25 Collection of Motivating Meaningful Short Life Mottos

A collection of short life mottos is meaningful to generate enthusiasm Here are 25 Collections of Motivating Meaningful Short Life Mottos and also many short life mottos that you can use as encouragement. Starting from those that are wise, cool, funny, to Islamic too. Just choose the quote that best fits your heart.

Not only to motivate yourself, but you can also send these words to friends, family, and girlfriends. Who knows, they will also be more excited after reading it.

Can’t wait to know the collection of meaningful short life mottos that you can find here? Immediately, consider the full explanation below! Hopefully, there are lots of quotes that can encourage and inspire your life, yes.

25 Collection of Motivating Meaningful Short Life Mottos
25 Collection of Motivating Meaningful Short Life Mottos

The motto of Life in Short Wise


1. The Enemy of Success

The two biggest enemies of success are procrastination and excuses. Jaya Setiabudi

Do you want to be successful? So read carefully the meaningful short life motto of entrepreneur Jaya Setiabudi above. To achieve this, do your best and don’t give up easily.

Also, avoid procrastination and laziness. Because these two things are big enemies that can hinder your journey to success.

2. Fear of Failure

If we are afraid of failure, then we have limited our abilities. Henry Ford

Have you ever heard the saying that failure is the beginning of success? If you take that message well, chances are you will always be motivated to achieve your goals and will never be afraid to fail.

On the other hand, worrying about failure will only keep your life from developing and progressing. Your ability becomes limited because you usually have to back off first.

3. Time Never Waits

You may delay, but time will not wait. Benjamin Franklin

Everyday time just goes by without you being able to stop it. For that, make the most of the time and opportunity that comes. Don’t be a person who delays things.

That action may just put off the dreams and successes you want to achieve. Even worse, it could be someone else who secretly took over your dream and then made it happen.

4. Realizing Dreams

All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney

Do you agree with Walt Disney’s short life motto? If you dare to dream, then you must also dare to work hard to catch up and make it happen.

If not, maybe your dream will only be stored in wishful thinking. Until then things will never change if you just sit still and don’t try. So, chase your dream right now!

5. Road Climbing

Choose a climbing path because it will take us to new peaks. Anies Baswedan

Have you ever climbed a mountain? Even if the journey is tough and arduous at first, you will eventually reach the top, right? Likewise with the life journey that you are currently going through.

By choosing a path that is full of twists and turns, the possibility of the peak of success that you want to achieve can be achieved. It’s different if you prefer to be in your comfort zone and don’t want to go anywhere, maybe until your old age you will always be at the same point.

Cool Short Life Motto


1. The Way to Fight

Fight as if your life is at stake. Lord Eka Prayoga

To achieve your dreams, you certainly need a struggle. The question is, how hard have you been fighting all this time? Have you gone beyond what the average person does?

If not, well resapilah short life motto cools significantly from Lord Eka Prayoga above. The motivator and writer advised you to always fight as if your life was at stake. This method may further spur you on to achieve what you want.

2. Be Different

In order to become irreplaceable, you must always be different. Coco Chanel

If you want to be easy to remember or to be someone that people are looking for, then be different. That is more or less the meaning of the meaningful short life motto conveyed by the fashion designer Choco Chanel.

You can apply that quote when creating a work. If you want your creations to be liked and remembered by many people for a long time, then make something different that has never been created.

3. Change the World

Change your mind and you can change your world. Norman Vincent Peale

Always feel like your life is ordinary and nothing special? Maybe reading the meaningful short life motto written by preacher Norman Vincent Peale above can lift your spirits. Before dreaming can change the world, change your mind first.

When you are done with yourself, have a clear purpose in life, maybe you can slowly make a positive impact on the environment. More than that, maybe after that you can also help improve the world for the better.

4. Definition of Champion

Champions are losers who get up and try one more time. Dennis DeYoung

You don’t have to win a competition to be called a champion. According to musician Dennis DeYoung, you can be said to be a winner if you are able to rise from a failure.

After getting up, you also have to be able to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties that stand in your way. If you make it through all of them, chances are you deserve the title of a champion.

5. Rise Again

Every now and then, be a cartoon: pinched, crushed, bounce back. Dahlan Iskan

Most of you have probably watched Tom and Jerry cartoons. What do you remember the most when watching a movie that these children love? It could be when the characters are crushed or crushed, but after that, they can come back to life.

That cartoon scene might inspire entrepreneur Dahlan Iskan in creating this meaningful short life motto. Dahlan seemed to want to convey a message that you should be someone who never gives up. When you experience a lot of difficulties or even failures, immediately get up to start again.

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Short Life Motto Funny but Meaningful

25 Collection of Motivating Meaningful Short Life Mottos
25 Collection of Motivating Meaningful Short Life Mottos


1. Netizen Comments

Happiness is simple, those who like to make it complicated: netizen comments. Kang Maman

Kang Maman’s hilarious life motto above seems to have a point too. Sometimes being happy is simple. But when you try to share it on social media, get ready for your happiness to be disturbed.

The reason is, sometimes there are netizens who comment negatively so that it offends you. If you can’t stand it, you may feel sad or upset. If so, maybe what you can do is be patient or reply with wise words.

2. Like Turtle

Work like a Turtle. Needless to say, invisible, but clear results. Anonymous

Maybe you will smile to yourself after reading the motto of the cute short life. Even though the image seems negative, it turns out that you can take valuable lessons from a turtle. Usually, this creature is kept by someone to help him earn money by stealing.

