200+ Best Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes About Love

Best Sarcastic and Ironic Quotes about Love
Best Sarcastic and Ironic Quotes About Love

Best sarcastic and ironic quotes about love; Would you like to fill your answers with irony, but you can’t reflect your feelings? Find here the best sarcastic and ironic quotes phrases to fill your states with humor or to end a conversation. Love, life, and humor to show all your sarcastic ability and the strength of your irony.

Best Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes About Love

Best Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes About Love
Best Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes About Love
  • You have so much love to give and I do little to give back, that you better give it to someone else.
  • For you, I would go to the end of the world and not return.
  • Money does not buy love, but it offers a good position to negotiate it.
  • With you, the Trojan horse won my heart.
  • Our love is like the leaves in autumn: on the ground.
  • If I promise to miss you, will you leave?
  • Love does not end, patience does.
  • I feel that without you my life is getting better.
  • I didn’t stop loving you, I just stopped insisting.
  • To love, love in good times and time in bad.
  • With you, I do not share or enemies.
  • You don’t suffer for love, you suffer for stupidity.
  • Your absence has left me a void as great as your presence.
  • Man’s biggest mistake is trying to get out of his head what doesn’t come out of his heart.
  • Sorry, I’m not your type: I’m not bouncy.
  • You will only get one gold, when playing with my heart is an Olympic sport.
  • I knew that I would be happy all my life, when you left, never to return.
  • When love is magic, who wants tricks?
  • In love you have to be like Houdini: if you feel imprisoned, disappear quickly.
  • If you have to force it, it’s small for you.
  • If the marriage is the grave of the couple, the wedding is the mass for the dead.
  • I feel so bad without you, it seems like you were here.
  • Stay by my side, I need to be alone.
  • They say I don’t have good taste, but I like you.
Funny Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love
Funny Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love
  • There are a thousand ways to invoke the devil: through the Ouija board, exorcism or asking “Are you angry, my love?”
  • Some drink, others smoke, or take drugs. Some fall in love. In the end, each one is destroyed as they want.
  • They say you can’t live without love, but oxygen is more important.
  • Women fall in love with what they hear, but men with what they see. So while they put on makeup, they lie.
  • Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.
  • He was happily married, but his wife was not.
  • Happiness and love are nothing but distractions.
  • Heartbreak is a feeling similar to when you think that the cookie has chocolate chips, but they are raisins.
  • Sentimental state? Well, in cat adoption mode.
  • Sorry if I don’t love you as much as when we were single, but I never liked married women.
  • A Freudian slip is when you say something, but you mean your mother.
  • Before you marry a person, have him try a computer with a slow internet connection to really know what he is like.
  • It is not promiscuous, it is thorough.
  • The best thing about being married is to find a person who is willing to bother you all your life.
  • In a perfect relationship, no one wears pants: they are always off.
  • If you say ‘I love you’ to a person and they answer you with an emoji, it doesn’t matter what it is: they don’t want you back.
  • Honesty is the key to a relationship: if you can fake it, everything will be perfect.
  • If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question for me?
  • Love looks a lot like back pain, it doesn’t show up on X-rays, but you know it’s there.
  • I’m sorry, I didn’t listen to you: while you were talking I was trying to guess where you got the idea that I cared.
  • Love is the answer, but while you’re waiting for that answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.

Short Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love

Best Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes About Love
Best Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes About Love
  • The downside of irony is that it requires intelligence.
  • The best sound is your mouth closing.
  • The greatest defect of the wise man is to believe himself intelligent.
  • I respect your opinion, another thing is that I care.
  • The message read and ignored successfully.
  • When the fool does not understand, he attacks.
  • The best listener is the one who doesn’t listen.
  • Luck serves to explain the success of those we cannot bear.
  • I’d like to take you seriously, but I don’t want to insult your intelligence.
  • There is no worse advice than to be yourself.
  • He knows little of a lot and a lot of nothing.
  • I would like to have any questions for your opinions.
  • Consensus is defending collectively what no one thinks individually.
  • Stupidity is flourishing.
  • Knowledge level Wikipedia.
  • I settle for only one thing: the best.
  • We did not lose, the game is over.
  • The problem with common sense is that it is not that common.
  • Don’t thank me for the criticism, it was a pleasure.
  • A silly question, ironic answer.
  • Some people choose stupidity as a lifestyle.

