20 Words of sarcasm for friends annoying

20 Words of Sarcasm for Friends who Are Annoying, Changing, Hypocritical, and Traitorous Having a friend who often does annoying things can sometimes make you angry. However, you may feel confused about how to express your frustration to him. Instead of being confused, check out this article for satire words that you can send to annoying friends.

In this world, no one wants to have a friend who is annoying. But alas, sometimes you have to accept the friend’s existence. When your friend is too annoying, there’s nothing wrong with sending sarcastic words to him.

Usually, hostility occurs because your reprimand hurts her feelings. Therefore, it is wiser to offer subtle insinuations that don’t feel like hurtful rebukes.

But unfortunately, there may not be many people who can compose satirical words for friends, including you. Now you don’t need to be confused because in this article there are some quotes that you can send to your annoying friend. Happy reading!

Words of Spicy Sarcasm for Friends

20 Words of sarcasm for friends annoying
20 Words of sarcasm for friends annoying


1. Much Worse than Hell

After getting to know you, hell feels good.

Do you have annoying friends? Is he so annoying that your life feels like hell when you’re with him?

If you feel annoyed by the presence of that annoying friend, try saying these sarcastic words to him. Tell him that you would rather feel the heat of hellfire than stay with him.

2. Too clever at hiding the horns

I wonder how you comb your hair so you can’t see your horns.

The existence of an annoying friend can feel like a demon that is always interfering with your life. Every time you see him or be around him, there are just things that make you angry with him.

You may also question, lest this friend is actually a devil incarnate. However, if that was the case, then how could he hide the horns above his head, huh?

3. Will not be targeted by zombies

The zombies eat brains. Take it easy, you are safe, really.

You may have heard of an undead monster called a zombie. These monsters are known to love chasing humans to eat their brains.

Because the brain is a symbol of human intelligence, there’s nothing wrong with using this one satirical word for a friend who always shows his ignorance. Tell him that when a zombie attack occurs, he doesn’t have to worry about being attacked because zombies won’t attack humans who have no brains at all.

4. Better just keep your mouth shut

You sound more pleasant when you close your mouth.

Of course, the existence of a friend is expected to make your life more enjoyable. However, when he often does things that are not fun, it can make you feel annoyed.

If you are wondering if there is still a fun side to him, try to remember how you felt when he was silent? If what you feel is happiness and serenity, try sending these sarcastic words to your friend. Tell him that the atmosphere around you is more pleasant when he is silent.

5. Failure for Bob Ross

Bob Ross will say that you are a failure.

Do you know a painter named Bob Ross? This painter, who has frizzy hair and a soft voice, always has positive thoughts. For him, there is not a single failure in this world, especially in the field of art such as painting.

Therefore, telling Bob Ross that your friend is the same as failure is a very perfect quip. Because when someone who’s always thinking positively just thinks your friend is a failure, how bad will that friend be?

Words of Sarcasm for a Changing Friend

20 Words of sarcasm for friends annoying
20 Words of sarcasm for friends annoying


1. Too Often Selfie

Why do you prioritize selfie now? Have you ever thought about looking for other hobbies besides selfie?

Have you ever been annoyed that one of your close friends takes selfies anywhere and anytime? Maybe it doesn’t matter if he does it when he is alone, but it would be annoying if he did it when he was hanging out with other friends. Not to mention if the timeline on your Instagram account is filled with selfies that are uploaded too often.

In fact, the friend wasn’t that far back then, but who knows what made him take selfies oftenTo show resentment over his change, try giving him these words of sarcasm. Tell him that every selfie he does is annoying enough and it’s better if he’s looking for other activities or hobbies.

2. Hopefully Always Away

One day you will go away, and I really hope you are still there.

Friends who change of course make you feel bad, especially if it gets worse. You also seem to be unable to recognize it anymore.

When that happens, you expect him to walk away. Then, just like the words of sarcasm for this one friend, you also hope that he won’t come back to you.

3. Sorry for Hoping Away

Forgive everything I said when I wanted you to stay away.

When you are expecting a changed friend to walk away, sometimes you may subconsciously say sarcasm that is too harsh and hurtful. Those words of sarcasm could hurt your friend’s feelings.

As a wise person, it is fitting that you admit your mistake because you have hurt his feelings. However, whether the apology is sincere from the heart or not, also will you repeat the hurtful remarks or not, it is enough for you to know.

4. Better to be honest

An honest enemy is much better than a friend who lies. Vandi Tanko

In this world, of course, there is not one person who wants to be lied to, especially by his own friend. Someone who was once you trusted, suddenly changed and betrayed all the trust you put in him.

When that happens, you naturally prefer honesty that hurts more than lies. That is more or less the meaning of the words of sarcasm for this one friend because the lies committed by a close friend are already the beginning of a real betrayal.

