20+ Wise, Sad and Funny Words for Singles

Wise, Sad, and Funny Words for Singles or Words of Wisdom for Singles. There are many reasons why someone is single for a long time. Starting from the nature, appearance, property, to someone’s relationships can affect the attraction of the opposite sex. If you are one of the singles, be patient. To be jealous of friends who are not single in control, consider these wise words.

A few words of wisdom for singles can not only help you be more confident but also reciprocate other people’s ridicule. Therefore, read to the end so that it is easy to understand the meaning of the quote.

20+ Wise, Sad and Funny Words for Singles
20+ Wise, Sad and Funny Words for Singles

Happy Singles Words of Wisdom

1. Singles are also happy

For those who are married, be happy wives. For those who live single, be happy singles. Shandy Tan

Getting married is one way to express the seriousness of someone’s love. Even so, marriage is not the end of a love story. For a harmonious and happy household, it takes sacrifice and effort from the bride and groom.

The words of wisdom above explain that marriage is not much different from being single. Even though you are alone and don’t have a partner, that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. In fact, by continuing to do social activities or focus on your career, you will still be happy.

2. Happy Without Other People

Sometimes people choose to be single because they can be happy with themselves. So, you don’t need to look for happiness from other people. Nurilla Iryani

What is the reason you are single? Is it because no one wants to be with you? Not confident in inviting acquaintances of people you like? Or have you been traumatized by having dated bad people?

The words of wisdom above confirm that singles are not a big problem. Not having a partner doesn’t mean you have to be sad. Instead of having a partner but being constrained and suffering, being single can make you happier.

3. Are you sure you’re more fun?

My solitude is very pleasant. I will only accept you if you are more pleasant than my solitude. Warsan Shire

These wise words from the British writer describe the feelings of people who are comfortable being single. For him, single is no longer something sad, but fun.

Use this sentence when someone mentions your partner’s problems. Explain if you are satisfied and happy with what you have. So no one dared to approach it, no problem.

4. Single is not lonely

I don’t like being mistaken for lonely just because I’m single. Delta Burke

This single word of wisdom has the same meaning as the previous quote. Say this sentence to the person who often teases you about relationship status.

It may seem sad when hanging out with family or friends but being the only one single. When everyone else comes hand in hand, you come alone. But being single doesn’t mean lonely, maybe with that status, you will be freer to make friends with anyone without being jealous.

5. Singles are free

Don’t be sad to be single, it should be those who have boyfriends because they are jealous of the freedom of singles. Anonymous

Having a partner or lover does not mean that you are automatically happy forever until death does. Pairing means you have to compromise with other human beings, whether it’s a matter of goals, needs, relationships, and much more.

The words of wisdom for this single make it clear. So those of you who still don’t have a partner, be happy. Because all the problems and pleasures in your life can be enjoyed alone.

Words of Wisdom, Honorable Singles

20+ Wise, Sad and Funny Words for Singles
20+ Wise, Sad and Funny Words for Singles

1. Not Singles, But Patience

I’m not single, I’m not dating. I’m just waiting for the appropriate person. Anonymous

People who already have boyfriends or partners are sometimes considered to be more fortunate than singles. But, are those who are already paired sure that they are with the proper person? What if it doesn’t? Want to force together but don’t like it?

These wise words remind singles not to worry about being alone. Instead of rushing into a lover but often irritating them, it’s better to wait a little longer to meet a lover who deserves to be loved.

2. The Process of Finding a Partner

Being single is not something to be sorry about, but a process that must be passed to find a true partner. Anonymous

These wise words can be pondered while living your single days. Maybe that way, your patience, and fortitude to live alone will be stronger. So it is not easy to be jealous when you see other friends who are luckier.

Falling in love and heartbreak is a natural thing in the world of love. Therefore, being single is a process that everyone has gone through. No need to rush and sell yourself cheap.

3. Better to be busy

A woman who is busy, cheerful, and purposeful is more attractive than one who just waits for a man to satisfy her. Mandy Hale

For those of you women who are single and still often lament over solitude, these words of wisdom might be an injection of motivation to get through the day. Don’t just think about love, it’s better to achieve high goals in other fields.

According to Mandy Hale, women with high aspirations and struggling to get them are more attractive to men. Because in addition to admiring, women like that are also considered to be more independent and less troublesome.

4. Don’t Disturb Me

Singles does not mean you are available. Sometimes it’s better to put a sign, ‘Don’t disturb!’ in your heart. Wiz Khalifa

Who says being single is because no one wants to be with you. According to this rapper from the United States, being a person without a partner is a person’s choice. The reasons vary, from still trying to move on, focusing on careers, to being happy alone.

The words of wisdom for this single describe a heart like a hotel room door. So if you start feeling jealous of a friend who has a partner, consider first whether you are ready to remove the mark.

5. Dating is not free

Singles are an opportunity to live freely without having to keep saying sorry. Mandy Hale

Having a partner is tantamount to compromising on various matters. But the name is human, surely one day you will forget or make mistakes that your partner doesn’t like. You and your lover do not agree, it is only natural that there will be arguments until one of them apologizes.