The way it works is what then inspires the funny words above. At work, you can imitate turtule. Although it was not visible, the results were clear. This creature is not crazy about the praise it has gotten.

3. Selling something

Don’t trust people who smile a lot. They may be selling something. Laurell K. Hamilton

What nonsense, yes, funny words from the author Laurell K. Hamilton above. He said you shouldn’t immediately trust someone who smiles a lot because he might be a salesperson trying to get your attention.

Maybe you really can’t judge whether the smiles given by other people are genuine or vice versa. For that, there is nothing wrong with being careful by following what the funny quote above says.

4. Becoming an Adult

Problems can make us mature, so we often have problems. Anonymous

Can you guess which part of the quote above was wrong? Frequent problems do not guarantee that someone will become an adult. Maybe what is true is that we often get into trouble.

The presence of a problem can indeed make you a wise and mature person. With notes, you can find a solution to the problem and not avoid it.

5. Reply to Budi

Don’t return the favor, because it’s not necessarily Budi who did it. Cak Lontong

In Indonesian, there is the term reciprocation, which means repaying kindness. Because the meaning leads to something positive, many parents call their child “Budi.”

From this fact, the motto of a short, funny but meaningful life was born. To avoid prank comments or misunderstanding of meaning, you can use the phrase “return kindness” instead of “return the favor” because they both mean the same thing.

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Short Life Motto about Love


1. Look with the Heart

Love is not seen with eyes, but with thoughts. William Shakespeare

Some say that love grows from the eyes, then comes down to the heart. However, it seems that the sentence is not in line with the meaningful short life motto written above by William Shakespeare.

According to him, the sincerity of true love cannot be seen with the eye or other physical judgments. You can feel it too when your heart and mind are really open.

2. The Happiness of Others

Love is when someone else’s happiness is more important than yours. H. Jackson Brown

Not just words, sometimes love needs proof. One of them can be seen in the way you treat your partner. When you place more importance on his happiness than yourself, chances are you really do love him.

For example, he wants to buy an item but does not have enough money. Knowing this, you are also willing to use your savings to buy these items so that your boyfriend will be happy. In fact, maybe you also need the money.

3. Cannot Live Without Love

A flower will not bloom without sunlight, and humans cannot live without love. Max Muller

Flowers need water and sunlight to thrive. Meanwhile, humans need love so that their lives are more complete. More or less, that is the meaning of the motto of a short life meaningful about the love of the philosopher Max Muller.

If you’ve been feeling bland and unhappy all this time, try finding a life partner who loves you. Who knows, after that, you won’t feel sad and lonely anymore.

4. The Nature of Love

In the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give. Paul McCartney

Love is about giving and receiving. If you want to feel its sincerity, then you must be willing to give the same. If not, maybe you will never experience true love.

Singer Paul McCartney tries to describe this situation through the motto of a meaningful short life above. For that, learn to love your partner first before you expect more from him.

5. No Need to Choose

Because the heart doesn’t have to choose, it always knows where to anchor it. Dee Lestari

Because it concerns the heart, you can’t choose who will fall in love with. It could be loving someone you never knew before or even someone you hated.

Therefore, just enjoy your current love journey. Believe me, sooner or later you will find a soulmate who can be used as a place to lean on and anchor your heart.

The motto of Islamic Short Life


1. Race in Good

Race in goodness. QS. Al-Baqarah: 148

Islam teaches its followers to always do good, such as giving alms and helping others. Like what the motto of short life Islamic meaning says, you are also encouraged to compete in kindness.

Doing kindness is hard and difficult if you don’t get used to it. Therefore, learn to do it little by little. That way, maybe you get used to it and lightly run it.

2. Like a tree

Live like a tree full of fruit. Abu Bakr As-Siddiq

Being a useful figure may be the dream of everyone, even Muslims. The figure is likened to a friend of Abu Bakr as Siddiq as a tree that has thick fruit.

A tree that produces a lot of fruit will usually be enjoyed by many people. Likewise, if you are willing to share knowledge or assets that are owned. It is likely that many people will benefit from your presence.

3. Human Kindness

The price of human kindness is measured according to what he has done. Ali ibn Abi Talib

Perhaps the meaningful short life motto of Ali ibn Abi Talib above has some truth. Kindness cannot be judged by what you say, but the most important thing is what has been done.

For example, if you want to help someone who is in trouble, just prove it with your actions. Your actions will indirectly bring positive values ​​from other people.

4. Quarreling

The people whom Allah hates the most are the quarrelsome ones. HR. Bukhari and Muslim

For those of you who still have enemies and are used to fighting, read carefully the motto of a meaningful short life taken from a hadith. Yes, fighting is one of the actions that Allah SWT hates the most.

Therefore, try to hold back when you want to fight with other people. It may be tough at first, but over time you will become a patient person and do not get angry easily.

5. Tell the Truth

Say the truth even though it’s bitter. HR. Ibn Hibban

There are still many people who try to cover up their badness in order to be judged as good by others. Could you be one of them? Even though one-day people may find out about your weaknesses by themselves.

For that, there’s nothing wrong with telling your true condition even though it’s bitter. If it’s still difficult, always remember the meaningful motto of the Islamic short life above so that you are always motivated to tell the truth.

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Which Short Meaningful Quotes Do You Want to Make Your Motto in Life?

This is a collection of meaningful short life mottos that you can see in this article. Which quote do you want to use as a guide in living your daily life? Hopefully, those words can further motivate you to become a better person.

Apart from applying it to yourself, you can also send the motto for a meaningful short life above to those closest to you. After reading it, who knows they will be motivated to carry out the message of the quote. www.lovepsychologys.com

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