21 Best Tips to Express Love to a Guy

21 Best Tips to Express Love to a Guy How can a girl tell her beloved man about her feelings? Is it possible to get by with just hints or will you have to make a full-fledged revelation? Such an event is very exciting for any young lady, but there are methods that make the task a little easier. What methods are better to use, is there a choice? The article contains 21 proofs that a declaration of love to a guy can be made in various interesting and at the same time successful ways.

1. Song.

Writing and presenting a song to a loved one is one of the most romantic confessions. If it’s scary or too embarrassing to sing in front of him, you can record a track and send it by mail or social network. I’ll have to explain that this is not just a desire to hear an opinion about your work, but a full reflection of inner feelings.

Another way to open up musically is to sing karaoke. At the same time, it is important to inform the man that this performance is intended for him. And no, it is not necessary (even undesirable) to announce it into the microphone for the whole hall. Such an offense will embarrass the chosen one, chain the eyes of all those present, which will complicate the task for the singer herself. It is enough to quietly tell the guy in his ear that the next song is dedicated to him.

21 Best Tips to Express Love to a Guy

2. Note.

The main advantage of a mini-letter explanation is that it can be written anonymously. The difficulty will be only the selection of the right words and an attempt to throw a leaf with a confession into the personal belongings of a loved one. To make such a message intriguing the guy even more, you can:

  • add a small sketch of his portrait;
  • spray some of your perfume on paper;
  • draw the tattoo that the girl has, or her other notable feature, so that the guy will recognize her later;
  • come up with an interesting pseudonym, subscribe to it.

If you have the courage, of course, you can pass this note from hand to hand. This option is also suitable if the guy obviously shows mutual interest, but for some reason does not dare to take the first step. Then this letter will encourage him to speak out too.

3. Dish.

What is the path to a man’s heart? That’s right, through the digestive tract. However, if a hint in the form of homemade pies or even an organized dinner is enough for one, the second will naively perceive everything as a friendly gesture or a sign of great altruism. To avoid such awkward misunderstandings, it is enough to make a love inscription on a dish. You can write “I love you” with cream on a brownie / cake or with “I want to be with you” sauce on top of a salad. Fortune cookies will do, but instead of a prophecy, there will be an explanation in feelings.

You will have to guess what dishes the chosen one loves, find out if he is allergic to any products. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting into an awkward or even frankly dangerous situation for a young person.

4. Message on the network.

If we confess through the Internet, then do everything thoroughly, efficiently. Just one or two short sentences will not be enough, you will have to write a whole revelation. In order for a loved one to have the appropriate mood, it is advisable to attach a couple of romantic songs, animations. It’s a good idea to send him a few photos together or record your voice (you can make a full voice message).

The attitude to this type of recognition is not the same for everyone. There are those who consider it a sign of insecurity, fear of being seen, cowardice. However, for the majority, this is still a good method to open their feelings, expressing the sweet embarrassment of the young lady, her modest initiative.

5. Unusual gift.

Is there a holiday coming up? Well, there is an excuse to give an interesting gift. And if the couple is well known, then you can make a surprise even for no reason.

You will need to buy or make a neat holiday box yourself. Next – cut out 25-100 (at your discretion) even small pieces of the sheet. Compliments to the guy will be written on them, and on one – a declaration of love. The leaves can be neatly folded or twisted into small bundles, tied with ribbons or silk threads. If handwriting is a problem, printed text will do.

What is even more interesting about this method is that in a couple of days it will be clear whether the recipient has read these notes, how seriously he takes gifts from this particular girl.

6. Your talents.

If a fan knows how to draw, compose poetry and / or music, create something with her own hands, these skills will be useful to her. Giving a guy such a gift is not only a discovery of feelings, but also a confirmation of the talent of the young lady, her inner attractiveness. This is a direct demonstration that the girl has hobbies, she is a multifaceted, developing, and, therefore, an interesting person.

A good guy will always appreciate the efforts that the young lady makes for him. He will be pleased to know that he was taken care of, he was presented with a surprise for which he had to work hard.

7. “Tactile” game.

The method is suitable for a couple who are already quite familiar, normally respond to tactile contact. The essence of the game:

  • the girl “writes” different words, numbers or whole phrases on the skin of the chosen one with her finger;
  • the guy, not seeing the movements of the hand themselves, tries only by sensations to guess what is being drawn on him;
  • at the end of the game, the lover “writes” the sentence “I love you.”

It is better to immediately agree on the type of letters so that they are depicted in print, and not in capitals. The handwriting of the players may be different, then there will be problems with understanding the “written”. You will also have to make sure that the young man is not peeping, otherwise the excitement of the game will be lost. You can do different levels of difficulty. For example, “draw” through a thin cloth or on wet skin.

