

Knowledge is like underwear, very useful if you have it. But that doesn’t mean you have to show it. Bill Murray

The next hilarious aphorisms still come from comedian Bill Murray. For him, science is an important part of a person’s life. Because knowledge is the thing that drives human civilization to become what it is today.

According to Bill, if you become a knowledgeable person and know many things, it’s better not to show off too much. Because this will make people around you uncomfortable because you seem to be knowledgeable.

3. The Quick Way to Be Wise

It’s easy to be wise. Just think about silly things and then don’t say it. Sam Levenson

As he gets older, the more he is required to be wiser in dealing with problems in life. Acting at will and without thinking will end up getting yourself into trouble. These amusing words of wisdom make that clear.

One of the things adults need to do is think before they act or say. Because, rushing to argue and do something can make other people offended.

4. Grow up

To mathematics, grow up and solve your own problems. I’m tired of solving your problems.

Tired of arithmetic problems? This quote might describe how you feel. Do you realize that behind these funny aphorisms there is a wise message that is full of meaning?

Mathematics is like human life, full of problems that need to be resolved. The search process is confusing, lengthy, and requires calculations. Sometimes, other people may help solve problems, but always depending on other people is not good.

5. The magic of the bed

The mattress is a magic place that can make me remember what I missed that day.

Nothing beats lying in bed after a long day of hard work. The bed can not only help your body rest, but also remember things that were not done that day. Because the brain is able to work and remember better when it is relaxed.

The message of wisdom from these funny words is to always double-check your work before deciding to take a break. Because, when your body is tired it will be very hard to start doing your activities again.

Short Funny Words of Wisdom

1. Accepting Yourself

Accept yourself unless you are a serial killer. Ellen DeGeneres

Every human being is created differently, so accept whatever your condition is. But if you are a serial killer, don’t just love yourself. Repent first, atone for your sins, and surrender yourself to the authorities.

These funny words of wisdom from the American host and comedian invite you to accept yourself. Loving yourself does not mean letting bad habits continue, but instead changing yourself for the better.

2. It’s just a matter of taste

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like me, not everyone has good taste.

There is no one human being who is always liked by other people, including you. No matter how good the attitude you show, there will definitely be some people who hate it. Then what to do if you are hated?

The funny words above teach you to be wise in responding to people who hate you. Instead of getting angry and making drama, it’s better to say the sentence while joking. It may be true, people who hate you have bad taste.

3. Financial Dilemmas

I was caught between saving and living only once.

You can find the habit of spending money and spending money among young people on social media such as Instagram. Usually accompanied by a slogan or caption, “You Only Live Once (YOLO).”

These funny words describe the situation of people who are not wise in managing money. Instead of setting aside the excess money to save, they are even wasting and spending their wealth on something that is only for a moment. Like partying, traveling, drinking, or shopping for clothes.

4. Man’s Best Words

The best word in the history of human language anywhere is, “Oh right!” Gore Vidal

Have a friend or relative who often doesn’t believe your suggestions? Try sending this sentence to the person. Especially if the moment is just right when your suggestion that he didn’t do comes true.

By sending funny words and their meanings, who knows that person can be motivated to change. So next time you give him input, he will be able to accept and process it better.

5. Easy Ways to be grateful

I found one way to look thin, hang out with fat people. Rodney Dangerfield

Often feel like your life is lacking? Want to be like friends who have all kinds of things but can’t afford it? If so, try introspection first. Maybe you are actually quite fulfilled, but less grateful and jealous.

Fat people in that sentence mean people who are less fortunate, while those who want to look thin are jealous. The funny words above teach you to be wise and grateful for favors. Because you may forget that there are always people who have more bad luck.

Funny Words of Wisdom about Love

20 Wisdom, Funny, and Meaningful Sayings
20 Wisdom, Funny, and Meaningful Sayings

1. People with Potatoes Have a Way of Loving

I love you with all my stomach. Because my stomach is bigger than my heart.

Having a beautiful body is the desire of many people. In order to stay direct and fit, various ways can be done. But if you are already bloated, don’t feel insecure, while shrinking your stomach, just laugh with your lover.

When dating, occasionally try to show affection. It can be by sending gifts, a romantic dinner, or just giving a crap like these funny words.

