20+ Words for True Friends Forever

20+ Words for True Friends Forever that touch the Heart, Words of True Friendship as an Expression of Your Gratitude. Friendship is one of the meaningful relationships in life. If you want to express gratitude for the presence of a friend who is always loyal to your side, the words of a true friend forever in this article may be used as inspiration. Let’s look at the full review here.

Here, you can choose words for true friends forever or true friendship quotes freely according to your heart’s content. Starting from words that can touch a friend’s heart, to funny quotes that can be used as entertainment.

Looking forward to knowing what words to use to describe your true friendship? lets, see the full list below.

Beautiful Words for True Friends Forever

20+ Words for True Friends Forever
20+ Words for True Friends Forever


1. Meaning of Friends

What is a friend? One soul residing in two different bodies. Aristotle

Many people try to define the meaning of the word friend. One of them is Aristotle, who considers friends as one soul in two different bodies.

Do you feel like you have a close resemblance to your friends in behavior and attitude? If so, the definition of a true friend expressed by the famous Greek philosopher seems to be true.

2. Take the Limousine and Bus

A lot of people want to ride the limousine with you, but what you want is him who wants to ride the bus with you when the limousine dies. Oprah Winfrey

When you are at the peak of success, there will probably be a lot of people who try to be friends with you. However, you need to be careful because they may have other intentions and are not sincere about making friends.

These words to a true friend forever from Oprah Winfrey above can be a reminder not to forget the people who have accompanied you from scratch. Don’t let them waste their existence because finding true friends is not easy.

3. Aligned

Friends are a relationship of feelings between two or more people that are based on high harmony, not only because of the high frequency of being together. Sitta Karina

One of the things that might interest you in becoming friends with someone is liking the same things. Whether it’s hobbies, music, films, and so on.

Starting from there, over time you and your friends are getting closer because they are comfortable with each other. Therefore, it is not wrong that Sitta Karina in the words of wisdom above underlines the importance of harmony in the formation of true friendship.

4. Grow Apart

The best discovery about true friends is that they can grow apart without growing apart. Elizabeth Foley

The distance can not only separate people who love each other but also the friendships that may have been forged over the years. You and your friend who used to spend time together easily end up seeing each other less often because he moved out of town.

As long as you and your friends still frequently exchange greetings over the phone, it feels like distance is not a significant obstacle. Elizabeth Foley considered the incident to be the best find in the words of true friendship above.

5. A Responsibility

Friendship is not an opportunity, but a sweet responsibility. Khalil Gibran

Making friendships can be an opportunity to get to know new people who may have the same preferences as you. However, behind the relationship, there is actually a responsibility to trust and care for each other.

It is not friendship if someone only wants to take advantage of the sincerity of the attitudes of those closest to him for his own benefit. This is in line with the message conveyed in words for the true friend of Khalil Gibran above.

Heartfelt Words of True Friendship

20+ Words for True Friends Forever
20+ Words for True Friends Forever


1. Different from Other People

Friends look for you when others insult you. They embrace you when others hit you. Fiersa Besari

If unpleasant rumors circulate about you, a friend is one of those people who will seek the truth from your own mouth. This is different from other people who may have said scorn before knowing whether the rumors were true or not.

If you want to express your gratitude to him for believing in you, the words for a true friend forever from Fiersa Besari above can be sent as a short message. Or, just make it a status on social media so that other people know how valuable the existence of friends is to you.

2. An Analogy

A rose will be my garden. A true friend will be my world. Leo Buscaglia

Roses are one of the most loved flowers by people all over the world. Not only has the color and shape of the petals beautiful, but the fragrant flowers can also provide peace of mind. Therefore, many roses are planted in the garden or house yard.

The meaning of true friendship in the words for friendship above shows that his presence can make an impact in your life, just like a rose in a garden. Therefore, it’s no exaggeration if a true friend can become your world.

3. Believe In You

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you for who you are.

Not everyone you meet in life can accept you for who you are. If you have found a friend who can understand and is always there in times of joy or sorrow, don’t ever waste his presence.

If you want to send him a beautiful message, the words to a true friend forever above can be an option. You can send the quote as a short message or in the form of a greeting card to make it look cuter.

4. Do not see the appearance

A friend is someone who ignores your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden.

A person’s image and appearance are not always a reflection of his true character. Other people may see you as a bad person, but not friends who already know you.

It is similar to what is described in the words for a true friend forever above. The quote is at the same time a reminder message so that you don’t just judge people from the outside.