8. Accessories for two.

Many online stores sell things for couples – pendants, t-shirts, key chains, similar items of clothing, accessories. You can buy something from this and present a gift with a small condition. For example, find paired bracelets, give one guy, saying: “If my feelings are mutual, put it on tomorrow. If not, do with it what you want. I’ll understand if I don’t see it on your arm.”

However, he may forget about the gift due to fatigue or busyness, and the fan will be upset, thinking that she is not loved. To avoid such an incident, it is enough to find two key rings – one for a friend, the other for a loved one. Hand over both so that the next day the young man puts one of them on a bunch of keys or a phone. He chooses “friendly” – he does not like, “for lovers” – he reciprocates, he did not hang a single one – he simply forgot. In the latter case, you will have to wait a couple of days or remind the guy of the choice, but only once.

21 Best Tips to Express Love to a Guy

9. Puzzles.

If a man likes puzzles, he is not averse to putting them together with a lady, then you can use this. Only instead of ordinary pictures on the gloss of the puzzle there will be a love inscription or a joint photo with it.

In order for the beloved to immediately understand the meaning of the puzzles, it is better to order them with the mention of names (“Anya loves Dima”, for example). Without this, a simple I love you will be perceived by a guy as an ordinary illustration that is not related to their couple.

Another condition is not to show the chosen one a box with a finished drawing. Instead, it is better to say that it was lost or was forgotten at home. Then the excitement will remain, the effect of surprise when trying to put the whole picture together.

10. Glass.

Simple, but at the same time cute girlish method. In cold weather, windows often fog up, turning into a canvas for art for many. Why shouldn’t the young lady also try her hand at “painting”?

This method is suitable for those who are embarrassed to say everything out loud, but at the same time want to make a confession in person, not through telephone SMS or the Internet. However, what to do if there is good warm weather outside the window? Make an “invisible inscription”, and then breathe lightly on it so that the letters appear.

For such cases, it is also very desirable to have wet wipes with you, because not everyone will be happy to see stains on the windows in a public place, or even more so at home. At the same time, it will be possible to hide your feelings from prying eyes, if someone suddenly decides to read these messages later.

11. Kiss.

For the most daring, this is a kiss on the lips – gentle, soft, romantic. It is undesirable to repeat passionate kisses on the run from the series. This will lead to injuries or the fact that the guy will simply bounce to the side due to surprise, while his (possibly) lady of the heart will fly past with all pairs of kinetic energy. Even if a man did not pay attention to the one who stole a kiss from him before, now he will definitely do it, he will begin to return his thoughts to this case.

For more timid ladies, an attempt to kiss on the cheek is suitable, and as a reward. For example, for the fact that the guy helped carry the bags, spent, gave good advice, rendered a service out of the kindness of his soul. Again, it’s best not to risk it by making sharp lunges. Let the guy have time, the opportunity to respond correctly.

12. Hints.

“You are amazing, I would really like to date just such a guy.” Various compliments, praise, encouragement can hint to a guy about the feelings of his friend so that she does not have to disclose them. Perhaps he lacks the confidence that she loves him back, more clues are needed. Having received them, he will become bolder and himself will approach to express his sympathy or offer a relationship.

“I would really like to be declared in love to me now, hugged. And it’s kind of sad.” Another hint, this time more explicit.

And yet it is important to understand that not all men perceive translucent signs of attention in speech. It is easier for them to assimilate the direct meaning, logic, so not everyone will catch the essence of the hidden message.

13. Gestures.

Sometimes it is enough to express the explanations in feelings outwardly with the help of body language. This is a more sensual, intimate option, so it is not suitable for those who have known each other for only a couple of weeks. What to do so that a man feels the love of his interlocutor without words:

  • take his hand, squeeze it slightly;
  • look him straight in the eyes, frozen in silence for a couple of seconds;
  • put your hand on his cheek or neck;
  • snuggle up to him because it’s cold or it’s raining;
  • it’s nice to hide behind his back or hand when embarrassed.

There is a possibility that the guy, satiated with emotions, will not stand it and will himself make an offer to be together with a description of all his experiences. Or he will have feelings if he has not experienced them before. It is undesirable to only take such steps if he is angry, upset, and the couple is still new to each other.

14. Council.

Why not ask him how he feels about confessions, women’s initiative? Of course, it is not necessary to immediately say that it is your feelings that you want to open. To get started, it’s enough to say: “I like one person, but I’m not sure if this is mutual. Do you think I should confess everything to him? How is it better? Would you like to be confessed like that?