5. The Mask that Finally Opens

Maybe you haven’t changed, but it’s your mask that finally opens.

When you find that your friend has changed, you may be surprised. Especially when the change is so extreme that it seems as if you can no longer recognize it.

When that happens, look carefully, did he really change? Or maybe you have been lulled by the mask he made so that he couldn’t see his real figure?

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Words of Sarcasm for a Traitor’s Friend

20 Words of sarcasm for friends annoying
20 Words of sarcasm for friends annoying


1. Be careful in telling stories

Be careful who you share your problems with. Remember that not every friend who smiles with you is your best friend. Kemmy Nola

Being close to friends can make you feel good. You can easily tell all the problems you are facing. Even though it is not certain that he can be trusted with all your remarks.

Wrong, all the remarks that you tell him actually become a weapon to eat, sir. Because just like the words of sarcasm for this one friend, not everyone close to you can be a good place to vent.

2. Playing Victim

How great you are. You stab my back then pretend you’re the one who’s bleeding.

A traitorous friend often tries to look good to you but stabs you in the back. That in itself is bad, but do you know what is worse than a traitor?

What’s worse is when the traitor’s friend later pretends to be the victim. Expecting others’ mercy and claiming that you were the one who hurt him. It’s sad that your friend’s life, already a traitor, is still a hypocrite.

3. A Gift for Traitor

I have a gift for you, a new knife for every betrayal that you seem to enjoy all this time.

A good friend will not hesitate to give a gift to a close friend. However, what is the most suitable gifts for friends who have betrayed your trust?

Instead of being confused, you can imitate words of sarcasm for this traitor’s friend. Give a knife to a friend, instead of all the knives he has stuck in your back. As a reminder, that is not in the true sense.

4. Protecting the Wrong People

It’s funny that sometimes the person you protect from bullets, is the same person behind the gun.

The feeling of being close to friends will make you willing to do anything for him, one of which is a shield against all the bad things he will experience. In fact, even if there is a bullet that targets him, you are willing to be a protector for him.

However, what do you feel when you find out that the person you have been protecting is actually the mastermind behind the gun. And to make matters worse, he probably won’t hesitate to press the trigger even though it will hurt you.

5. Forgiving but Will Not Trust Again

I’m old enough to forgive you, but I’m not that stupid to trust you anymore.

For all the betrayals that your friend has committed to you, it will be much wiser if you forgive him. This will show a mature and wise side of you.

However, does that mean you will trust him again and your relationship with him will be okay as if nothing had happened? Of course not. Like the words of sarcasm for this one friend, forgiveness may be easy, but it is not easy to build trust again.

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Words of Sarcasm for Hypocritical Friends


1. Hopefully there are no lies

Hopefully, your life is as beautiful as what you show on social media.

A friend who is hypocritical usually shows off all the good things on his social media accounts. Not infrequently, he will brag about his life in order to look perfect. If his life is the same as what he shows on social media, that’s fine, but if not?

If you want to tease him, just use sarcasm for this hypocritical friend. Let her know that you know her true life and that you won’t be fooled just like that.

2. No Need for Love Advice

Your love advice? My cellphone battery alone is more durable than your love affair.

Just because someone has been in a love relationship, someone can become a love consultant. Even when you don’t ask him for his opinion, he can get all his thoughts out easily.

If he does have a relationship that lasts for years, maybe it doesn’t matter. However, if the relationship never lasted long, how could he advise you?

3. Feelings of Envy

I feel jealous of people who have never met you.

The presence of a hypocritical friend will certainly upset you. Not infrequently, you regret ever knowing him.

To show remorse, try expressing words of sarcasm for this one friend. If necessary, add if you wish not to have a relationship with him again.

4. How To Look Beautiful Inside And Out

Maybe you should eat makeup as well, so you can look beautiful inside and out.

What comes out of the mouth of a hypocrite is usually different from what is in his heart. No matter how hard he tries to look good, you still know the rottenness in his heart.

To insinuate him, give words of sarcasm for this one hypocritical friend. Say that the makeup that makes her look beautiful should be eaten at once, who knows that kindness can radiate from her heart.

5. Requires Translation

What language are you speaking? All I hear is bullshit.

A hypocritical friend will say anything to make his image look good. Sometimes, it’s said so often that it really sounds like nonsense.

Instead of just grumbling because you don’t like the nonsense your friend is saying, just say this one satirical word for him. Tell him that no one can understand the nonsense he has been uttering, including professional translators.

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Express Resentment Using Sarcasm for Friends

After reading this article, have you got the inspiration for the words of satire to send to annoying friends? Or maybe you’ve sent a quote to your friend?

After this, try to ascertain who are your close friends. You don’t want to get hurt again because you have another annoying friend.

If you are still looking for inspirational words according to what you feel, check out the inspiration channel on the lovepsychologys.com website. Happy reading!

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