20 Words of Sarcasm for Annoying Boyfriend and Girlfriend

20 Words of Sarcasm for a Changing, Ignorant, and Selfish Girlfriend. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the fun things in life. Having a boyfriend who is selfish, ignorant, and doesn’t want to spend time together, is very annoying. 

Giving sarcasm might have a better effect than an outright reprimand. Because it could be that your boyfriend has a lot of work or problems so he can’t pay attention to you.

If you are confused about how to insinuate your boyfriend, some of these words of sarcasm for your boyfriend might be an example. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the meaning so that you don’t get wrong sarcastically.

20 Words of Sarcasm for Annoying Boyfriend and Girlfriend
20 Words of Sarcasm for Annoying Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Words of Sarcasm for a Changing Girlfriend


1. You are your boyfriend, not an ATM

Love his heart, not his property, he is a human being, not a bank. Anonymous

Everyone is material, but the level of each person is different. While still in the introductory stage, this materialistic nature is usually not very visible. Because that person needs to attract sympathy and make you comfortable with him.

Usually, the properties of this material will begin to appear after several months of intercourse. The signs can range from refusing to be asked out to a place that is not fancy, to getting angry if you don’t want something to be bought, to asking for your money casually. These words of satire are appropriate if your boyfriend is one of those people.

2. Cheap Quality

Your talk is like refillable perfume, sweet but fake. Anonymous

Have you ever bought a refill perfume? If not, usually such places sell products that smell as similar to real perfume as possible. So that the fragrance attracts those who kiss it.

But the name is imitation, the quality is different. Over time, the fragrance can fade and can even change because it is mixed with sweat. Like a brain boyfriend and likes to make sweet promises during PDKT, but slowly cools down when dating. Therefore, say these words to tease your boyfriend.

3. Risk of Lying

They say that when we lie once, we actually lie twice. It is lies that we tell people and lies that we tell ourselves. Ika Natassa

No one wants to date someone who breaks promises, even liars will be annoyed if lied to. Unfortunately, many people are often deceived by sweet promises when they are still dating or during PDKT.

If your boyfriend is a promise-breaker, you should remind him to change his habits. For example, with satire words for this one boyfriend. Explain to him that if you keep denying it, he will be detrimental to your relationship.

4. Ask to be scratched

Already mine, how come it’s still too late? Need an ointment? Anonymous

When you are dating someone, you definitely don’t want your boyfriend to glance at other people a lot. Especially if not only glancing at but already seducing and approaching other people.

It is normal to be the only person your partner loves and cares for. Therefore, send these words of satire to your boyfriend who likes to seduce other people. Show that you don’t like his habit, even though he might just be joking.

5. You There Are Many

I can have something like you tomorrow. Don’t for the least bit think yourself irreplaceable. Beyonce, Irreplaceable

Having a partner isn’t just making out, buying gifts, or giving romantic surprises. There must be respect for each other so that the relationship continues to run harmoniously. It’s useless to give gifts but when your partner gets angry, you become a victim of violence.

These satirical words taken from the lyrics of this American diva song are perfect for a boyfriend who doesn’t respect you. By delivering that quote, who knows he will change to appreciate you more.

Words of Sarcasm for a Busy Girlfriend

20 Words of Sarcasm for Annoying Boyfriend and Girlfriend
20 Words of Sarcasm for Annoying Boyfriend and Girlfriend


1. Playing Cueky

Let’s play ignorant, so you know how it feels ignored. Anonymous

Everyone has different responsibilities, whether it’s work, school, or family responsibilities. But wanting to be someone your boyfriend always cares about is a common thing. Especially if he openly takes the time to choose makeup brushes that are as bright as many instead of replying to your message.

Because of that rather than bete, express your desire to be noticed by your boyfriend. For example, with words sarcastically a boyfriend like this. By sending a message with the quote above, your boyfriend may realize that his indifference makes you uncomfortable.

2. Only Read

One word, four letters, followed by a blue tick, and it makes me sad. Read. Anonymous

Chat applications such as WhatsApp or Line have features that let you know if the message sent has been read by the recipient. This is indicated by a blue checkmark.

If that happened while you were texting your boyfriend, it must be really frustrating. Therefore, try to occasionally send words of sarcasm to your boyfriend, who often ignores your messages because he is busy with his business.

3. Dating with treasure

Luxury goods do not appeal to me, there are already lots of sparkling diamonds. But there is only one of you. Isyana Sarasvati, Keep Being You

For some people, showing affection is by giving the best gifts and amenities to a partner. Because of this they work hard, day and night, and have almost no time for fun.

Make it clear to him that you like his gift, but it’s useless if it can’t be enjoyed together. Send a quip to your boyfriend with the words from this snippet from  Keep Being You.

4. The Price of Love

I don’t really care about money. I can’t use money to buy love. John Lennon

The message of the words of satire for this one boyfriend is still the same as the previous quote. Indeed, everyone needs money to live. But you can’t get someone to love sincerely just because you get paid.

By sending insults at your boyfriend like that, he may turn out to be more attentive. Because that means you also emphasize that you do not love him because of the wealth and money he has given him.

5. Not afraid that their boyfriend will seduce people?

When you ignore someone, at the same time other people are begging for their attention. Anonymous

A boyfriend who is not caring will cause the relationship to be stretched and unharmonious. It could be an excuse to invite other people to seduce you. If this is the case, loyal people will think again, believe it or not, continue the relationship.