His answer will be a direct prompt to action. If he is categorically opposed to the girl telling about feelings first, then it is better to wait. Perhaps he cooks something himself or he likes another.

21 Best Tips to Express Love to a Guy

15. English.

For some reason, confessing your love is much easier, less awkward in a foreign language. It is better to pronounce phrases in English, since it is the most popular, and the chance that a guy can understand it at least at a basic level is significant. Others will do only if there is a clear certainty that the beloved studied him.

In a foreign language, it is better to say only the most basic love phrase. Everything else is on your own. Firstly, this way the listener will understand what the speech is about. Secondly, it is quite easy to distort or forget English words due to nervousness. Phrases in the native language can be at least quickly invented and changed.

16. Stickers, bookmarks.

The method is similar to the one described in paragraph No. 2, it includes all its advantages and recommendations. However, unlike a letter, it makes no sense to personally transfer stickers, and there will be clearly less text. Everything comes down to the point, does not include long descriptions. One, maximum two phrases – that’s it. Also, the letter is thrown only once, and bookmarks can be left several times in different places.

The best way to turn everything around is to ask a man to read his book or magazine. The thing will obviously be returned with a note hidden in it. You can’t highlight something in it with markers, even with a simple pencil, draw, let alone cut it out. And stickers usually leave a sticky residue behind. It is important to take this into account so as not to leave only unpleasant memories from your confession.

17. Intrigue.

A good way to arouse excitement in a guy is to confess to him playfully. The phrase “I know who likes you is suitable for this, but I will not tell you about it directly. Although, I can give a hint so that you can guess. Hints are best done about character, tastes, but not about appearance, so that everything is not too obvious. A mini-quiz with three statements, two of which are false (several rounds), will do.

In this method, teasing, coquetry, innocent flirting will be acceptable. It is possible to shoot with eyes, unobtrusively touch your opponent in the game, smile mischievously at him, even desirable. It is likely that he will guess the answer already in the middle of the conversation or even earlier, but he will still enjoy the flirtatious enthusiasm of such entertainment.

18. Question.

“How would you react if I now said that I was in love with you?” – a question that will put any gentleman in a stupor. However, the male reaction when answering or during a pause before him will say a lot. Blushed, turned away, smiled? Feels sympathy, but is too shy to confess first, or circumstances interfere with him. Did he take the initiative in his own hands, showed mutual affection, responded in this spirit? Most likely, he simply lacked the confidence that his interlocutor also liked him.

It is better not to ask such a question in front of strangers. This will not only confuse the chosen one himself, become an occasion for friendly jokes, but also, perhaps, distort his reaction. He will be uncomfortable talking about his feelings in front of other people, so out of surprise he may inadvertently tell a lie or just something offensive.

19. Official document.

How to call it, the lady in love herself decides. “Official confession in feelings”, “Grant for relationship”, “Diploma of obtaining a complete higher feeling” – everything will do. You can create it for free in any online photo editor. There are even ready-made templates on the Internet, in which it remains only to enter the necessary names.

It is better to present it solemnly, with humor. You can turn on a march on your phone, make a serious facial expression, read a speech about how prestigious, honorable it is to receive such an award. For a striking effect: complete everything with a handshake, blow up the firecracker, walk away with a soldier’s step. This, of course, is only suitable for fun, childish adults who like to fool around. For the rest, it is better to simply hand over the “document” in a beautiful envelope.

20. Competition.

Competitions are another gambling fun way to confess your love. For the victory of the fan, the guy will have to fulfill one of her wishes. For example, kiss or tell someone he loves. And for his win, he will receive recognition in “something terribly secret, important” – in the feelings of his fan. At the end, when defeated, you can add: “Well, in any case, falling in love with a champion is a reason for pride.”

It is better to make the competitions themselves short, but active. The sports element will allow you to have fun, throw away unnecessary nervousness.

21. Frank conversation.

The simpler, the better. Why complicate things when there is an opportunity to explain yourself in a calm, simple heart-to-heart conversation? The intimacy of the setting, the appropriate mood are details that cannot be ignored. You can rely on your ability to improvise or create a plan of revelation, write notes neatly on your hand so that the guy does not notice. Also suitable are “cheat sheets” on nails (lacquer), a bracelet on the inside (preferably with a permanent marker, a felt-tip pen will most likely be imprinted, erased).

To make a declaration of love to a guy is not at all ashamed. And some men even like it when women take the initiative in or before a relationship. Confessing one’s feelings is already good because revelation makes the “burden” of emotions a little easier, and regardless of the answer, the reaction of the young man. The list of ways will tell the young lady in love how to make everything beautiful, cute, with a high probability of success.

21 Best Tips to Express Love to a Guy

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