2. Honesty in Relationships

Honesty is the key to a relationship. So if you can fake it, your relationship works. Richard Jeni

There are many sayings and quotes that say a good relationship is when the people involved are honest. This American comedian does not agree with that, according to him, there are many dishonest people who have a long-lasting relationship.

Make no mistake, the meaning of these funny words of wisdom is not that you may lie to your partner. But if you have a secret you don’t want to know, it’s perfectly normal.

3. The difficulty of marriage

Marriage is not easy because you have to deal with feelings and lawyers. Richard Pryor

Planning to propose to a lover? Are you sure it’s steady? Getting married is not an easy thing, there are many factors that must be taken into account and prepared. As explained in these funny words of wisdom.

When getting married, there are many problems that may arise. Starting from the economy, family, career, to the environment. Therefore, do not rush to get married just because of love, because if the marriage fails, the attorney fee is quite expensive.

4. Beauty is not eternal

Marry a man your age, as your beauty fades, so does his vision. Phyllis Diller

No beauty is eternal. If you want to be cared for as well as you can, you will definitely get damaged one day too. This applies to many things, including the female face. As beautiful as it is, aging is something that cannot be avoided.

So for those of you women who are looking for a partner, it’s good to follow the wise advice from the funny words of this American actress. By looking for a man of the same age, waning your beauty in old age is not a problem. Because he didn’t see it.

5. Want to Buy a Pair?

There is no such thing as a guarantee in marriage. If you are looking for insurance, marry the car battery. Erma Bombeck

Relationships with humans are something that is uncertain, including love relationships. Love affection and breakups can happen suddenly. Either because of personal problems or a third person.

However, the uncertainty of a relationship is no excuse for not loving someone. As comedian Erma Bombeck tries to explain in these funny aphorisms.

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Funny Words of Wisdom about Life

1. When Bored Thinking Positive

When life gives you lemons, splash the water in someone’s eyes. Cathy Guisewite

Perhaps you have heard a quote that says, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” The point of lemon in the quote is a trial. So the message is when you are given a trial or a problem in life, turn it into an opportunity.

This cartoonist from the United States created a funny version of these wise quotes. For him, people don’t always have to be patient and positive when they face problems. It is normal to respond to the actions of the person who troubles you.

2. Instant Way People Care

If you think that no one cares about you, try arrears in debt. Steven Wright

Sometimes when you are sad, someone will feel that you are the most unfortunate human being in the world. Then shut himself up lamenting his fate. But feel that none of his friends, family, or lovers want to help him.

Do these funny aphorisms describe your fate now? If so, then stop grieving yourself and talking to other people. It’s possible that friends and family aren’t helping because they don’t know you’re in trouble.

3. Don’t Just Do It Wrong Once

I never made a single mistake, I did it again two or three times to be sure.

There is a saying that goes, “Donkeys don’t get in the same hole.” The point of the sentence is don’t make the same mistake twice, because the donkey doesn’t do that.

These funny aphorisms of wisdom do not agree with that adage. This quote explains that it is perfectly fine to make the same mistake several times so that you can learn. Because, indeed, people’s ability to learn varies.

4. Best Literary Work

The pun is the highest form of literary work. Alfred Hitchcock

Literature is a person’s work to fulfill a purpose and convey a certain message. Most of the legendary literary works are presented in good grammar according to their era. But according to Hitchcock, it’s not the best of literature.

This British director’s funny words of wisdom are actually full of meaning. Hitchcock thought that wrong language such as puns was a form of literary perfection. So you could say, imperfection is one of the things that makes something perfect.

5. Don’t Judge People by Their Cover

I’m not bad, I’m just described that way. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Are you the type of person who chooses friends by appearance? For example, if the person smokes and has a tattoo, then they are mean and you are avoiding them. If so, try to contemplate these wise and funny words of wisdom carefully.

This excerpt from the animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit was taken when the detective falsely accused the perpetrator. So teach the viewers not to judge people just by appearance.

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Those are some Wisdom, Funny, and Meaningful Sayings or quotes that are full of inspiring moral messages. Hopefully, after reading it, you will not only be motivated but also entertained.

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