5. Lift You Higher

Surround yourself with people who can lift you higher. Oprah Winfrey

It is undeniable that the quality of your circle of friends can affect your life. When you are surrounded by supportive friends, their encouragement will make you even more excited to be better.

On the other hand, if you make friends with condescending people, you will definitely not make progress because you are already afraid. If you don’t want your life to be ruined just because of hanging out with the wrong people, just follow these words of true friendship from Oprah Winfrey above.

Funny Words for True Friends Forever

1. Different Attitudes

God Friends used to buy you food,Best friends ate your food.

Being nosy seems to have become commonplace in a circle of friends. Especially when it comes to food matters. Your hands or friends may be idly stealing food from each plate.

It shows the closeness of your friendship with him because you are not awkward with one another and are comfortable with each other. What you and true friends do, justifies the words for true friends forever above.

2. Not easily offended

True friends are less likely to take offense if you make fun of them. They just smile and insult more painfully.

Because you know each other’s characters, you may know what kind of sense of humor your friend can accept. Therefore, your taunts will not offend him.

Based on the funny friendship words above, your best friend will probably respond with even more hurtful insults. No one feels hurt because of you and he knows that it is just a joke.

3. Forgot your real name

Real friendship is when you prefer to call friends by their nicknames rather than real names.

The first time you become friends, you may be more comfortable using your real name as a nickname. When you are comfortable, you and your friends begin to use nicknames to greet each other.

Using a nickname shows how close you are to someone. This is in line with the quote about the true meaning of friendship above.

4. The True Meaning of Friendship

Always remember if you fall, I will help you get up. But after I finished laughing.

Normally, when you see someone fall, an instinct to help might come to your mind. However, that doesn’t seem to apply to your playmates.

If you fall, they will laugh first before helping you. It has become a kind of joke that has unconsciously been mutually agreed upon, as is expressed in the words of true friendship above.

5. Just as crazy

My friend and I are crazy. That’s the only thing keeping us sane. Matt Schucker

If it doesn’t strengthen you mentally, the harshness of the tests life gives you can stress you out. To stay sane, you and your friends may do silly things to cheer yourself up.

This is in line with what Matt Schucker experienced in the funny quote about a true friend above. Spending time with a friend who is as crazy as you is is good for your mental and mental health as long as it doesn’t go overboard.

Aphorisms for comrades in arms

1. Forgive each other

Two people can no longer be friends if they can’t forgive each other’s failings. Jean de la Bruyere

Sometimes you will face difficult things that can damage the friendship you have. When finally the relationship is cut off, feelings of regret may arise in your mind even though you still feel hurt.

If she suddenly calls out and intends to work on the relationship, forgiving each other’s mistakes would be a good place to start. It is as suggested by Jean de la Bruyere in the words of true friendship that touches the heart above.

2. Going Hand in Hand

Don’t walk behind me, I might not take the lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I probably won’t follow. Walk beside me and be my friend. Albert Camus

Good friendships are relationships in which you and your true friends complement each other. So, no one feels superior or inferior because it will only cause problems that can affect your friendship with him.

Albert Camus also conveyed the same message in words for true friends forever above. This man is happier if he and his friends can go hand in hand to face the future.

3. Remember

In the end, we won’t remember the words of the enemy, but the silence of our friends. Martin Luther King Jr.

You will probably never escape the comments of people who question the way you live your life. You can easily ignore those comments because they are nothing.

On the other hand, you may feel odd when close friends don’t care about whatever you do. Their attitude will haunt your mind as stated by Martin Luther King Jr. in words for true friends above. In order not to misunderstand, communicate with your friends so that the problem can be resolved immediately.

4. Connection of Life

A good friend is a life connection – a bond to the past, a path to the future, the key to sanity in a truly crazy world. Lois Wyse

The presence of friends who always encourage you to be better is indeed something to be grateful for. God seems to make him a savior for you in facing the twists and turns of life.

To Lois Wyse herself, a true friend is like a living connection that can make your steps easier. If you agree with him, maybe you can send the quote to your beloved friend.

5. Imprinted in the Heart

Many people will come in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave traces in your heart. Eleanor Roosevelt

You may have met many people with all kinds of characters in life. Some come to give happiness, some leave with memories for you.

According to Eleanor Roosevelt, a friend is one of those people whose departure will leave a mark in your heart. You can use the words of true friendship above as a farewell that touches the heart.

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Send Friendship Words to Your Real Friends

That is a collection of words for true friends forever that we can summarize. Hopefully, of the quotes that have been mentioned above, some can represent your feelings.

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