If you don’t want to rush into saying break up, then tease your boyfriend with these words. That way he may find that he can’t just ignore you and get too busy with his business.

Words of Sarcasm for Selfish Boyfriends


1. The fate of men is unfortunate

Behind an angry woman, there was a man who was confused about what he had done wrong. Anonymous

Men with girlfriends who get angry easily can convey these satirical words. Just one mistake that may be accidental or even trivial, the scowl can go on for hours. Then when asked what you did wrong, he just answered, “It’s okay!”

End your suffering and confusion while dating, then emphasize how much trouble you understand him. One of them is by insinuating that a girlfriend who likes to be naughty always wants to be understood with words like this.

2. Sacrifice that is reasonable

Don’t sacrifice too much. When you have nothing else to sacrifice, no one will care about you. Karl Lager 

Love relationships are mutual sacrifice and tolerance. If only one party makes a sacrifice, whether it’s wealth, energy, and feelings, while the other only receives. Then the relationship is not good, especially if you are always making sacrifices.

These words of sarcasm for a selfish boyfriend explain why. Love will make sacrifice feel light. But if you continue to give without receiving something from your partner, your affection will be eroded by disappointment. Then if he leaves you, he must be very upset.

3. Encouragement of the Bouncers

Selfishness, not love, is the motive of seductors. Madame Roland

When approaching someone you like, various ways will be done. Starting from flirting, asking for dates, to sending surprise gifts. These things are done to win the hearts of potential partners.

If your boyfriend who used to flirt and give gifts is still glancing at other people, then he is likely flirting with you for fun. It wasn’t love, it was just selfishness. You can tease your boyfriend with the words above.

4. Don’t Want to Be Second

Never make someone a priority while you are an option. Mark Twain

When you love someone and are in a loving relationship, life’s priorities change. From previously all decisions based on considerations of yourself, now you have to think about other people too.

If it turns out that your partner is still selfish and only cares about his own interests, then maybe you are not his priority. Either he is just being selfish or maybe someone else is more important. These words of satire are suitable for you to say to your selfish boyfriend, so he can change his attitude and respect you more.

5. Be faithful, don’t be stupid

Staying with someone who doesn’t respect you is not his name’s loyalty. But stupidity. Anonymous

Many say that love is intoxicating. Like a drunk person, falling in love also makes you oblivious to things around you. Including lovers who do not respect your sacrifices.

If you feel disgusted by your lover’s selfish attitude, then don’t just shut up and accept. Loyal is loyal, but you are also a human being who has the right to be treated well. Therefore, give insinuation for your boyfriend with these words.

Words of Satire for the Ignorant Boyfriend


1. Do not want to reply to the chat

It’s easier to change your status than to reply to your boyfriend’s chat, huh? Anonymous

Imagine, waiting for your boyfriend’s news in chat for hours, but never read. Want to call but afraid he has important business. Then shortly thereafter, you find an updated profile or a post with a new caption on its social media.

If that happened, how would you feel? Pissed off? It’s natural. Therefore, get rid of your annoyance by sending these words of sarcasm to your boyfriend.

2. Happy and Difficult

I didn’t say I wanted you by my side all the time. It’s just that I need you in good times and hard. Ed Sheeran, I Don’t Want Your Money

Not everyone is lucky to get a lover who is super attentive and always accompanies them. There are also those who date people who are cool and don’t like being restrained.

If you are dating someone like that, don’t be sad. Ignorant does not mean not dear. But to remind you that you still need attention, a little teasing your boyfriend with words doesn’t hurt.

3. Do not hang long

If you hang a clothesline for a long time, you can lose your clothes, let alone your feelings. Anonymous

Love has an expiration date, if it is not properly maintained and guarded, it will be lost in time. Because of this, many couples maintain harmony with certain small things and activities. For example, chatting every night on the phone, dating once a week, delivering food, and much more.

If you have a boyfriend who is cool and never tries to keep his love, try using these words of sarcasm to make him aware. Let him know that love is not just status, without the need for action.

4. What did you say earlier?

Sorry, did you say? I’ve been busy thinking, ‘How come he thinks I care?’ Anonymous

These words of satire are suitable for those of you who have a super cool boyfriend. Never mind your birthday. He even often ignores you when talking to him, whether you complain, confide in, or ask for advice.

With this quote, reply to his actions that often don’t pay attention to you. So that he knows what it feels like to be ignored, then realizes that he’s being too cool makes you hurt.

5. Even though I Care

I never stop caring about you, you are. That’s why I moved on. Anonymous

Having a cool girlfriend has many advantages, doesn’t get jealous easily, doesn’t bother you at work, or doesn’t need expensive surprises. Unfortunately, being too ignorant is very detrimental, because he doesn’t care about your difficulties.

If that’s the case, try sending these words of sarcasm to your boyfriend. This sentence was not only sarcastic but also threatening. If he still doesn’t care, then you won’t hesitate to walk away.

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No Need to Get Angry and Break Up Your Girlfriend

Those are some satirical words of sarcasm for annoying boyfriend and girlfriend that you can sample if you want to protest your boyfriend. Hopefully, that way, your anxiety in the relationship can be resolved without the need for drama.

Telling your boyfriend through words is just one way to keep your relationship harmonious, whether or not you survive with your lover depends on you. Do you still want to forgive and give your boyfriend a chance, change or not?

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