These wise words describe the freedom of a single. A single person does not need to be afraid that their partner will be angry, jealous, or hurt, because they do not exist. If you want to do or buy something, you also don’t have to ask your boyfriend whether or not you can.

Funny Singles Words of Wisdom

1. Matching Still Delayed

Someone’s boyfriend is our pending soul mate. Anonymous

Love and partner are two different things. Even though they are dating someone, they don’t necessarily love each other. But and vice versa, although love is not necessarily together.

If you choose to be single because you like someone who already has a boyfriend, this quote might be motivating. So you can be more patient in waiting for the person you like to break up.

2. Worldwide Singles Desire

The single doesn’t want anything, just wants to date. Anonymous

For people who are dating, it is normal for a partner to ask for something. Whether it’s asking for a date somewhere romantic, dinner together, gifts, and much more.

For singles, there will be no such troublesome request. Don’t have a romantic dinner, don’t even have a boyfriend. Words of wisdom for this single can be said if there are friends who refuse to set you up.

3. The Question in the Grave

In the grave who is asked who your god is, not who your girlfriend is. Anonymous

Family events are moments where questions about matchmaking often arise. Starting from, “When will you get married?” until, “With whom now?” often thrown along with life discourses. For those of you who want to be alone, these questions are certainly very annoying.

Therefore, answer the reasons single wisely with the words above. Let your family no longer ask about that problem. At least I’ll see you at the next family event.

4. Already ready for marriage

95% preparation for marriage, only 5% is looking for a partner. Anonymous

Still the same as the wise single words above, you can also use this quote to answer questions about mate. Instead of being complicated to answer various reasons, just joke around and surprise you with your wedding plans.

Getting married does take a lot of preparation. Starting from documents, materials, customs, and much more. But the most important thing in marriage is the presence of a husband or wife. If there isn’t, there’s nothing wrong with preparing another one beforehand.

5. A tough choice

You can choose, married and bored or single and lonely. There are no fun choices. Chris Rock

These wise words from Chris Rock describe the dilemma of being single. Because for singles, having a partner is a pleasant dream. No longer lonely and some people pay attention.

Even though for people who are dating or even have become brides, the single period is a wonderful memory. Because in those times they were free and could seduce anyone freely.

Singles’ Wise Words

1. Love Yourself

You don’t need to trade your life for someone else’s love. Singles period is a crucial time in life. Because the only thing that won’t leave your life is yourself. Jo Coudert

Being single for too long can erode your self-confidence. Decreased self-esteem, contributes to decreasing standards in finding a partner. If it gets worse, you can become a slave to love who is willing to do whatever it takes to win your crush’s heart.

These wise words from Jo Coudert remind singles to value their lives. Don’t just want to have a boyfriend, you want to be treated arbitrarily. Better to enjoy your single life while choosing the right person.

2. Singles and Happy

If you want to be single and happy, then stop thinking of those times as boring times waiting for other people to come. Natalie Lue

So being single is synonymous with loneliness, but that doesn’t mean you have to be sad and miserable. If you want to be single but happy, then start seeing those moments alone as a gift. Do something positive, work, and be adventurous yourself.

Weeping for solitude will only give birth to jealousy towards friends who are already paired. Envy can then make the brain feel stressed. Do not let stress lead to the consumption of things that are bad for health, such as smoking and drinking.

3. Declare Your Love

People who fall in love secretly can only, as they always do, fall in love alone. Raditya Dika, Pink Marmut

The factors that make it difficult for someone to get away from being single are various. One of the factors is self-confidence. In fact, it is an important thing if you want to have a partner. How could anyone want to go out with you without ever chatting before?

4. Disappointment Is a Consequence of Love

Falling in love can never choose. God chose it. Disappointment is the consequence, happiness is the bonus. Fiersa Besari

Some people are destined to have complicated love stories and journeys. Not just having a crush, acquaintance, approaching, confessing feelings, then dating, there is such a thing as rejection.

These wise words from the writer and musician from Bandung can be a motivation for singles who are currently PDKT. Don’t just seduce but don’t express affection for fear of being disappointed.

5. Instead of Annoying

I better wait, than interrupt. Anonymous

When you approach the opposite sex, there is the risk of being rejected and being cornered by the other person. If the person you like turns out to be receiving someone else’s love, you can choose. Fight back for love or retreat regularly.

These words of wisdom motivate singles whose crush is grabbed by others to be patient. If it’s still a pity, it’s better to wait until the opportunity opens. Because, you also don’t want to be dating, but if there are bullies?

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Single May, Not Upset

Those are some wise, sad, and funny words for singles or quotes for singles who are waiting for their mate. Hopefully, after reading it, you can be patient and be able to give good answers if someone touches on a matchmaking issue.

For those of you who have been single for too long, don’t be sad and close your heart. Especially if you are stressed and then do things that are harmful such as getting drunk, smoking, or hiring prostitutes to entertain yourself. Already single, not healthy anymore, it’s only natural that no one wants to be a lover.

Better to start introspection and listen to the words of those closest to you. It’s possible that the reason no one wants you to be with you is not inborn. But because of something that can be changed such as behavior, character, and manners.

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