Funny Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love

  • People know too little about what they are talking about.
  • There is no worse place to keep a secret than another human being.
  • Arrogance must be earned.
  • You’d be in great shape if you ran as much as your mouth.
  • If your opinions don’t give you good results, use mine.
  • If you want to think I’m wrong, do it. But never stop thinking.
  • Many confuse education with friendship.
  • Whoever laughs last thinks slower.
  • Everyone has the right to be stupid, but privilege must not be abused.
  • Talk is cheap because the supply exceeds the demand.
  • If I agreed with you, we would both be wrong.
  • Stupidity is not a crime, so you are free to go.
  • Experience is the name by which many people define their mistakes.
  • I can resist everything except temptation.
  • A boiled egg in the morning is difficult to beat.
  • A backward poet writes backwards.
  • Dijon Vu: the same mustard as before.
  • When two egoists meet, it is a me for a me.
  • Silence is gold. The silver duct tape.
  • I applauded because it was over, not because I liked it.
  • Insult is not the same as defining.

Funny Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love

Funny Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love
Funny Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love
  • Just because I don’t go to your funeral doesn’t mean I don’t approve of it.
  • It’s not that my mind is dirty, it’s that I have a sexy imagination.
  • Mirrors cannot speak, luckily for you, neither can they laugh.
  • Each brain is a world and in yours there is no intelligent life.
  • You are like that English friend who appears in all romantic comedies.
  • Do you remember when I asked your opinion? Me neither!
  • In theory, you are looking for a flat, they say that in theory, you live very well.
  • I’ll bank your opinions in case they ever generate interest.
  • Yawning is my way of telling you how much I care about you.
  • I regret not being free of sins, throwing stones I am the best.
  • You are so smart that sometimes you don’t even understand what you are saying.
  • I like it when you are silent because you are like absent.
  • My level of sarcasm is proportional to your level of idiocy.
  • I’d tell you to go to hell, but I think I work there and I don’t want to see your face every day.
  • Don’t wake me up, I’m working.
  • The best answer is always five minutes late.
  • Not many people can hear you and survive. For that alone, I deserve an award.
  • I hate when I’m about to hug someone really sexy and my face is reflected in the mirror.
  • If something seems to matter to me, please tell me: I don’t want to give the wrong impression.
  • I’m not listening to you, but keep talking. I enjoy the way your voice makes my ears bleed.
  • When a person asks a silly question, there should be a law that requires you to answer it sarcastically.
  • I would insult you, but the sad truth is that you would not understand it, and if I tried to explain it to you, your brain could explode from the information overload.
  • Sarcasm is the ability to insult idiots without your realizing it.
  • Ignorance usually heals over the years, but there is always an exception that proves the rule.
  • My imaginary friend thinks you have a severe mental disorder.
  • The best walks are those given by the people who annoy us.
  • When you insult consumers, remember: your mother is.
  • Few debates are as interesting as the ones carried out by those who do not understand what they are really talking about.
  • It must be really hard wasting so much time on your own thoughts.
  • I have never known such a small intelligence in such a large skull.
  • Whatever it is, what is eating you must be suffering terribly.
  • I’m not busy, I still have time to ignore you.
  • The problem with being sarcastic is that sometimes others don’t understand me and it makes me feel bad.
  • I’ve definitely made it seem like your opinion matters to me.
  • Still, you are lucky to be human. In another animal species, your parents would have eaten you at birth.
  • I would be happy to take your advice, but I prefer things to go well for me without being ridiculed.
  • Your attitude is more suspicious than an asterisk behind the word ‘free’.
  • Everything in excess is bad, except me.
  • I am not as sieso or like anyone: I kill them and bury them in the garden.
  • Seeing certain things, one wonders why God does not send a new universal flood. Then he realizes that he does not do it because the first one went wrong.
  • Foolishness is the only disease that is not suffered by the person who suffers from it.
  • There is nothing more difficult than finding a quiet fool … thank goodness there is Twitter.
  • Some cause happiness where they go, others when they go.
  • Politics comes from ‘Poli’ a Greek word meaning ‘many’ and from ‘tics’ which means ‘bloodsucking creatures’
  • Whoever said nothing is impossible obviously never tried to close a revolving door.
  • As being an idiot becomes fashionable, some will not know what to do with their fame.
  • If the grass is greener on the other side, you can bet the water bill is higher.
  • To be a recognized and blameless member of a flock of sheep, one must first and foremost be a sheep.
  • Sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, but the highest form of flattery.
  • Light travels faster than sound. This is the reason why some people seem brilliant until they speak.
  • The fact that jellyfish have lived millions of years without a brain is a clear example that humanity can survive.
  • I don’t believe in plastic surgery, but in your case, a good choice!
  • May God keep you and forget where he left you.

Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes About Love Life

Funny Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love
Funny Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love
  • The bad thing about life is that it always has an end.
  • Cowardice is to fear what boredom is to life.
  • Luck does not exist, you work.
  • Human beings are so intelligent that they can identify a stone just by tripping over it twice.
  • Every time I pretend to be normal, I get bored and go back to being myself.
  • The clock is the greatest enemy of life.
  • Memory is so evil that it reminds us of what we want to forget.
  • Love and happiness are not written, they are lived.
  • Errors, if they are new, are always better.
  • If your life were like your Facebook, how different would it be?
  • There is no better listener than the envy.
  • Life is like a Rubik’s cube.
  • Of everything that life gave me, I would like to give back 10 kg.
  • Create memories and they will bring tears to your eyes.
  • If you are afraid of facing life, act like a Chihuahua!
  • You can achieve immortality in many ways, but I would prefer to achieve it without dying.
  • How the world would have changed if Noe had missed the boat.
  • When you know what happened, you can distort it to your liking.
  • A good conscience and a bad memory often go hand in hand.
  • You will always see it black before it becomes absolutely dark.
  • You can be whatever you want, but in your case, it’s better not to set the bar too high.
  • To be happy, you have to be stupid, selfish, and in good health. But if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.
  • Life is like a roller coaster: it promises fun, but you end up vomiting.
  • It’s funny how death cures all vices and makes your enemies friends.
  • There is no worrying about what people think, they don’t do it very often.
  • People don’t change, they just find different ways to lie.
  • What would life be like if we couldn’t do stupid things?
  • Even if life sucks, and yours is bad, there are always worse. And that’s more depressing.
  • Humility consists in recognizing your own mistakes, so when I know mine, I touch perfection.
  • Do not worry about your mistake, tomorrow you can repeat it again.
  • We spend our lives struggling to get things that we will no longer want when we have them.
  • It is not disorder: it is the chaos of genius.
  • Don’t take life so seriously: remember that it is not permanent.
  • I reduced my expectations so much that they have already been met!
  • The blood type of a pessimist is always b-negative.
  • I’m not young enough to know everything.
  • Nobody cares if you are miserable, so even if you are, you can live happily.
  • An optimist believes that this life is the best possible, a pessimist lives in fear that it is.
  • The greatest irony of this life is that no one comes out of it alive.
  • If you have never met the devil on the road of life, it is because you are both going in the same direction.
  • A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will upset enough people to make it worth the effort.

Funny Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love
Funny Sarcastic And Ironic Quotes or Phrases About Love

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